For those in Texas and Oklahoma, it is very important that you do not skip read. Follow the text, and follow and read any links that you come to all the way through before proceeding further into this text.

For Minnesotans, the opposite is true. You should probably stick to the text on this page, and follow the links only to speed read or skip read the linked pages, and then later after you have read this page, then come back and examine the linked pages in greater detail to verify the content of this page. If you are wise, you will comprehend this information and leave Minnesota before it gets bad up there.

This disk contains descriptions of two immensely valuable new technologies. To anyone in Texas who has anything to do with land or oil, either of these is worth an immense fortune. Readers from Minnesota were directed to this page for reasons that will become apparent further below.

The included descriptions, and the technologies themselves, are not overly technical or complicated. Anyone with a high school education should easily be able to follow and understand the descriptions, and recognize that both concepts are valid.

The first is a method of reducing the cost of pumping oil and natural gas to 20 or 25 percent the current costs. In many cases where oil wells have been closed because of high pumping costs, it would cost $40 to pump $31.50 worth of oil (NBC). This technology drops that price to $8 or $10 to pump that $31.50 worth of oil.  It also greatly reduces the cost of the advanced oil recovery technique of steam injection.  This technology pays for itself in 12 months or less, and can reopen almost every closed down oil well in Texas and Oklahoma.

The average setup would be expected to cost from $16,000 to $20,000 per well. If oil is selling for $20 a barrel, this means that if ten barrels are pumped a day, the income would be $200 a day, or $20,000 in 100 days, or a return on investment period of a little more than three months.

The other, and most valuable of the two technologies, is the Pyrex extrusion machine. The impact of this technology dwarfs that of the first one, and should easily dwarf the impact of the invention of steel.

Some of the appalling potential impact of the pyrex extrusion machine: And as regards the oil pump technology: Keep in mind that I can prove that I invented both of these technologies. I can produce a very large number of witnesses from Iowa and Minnesota that can verify that they first heard of both of these inventions three years ago. Any mechanical design engineer on the face of this planet will tell you that the maximum expected development cycle for someone who has financial resources, from the initial concept to working prototype, is no more than two years for the pyrex machine, and no more than one year for the oil pump upgrade. While I obviously do not have the financial resources, someone who does have the resources should have had a working pyrex extrusion machine by now, that extruded full sized housing construction panels. However, no one has produced this machine.

As for the oil pump upgrade, you should note that it was only a month ago I decided to add the cast resin pump construction method to the page. Large numbers of witnesses have earlier versions of this disk that date back as far as three years, can attest to this, since it is absent from their disk. If anyone has been upgrading oil wells, surely the retards have been using off-the-shelf steel or cast iron steam pumps rather than custom made cast resin pumps, because they are using stolen creativity and invention, and are incapable of creativity and invention themselves.

-------[ Follow these three links for the descriptions ]-------

The Pyrex Extrusion Machine

How to reduce the cost of pumping oil and natural gas by 80 percent

Read this before proceeding

You might want to pause here and wait a day or two before proceeding any further, to let the impact of that content sink in, and contemplate what the consequences of this technology will be.  This is an immense advancement in not just one, but numerous fields. The impact upon society and economy will be immense.

Do not proceed further before you have read and understood the content of the three links above.

For those of you in Texas who read this, I need both your assistance and your gratitude regarding the oil pump improvement. This technology will cause the second oil boom in Burkburnett and other oil boom towns where once productive oil wells now sit idle and rust away. This technology is easily worth tens or hundreds of billions of dollars to Texas, perhaps as much as trillions or more. When you later read the pages linked to below and the rest of this page, it will become easily apparent that it is in the best interests of your State and your country that I should be compensated for my efforts, regardless of the obvious reasons shown below, if for no other reason than I might invent something else in the future if I have the resources to do so.

For the time being, what I want to do is to either get together with an oilfield service company and help alter their business activities to building and installing oil well upgrades, or preferably with a large oilfield owner who has a large number of wells to reopen.

I need to find someone who recognizes the potential of what I am promoting here, who has the respect to show some gratitude for the vast amount of money that I have provided the opportunity to make.

