This page contains two letters I hand delivered to TV channels 8 in LaCrosse, WI and 10 in Rochester, MN. The dates are at the end of each. Pay special attention to references to Pyrex ( proof (and it *is proof) of a spiritual goal to be an inventor ) and to my offer to Senator Boschwitz' office in 1997, and the ad in the Tulsa World newspaper mentioned below.

Large scale hit has been seen to go on many times since the first occurrence Dec. 23rd, 1988. These pages indicate that the only thing keeping it from happening to the Twin Cities has been my presence here. It would appear that it is imminent that the Twin Cities will soon get added to the list of areas that have been hit.

If I am incarcerated, I will hit myself and leave, and that will be the result. I do not require the help of the gods to do this. That would be the ultimate mistake, while there is still a chance left to prevent this trouble. I am not threatening to hit the Twin Cities. I am pointing out that without assistance, I will have to hit myself and leave, and it is certain that my replacement will hit the Twin Cities, as well as numerous other places (for example, if you think the price of gasoline is high now...) This will result in a very destructive spiritual war, and there is fact and evidence to support this.

I put this together in a hurry, so I apologize for the format and any bad grammar, incomplete descriptions or any unanswered questions you might have. Don't assume anything. The facts indicate that all of what is printed here is accurate, or in other words, strange but true. The purpose of these pages is to attempt to get some help to try to prevent this from happening.

These pages indicate that I am correct in my claims that criminal scum out of the Twin Cities have followed me around for years, and that I have gone beyond my tolerance level for dealing with those maggots. The latest episode of this, their coming down out of the Twin Cities and buying the apartment building where I live, and the bullshit that has gone on around here since, has made up my mind that I will never rent another place again as long as I live.

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to buy a place, and the only realistic option this leaves me is to hit myself and leave. I have a number of legitimate complaints about past criminal activity, and if any of these were acted upon by the proper government agencies I would have more than enough money, but there would not appear to be enough time to deal with any of those.

The landlord has given an eviction notice, and my mother has to be out of the apartment by the 18th of August, which means I have to leave by the 3rd or 4th at the latest so that she has time and resources to get herself moved out.

What I need is to be sold a house ($20,000 - $60,000) by someone legitimate on contract for deed, combined with a loan of $3000 so that I have money to hire movers. I will guarantee that unless I lose my small source of income or get incarcerated, I will stay until the $3000 plus market rate interest is repaid. I could do with $2000, or perhaps even $1000, but this will reduce the time I am guaranteed to stay. I need the payments to be $200 a month, no more than $250 a month. This would buy some time to attempt to get some action on my complaints. At worst (unless I am incarcerated or lose my income), I stay long enough to pay off the loan, then default on the contract for deed, and the house is returned to whoever contracted it.

If this is arranged, I need to be informed of the arrangement as soon as possible, and it isn't likely that the telephone or mail can be trusted. I prefer a place near Wichita, KS, or somewhere in Texas, perhaps Abilene, (Preferably where there are plenty of available females) but I would consider near LaCrosse, WI, which is no further away for the Twin Cities than my current location. A location within Minnesota is not acceptable.

What I also need is to have an audience arranged with the proper government authorities to begin getting something done about my complaints.

Personally, I could care what would happen to the maggots in the Twin Cities who have been making that area a target for the gods, but there are a lot of innocent people up there who don't deserve that fate.

What follows is some basic background, and evidence of some of the activities of those fools and the results of their activities. After that are listed some occurrences of small scale hit, then large scale hit. At the end is a note of response to their latest bullshit that I posted where they could see it.

Proof of criminal activities: My first exposure to electromagnetic irradiation was when some foreign lamers tried to use me to run a religious scam back in the early 1980's. This led to my being given a spiritual goal to be an inventor. The details of this are in the letter to Burlington Northern and in the silver poisoning documentation.

What Minnesota did or allowed to be done in 1986 resulted in my being incarcerated for a crime I did not commit, which caused serious damage to my spiritual connection. I had empathic capabilities since the early 1980's. The damaged spiritual connection mutated into a psychic ability for a time after the damage occurred. I offered this ability to Senator Boschwitz office in early 1987, pointing out that through experience and psychic ability, I had learned that Soviets were running religious scams in the USA, and that I had the ability to locate them. At the time, the ability to see was in good enough shape to where if I had access to an infrared or ultraviolet surveillance satellite, you could have hid your self anywhere on earth, and it wouldn't have taken me more than 20 minutes to locate your position.

