Radiation damage is being caused to your children at this very moment.

The Federal Communications Commission has known that this damage is being caused. Most other government agencies are ignorant, after having been misled by the FCC and certain others. For example, the U.S. Congress was told of the existence of this problem, but the FCC led them to believe that the problem did not exist. However, It will be shown here in detail that this problem does exist.

A doctor will tell you that he knows that this information is correct, if the physics and operating principles of television described here are correct. A television repairman will tell you that he knows that this information is correct, if the physiology of the nervous system described here is correct. Get the two together, and they will be able to tell you that all of the information about silver poisoning presented here are correct.

To understand silver poisoning, a basic description of the operating principles of CRT (cathode ray tube) television and computer monitors is in order. Look at your TV set. Federal law requires that all color TV sets manufactured or sold in the USA carry an X-ray warning, stamped into the plastic of the back of the set.

There is a reason for this: CRTs generate and transmit low levels of X-rays. Whenever you watch TV, you are being irradiated. Normally, the level of irradiation is very small and perfectly safe, posing no physical health risk whatsoever. However, as you will see, this radiation is concentrated at the x-ray frequencies that have the greatest possible effect upon silver or silver compounds, and this can have a profound impact upon mental health.

The main reason this X-ray warning exists is to prevent the ignorant from removing the cover from a TV set and making adjustments. Adjustments can be made to a TV set that cause it to generate dangerous levels of X-radiation, at frequencies other than the normally 'safe' silver adsorption frequencies, that can pose a serious and direct health risk.

A color CRT contains either one or three electron guns at the rear of the CRT that 'shoot' charged electrons at the faceplate. These highly accelerated electrons strike phosphor elements on the faceplate, are absorbed by these phosphor elements, and are re-radiated by these elements as light. Recall basic physics from high school. Atoms can adsorb electrons having kinetic energy, but always re-emit this adsorbed energy as photons.

The high voltage section of a CRT power supply provides 25,000 to 40,000 volts of DC acceleration potential to the electron guns and the CRT faceplate. The higher this voltage setting is, the more energy the electrons emanating from the electron guns carry. The more energy these electrons carry, the higher the energy level of the energy re-emitted by the phosphor elements in the CRT faceplate.

If you get inside a TV set and manually adjust the high voltage supply beyond its manufacturer's recommended setting, the higher you adjust it, the less visible light the CRT will emit, and the more ultraviolet light and X-rays. It is possible to adjust the high voltage on most CRT televisions so high that no visible light, only ultraviolet light and X-rays are produced, especially with older TV sets. There is an X-ray protection circuit, but it is normally only activated in most TV designs in the case of instant and catastrophic circuit failure.

There are many variations in power supply circuit designs in different TV sets. All electronic components age. Resistors and capacitors in the circuits dry out, and as they do, their values change. This alters the total circuit value, and depending on the circuit design either decreases or increases the power that can travel through the circuit. In some designs, as the values change, the high voltage increases from its factory setting, and in others, it decreases.

There are two elements most commonly used in CRT phosphor elements, Cesium and Silver. These two elements have the two lowest ionization potentials known to exist (3.8 and 5.0 mEV). Because of this, these two elements are extremely electroreactive. Any chemical molecule that contains one or the other of these will react to applied electromagnetic energy. Exposing such molecules to energy causes temporary or permanent chemical change. These two elements are also used in the reactive chemicals in all photographic film.

Cesium is rare, and is far more expensive than Silver, so CRT manufacturers have preferred and used Silver in the vast majority of TV sets made. Exceptions are made to this sometimes in portable TVs, because Cesium requires less power to generate light than Silver, and in some expensive computer monitors and televisions, because Cesium reacts to applied energy somewhat faster than Silver does. As you will see, this choice to use Silver rather than Cesium has had very unfortunate consequences.

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None of the above is theory. It can be proven by inexpensive demonstration. If anyone tries telling you that TV sets do not produce or emanate X-rays, depending on the situation, you should consider arresting them for fraud until such time as can be demonstrated.

X-ray emissions from a TV or monitor will expose hospital X-ray film. If anyone has told you that TV sets do not emit X-rays, you certainly don't want them to provide the demonstration. Get your own X-ray film, darkroom, and a CRT, and conduct such demonstrations yourself. Do not underestimate this warning. There are a number of different people, for a number of different criminal reasons, who wish to keep the existence of this problem unknown to the general public.

The X-rays emitted by a CRT are Silver adsorption frequency emissions. This is because the Silver within the phosphors produces the radiation (visible light, ultraviolet light, and X-radiation). The Silver is the reactive element in the phosphor elements, converting electrons adsorbed through electron bombardment into light / UV / X-ray photons, and emitting the photons. Silver atoms can only adsorb at emit radiation at its quantum energy levels. Any emission from Silver or a Silver compound is at the atomic and molecular adsorption frequencies for Silver and Silver compounds.

Because the visible light is emitted at both the atomic and the molecular adsorption spectrum for Silver, you can see most of the light that gets emitted. However, if the light was only emitted at atomic adsorption frequencies, you would not be able to see it, even though it was being transmitted in the visible range, because the retinal-A receptors in your eyes do not contain Silver. Molecular resonance frequency emission (and adsorption) is broadband, while atomic resonance emissions are limited to very narrow and precise frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.

While this might seem very involved, it is very relevant to whether the faceplate of a CRT can stop X-ray emissions. The only way that the solid glass faceplate could stop atomic resonance emissions is if it contained Silver, or something very dense such as lead, uranium, or plutonium. The faceplate does not, and so it does not contain these emissions.

All of the X-ray production in a CRT, and most of the UV production, is a direct result of atomic, not molecular resonance adsorption and re-emission. This radiation is therefore emitted at the atomic adsorption frequencies for Silver.

Although this is an abbreviated technical explanation of how the X-rays are produced and why they are emitted, the demonstration and proof of these X-ray emissions are easily and inexpensively enough done using a CRT as the source.

If you understand the difference between atomic and molecular resonance and emission, then you also realize that an X-ray photograph taken with a source of Silver adsorption frequency X-radiation will only show the presence of Silver, and dense elements such as lead, between the X-ray source and the film. Do not underestimate the value of this, because it allows proof to be graphically demonstrated, in a manner that cannot be questioned or denied. An X-ray photograph so taken will show a piece of silverware, but not a penny or a nickel, or it will show a strong image of the silverware, and only a weak and transparent image of a penny or a nickel.