However, I am in a difficult financial position, and cannot start out normally as one might expect. What I would need is housing, help moving to the new location, and possibly some part time health care assistance for my 71 year old mother.

I would estimate that I can build a working prototype upgrade system in one year or less, perhaps nine months or less if someone who is experienced in steam pumps comes in to work on the project. I am best suited to designing the computer interfaces and programming the computer control systems. I can program the PC in C, C++, and assembly language.  I would probably have the capability to search for the appropriate valves and sensors, but there are other people who have past experience with this type of procurement, who know right where to look to find the best prices. After the prototype is built, and after perhaps three months of performance and stress testing, it should never take more than two weeks to construct an upgrade and install it, assuming that numerous wells are being upgraded at the same time.

Once the basic designs and construction facilities are laid out, and the control systems are available, it is expected that a considerable income could be gained from upgrading other owner's wells for an initial cost, and then a continuing small percentage of the proceeds from the operating upgraded well. Once a fair number of wells are upgraded, this small percentage would not be so small. There is a truly respectable amount of money to be made.

I am faced with two options: either get the assistance that I need from Texans and set up my existence this way, or deal with foreigners like the Arabs and Mexicans. As you will see further below, this would not be an unpatriotic action on my part.

I will, eventually at some point in the future, come to financial dealings with the Arabs and Mexicans, but I would like to put this off for a while if it is possible, to allow the government here time to realize that a vast insult has been made by some of their agencies, and that it should be retracted first, because if this does not happen the damage that will be caused will likely be considerable. The details of this are further below and in the links referenced below. I would not be the one to cause this damage, but I can prevent it. I can and will produce fact and evidence that shows that there is a very high probability of this assessment being accurate. Much of this evidence is either presented or discussed in the links that appear further below.

I could have gone straight to the Arabs or the Mexicans, where I would have been welcomed as a hero and treated as such, but instead I am choosing to follow this path. If I can get together with people in Texas who have basic spiritual respect, I can make the same amount of financial and other progress that I would have made dealing with the Mexicans and Arabs, but it will take considerably longer.

Therefore, obviously I must believe that there must be some good reason why I should be doing this rather than that. In the past, some fools woke up a sleeping giant and pissed him off, and basically there will be an immense amount of trouble if he doesn't get put back to sleep. I have no control over this except that I might be able to prevent it. Its not what you might at first think, and it is cryptic for now, but it is true. I have had to deal with many strange situations and circumstances in the past, and this is one of them. I did not create or perpetuate this problem; I just make an attempt to deal with it as best that I can.

Two things to remember: One is never to trust the U.S. Mail. Never send me anything valuable in the mail, and don't expect that I will receive anything you send me. I do not know if this is currently true, but this problem has existed more than once in the past. It seems that some criminal maggots view me as the goose that lays golden eggs, and are likely to be waiting and hoping that someone sends me something valuable they can steal, because they know that my situation and attempts to make progress could easily cause someone to attempt to send me funds. If I do not receive correspondence that could allow me to make progress, then my economic situation persists, and someone else still might send me funds. After you read the links and the rest of this page further below, it will become apparent that someone could well attempt to send me funds, based on the earlier version of this disk which is still in circulation. It may strike you as bizarre that anyone could be capable of being that moronic, but there are people running around who possess less intelligence than the average chimpanzee, and the best way of dealing with fools like that is not to give them the opportunity to steal from you. The problem may not even exist anymore, but it is wise to acknowledge that it might, since it has existed before.

The other thing to remember is never to assume. In this particular situation, it might be easy to assume the wrong thing. You should realistically be taking my side of the argument you will see described below. If this is not so, it is because you made an assumption when you should have told me what it had been that you decided did not make sense.

Everything that exists or occurs makes absolute and complete sense, but in order to understand, you must have access to all of the relevant facts. Don't try to fill in the missing pieces yourself, because there are complicated variables at work here, and you are likely to fit the wrong pieces into the wrong locations. Ask me questions if there is some part of this that you do not understand.

If nothing else, ask yourself why I am doing things this way rather than the easy way. You might assume that it is my patriotism, but an analysis of the facts shows that this is not the case, and that my dealing with the Arabs or Mexicans could not possibly harm or damage the United States, but would rather improve its position by ensuring a rapid implementation of the Pyrex machine, which would cause the greatest economic expansion in U.S. history simply by cutting the cost of housing in half. In addition, the cost of gasoline would fall considerably.