Unfortunately, foreigners and criminals did not approve of this, and threw up a wall of electromagnetic interference that was impossible to see through, and I made no progress demonstrating any significant ability to the legitimate government except empathy. Later, in November 1988, I made the same offer at Petersen Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO, and on Dec. 23rd 1988, at least some results in dealing with the foreign problem were seen.

The reason the electromagnetic interference started was fear of what I might point out to the wrong people. Those fools should have wasted me when they had the chance, and the damage and the penalty would have been relatively small... The reason it continues to this very day is fear of being hit. Small scale hit started being seen (by them for the first time) around mid 1987 or early 1988.

Sept. 27th, 1987: Seen in the notices section of the classifieds in the Tulsa World newspaper: Investment group out of Norwest Bank in Minneapolis buys microwave and lightwave transmission equipment from MCI telecommunications, and then leases the equipment back to MCI. The States affected are listed in the notice, and they are all States I had visited, one I had left to visit, and one other State (Illinois [E. St. Louis: I visited St. Louis]) I might have visited.

I can produce my Greyhound / Jefferson bus ticket receipt that clearly shows this one to one correspondence. No one goes out of their own State to specifically deal with Norwest in Minneapolis. If they seek out of State financing at all, it is with a large New York bank. Why only those States, and no others? I have never seen it, but I say there is a 99.99 percent probability that within three months at most, another ad is to be seen in the notices in the classifieds in the Tulsa World, where MCI buys the equipment back from the 'investment group'.

1990: A week after I move to Denver, CO, Vaughn Communications out of Minneapolis sets up a new office in Denver.

1992/1993: See below about someone being put up to using electromagnetic devices, which resulted in hit.

Either May 17th or April 17th, 1994: I go to Oshkosh, WI. The ability to see was halfway working this day. I stopped in Oshkosh to attempt to rent a place. I used an outside pay phone, with the newspaper in my hand, calling about advertised apartments. In each of four cases, the phone rings and rings. I tried each multiple times, and let it ring 10 times each time. I start to get the feeling I getting screwed with by some of the telephone company lamers I have had problems with in the past. With the ability to see, I looked out, and what I appeared to see confirmed my suspicion. I saw some lamers located in the high rise apartment building just to the east of the United Hospital radiology Center just off W. 7th. St. and Grand in St. Paul, about halfway up inside the building somewhere. I got this from a bad influence I sensed attempting to exert itself, namely, what appeared to be someone from St. Paul asking for access to Century telephone's phone grid and being given permission. This could be verified at Century Telephone.

I know something of telephone networks, and an irresistible opportunity presented itself. The gas station where I was attempting to call from was located right next door to the Oshkosh State Prison. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, and how long it would take, and that it would take longer for the lamers in St. Paul to be set up an access to and control over the secure telephone system inside the prison. It was also to my benefit that the lamers in St. Paul might fear I was attempting to set them up, and they would be caught if they attempted to gain that degree of control (control over the entire switching network, rather than over just one pay phone).

So I went real quick like over to the prison, went inside, went to the bank of pay phones, and again tried to call one of the ads. This time, they answered right up, and I made an appointment to go and rent a place. As it turned out, I rented the place at about 11:15 AM or so, and the landlord turned out to be one of the largest real estate agents and apartment renters in Oshkosh. I visited his office once to pay the rent. There was a secretary, and an answering machine.

Within 15 minutes of my making arrangements to rent the place, someone claiming to be the FAA shows up at the Oshkosh Airport, claiming to be there for an (unscheduled - ask the Confederate Air Force) 'asbestos examination'. Within an hour, they claimed to have found asbestos covering a pipe inside the control tower, shut down the control tower, set up a temporary control tower at the terminal, and moved everyone over there. Around 3 or 4 that afternoon, truly irritating electromagnetic bullshit begins emanating from the general direction of the airport. I told some people around Oshkosh and Green Bay at the time (maybe ask at the prison or at WBAY-TV Channel 2, or the Confederate Air Force or pilots in general that fly commercial routes into Oshkosh) that this inspection was surely the first as well as the last stop on the supposed asbestos examination 'itinerary'. After all, logically, the supposed repair to the supposed pipe would have taken place after the control tower had shut down for the night, rather than cause the total disruption of the airport over a three hour period during the move to the temporary terminal. It isn't as if they had found a ticking bomb.