Silver has a single electron in its outer orbital ring, which makes it ideal for chemical combinations that are easily rearranged, or react easily to applied chemical or electromagnetic potential. The ionization energy for Silver is so low that it borders on the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum, and is located in the region of the spectrum where UV and X-radiation overlap. The excitation energies for Silver are in the visible light and UV ranges. In order of increasing energy potential, the relevant part of the spectrum is arranged in the this order: microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays. From high school, you recall that in basic quantum physics, all atoms have excitation states, where an outer electron or electrons are temporarily boosted to a higher orbit by the adsorption of energy, and ionization states, where an outer electron or electrons are temporarily lost completely as a result of the adsorption of energy. These energy levels, or electromagnetic frequencies, are different for each atomic element, and these frequencies or energy levels are known, being derived from mathematical formulae based on characteristics of the element.

When Silver is ionized, as it repeatedly is in a CRT, it behaves exactly as an inert gas.

There are five inert gases known to exist: helium, neon, krypton, argon, and xenon. These five elements are called the inert gases, because they never enter into chemical bonds with themselves or any other elements, unless they are subjected to powerful energy bombardment or potentials. In these cases, temporary molecular bonds are formed of very short duration, and radiation is emitted when this ionization period ends. This principle is the basis of the neon light, helium-neon, krypton, and argon lasers, xenon flash tube, etc.

The inert gases are sometimes called the noble gases, because they do not 'associate' with the other elements. These five elements have their outer shell of electrons completely filled with electrons, which renders them chemically inert, having neither a positive or negative electronic charge. There are no free bonding points in these atoms in the outer electron shell where connections to other atoms could be formed, and no voltage potential that could form a bond.

All chemical bonds that exist are electron sharing arrangements between two or more atoms, and are formed because all atoms except the inert gases have an incomplete outer shell of electrons. This condition imparts a positive or negative charge to atoms, which the atoms attempt to equalize by entering into electron sharing arrangements with other atoms, known as molecules.

The point here is that Silver will behave exactly as an inert gas when it becomes ionized to a +1 ionization level.

There are different levels of ionization for Silver, +1, +2, and I believe a +3 level exists. These numbers simply relate to the number of outer shell electrons an atom loses when it becomes ionized. More energy is required to cause +2 than +1 ionization. These are also known as quantum states; there is a mathematical formula that governs the energy levels that atoms can adsorb, the number of electrons that can be temporarily lost in the ionization, and the possible frequencies of energy the adsorbed energy can be re-emitted at. +2 or +3 ionization will not cause Silver to behave as an inert gas, because +2 leaves a deficiency of one electron in the outer orbital ring, and +3 leaves a deficiency of two electrons in the outer orbital ring. Either +2 or +3 take off the single outer shell electron, and one or two electrons from the next innermost shell which temporarily becomes, during the short period of ionization, the actual outermost shell.

However, we are concerned with the level that will cause silver to behave as if it were an inert gas, +1 ionization, which is the level of ionization energy that a TV set produces. In this state, the atom adsorbs an electron having kinetic energy, and loses its single outer electron. The period of ionization lasts a very short time, and then the atom re-emits the radiation it had adsorbed, at the ionization frequency for Silver's adsorption spectrum for +1 ionization. This happens to be a X-ray frequency, in the lower, 'soft' X-ray range. While the atom is +1 ionized, it has neither positive or negative chemical potential, and no bonding points where it could enter into a chemical bond. In this temporary inert state, the silver ion can migrate short distances.

The phenomenon commonly known as 'screen burn' demonstrates this ion migration across the face of a CRT. The term 'screen burn' is as incorrect and misleading as the term 'heartburn', because a burn is a chemical reaction.

Screen burn in a CRT is not caused by chemical reaction. It is caused by a migration of Silver ions. To see the results of this migration graphically displayed, use an older TV set, because newer CRTs have a phosphor combination that does not migrate as easily (although these sets still produce X-rays). An old RCA XL-100 set works perfectly for this. If you leave the opening screen for an older video game on an older TV screen for 2 or 3 days, or a newer set for 5 to 8 days, the image will be permanently 'burned' into the screen, and will be clearly visible from that point on, whether the TV set is on of off. Use a TV that you can throw away, since this demonstration destroys the value of the TV set.

Normally, the phosphors are only ionized long enough to return to the ground state and emit light (or sometimes X-rays) as a result. Although there is always some ion migration occurring during CRT operation, it is random and evenly distributed, and so no permanent visible effect can be seen. However, if areas of the screen phosphors are continually kept ionized, and at the same time other areas are not, the overall migration will not be equal, and as a result of electrical potentials, the ions will migrate to the dark areas of the screen and take up a semi-permanent residence there.

It is easy enough to prove that this migration is the cause of the 'burn'. At least two different methods can be used. One, screen burn can be reversed simply by applying a negative of the original image for the same length of time the original positive image had been applied. This causes an equal and opposite ion migration effect, and the screen returns to its original condition. Two, more graphically demonstrated, if your Nintendo machine burned the words "Donkey Kong" onto your TV screen, an X-ray photograph taken using the 'burned' CRT as the X-ray source will clearly show the words "Donkey Kong". Remember, there is Silver in the X-ray film, and Silver in the CRT faceplate, and the X-ray emissions will only be at Silver adsorption frequencies. If there has been no migration, then the Silver distribution inside the faceplate should be equal. You will see that it is not. Again, be careful who you trust to conduct the demonstration.

Now that you are a little more familiar with the properties of silver and the basic principles of operation of a CRT, we can go into the discussion of the health problem.

Silver adsorption frequency X-rays will go right through anything except Silver or dense elements such as lead. As color TV was designed, even though CRTs emit X-rays, it was known that the X-ray emissions were not physically harmful to human tissue, but there was an unfortunate oversight in this, that has resulted in millions of people being inflicted with heavy metal poisoning (HMP), or more precisely, Silver poisoning (SP). The fact is, most people have Silver dental fillings, and there is where the problem begins.

To be fair about CRT X-ray emissions, these do not normally cause any direct damage whatsoever to human cells or tissues. One has to get inside a TV and grossly misadjust a CRT's high voltage circuit before it emits any X-radiation at any other frequencies than the (normally) harmless Silver adsorption frequencies.

Many Countries have banned Silver dental fillings. This was done mainly because of the serious heath hazards of the Mercury contained in Silver / Mercury amalgam dental fillings. You should be appalled that the United States has failed to enact a ban on these fillings here, after reading that article. See the enclosed "Toxic Teeth" article and the links below.

A short description of the human nervous system is in order. Scientific research has proven that nerve impulses travel through your central and peripheral nervous system (CNS/PNS) nerves and neurons as a result of a mechanism known as Sodium / Potassium (S/P) pumps. A description can easily be located in any basic human physiology textbook. These S/P pumps are located in the cell membranes (outer surfaces) of the neurons, along the axons and dendrites of the nerves and neurons. When you have Silver dental fillings installed, they are placed in direct physical contact with the nerve endings in your teeth. The surfaces of these nerve endings contain S/P pumps, which come into direct contact with the Silver. This is PNS nerve tissue which, unlike CNS tissue, regenerates when damaged or destroyed.