It is a proven fact that United States does not need to import or export anything, that imports and trade deficits are what has damaged the United States, and that the best economic decades the United States ever experienced were the 1940s to the 1960s, when the volume of U.S. imports and exports was microscopic as compared to the period of the 1970s to today.  However, if the USA were to compete in a global marketplace where the Pyrex machine had achieved a total implementation worldwide, the United States would have a huge advantage over every other country in the world, because we have vast stores of raw materials, and are second only to Japan in technological expertise. As it is, we give vast supplies of food to third world countries and receive little if anything in return. This drains and damages our economy, and the Pyrex machine allows them to grow their own food, and to be able to trade in the global marketplace. Trade is good: welfare is bad.  There are other countries, Russia or the Ukraine for example, that have vast stores of raw materials, but lack technical expertise, and there are technologically advanced countries like Japan who lack raw materials. Of all the countries on the face of this planet, only the United States possesses large quantities of both.

Refer to what I said above: I would welcome the opportunity to debate the economic impact of that technology, and the fool who made the mistake of trying it will wish he had only encountered Don Rickles in a dark alley by the time it is done. Whoever makes the mistake will be sorry they ever opened their mouth to speak; a closed mouth gathers no foot.

This text starts getting a lot more interesting down below. Consider this: I can easily verify 80 percent of it, and I can verify another 10 or 15 percent with a little more effort and a few more resources.

I will debate anyone on the subjects of whether the Pyrex (or the other)  technology would cause economic damage, or reduce the ability of the USA to compete in the world. I would not lose this debate, and the loser would embarrassed to ever show their face around again after it was done.

However, this technology may not come without a price.  For all the good and improvement it can do, it can also result in causing a massive amount of destruction. This is described further below in other links to other pages on this disk. It is my desire to prevent this damage. If I were to take the easy way out, I would go straight to Mexico and deal with them, without ever bothering to promote these inventions anywhere else first.

Although it might appear strange that not one, but two devices with such an immense impact should just rise up and appear out of the blue one day, but there are other pages on this disk that contain information that make this appear routine and normal by comparison.

I would really like to do a total rewrite of this disk, but it would take far too long, and serious damage could be caused in the time that it would take. However, the current contents are more than informative.

Consider this: if you have read the pages linked to above, then it is more than obvious that I have contributed more than a half a billion dollars to the government's tax income so far, and yet I am forced to live in the very depths of poverty, while my legitimate legal complaints go unanswered.  Now I say that this technology has a spiritual origin, and that this situation represents an immense insult against the very gods. I can produce fact and evidence beyond the inventions themselves to back up this claim.

I believe that the appropriate analogue for the Church would be Angels rather than Gods. I believe the New Testament but not Revelation, and I tend to lean more towards Buddhism. My belief does not make any religion a fact, but I believe that with Revelation removed, Buddhism and Christianity could be reconciled. I can produce 100 different Theology Professors that will all tell you that facts and the book of Acts prove that Revelation was written by the false prophets (the Romans) that Acts warned about.

However, what I believe is irrelevant. The nature of what I have invented speaks loudly enough for itself. This technology is capable of preventing, reducing, or eliminating an immense amount of human pain and suffering, and this is the main directive of every religion. Whether I know the precise nature of spiritual reality or not, whether I can pronounce the name of God correctly or not, is irrelevant. It is not my goal to be a priest, or a saint. I have no intention of attempting to influence anyone else's beliefs.  My only intention is to meet my spiritual goal as an inventor.  The nature of what I have invented proves its true origin.

The actual origin of the potential problem is a result of a form of 'spiritual warfare' which was conducted in the past, when Russian anuses were in the United States running religious scams. There is undeniable proof that a religious scam did in fact occur in the pages linked to further below. However, there is no absolute proof of who it was who conducted it, only that it did in fact go on. In other words, I say it was the Russians who conducted it, but I cannot prove it beyond any possible doubt.  I can only prove that someone did.