1996-present: In 1996, someone from the Twin Cities came down and bought the apartment I reside in. in Sept. 1998, the landlord rewired the apartments. Before this, all utilities were paid, after this each apartment had their own meter. A retired lady (Virginia) lived (and still lives) in #4, a disabled lady (Jean Mickelson) and her son in #3, and a female (Carmen) in #2. After one month, Virginia and Jeans meters read about 300 each (all the meters started from zero). Carmen's read 150, and ours was over 600. We use a lot of electricity, but not that much. The air conditioner had been stowed for the year, leaving two ceiling fans, a small Energy Star chest freezer, refrigerator, TV and VCR running continuously, and my computers.

Carmen ran her electric washer and dryer two or three times a week, plus had a bread machine and hair dryer, plus lights, toaster, TV, VCR, etc... Realistically, Carmens's electric meter should have read higher than Jean's or Virginia's, because neither had a washer and dryer, and neither used much electricity. TV / VCR, lights, fan, toaster, radio that's about it. The meters out back still tell the same story today.

Last month, my electric bill was $98. This month, it was $68. The only things that are different between this month and last month is that #3 was vacant, the people in #2 were rarely home, and I installed two 1500 watt air conditioners in my apartment, and began running them both at about 75 percent capacity continuously. I figure, at that rate, I only need to install 5 more 1500 watt air conditioners, and I won't have to pay a single dime for electricity.

But this is not the issue here. There has been electromagnetic irritation present here since 4 days after I first moved in. I became convinced that some of it had to be coming in through the power lines, after witnessing some bizarre circumstances. Carmen in #2 moved out an into the little house out back, having bought the place from the landlord. At the same time, the electromagnetic irritation decreased considerably. Four days later, the power goes out. The electric utility workman shows up at the door and says the power will be out for three hours or more.

I go out back to see what they are up to, and they are using a backhoe to dig up the rear of the apartment building from one end to the other, from pole to pole, the length of the building. The power company truck is there, as well as a private contractor, Bang's Electric, the same one that did the house rewiring.

I ask them what they are doing, and I am told that two of the apartments in this building are being fed from one power pole at the east end, the other two from the pole at the west end, and they just wanted all four to be fed from the same pole. This is some of the most absurd bullshit I have ever heard. For one, each pole retains its transformer, so it cannot be said that the power company wanted to use one of the transformers elsewhere. One must also consider that it had to cost them at least $1000 to perform the 'work' that was performed, while a new transformer , the larger type found on the western power pole, costs only $300 in the quantities a power company buys them in, 50 or 100 units at a time. In addition, significantly increasing the load on the used transformer and causing it to operate at a higher temperature, thereby shortening its life expectancy by 5 to 10 years.

If the excuse were true, it would some of the worst economic absurdity ever witnessed by man. At any rate, the irritation 'mysteriously' reappeared after the power was turned back on. Realistically, the Bang's electrician was filled full of some halfway believable bullshit, and put up to both offenses, by the same lameasses capable of imitating the Federal Aviation Administration. Using sodium pentathol and a lie detector, or simply pointing out that the fool was suckered by foreign lamers, with the Bang's electrician, would certainly turn up a veritable gold mine of information.

The facts indicate that the irritation was started by foreigners. I cannot say whether they are the same people still doing it or not. However, certain unpatriotic trends have been seen recently.

You might hear that 'we only wanted to irritate him, hoping he would hit something we wanted hit', which is total bullshit. I have said many many times that if this were the case, then for them to sneak me targeting information, and gave many details of a number of different ways this could be done. For example, it is known that I buy cigarettes every month, usually from the same places, always buying Kool, Winston, Marlboro, or Camel, whichever is on sale. I told them to tell the counterperson 'when he comes in, sell him this carton of cigarettes, showing the counterperson the act of slipping a note into a carton of cigarettes. It is also known that I frequent the junkyard one every two or three months, and I always thoroughly search each and every full size Ford from 1974 to 1984. It is also know that I go to Stewartville and Rochester once every one or two months to get a load of dead or repairable computer parts, and for the first two years this was also true for my visits to the Twin Cities to buy computer surplus. It is known that me and my mother order respectable quantities of take-out food from nearby restaurants. I have pointed all of this out so many times since 1992 that I grow truly tired of having to repeat it all again, more than enough times that they surely would have heard it no later than 1993. OR 94 or 95 or 96 or 97, etc...