As soon as your dental fillings are installed, you begin a slow process of Silver poisoning. This is because of another unfortunate set of circumstances involving Silver. Unfortunately, Silver is chemically compatible with Sodium and Potassium, and can and will enter into any chemical molecule that Sodium or Potassium can. A few example series of the many that exist: (Silver Iodide, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Iodide) (Silver Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride) (Silver Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate). The same chemical mechanism that supplies and circulates Potassium through the nervous system will also transport Silver. In the enclosed article "Toxic Teeth", you will see that it is proven that there is a continuous migration of Mercury out of the fillings. As the amount of available Mercury is slowly reduced, less bonding is provided to the Silver, and so more and more Silver is also free to migrate, without any application of radiation. However, exposure to the UV and X-radiation produced by a CRT that contains Silver phosphors will accelerate the Silver migration rate by a respectable number of orders of magnitude. A misadjusted CRT can cause truly significant migration.

Of course, we need to demonstrate that transport and bonding mechanisms for the Silver exist. Both Sodium and Potassium have a single electron in their outer orbital ring. Because of this, they are identical to Silver in terms of electrochemical and ionic potential. This one fact constitutes and demonstrates both mechanisms.

One could say that the S/P pumps pump Silver all throughout your nervous system, and although this is not technically accurate, it describes the problem accurately enough. Actually, the S/P pumps only pump Sodium and Potassium near and through the cell membrane, and each pump controls a very limited area of chemical influence. However, there is a PNS-wide / CNS-wide pool of available Potassium that keeps these pumps supplied with enough Potassium to perform their function, and it can be proven that the Silver will flow through this Potassium supply pool exactly as the Potassium does. The Silver has to, because it's chemical configuration is identical to that of Potassium.

It is uncertain whether Silver can penetrate the cell membranes of nerves and neurons as Sodium does, to intermix with the Sodium inside. It is not a requirement to know this, since the fact that the Potassium transport will also transport Silver is clearly identifiable. However, if this is true, it doubles the speed and efficiency of the Silver transport, and the damage caused to nerves and neurons.

Although Silver will not directly cause anywhere near the direct physical damage that Mercury could cause if a mechanism existed to introduce it and transport it throughout the nervous system, there are far more insidious types of indirect physical damage that takes place once the Silver gets into and / or around the nerves and neurons. The first of these is the appearance of facial lesions. Once a person has Silver poisoning, a condition is created where the nerves and neurons can be directly stimulated by the exterior application of electromagnetic frequency or energy.

Silver is a heavy metal. Many studies have shown that fluoridated water significantly increases the uptake of heavy metals into the human body and nervous system. Many cities have ceased to fluoridate their water supplies. Some of the more disgusting facts regarding the fluoridation of water, when silver poisoning is also considered, suggest a disgusting and disturbing pattern.

Click here for more detailed information regarding fluoridation

In a victim who has a serious case of HMP damage, where the results are made obvious enough by the development of facial lesions, it is exposure to electromagnetic energy that has over stimulated the nerves in the nerve junction area near the teeth. There arises a general error condition, with the most heavily poisoned nerves nearest the teeth sending out erroneous nerve impulses when exposed to certain types of radiation. Since this is a widespread error condition which is not known to naturally occur, the brain mistakenly believes that the error is occurring in the nerve junction itself, and attempts electrochemical repair. Since the junction was never damaged in the first place, this chemical treatment causes a real and actual error condition to develop, and an unfortunate feedback loop develops, and the nerve junction is stimulated to its maximum capacity. This over-correction mechanism is identical to that involved in acne or asthma.

This is no small matter. Do not underestimate the damage that the appearance of these facial lesions alone can cause. Thousands of victims have had to suffer this unfortunate reaction. I have personally seen many hundreds of victims spread throughout the many areas of the USA I have traveled. I experienced this problem myself, repeatedly in the early 1980s. After I found out by accident that I was sensitive to radio frequency in 1985, the syndrome never manifested itself with me again.

I can tell you from experience, facial lesions alone wouldn't be so bad, in and of itself, if it were recognized for what it was. However, this has not been the case. People see someone who gets a lesion on their face that doesn't heal for two to four weeks, and think they have some kind of bizarre disease. Worse yet, they see that some people get these lesions, while other people do not, which makes the disease theory a lot easier to believe. The victims themselves wonder if they have a disease, and many come to accept that they do have some kind of disease.

The last time you witnessed someone who had these symptoms, what was your reaction?

This has damaged and destroyed thousands of people's lives. The effect on a victim's social life should be more than obvious. If no one knows the cause of such lesions, it will be perceived as a disease. Having those lesions can easily result of being denied employment, military service, college entrance, and employment advancement in what employment the victim can find. If one were to dig up the corpses of all who have committed suicide within the last 20 or 25 years, I would bet everything I own that the vast majority would be demonstrated to have had a serious case of HMP.

I personally, on the basis of this one symptom alone, am tired of waiting for the government to do anything about this. Although I have not been afflicted with the problem myself since the mid-1980s, since, I have seen hundreds of other people who show the obvious signs of Silver Poisoning, and even though this matter has been repeatedly brought to the attention of the government, the government does nothing to prevent these people's lives from being damaged or destroyed, and I am tired of witnessing this. As I mentioned above, and will detail somewhat further below, there are people who wish to keep Silver Poisoning a secret. Do you want this inflicted on your children?

Lesions are only one aspect, and they are actually a minor aspect as compared to some of the problems one can develop as a result of HMP. Find victims (you know how to identify them easily enough), and interview them. Many become anti-social, and not only as a result of the lesions. Many feel that they have been continually persecuted and attacked by some unknown force or even entity, or by life itself when other rational explanations cannot be arrived at.

I have noticed that a disproportionally high number of lesion victims work at department, convenience, and grocery stores, and I suspect that fluorescent lighting is the source of the irritation. There are two possibilities. One is heterodyne production of microwave energy in fluorescent tubes based on heterodyne action between adjacent ultraviolet frequencies. This would explain why my ancient microwave radar detector goes off every time I drive past any of those types of stores, since none of those places should be producing any microwave energies. Microwave oven radiation doesn't get past a microwave oven door in levels that would trigger a microwave radar detector. I do not know whether heterodyne action can occur at those energy levels, but it is a plausible explanation. If it does, then the heterodyne frequency production may well fall within the microwave range.