There is also actual proof via large numbers of witnesses and documents of the spiritual origins and intent of the pyrex technology. You wouldn't have believed that there was anything to the seemingly outrageous claims of what the Pyrex machine was capable of until you read it for yourself and realized that it was correct.  Follow these next links and decide for yourself.

Follow the next link and read that page to consider the basic spiritual angle: It is optional whether you want to follow the link on that page to the Native American page, but if you do, it is advisable not to follow the links on the Native American page. Following the links on the Native American page will show you the same links that are available to you via the page links in the next paragraph, but not in their proper intended order, and will lead to a lack of background material being presented.  This would likely cause confusion.


Now, read these pages in order:

pictures.htm (and the link that page contains)

Now you have some usable background.

Basically, there have been numerous insults made by foreigners, criminal maggots, and various government agencies against the very gods, and it has been seen, for example what happened to the Russians,  the damage that can be caused as a result of these insults.

Because of the domestic activities, a respectable amount of this type of damage could be visited upon the United States, because these insults have never been retracted, and I have been making an effort to avoid this damage. Why this would happen should be obvious, if you have paid attention to the material which has been presented so far, especially that presented in tv.htm.  Also read pyrex.htm.

However, the more effort I have made to prevent this damage, the more self-destructive retards have increased the chances of this damage happening.

What I have needed is to get together with President Bush's oil company associates in Texas, but I have only met up with government people who in some cases are too lazy to do the job they were hired to do, and in other cases, outright criminals or retards. I attempted to get ahold of George Bush via e-mail and via Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's office when he ws still Governor of Texas three years ago. No reply was ever received. The value of the oil pump improvement to the State of Texas is immediately apparent to a retarded chimpanzee, so one can only assume that my e-mail was censored and never went where I sent it, and/or that Grassley's aides decided to screw George out of the money he could have made, and either the internet maggots and / or Grassley's aides simply withheld the information and set about buying closed down oil wells in Texas and elsewhere. I suspect that most of these sales could be nullified legally because they were based on fraud, and not just the fraud of withholding the information regarding the pump upgrades.

Although I plan on mailing a copy of this disk to the likes of Exxon and Texaco, from experience it is pretty close to impossible to bypass a corporation's bureaucracy and actually contact someone actually involved in running the corporation as it is with the government's bureaucracy.

As I said, the more effort I have made to prevent the damage, the more self-destructive retards and bureaucratic minions have increased the chances of this damage happening.

For example, on the pages that follow is a link to the original version of this disk.  I hand delivered a copy of this original version to Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts' office, and the disk was returned in the mail with a note saying they didn't want to read the disk because they were afraid of viruses. (One finds it strange that someone could know about viruses but not about anti-virus software...) This, and to some degree the case below, are examples of someone just being too lazy to do the job they are being paid to do.

An attempt to deliver that disk to Air Force DIS intelligence at Altus Air Force Base resulted in my being arrested and incarcerated for possession of a box of baking soda (I kept in my car trunk with the rest of my tools and auto parts to clean my car battery). I had to spend the night in jail, was exposed to someone who had TB (so far I have tested negative) and had to pay $58 to reclaim my automobile.

There should be legal action over this, because I only gave permission to search to the Air Force, not to the police, and then only to search for weapons and explosives before I was allowed onto the base to speak with the DIS personnel as per their request.

This incident almost caused the aforementioned damage to manifest itself.  I tried to hit myself and leave, but I had not been making any attempts at large scale spiritual attack in the days preceding, so there was no residual charge built up that I could use. I began attempting such attacks, but before I could build up enough of a charge, I was released. If I had managed to accomplish the attack, there would now be a crater where Altus used to be. The insults would never have been retracted, but instead would be made total and complete, and rather than defending their country, the fools at Altus AFB might well have destroyed it, or caused it an immense amount of damage.

It stands to reason that I am right about my replacement, as described in the tv.htm page above. I am the one who has had intimate contact with this force. I have been right about every other aspect and point of fact regarding my exposure to spiritual reality. For example, you wouldn't have thought I could have claimed to have a spiritual goal to be an inventor, and then invented the pyrex machine. Nevertheless, I did. The records of history say that incidents such as this have happened before (Atlantis).