That is not the reason. Although it sounds like a legitimate excuse, it is not. These lamers have used government money solely to 'protect' themselves against being hit. They haven't gotten rid of me, because even someone as stupid as that realizes what my replacement will be like, someone whose ability to see is not damaged, who they won't know the identity of and therefore will not be able to jam with electromagnetic interference.

An idiot should have seen that there was never any danger of them being hit, so long as they refrained from screwing with me. I pointed out that if the gods wish to avenge themselves, the gods can do that the day they die, without having to spend an immense amount of rare and valuable spiritual energy in order to accomplish it, but it was too advanced a concept for the morons. Ironically, the way it stands now, it is coming to my replacement, and after running up a large bill of spiritual servitude to the gods to pay later, the fools will have the doom visited upon them they thought they were attempting to avoid, when there was never any significant risk of it happening in the first place if they would have had the brains to follow the simplest and most obvious of logic.

I pointed out that the only reason I ever offered my ability to see to Senator Boschwitz' office in the first place was as the only realistically possible defense against the criminal bullshit they had pulled and allowed to be pulled. It would interfere with and endanger my potential as an inventor, but I had no other available option that would have appeared to have a chance of succeeding. This explanation is not true however, for my having approached Petersen Air Force Base in 1988. By that time, I had seen that there was a significant foreign threat, and I would have offered the ability to see whether it endangered my potential as an inventor or not, regardless of the possible danger or consequences.

However, I have repeatedly pointed out that there are two things that will make the gods attempt large scale hit: Idiots who rise up against the gods, and large scale Neanderthal bullshit. For example, had the gods had the capability to hit, they surely would have been rid of Adolf Hitler by 1940 at the latest. It was seen what happened to the religious scam running Soviet morons back on Dec. 23rd, 1988, when the gods did have the capability.

In the past, it would have taken the gods more spiritual energy to accomplish hit than this entire planet was worth spending on, except perhaps if there was one immense hit that wipes out most everything, as was the case with the Atlanteans. About a week or two before Dec. 23rd, 1988, some of the other people who used to hang around who have psychic abilities decided to combine all of their abilities, and give me control over these, in the interest of pointing out the location of the religious scam running Soviet lamers to the Air Force. I hate to use the term 'astral projection', because it is lame, but basically, that's how I met many of those people, and how many more came to pay attention to the interesting goings on that had been going on since about 1980 or so, first the religious scam and the musicians, then the with the government. At any rate, after I gained control of these additional capabilities, they got automatically woven into my own defenses, and after that it was impossible to return any of it to its rightful owners. Basically, what happened was the construction of a powerful faith construct. The first time large scale hit was ever seen was Dec. 23rd, 1988, about a week or two later. I commented about it at the time, that these others had offered their abilities to add to my own.

After I die, one of those people will take control of the faith construct, someone whose ability to see and spiritual connection are undamaged, and the idiots who have pulled their electromagnetic crap at least have the brains to recognize this as the danger it is, or they surely would have wasted me a long time ago.

Before this faith construct appeared, the gods had limitations regarding the energy it takes for them to hit. There are two types of energy involved in hit: physical energy, which the gods have immense resources of, and spiritual or faith energy, which is rare, valuable, and hideously expensive, to be conserved as much as possible. The faith construct simply allows the gods to hit using a tiny fraction of the spiritual energy it would otherwise cost.

Certain things are a physical impossibility in the main, strongest part of the spiritual world. Some of these are pain, suffering, irritation, evil, and malevolence. It is impossible to even think certain thoughts inside the main body of the gods. Therefore, the gods cannot physically occupy the same space where any of these things are present. Normally, it takes an immense amount of energy for the gods to overcome the presence of such things so that they can move into a target area and hit. All the faith construct does is to drive these unacceptable things out of the target area for a very short period of time, allowing the gods to move in and take care of business.

Any female newscaster within a 600 mile radius will tell you that I have the capability to make other people say and do things. Why was the Pope saying "Help us, Leonard?", or why was the President doing his Michael Jackson imitation? Because I made them do it. There is nothing spiritual about this, it is only empathy. We all have this capability, although few of us know it. It is this same mechanism that allows the faith construct to exert that degree of control over an area. The faith construct actually possesses more spiritual energy than the gods are capable of bring anywhere near, because it can exist in the presence of suffering or evil, while the gods cannot.