The other, more likely possibility, is the overlap between the high ultraviolet and low X-ray frequency / energy ranges. A similar overlap exists between the high microwave and the low infrared portions of the spectrum. The basic operating principle of the microwave oven takes advantage of this overlap, converting microwave energy to heat (infrared) energy. Since the ionization frequency for Silver falls in the overlap range between UV and X-rays, it is likely that a similar mechanism is causing direct nerve stimulation, given the ultraviolet output of fluorescent lights. All energy that is produced in a fluorescent tube is at ultraviolet frequencies. Although the Silver and other materials in the interior coating of fluorescent tubes convert most of the UV energy into visible light at molecular adsorption frequencies, some of the UV light escapes.

It could also be that the coating's (the fluorescent tube's) frequency output range is directly causing excitation, rather than ionization of Silver in poisoned nerves, at molecular rather than quantum Silver frequencies. If one examines the chemical Retinal-A's (the light-sensing element in your eyes) flexing action, one sees that nervous system activity can be caused with excitation level, rather than ionization level energies.

Serious mental disorders can and do arise from Silver poisoning. These can range from antisocial or even psychopathic behavior to suicide. This is the worst and most dangerous and destructive aspect of silver poisoning.

Silver is the second most electroreactive element known to man. In The Merck Chemical Manual (the Chemist's Bible), it can be seen that every molecular structure Silver enters into is reactive to electromagnetic energy. This includes radio, microwaves, light, and X-rays.

This means that a victim of Silver poisoning can have their nerves directly stimulated by exposure to radio frequencies, microwaves, and especially by nearby fluorescent lights, TV sets and computer monitors. Ask victims how pleasant a trip to a Best Buy store is, or other store that sells TV sets and has 50 TVs operating at the same time, plus banks of fluorescent lights. I don't go near one of those places without a bottle of Advil handy, since the unpleasant result is always the same.

At the very least, someone with Silver Poisoning will become withdrawn, and lose interest to some degree in being anywhere outside of their own home. At worst, a victim begins interpreting their unknown exposure to TV and radio as having some spiritual or psychic significance, hears voices, gains 'demons', and ends up killing themselves or ending up in a psychiatric hospital with their life seriously damaged, with the damage usually being permanent. If you can get any TV news anchor team to admit to some of the bizarre goings on related to 'psychic', or more correctly, empathic activity that they have witnessed and / or experienced, I can demonstrate that to someone who is unaware they have Silver poisoning, such phenomenon will obviously cause some degree of mental disorder. Suffice it to say that we have all sensed empathy, even if only feeling someone else's body heat without touching them. It is safe to say that HMP adds an entirely new dimension to empathy. Unfortunately, most HMP victims will incorrectly interpret empathy.

Just consider that having a condition that allows one's nervous system to be stimulated by the exterior application of electromagnetic energy is, at the very least, not normal. At worst, the brain and senses are parts of the nervous system.

There is no theory to Silver poisoning. It relies on known, proven fact. It can also be graphically demonstrated, beyond possible doubt. Use a TV set with the high voltage section adjusted beyond its recommended rating as the X-ray source, and take an X-ray of a victim, and the poisoning is displayed in an obvious manner. Give me a microwave transmitter and a Silver poisoning victim, and a day or two later I will give you a Silver poisoning victim who has facial lesions. A month later I will give you a Silver poisoning victim who has serious mental problems.

Of course, this must be used sparingly, since it will cause further HMP to the victim. A victim's kidneys can also be X-rayed. You will see they contain Silver, and no further damage will be caused by the photography. This will pertain later, when the existence of a testing program to gauge the degree of Silver poisoning a victim has becomes a requirement.

You really ought to bring any fool who wants to argue against what is said here right over to your local Police Department, so we can see what whoever it is is really up to. I can tell tales of multi-millionaire Satan-worshipping rock bands who run religious scams on unfortunate victims of Silver Poisoning.

Ever wonder where the term "Heavy Metal" as applied to rock music came from? The musician Tom Petty (one of the good guys) was exposed to this scam back in the early 1980s, and found out some basic details about HMP in 1986. He got angry when he found out he was being made a chump of, and wrote an activist tune titled "Jammin Me" in 1986, to voice his opinion as to the whole affair. Someone burned his house down two months later (it was proven to be arson). Not that Tom is likely to admit to it, one house lost would be enough for anyone... Worse, from what I witnessed of all of that palsy scene, foreigners were behind the whole thing. But enough of what I cannot prove. One paragraph of what I cannot prove is enough for this document. However, know this: I will say that I have seen people who are more than willing to intentionally irradiate HMP victims, using CRTs that are far more effective than one from a TV set to cause someone to become poisoned, and microwaves and other frequencies once the damage has been caused. I can produce facts that prove that I was exposed to that scam. I know from personal experience what I witnessed, and I can tell you that some of those criminals and foreigners are still laughing about having gotten away with their 'experiments'.

Then there's the FCC. Simply put, it can be proven that the FCC could not have tested the safety of microwaves without discovering the problem described below. They and others have lied to other government agencies, and this can be shown to be true. Therefore there are some people in the government who have a vested interest in not getting exposed for conducting what amounts to perpetrating a fraud on other government agencies. Microwave satellite, cellular, and other forms of microwave broadcasting were first FCC-approved and then put into use in the early 1980s. The first time anyone was ever seen with facial lesions was the early 1980s. It doesn't take Steven Hawking to do the math. Figure it out.

In determining whether humans react in any way to applied energy of any kind, there are standardized testing procedures that are followed. One does not graduate from any College or University's field of scientific study without a thorough, tested knowledge and experience of, and familiarity with these standardized practices and procedures. These practices and procedures are the accepted methods of proof and demonstration, and there are no others.

The accepted standardized procedures for determining whether humans are negatively affected by exposure to microwave energy are to begin with human tissue samples and animals. The animals and samples are irradiated with broadband microwave energy, and a device known as a spectroscope records any reaction from the irradiated animal or tissue.

Spectrographic analysis is the only available useful tool in this research, since it graphically displays any chemical reaction in the irradiated sample. Once the IR / visible / UV frequency analysis has been done, and there has been seen no chemical reaction that has been triggered directly by the exposure to the broadband microwave energy, the testing moves on to human volunteers, irradiating actual human subjects.

This is where it becomes more than obvious that Silver poisoning had to have been discovered. As a whole, 90 percent of the American population has at least one Silver dental filling. Of the group of people who are financially desperate enough to participate as paid volunteers in an advertised irradiation testing, this number is closer to 99 percent. But that is not where the proof lies. It is obvious that many of the subjects would have had dental fillings.

The proof lies in the spectrographic data. The microwave irradiation would have produced two types of Silver reactions, which the spectrograph would duly record.

One set of data would be Silver's quantum excitation energy frequencies, the other Silver's molecular emission frequencies. One sees this first type of data, and realizes that the person has Silver dental fillings. OK so far, that was to be expected.