It is highly ironic that the Air Force, at least those who were at Petersen AFB in Colorado Springs, knows full well what happened on Dec 23rd, 1988, and yet even though it would be obvious to a retarded chimpanzee what the gods would do to areas that contained criminal maggots in the United States who would rise up against the gods in the face of fact and evidence that proves this is what they are doing, this very agency almost causes a full scale escalation of the spiritual war.

Be sure that you understand the content of tv.htm and pyrex.htm. Although if you understand the pyrex machine, it is obvious that my spiritual importance or significance is greater than the average, this is not what in and of itself would cause the gods to act. The mechanics of the spiritual interface is what will cause this, and the fact that the gods can, where in the past it would have cost too much. I cannot say that this could turn out like Atlantis did, only that the possibility does exist. There will certainly be some respectable scale of attack, if for no other reason than to be sure that everyone (the numerous audiences from the past) knows exactly who won and who lost: the criminals or the gods.

After what was witnessed Dec 23rd, 1988, and the danger of incarceration I have pointed out elsewhere, one would have thought it would have been entered into my police and FBI records "Do not incarcerate this man for ANY REASON: even if he is caught committing a crime. Contact us immediately."

Given the existence of risks like this, I have to follow the course of action that reduces the risk and ends up causing the least amount of damage. I have come to the conclusion that some level of damage is unavoidable, and given this, the proper course of action is to minimize the damage.

Therefore I will concentrate my efforts on dealing with the Mexicans and Arabs, since this stands the greatest chance of accomplishing some form of progress with the least amount of risk.

However, anyone who gets a copy of this disk who has the capability to deliver a copy to high level executives at the big oil companies in Texas, and specifically, George Bush's associates, should make an attempt to deliver a copy, because this could prevent much damage to the United States. I am making the attempt to buy time for this to be examined and worked out properly, by contacting oil people in Texas, but with my limited resources this may or may not succeed.

Rather than making an effort to promote these technologies and this issue in the USA, I could have gone straight to the Mexicans and Arabs in the first place, where I would likely have been worshipped as a hero for my immense contribution, and given all the money and female company I could stand, but instead I tried to get this straightened out here first, in order to try to prevent the damage from being inflicted upon my country because of a few criminal maggots; to bring the insults that have been made to the attention of the government and allow actions to be taken that would show enough respect for the Gods to counteract the effect of the insults that have been cast. Out of sheer gratitude, the government (in the form of the Air Force and Altus Police) rises up and tries to cause me as much damage as possible.

As you can see elsewhere, I set a deadline of Oct. 15th, 2001, and instructed the Indian Nations to wait until then before giving copies of their disks to the Arabs and Mexicans.

This is because of a reasonable expectation on my part that I would have made considerable progress by then in bringing this matter to the attention of the large Texas oil companies, who could beat a settlement out of Minnesota or one for silver poisoning from the USA in general by raising the price of gasoline, just as the Arabs or Mexicans could.  It was also based on a reasonable estimate of how much longer I could hold out without having the female company I need.

The anuses in Altus royally screwed all that up. The loss of the $58 caused a two month delay in my getting a replacement for my CD disk burner that had gone bad. In addition, when it came time to start giving blood plasma again for the first time since May to get extra cash for gasoline for distributing disks, I had only given one donation at the plasma center and then I get contacted by the Health Department that someone in the Altus jail had tuberculosis, and I had to get tested. The skin test showed positive, which means that at some point in the past I have been exposed to TB. The sputum tests turned out negative, which means that there is still some hope for this situation. Even so, I will be disqualified from giving blood plasma for six months because of the possible exposure, because I have to take preventive medicine for that long to prevent any possibility of my developing TB.

At any rate, I did not make a tiny fraction of the progress I originally expected to make in the given time frame.

The lack of female is the critical issue here anymore. The longer I go without it, the more damage will be caused to my spiritual connection and my potential as an inventor, and the less likely that repair of this damage will ever be possible.

This, the lack of female, is the greatest existing risk factor in deciding what the outcome will be, and I have to take this into consideration. This is not vengeance on my part, or looking out solely for myself. If it was, I would have gone straight to the Arabs and Mexicans, or outright hit myself and left my replacement to clean up the insults, and had all the female company I could want.