I should remind you here that fact has disproven 90 percent of what is printed on the first two or three pages of the book of Genesis. Everything printed there that it is possible for fact to disprove without having to die first to make the determination, fact has disproven. Fact proves that the Sun, Moon, and the Earth were created at exactly the same time, that life appeared first in the ocean, then on land, that man came after the animals, that our sun was not the first star to ever light up in the universe, and the world was not created in seven days. Genesis disagrees with these proven facts. The only thing fact has not disproven is whether there is only one God, and whether there is an evil entity or not. Given that all the rest of those three pages has been proven to be false, what are the realistic odds that Genesis is correct about there only being one God, and an evil entity? Fact indicates there is less than a ten percent chance that these are correct. The Bible and the Church suffice as is for their intended purpose the vast majority of the time, for the vast majority of issues that arise, but this is not one of those issues. This issue involves an understanding of the specifics of spiritual reality, while the Church is only good for the general principles. Personally, from what I have seen, the Bible appears to be almost entirely correct about the general principles, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to the specifics. For the specifics, one must turn to Buddhism. The general principles of Buddhism and the Bible are identical. Fact has proven that the Bible is man writing down what he thought he knew of spiritual reality as best as he was capable, and that some of what is written is clearly mistaken, having no connection with any kind of reality. Note that we have no Pillar of Salt Museum to go and tour, so that we know better than to screw up spiritually.

The Russians invented Kirlian photography back in the 1950s. The photos show the body's energy field or aura. Some say the photos show the spirit or the soul. At any rate, it was shortly discovered that everyone who was photographed using this method appeared to have concentrations of energy emanating from their bodies that showed up as points of light on the photographs. It was also noticed that no matter who was photographed, there were always the same number of points of light, always in the same location, without significant variation from person to person. Some short time after this, someone realized that there was an exact one to one correspondence of the locations of the points of light on the photographs to the Chinese acupuncture points that the Buddhists had discovered at least 10,000 years earlier, without the need for or aid of any kind of a device. In other words, fact indicates there might be something to Buddhism, since the Buddhists obviously had to have some advanced knowledge to be able to figure out the locations of those points.

As far as fact is concerned, it indicates there is at least something to Buddhism, and indicates that 90 percent of the first three pages of the Bible are false. Live with it. It is hard to argue with a fact. Only a fool elevates a theory above the respectability of fact because the fact is inconvenient to the theory. I do seem to appear to be the only one you ever witnessed who produced the slightest amount of fact or evidence to back up what they had to say, and my fact and evidence is both considerable and impressive. Compared to someone who has produced no fact or evidence, this qualifies me as a veritable expert on the subject. The Pyrex extrusion machine I invented prevents human pain and suffering on a scale that make Mother Theresa's efforts look like a palsy joke in comparison. I don't see anyone else cutting the cost of housing in half, while at the same time constructing houses that are hurricane proof, flood proof, tornado proof (F1-F4), tornado resistant (F5), termite proof, fireproof, earthquake proof, that lasts 100,000 years, never needing paint or shingles, etc... My spiritual affiliation is obvious to the blindest of fools. This (and a respectable number of other inventions) meets the main directive of both the Bible and Buddhism in a truly immense, respectable, and impressive manner, and you would find it difficult, more likely impossible, to produce another human whose accomplishments in meeting that directive rank on the same scale as mine, including the Pope.

I say there is no single God, no evil entity, and no Hell that lasts until the end of time (although there is one). I have no intention of starting up a new church or promoting Buddhism, because my purpose is to be an inventor, not a priest. Out of the 6 billion other people on this palsy rock, surely someone else will attend to it. It is not my intended task to be 'cop of the planet', either. I told fools who tried forcing me into that position that it would likely backfire, and they would end up destroying their own cause, and all the fact and evidence that had been seen said that I was correct in this. Those fools do not know more than the very gods what my purpose should be, although some have claimed to. In the face of impressive fact and evidence that proves I am right about having this goal, they screw over the gods considerably, reducing my original potential as an inventor to a mere shadow of what it had been, wasting an immense investment of the god's time effort, and energy in the process, and then assume the gods are going to help their cause? This is absurd.