The other set of data, however, is not so easily explained away. That data falls into three categories: frequency patterns that indicate the presence of metallic inorganic Silver compounds, frequency patterns that indicate the presence of non-metallic inorganic Silver compounds, and frequency patterns that indicate the presence of organic Silver compounds.

That data would require some thought and analysis, to determine why non-metallic inorganic Silver compounds and organic Silver compounds should be present. While inorganic metallic Silver compounds (Silver / Tin, Silver / Copper, Silver / Zinc) are to be expected to be present in dental fillings, non-metallic and organic molecules are not.

Given that data, a moronic, mongoloid, genetically defective chimpanzee, after being given Gingko Biloba and watching trained scientists perform research for three weeks, could not have escaped realizing full well that either silver poisoning was occurring as a result of the microwave irradiation, or that some other source was to blame (further research would have shown CRTs to be the cause).

Don't underestimate this, it cannot be denied. Ask your junior high school science teacher, or your average high school sophomore. The FCC had to have found out about silver poisoning when they tested the safety of microwave broadcasting.Remember, your child can check out books from the school library for you, should you desire detailed information, or you can visit the library yourself.

The fact is, this damage has destroyed people's lives, inflicted great physical and mental suffering, caused various other health problems, and resulted in many suicides. I made the Federal agencies responsible for preventing this damage aware of the problem in 1993, and it can be proven that the FCC knew of it in the early 1980s.

The Federal government, for criminal, ignorant, gullible, and other reasons, has refused to enact regulations regarding this problem. However, individual counties still have the legal right to enact their own regulations that can prevent 100 percent of this damage, and there is nothing the Federal government can do to stop it.

Your children are being irradiated at this very moment by radiation known to cause this damage. It is up to you to act.

I provided this proof to KSTP-TV5 and WCCO-TV4 in Minneapolis and KIMT-TV3 Mason City, and the FCC, FBI, and U.S. Congress in 1993, and almost all TV stations within a 150 mile radius of Canton, Minnesota in 1997.

In the years since, absolutely no action has been taken.

Consider this: If you have the proper background knowledge, it will only take you minutes to recognize the fact that I have precisely and correctly identified this problem. Any TV station engineer who didn't get his training from some school in the Bahamas should have seen and understood it immediately, and contacted a doctor to verify the physiology. A physician would have immediately verified the physiology aspect.

However, not a word regarding silver poisoning has ever been heard on any format of television news.

This likely indicates a far more serious problem with the FCC than you may want to realize

I figure it this way: The FCC found out about Silver poisoning, but decided to keep their mouths shut about it after they learned how much money the telephone and satellite companies desiring to provide microwave services were willing to deposit in their bank accounts. Then they lied to others in the government about it, and now they don't want to be exposed for their fraud. Those people have access to more money than most of you will ever dream of seeing, considering some of the contacts they have in the entertainment industry, government 'intelligence', the phone company ( a serious criminal free-for-all, the phone companies and internet in general, from what I've seen so far ), and from what I've seen, they haven't had a problem lying about this and covering their lies up in the past.

If this pisses you off, you might consider signing up with U.S. Sprint, because they used fiber cable rather than microwaves. Perhaps Sprint figured it out and decided they didn't need the bad karma that using microwaves might generate.

You might run into the creative: "It would result in a class action lawsuit that would destroy the US economy." This isn't true. There would be damage to the FCC, and therefore the US government economy, and to US television manufacturers. However, on the other hand, as I have repeatedly pointed out, this would cause far more damage to the Japanese and other Oriental TV manufacturers, who manufacture and sell the vast majority of TV sets and parts of TV sets sold in the USA.

No television sets are manufactured in the USA. Zenith Corp. closed its last USA plant in Springfield, MO in 1993 and moved it to Mexico. For a decade before that, the Zenith Springfield plant was the last one in the USA.

We are talking about reducing the US trade deficit by as much as tens of billions of dollars when such a lawsuit arises. The government's own figures show that for each penny prevented from contributing to the trade deficit, it increases the GNP by a dime; ten times as much. So, we are talking about, say, a 100 billion dollar increase in Federal tax income if a "made in the USA'" Federal Judge awards a class settlement that requires the Japanese to fork over 50 billion dollars in damages. That's a one time increase in the U.S. Gross National Product of 500 billion dollars. This is a one time 100 billion dollar increase in Federal tax income, and a one-time 100 billion dollar increase in the 50 States' total tax income, assuming 20 percent in both State and Federal tax rates on the 100 billion increase in the GNP.

The government's own figures (Feb. 1994 Soybean Digest) show that for every billion dollars of unanswered foreign imports, 20,000 to 30,000 jobs are lost in the USA. So, that settlement would create 250,000 jobs for a year in the USA.

Which is the worse crime? To lie about silver poisoning, or to help General Electric and Zenith doctor their books to make it look as though they had paid a settlement, or had paid a larger settlement than they actually had?

More likely, if anyone tries making a chump out of you, it will lie in an attempt to perform fraudulent testing procedures. Someone may attempt to tell you that the problem is nowhere near as widespread as I have claimed, and you might fall for that. A visit to any major city will inform you otherwise. Ask people who have lived in a major city how many victims they have seen. Any town of more than a couple of hundred people is certain to contain victims.

Since I am seriously disliked by some of those people, they may tell you that I proposed an out of court settlement where I would accept a gag order and keep my mouth shut about what I knew of HMP. While I did propose such a settlement, it was with the understanding that the government would ban Silver dental fillings, and that I would supervise a program to locate and assist HMP victims. Victims can be identified and located automatically using the proper electromagnetic equipment. With the right equipment, any HMP victim will light up like a Christmas tree when mildly irradiated. And dentists keep detailed records, detailed enough so that these records can be used to identify the dead. It was with the understanding that dentists would remove all Silver dental fillings, claiming that a remote chance of kidney damage from Mercury was the reason.

I haven't even gone into the more serious problems HMP can inflict on its victims. I will say that HMP will be shown to be the main source of psychiatrist's and psychologist's incomes. (So don't trust certain Universities for an impartial assessment of HMP, given the millions at stake).

It should be obvious enough that when one's nerves, nervous system, and brain experience HMP, a condition that allows neurons to be directly stimulated by TV and other emissions, there are going to be real and serious problems that develop as a result. I'll give you an example that I may be able to prove. However, a defense exists for someone creative enough in the government, namely, "switching the subject", where we never get to test the real Guy Harvey Baker for HMP.

I'll try to make a long story short. I know of Silver poisoning because some foreign Neanderthals tried to use me and other rock musicians to run a palsy religious scam for them. Three problems arose: one, I declined to participate, two, I found out about the details, and three, I took the 'God' side of the argument.