Here is an e-mail I tried to send to the Minnesota government.


Perhaps that explains things somewhat.

Of all the insults against the very gods, the one made by Minnesota is either the worst or tied for being the worst. The other insults are the government's lying about silver poisoning and denying a settlement for the damages it caused, and the third is having allowed the destruction of my potential via poverty when my economic contribution has been as large as it has been.

The best outcome would have been for Minnesota to realize that it had no choice but to settle, or at least to beg George Bush to arrange the settlement via the oil companies. Obviously, this is not going to happen, and at some point in the future I will die and there will be a replacement, and Minnesota will suffer some amount of damage for their criminal actions, contempt for the law and the Constitution, and siding with criminal maggots against the very gods in a way that caused much human pain and suffering, damaged the gods' cause and wasted their efforts and energy.

I do not have limitless time and resources to argue with those idiots, and if you can't teach rocket science to a chimpanzee, then you can't teach rocket science to a chimpanzee. Surely copies of the disk will makes their way into Minnesota, and serve the same function as painting the door with blood did when Moses and the God of the Bible sent the Destroyer. By this point in time, the destruction caused by their their continual arrogance, most of which is not repairable, likely represents a bone of contention that can only be solved by an attack from the gods at some point, even if they did directly offer a settlement years after they should have. I personally doubt that the combined respect for the law and the Constitution or the gods of everyone in the Minnesota government would be enough to cause the reform that needs to take place up there, in a manner that would constitute a legitimate effort to retract the insults that have been cast.

However, potential events like the Gods destroying half the east coast to be rid of the criminal FCC and CIA could easily be prevented if at least some part of the government made a show of respect and gratitude to the gods.

The approach for me to take that stands the greatest chance of success, to improve my position and prevent as much damage as possible,  is for me to contact the Mexican government and / or the Arabs. have them evaluate this material, and then have them approach the high levels of the U.S. government and Minnesota government directly, bypassing the idiot bureaucracy and criminal problems lower down in the ranks entirely, so that they can decide for themselves whether it is wise to retract the insults caused by the government agencies and criminals that cast it by showing respect that would compensate. I would not be advising them to "fork over a settlement or we raise the price of oil", only to testify to the wisdom of apologizing to the gods for the criminal and destructive actions of criminal retards that exist in some of their agencies. I would assume the cost of oil would rise for s short period of time, and not a word would be said as to why.

Although the criminals in Minnesota cost Texas, Mexico, and the Arabs billions of dollars, I will be advising that the financial retribution be limited to ten times the settlement that Minnesota paid me, because it would only cause undeserved suffering to innocent Minnesotans, and because of the value of the Pyrex machine that will be realized. Of course, if it comes to my replacement, I would advise open economic warfare upon Minnesota by anyone who was caused a significant loss: a total recovery of the losses.

I have never advised violence of any kind to anyone. It may be possible that the attack upon the World Trade Centers had something to do with the Arabs getting their hands on a copy of the original version of the disk. It could be that some of them realized that this loss had been inflicted, not by Minnesota, but by those who conducted the criminal internet censorship, which anyone would assume to be the government. I do not condone such activities, and I advise and have advised that there will be enough vengeance in the spiritual world after all of us die.  If the disk did have something to do with that, I can only say that I am Nostadamus, and there is no way I can predict what someone else would do. I could see the Arabs getting pissed off at the internet censorship or by the delay that Minnesota caused, but not pissed off enough to think they had the right to pull something like that or any other violence, when raising the price of oil would have accomplished an appropriate vengeance.

Although I am proceeding to try and deal with the Mexican government and PEMEX as fast as possible, I also want to explore the possibility of beginning an oil well upgrade enterprise in Texas, as described above. This could lead to the arrangement I want to form with the large Texas oil companies.

If the people who I approached to try to set this up make the effort and provide the assistance that I asked for, it may still be that the Mexicans will offer me a far better situation and improvement. If this happens, I will almost certainly take them up on their offer. This would by no means be a lack of gratitude on my part. I have to consider what will be best for any potential I might have left, and at the very least, these technologies will advance your area's economic position to such a considerable degree that whatever investment you made in me will pale in comparison.

Follow this link to the original version of the disk.