When it comes patriotism in the first place, the United States has made one of the smallest contributions to the spiritual world of any continent. Even tiny Great Britain has produced far more gods than the USA has, because the USA has only existed for 200 years, while Great Britain has existed for thousands of years. If an issue of patriotism ever arose before the gods, the most numerous gods from a given continent would win, every time. The gods contributed by the Indians are probably still pissed off at the white man killing off all of their buffalo and their people. Normally, the gods do not get involved personally in such matters. I do not control the gods, which ought to be obvious.

Nevertheless, when it comes to lamers having caused electromagnetic interference, it can be proven that patriotism was not their motivation in the first place.

If I got my financial act back together, got acceptable female company and an acceptable standard of living (having the landlord refuse to fix the problem with the sewer, resulting in my apartment smelling like a cesspool for two straight years, is not an acceptable standard of living), I would feel no need to hit anything, unless some idiot comes around and gets up in my face with his bullshit where I can sense it, and then it would only be small scale hit, specifically directed solely against the deserving idiot.

Small scale hit: Most small scale hit has been seen by lamers that pull electromagnetic bullshit, or others who make the mistake of lurking around my house with surveillance after I say to leave or risk being hit. In other words, usually only deserving criminal lamers get to see small scale hit. However, there have been a few exceptions where halfway normal people have seen it. There may have been others, but those listed here are the most likely to have occurred, because the evidence suggests that.

Late 1989: I went to the FCC and FBI to repeat my complaints about electromagnetic sensitivity and irradiation. The FCC representative was out to lunch, so I waited in the sixth floor cafeteria.

Today, this cafeteria is an automatic vending machine center, but back then it was run by an old blind man with a seeing eye dog, and there were no machines. The cafeteria, the FCC office, and the FBI office are all located on the sixth floor of the Federal Courts Building in Downtown St. Paul.

I ordered a coffee, scratched the dog for a while, then sat down to wait. I had been there about fifteen minutes, with about another half hour to wait, when someone at the FCC office on the other side of the wall from the cafeteria fired up a portable empathic amplifier and got up in my face with it. This was extremely unpleasant, having to sense this lame empathy and psychic attack being directed at me. (Unbeknownst to me at the time, this had to be a television set or CRT with the high voltage turned up so as to emanate greater than normal quantities of silver adsorption frequency x-rays - I did not learn of silver poisoning until 1993.)

I had gotten into what might be termed psychic battles with some idiot devil-worshipping musicians before, where I was irritated by something, and looking with what empathic or psychic ability I had to try to find the source, found some of these people practicing the equivalent of voodoo. I had struck back with an imagined weapon, and I had noticed that it usually put an end to the irritation.

So, I reached out with an invisible fist and hit the person who was using the amplifier. It turned him off like a light bulb, and I no longer sensed anything from him. About three minutes later, three extremely angry GSA security guards came in and told me that if I didn't have any business there, I would have to leave. (The attack I attempted was along the same lines as what the person using the device was trying to accomplish.)

Ostensibly, I was just sitting there, drinking coffee, bothering no one. I told them it was a public building, and I had every right to be there, and was told "That doesn't matter - you have to leave". I then told them I was there to get a duplicate Social Security card, so they escorted me down to Social Security on the first floor, and made sure I left the building afterwards. There was no other reason why I should have been told to leave. I only wish it would have occurred to me to call the police and file a report, about getting kicked out of a public building for sitting in the cafeteria and drinking coffee. I would have been able to better document the occurrence.

I can prove that this was not a legitimate test on the part of the FCC to see if I was sensitive to frequency or not.

Early 1989: I was living at 1525 Kearney St. In Denver, CO. I was trying to get some sleep, and some electromagnetic irritation was keeping me awake. I fired up the ability to see, to try to locate the source of the irritation so I could punt at it. I could not find anything nearby, or anything far away, but I did find one link in the signal. Whether it was emanating the irritation directly, or just sending modulation to a nearby transmitter that I was unable to see, the link (or source) turned out to be a satellite in orbit over the west coast. I had a crystal clear picture of a nice neat little row of satellites shining like little stars lined up over the west coast, evenly spaced a few degrees apart with only minor variations in altitude. The irritation was definitely emanating from one of them, but I couldn't tell which one, so I reached out and tried to take out about 6 or 7 of them, attempting to hit and accelerate them all upwards and to the east with great velocity. I never said a word of any of this to anyone that night. The next day, I wake up, and see on the TV news that the GOES West satellite had failed, and we would be without satellite cloud pictures for two weeks while the GOES East satellite was moved to the center of the United States to compensate for the loss.