This resulted in a slew of Satan worshipping rock musicians deciding that I was their sworn enemy, and the intentional electromagnetic irradiation that had already been going on got a lot worse.

John Eller founded the band Paradox in St. Paul, MN in 1980. He wanted me to play guitar for his band, but I had moved to the other side of town, and he didn't know where to find me. I was a better guitar player than Eller was, and I was way beyond the talents of guy he got when he couldn't find me. Nevertheless, Paradox went on to become the biggest rock band in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) for five straight years. It was just unfortunate bad luck for me, but it was just the beginning of a long string of bad luck. The worst of it was running into the religious scam.

You may have heard about my daughter, Athena. The band 'The Who' wrote a song about my daughter Athena back in 1982, complete with references to a suicide attempt I made in early 1982, the vasectomy operation I had in December 1981, and someone claiming to have had a vision and talking about 'God' (which in early 1982, I claimed to have had). Sounds strange now, but Here are the lyrics and its pretty obvious after reading them...  The actual songs are linked a few paragraphs below, so you can hear it for yourself.

That's another story, and a long story, but it amounts to proof of some of what went on back then. There are hundreds of witnesses around St. Paul, MN that remember the goings-on back then.

The Who found out about the religious scam that was going on and did not approve, and that was their attempt to defeat it by informing at least me of what it was, lamers running a religious scam, and not the bizarre spiritual goings-on the perpetrators would have wanted me to believe. The Who's original drummer, Keith Moon, died in 1981. By unbelievable bizarre freak chance, the drummer that The Who got to replace Keith Moon was an ex-boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend Mariel, who is my daughter Athena's mother...   I think that Mariel's (blond haired) sister Marcie might have had something to do with it.

There was intentional use of frequency going on, and it entirely and completely destroyed my sleep schedule, and I was unable to hold significant employment, which made me look very irresponsible and lazy, especially since this was 1982, not 1985 when I found out I was sensitive to radio frequency, or 1993 when I finally discovered the specifics of HMP.

It turns out that it was Russians in the United States trying to run religious scams, in an attempt to breed criminalism. I was given the distinct impression that if I sold my soul, I would become a rock musician. It wasn't only electromagnetic manipulation, other things added into it, like coming home and turning on the radio, and every time I do this for about a 45 day period, the song "Hell's Bell's" by AC/DC or "For Those About To Rock, We Salute You" by AC/DC would come out of the radio, and other bizarre goings on. I found out that it was the Russians years later, about 1987 or so, and there is fact and evidence that supports that this is true.

But back in 1982, neither the Who, myself, or almost anyone else realized that the irradiation was going on. It painted me in a bad light, which somewhat explains the last line in that song. At the end of the song, they try to send me the message "we are not these other lamers, we are actually on your side", but it could have been phrased differently. The Who disliked me, but they disliked those other lamers more.

(Legal mumbo-jumbos) Check out these three songs from the same period in time, but first contact me and get my permission so that I can borrow or temporarily transfer ownership of the files to you, otherwise you do not have my legal permission to listen to the files or transform them from their unintelligible data form to a sound stream form. If you listen or transform these files without my permission, you will be violating copyright law. If you have no respect for copyright law, the risk lies with you. At least make an effort not to get caught, and wear headphones. You will need to have an mp3 player such as WinAMP installed on your system, or a browser that supports mp3 playing. Windows Media Player provided with Windows 98 or later provides mp3 play capability. I paid for the right to access this copyrighted material, and it is provided solely for the purpose of borrowing or temporary transference of ownership. Legitimate government investigation likely overrides copyright protection, but if you are in the government and are attempting to assess the validity of the content of these pages, you should probably check first. (End of legal mumbo-jumbos)

To listen to these songs, click on the link, then choose open file from the window that pops up. This will load your mp3 player and start playing.






In the Fixx songs, listen for Athena, and a reference to bomb (mentioned in Athena.mp3) and teeth and empty faces (silver poisoning) . Listen to these three songs, and no doubt should remain that there was indeed something strange going on in early 1982.

The Who thought I had gone off the deep end ("Check this out, he's talking about God now..."). Other musicians had different reactions. My middle name is John. Back in 1982, I sometimes used the nickname Johnny (long story). Some of the musicians referred to me that way because of that and for legal reasons (like avoiding being sued or too obvious after I had complained to the FCC and the FBI).

After I had the vision, it was obvious to me that it had been some criminal scum trying to sucker me into helping me unknowingly run their lame religious scam. I didn't get suckered into it and sell my soul like AC/DC did. When I knew it was a scam and not some bizarre spiritual goings on, I started speaking to the wall, knowing the lamers were there listening, and began speaking generalities about the non wisdom spiritually of what they had been doing, basically that they should wake up and die right, lest an unpleasant destiny be visited upon them.

Aerosmith's reaction to this, and to the fact that I had complained to the FBI and FCC:  (The suicide attempt referred to above involved a homemade zip-gun: I found two pieces of pipe. The smaller one held a 12 gauge rifled slug just perfectly, and the larger pipe held the smaller pipe perfectly. I found a wood dowel that fit perfectly inside the large pipe, attached a firing pin to the end of it, inserted it flush into the end of the large pipe, drilled a hole through the pipe and the dowel and bolted it into place. To fire it, all I had to do was put a 12 gauge rifled slug inside the small pipe, put the small pipe into the larger pipe, and slide the two together.) Aerosmith's lyrics: "Zip-gun Johnny's finger is itchin', the lid's gonna blow, up in Hell's kitchen..." (Aerosmith had the same band manager as AC/DC).


That one contains some references that pertained but which I cannot describe in a reasonable amount of space. This next one is more obvious.

Elton John was the only one who figured it out and saw it for what it was: This was his reaction to seeing someone driven to the point of suicide, and then having a vision upon seriously contemplating and attempting it. The gardener being referred to is obviously God.


I could have had support from the decent musicians, if for no other reason that they did not approve of the religious scam that lamers had attempted to pull right in front of their faces. I could have, in other words, became a guitar player in a band, but my goal had changed from being a musician to being an inventor.

I could produce further references, some being at least as obvious, but my CD burner is not reliable enough to burn large data CD-Roms.

Anyway. years later, I moved to Mason City, Iowa in March of 1992. The first three days were excellent, so much better than in the Twin Cites where I had been, when it came to being irradiated. Then, the lamer enemies mentioned above and certain others that had been hanging out now and then ever since 1982, and their electromagnetic irradiation, show up on the fourth day. (Some of those maggot satan worshipping musicians that were lurking around back in 1982 will probably never forgive me for taking the 'God' side of the argument.) The irradiation goes on again, on and off, until 1993 when I left Mason City.