1992: I had shown considerable interest in Cami Rapson, a female newscaster at KIMT-TV 3 in Mason City. With my permission, the TV people had even lurked around my place a few times ( I had requested help with electromagnetic detection.) I spoke of this interest, and said that if I had compatible female company, especially one that compatible, I would achieve psychic repair, be able to see through the electromagnetic interference, waste the scum pulling that bullshit and standing in my way, and rapidly get my financial act together without the presence of that obstacle. Of course, it is one thing to say this, and another to have credibility. Therefore, as a credibility exercise, I tried to hit a few inanimate objects around the TV station: a wall, a chair, a camera, a desk. I do not know whether any of this hit its target, but the next day it announced rather hurriedly that Cami was leaving Channel 3 to move to WBAY-TV 2 in Green Bay. I suspect that she never heard what I had to say, the hit did connect, and she figured things were getting too strange around Channel 3 for her, and left as a result. Like a fool I refrained from going to the TV station and explaining it and begging and groveling like a normal person might have.

1992 / 1993: I was living at the Willow Inn in Mason City, IA. I was trying to get some sleep, and some electromagnetic irritation was keeping me awake. I fired up the ability to see, to try to locate the source of the irritation so I could punt at it. There were three radio transmission towers located to the west and southwest of my position, and the source appeared to be in the little shack or building at the base of the southernmost transmitting tower. It reminded me of my old Bogen 200 watt stadium amplifier, with what had to be a 15 pound transformer and two coffee can sized capacitors, all painted black and sitting on a black metal base. I punted at it, and I thought I saw the side of it get caved in and it went falling off whatever it had been sitting on. The irritation ended, I lost the picture, felt much better, and was able to get right to sleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and see POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS tape around the southernmost apartment of the two apartments in the building to the southwest of my apartment. I was familiar with the guy who lived with his girlfriend in that apartment. He had lived across the hall from me in my building at one time. To my knowledge, he had been responsible for the presence of irritating electromagnetic bullshit that emanated out of his apartment, where he and his friends would play "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC on his stereo very loud until the early mornings, he and his friends laughing their asses off. I had tried to hit him more than once without success.

This guy was a hard core devil worshipper, judging by what I saw in the trash later. The apartment to the southwest burned down about two months after this incident, and I saw what I thought might be something halfway valuable in the trash when I was driving home one night, so I started digging through the trash, and immediately recognized melted and burned drums from his drum set. It was strange how he ever ended up with his girlfriend, because in the trash there were all manner of her religious artifacts and possessions, like catechism books and conformation books, rosaries, and the like, while the guy's satanic album collection was there in the trash. Normally, one might have a few AC/DC records in one's collection, perhaps some other music generally regarded as satanic, but not exclusively. Usually there is some name brand music (Rush, Styx, Ted Nugent, The Who, Beatles, Stones, etc...), but this was all satanic. Out of 40 or so albums in usable condition, I didn't find one worth taking. Perhaps she thought she could reform him or something.

This was a case of some devil worshipping idiot getting paid or influenced or both to use some electromagnetic piece of crap to irradiate me, to interfere with my ability to see, because someone was worried that they might get hit otherwise, undoubtedly the same lamers out of the Twin Cities seen to have pulled similar bullshit elsewhere.

The way hit concentrates the spiritual interface, the gods wouldn't have seen anything more than I did that night that transmitter got hit. I thought the transmitter was in the building at the base of the southernmost transmitting tower, but the more likely location was in this fool's apartment, about 50 yards closer and about 5 degrees further south than the southernmost transmitting tower.

What happened in his apartment was some 2 or 3 year old child had died from having their head bludgeoned in by some heavy object. The object was never found. I suspect that the transmitter was there, rather than in the building at the base of the tower like I thought it was, it got hit, went flying, and unfortunately landed right on the kid's head.

If you want to know where the blame for this lies, it isn't with me, the gods, or even the idiot who was operating the device. It lies with those who put that fool up to pulling that bullshit, conveniently failing to mention to him that they knew that hit was possible, using him for a cheap human shield. No one in their right mind, not even a moronic devil worshipper, would have pulled that if they had known that hit was possible.