In 1994, someone from Mason City named Guy Harvey Baker left Mason City and went to the Twin Cites, where I was at the time. I happened to be listening to the broadcast news on the radio at the time, when there came live reports of Baker killing two St. Paul Police officers. The first was shot upon awakening Baker, who was sleeping in his automobile on St. Paul's East Side. The second was shot during the ensuing manhunt. Later that day, Baker was located and taken into custody.

The next day, there was extensive coverage in the newspaper about the incident. There were interviews with Mason City natives who had been shocked to learn of the incident.

Some of these natives had a truly interesting story to tell. It was related that Baker had been one of the most normal people that one could ever hope to meet, well liked, Homecoming King candidate in school, personable, with no obvious problems.

However, according to the source, Baker began to change in the first part of 1992. For some reason, in the first few months of 1992, he became withdrawn, strange, and very anti-social, and complained of being persecuted. After this problem started, it was seen to worsen over time.

I believe I know full well exactly what caused his mental decline. I believe he had a mild to moderate case of Silver poisoning, and was inadvertently exposed to the intentional use of frequency that I was exposed to because he was close by to my location.

Now me, it takes some considerable irradiation to bother me, because I recognize it for exactly what it is. I don't get strange ideas about the government or about strange spiritual matters, because I know full well what it is. Baker, on the other hand, wouldn't have had a clue, and surely would have developed a persecution complex, considering that a form of attack was certainly occurring. Without realizing the exact form the attack took, or who was bringing the attack, he would have had to speculate as to the source.

I suspect he took the 'government mind-control' approach. I suspect he began blaming all of his troubles on some malevolent government purpose, engineered to cause him to suffer. I suspect that when the policeman woke him up, he mistakenly assumed that the officer had been sent there solely to irritate him, to further damage his existence, which must have been bad to begin with, since he was sleeping in his automobile. It was seen that he had no outstanding warrants, and nothing illegal (except the hidden gun) was found in the automobile, so the policeman had no legal standing to either search or arrest him. The worst that could have happened would be that he would have to be awake for a time while the policeman checked his ID, and possibly be made to move to another location to get his sleep. So, why did he produce a firearm and use it? No one could understand it. While I certainly don't condone his actions, I believe I can understand and explain what might have driven him to it. I suspect that if Baker were tested for HMP, it would be seen that he has a serious and advanced case of it.

Even if by some chance there is another explanation, don't miss the point. HMP can and does cause problems as serious as this. I can demonstrate it, and no doubt will remain after I am done, should the need arise. Forgive me if I don't describe details. There are some details regarding this that one is wise not to want to have spread around to the four corners of the earth.

If you need clues, ask a farmer. If there's one thing farmers are great for, it is having a stack of Popular Science and / or Popular Mechanics that date back to the beginning of time. Go back a few years, and look in the classifieds. You will see ads for electromagnetic weapons, one being marketed as an "electromagnetic brain blaster". One item to be found there is the ultrasonic theta wave generator, marketed as an aid to sleep. From experience, I can tell you that a version of this device engineered to emit frequencies that will stimulate HMP poisoned nerves works exactly as described in the ad. I can build such a device, and use it to destroy anyone's sleep schedule I feel like destroying, as long as they have Silver dental fillings. An alpha wave version to keep someone awake can also be manufactured. The true irritation comes from modulated x-ray transmissions, for example theta wave modulation carried on a television set aimed in my direction. I am willing to describe this here, so you can well imagine that what I'm keeping my mouth shut about is far worse.

I suspect that the likes of the CIA love silver poisoning and these devices, as do certain groups of (other?) criminals. The capability to totally destroy almost anyone's life (since most people have Silver dental fillings) any time they feel like doing it. One suspects it isn't wise to make enemies of those people. It doesn't bother me, since I already have.

Now I may be paranoid, but if you get that impression, at least it will add to the description of the problem. Personally, I could care what you might think about me, so long as it results in the end of Silver dental fillings. I say, always be paranoid: no one gets a chance to get you that way. Look what Adolf Hitler was able to accomplish, taking advantage of the gullibility, trust, and ignorance of the average human. Don't get me wrong. The emphasis there isn't so much on Adolf Hitler as on the human condition and its vulnerabilities, and the fact that people will always exist who will take advantage of this. You might want to ponder what motivated me to promote this issue in this manner for awhile...

Click here to see see a month's worth of excerpts from the internet mind control Listserv mailing list digest.

This archive page contains, among other things, experiences of other silver poisoning victims. WARNING: this is a one megabyte HTML file, which is no problem for newer computers, but it may crash web browsers running on antiquated hardware. A minimum of a Pentium 100 with 32 megs of RAM is recommended to view this page.  WARNING: The views iterated on this archive page do not not necessarily represent the author's views. There may be some minor profanity.  WARNING: There is some disgusting material in some sections of the archive, that shows the depths to which humanity can sink at times.  WARNING: This is an excellent reference, but you should probably place limits on how deep you follow the information. While some of it is useless, some of it you will likely find fascinating. However, it isn't wise to spend an inordinate amount of time dwelling on the content of this archive. You may wish to finish reading this page first.. I am not the author of the archive, except the few posts I made regarding silver poisoning and another matter using the nickname [FekLar] (my internet relay chat nickname).

If there was any doubt that remained in your mind that no one could be sick enough to irradiate another person, you should be broken of that habit by the time you are finished with the archive page and the links it contains.  Of particular interest is James Graf's home page (search for Graf, or visit James Henry Graf's Angelfire Home page

 Here is one of the more interesting and useful excerpts: some parts of the government have begun to acknowledge reality:

Chapter 140: Section 131J. Sale or possession of electrical weapons; penalties.
HOUSE, NO. 3490
House, No. 3490. Presented by: Representative Jarrett T. Barrios. Petition filed at the request of Roy Bercaw relative to the penalty for the sale or......


The amendments are identified by:
***(words to be deleted)*** ***[words to be added]***


Chapter 140: Section 131J. Sale or possession of electrical weapons; penalties.

Section 131J. No person shall sell, offer for sale or possess a portable device or weapon from which an electrical current, impulse, wave or beam ***[or electromagnetic radiation, or acoustic weapons, or sound weapons]*** may be directed, which current, impulse, wave or beam is designed to incapacitate temporarily, injure or kill. Whoever violates the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than ***(five hundred)*** ***[ten thousand]*** nor more than ***(one thousand)*** ***[five hundred thousand]*** dollars or by imprisonment for not less than ***(six months)*** ***[two years]*** nor more than ***(two years)*** ***[twenty years]*** in a jail or house of correction, or both.

How to detect intentional irradiation of silver poisoning victims
Put the bust on unsuspecting toads

If you know anyone who has or had lesions or HMP, you need to have them contact their local health department.

If you have children, you also need to contact your local health department in the future to determine the current status of the clearinghouse and the lawsuit. For those who have the problem, there will arise here a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit against the FCC, television manufacturers, microwave telephone service providers and manufacturers, and possibly fluorescent tube makers. Some of the new 'low-radiation' computer monitors use Cesium-based phosphor elements rather than Silver based. This shows that CRT makers are fully aware of the side effects of CRTs that use Silver-based phosphors, and have been for some time now. And, regardless of knowledge or lack of knowledge, it cannot be denied that the manufacturers have a responsibility to test their products for safety, especially when such devices are known to emit X-radiation. The fact is, the devices they manufactured have caused the damage. There isn't any getting around that fact.

For those who do not have any symptoms but do have children, your taking the proper action now will prevent serious physical and mental damage from being inflicted by chance or design upon your offspring.

If you need any further proof beyond doubt that this problem exists, I can and will provide it. Someone who knows and understands basic chemistry, physics, and the operating principles of television will tell you that they know that I am correct, without even needing to see a single piece of empirical data produced, or a single experiment done.

If you need to gather some basic background knowledge to understand this problem, contact a TV repairman and a junior high school science teacher. Your library can provide all of the basic background. This knowledge includes an understanding of the Sodium / Potassium pump mechanism in nerves and neurons that causes nervous system activity, a basic understanding of the operating principles of CRT television and computer monitors, and their X-ray production capabilities and dangers, an understanding of why the five inert gases Helium, Neon, Krypton, Argon, and Xenon are inert, and a basic understanding of the properties of elements that contain a single electron in their outer orbital ring (Silver, Potassium, Sodium, etc...), and the properties of chemicals that contain these elements.

There are other very important steps you should take!

Make certain, by visiting in person, that your county department of health and even perhaps your local sheriff are fully aware of this issue. Keep them up to date on any data or results of experimentation that comes your way. Contact the clearinghouse from time to time to keep abreast of developments. Your Sheriff can play an extremely effective and valuable part in dealing with this problem, by communicating copies of this notice and further developments to adjacent counties. Personally, from past experience, I trust the US Mail for nothing, and would much prefer to learn that deputies on patrol had hand delivered the material during a rendezvous with their neighboring county's. I can produce many facts about Silver poisoning, but only a few facts regarding my experiences with censorship of this issue. The problem there may be mild and localized, or severe and widespread. It could well be the latter, so take my advice. Take the more certain course of action.

The solution to the problem lies in spreading the word about this as far and wide as possible. Soon enough, so many people will know that the Federal government will have no choice but to impose a ban and other regulations.

But for this to work, individual counties or States must enact ordinances banning Silver dental fillings, against the sale of new Silver-based CRT-based TVs and computer monitors (use one small Silver based X-ray film in front of larger film to check for violators), and against the use of Silver-based CRTs in public schools. After 3 years, a ban on the sale of used Silver-based CRT devices should be imposed. From what I've seen, you will die of old age before the Federal government takes any action on this issue, if the problem is left solely to them to repair. These are your children we are talking about here, and personally, if it came to mine, I would tolerate no delay whatsoever.

You don't want your children to have to experience this unpleasant syndrome. You don't want them to get a splitting headache just because they made the mistake of staying inside a Best Buy store for more than five minutes. You don't want them developing mental problems because they got exposed to a camera system inside a Wal-Mart at the same time they were exposed to banks of fluorescent lights. You don't want other children thinking that your child has some strange disease because every so often they get a sore on their face that doesn't heal for three weeks. You don't want your child to financially contribute to the largest single source of headshrink's incomes, Silver poisoning. These are the minor symptoms. I don't need to describe the major ones for you. Just ask enough people you have seen who have had those lesions on their face. Look in alt.conspiracy or alt.mindcontrol on the internet's USENET sometime, to get a general idea of the serious mental problems Silver poisoning is capable of inflicting on people.

Since your child is spending hours each day with their head 12 inches away from a computer monitor,, and more hours in front of the TV set at home, I strongly advise that you pass a local ordinance that requires only low-radiation monitors, which do not contain Silver-based phosphors, be allowed inside public schools. That still leaves you the potentially serious problem of your home TV set. However, it eliminates one of the major sources of potential damage to your children. Your mother was right, you know, when she told you not to sit so close to the TV set... Remember, you are going to have to buy a new TV set anyway, with the advent of HDTV coming soon.

Make sure your local County Board and Sheriff's offices have copies of this document, and send copies to all your friends and relatives in other Counties and States. Circulate the disk from high school to high school. The more people who know of this, the faster corrective actions will get taken.

The Federal government should have taken action on this problem years ago. Yet they have not. You may even run into people who would have you believe I am mistaken, but I assure you I am not, and that it is not difficult to produce qualified individuals who can verify that this is so. What is the source of this government apathy? Perhaps the government avoids hiring intelligent consultants, for fear that an intelligent one might rise up and take over, and so only stupid people get hired. Government 'experts'? Don't fall for that one, ask your school's science teacher.

Given the fact that Silver poisoning creates a situation where one's nerves and neurons can be directly stimulated by the application of applied electromagnetic energy, including the majority of the range of radiation and light emitted by a CRT television set, one might suspect that some in the government must like the idea, because it surely allows some form of 'mind control' to be applied to the population at large. Maybe the government wants to influence people subconsciously, to keep the sheep docile. You work almost six months out of the year to pay your annual total taxes now. Perhaps they think they can subliminally train you to work nine months out of the year for them without complaining.

I don't know, but I do know of research that proves that humans can be influenced by patterns of pulses, and certain other frequency activity patterns. For example, an application of 16 to 20 pulses per second generates fear and apprehension in humans and most other animals. This goes way back, being associated with the frequency pulse pattern of thunder, and is one example of many. Check the back of those Popular Science or Popular Mechanics magazines. (Avogordo, New Mexico?) Check out the article in Harper's Bazaar magazine, the only news magazine that reported on the story when the US CIA was caught conducting mind control experiments on Canadians. Most CRTs are made in Japan or elsewhere near by in 'Oriental-Land'. Maybe the Japanese are trying to get even with us for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I don't know what the reason is for the 'delay', but for some reason, I am getting very suspicious.

Silver dental fillings must be banned. I have tried for years now to point this nasty problem out, but with no results. Since the Federal government refuses to do this, it must be done at the local level. And there are acceptable substitutes for Silver amalgam fillings, in case someone tries telling you elsewise. Do not allow a dentist to place Silver dental fillings in your child's mouth. Get a local ordinance passed that bans Silver Dental fillings, or you will die of old age waiting for the Federal government to do it.