From my point of view, all I saw was that I was being nuked, I saw the source, and I turned it off using the only means I had. From the point of view of the gods, all they saw is what I showed them, what I saw. If either myself or the gods had seen that possible consequence, the gods would never have sent the energy to cause the hit to occur. It would never have occurred to me that someone would have a child located a few feet away from an electromagnetic weapon they are using to irritate someone with, because that is like inviting your kids to watch you have sex with your wife or whatever. One would not normally assume that situation could exist, let alone arise.

Me, I have to live with that on my conscience. Legally, for me, it is no different than having some kid rocket out in front of my automobile on his bicycle, with all of the witnesses attesting that I could not have possibly seen or stopped in time to avoid running over the kid, and I get sent on my way back down the road: I still have to live with it. Considering that it has been proven that I was right about having a spiritual goal to be an inventor (the Pyrex extrusion machine), I was obviously valuable enough for the gods to attempt to protect, and this makes me feel somewhat better about it, as does my knowledge that the kid is better off, and ended up going through less irritation and suffering than he would have otherwise, but it still bothers me considerably. All I can tell you is that no one in their right mind could have possibly foreseen that result.

Of course, there is another possibility. The transmitter might have been where I thought it was, and after seeing it get hit, idiots might have put that devil worshipping fool up to bludgeoning in the kids' head himself, because then it could be blamed on me, as if I had hit, and the hit had directly landed on the kid's head. I suspect there are still people around Mason City that believe this (I tried to hit, and the kid got hit theory) is what happened. Strange though this possibility might seem, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. It can be proven that there is no possibility that the transmitter was in the building at the base of the tower, got hit, and went flying with enough acceleration to fly 50 yards, through two intervening walls into that apartment. It was connected to its surroundings with heavy gauge wiring, including a 220 volt power cord that screws in and locks. If you put an identical setup on railroad tracks and have a locomotive impact it at 90 miles per hour, you would see that the transmitter base would follow an arc described by the radius of the tethering power cord. It would swing through that arc and then impact on the ground.

The ironic part of all of that is that I had shown interest in the female myself (the kid's mother), and she chose that fool.

1997: As a demonstration (upon request) that hit was possible, I attempted to hit some of Ace Telephone's telephone switching equipment in Houston, MN. At the exact instant the hit would have connected, TV Channel 10 got knocked off the air (the emergency broadcast system went through the phone station, activated, took over channel 10's antenna, then fried the connection with a power surge?). At any rate, 15 minutes before the attempt, I had logged onto the internet and visited's MSP NEXRAD radar page, and there wasn't a thunderstorm anywhere near Canton, Houston, the TV station in Rochester, or their transmitter located to the southwest of Canton.

Large scale hit: Suffice it to say that I have seen this happen numerous times, where I have tried to help the gods hit something, said nothing to anyone about it, yet seen the result show up in the news the next day. The last two were Africa this year and Taiwan last year.

With my ability to see damaged, I have been mostly limited to trying to go over every square inch of the planet using extrapolation, paying special attention to likely locations. For example, Columbia (drug dealer - land) has to by its very nature be suspicious and worthy of attention. Since 1993, hit has connected on Columbia three times, or at least I have targeted that area those three times, and seen the results in the news the next day. The only reason I have made these attempts is to remove the obstacle to the gods getting done what they want done. If I were to have been irresponsible, I would have hit myself and left my replacement to deal with it a long time ago.

The only reason the Twin Cities is still up there is that I am too close. There is no question about the criminal opposition that has emanated out of there over the years, some of which being documented elsewhere in these pages. For years I never made any attempt, for reasons of my own, but two years ago I changed my position on refraining from targeting that area. However, I seem to be unable to channel that much energy that close to my own position.

The maggots up there have caused the vast majority of the problems I have had to deal with over the years, for example those that caused the damage in the first place in 1986, those responsible for the irradiation, and the internet fools that wiped out what should have allowed me to restore my potential back in 1997 (the high speed internet access idea, on the disk in the MEANS and GRASSLEY files).

It has to be one of the highest priority targets to the gods on the face of this planet, having caused and still causing the greatest degree of damage and opposition, and I don't seem to be able to get rid of it.

A logical assessment: Realistically, if after inventing the Pyrex extrusion machine (PROGRESS file) proving beyond doubt in the process that I was right about having a spiritual potential as an inventor, I haven't been shown the respect I deserve by now, it isn't very likely that I will ever be shown that respect, and I will be able to accomplish little if anything of what potential as an inventor I might have left.

The opposition still continues, and the government steadfastly refuses to act on my legitimate complaints about the damage that has been done, and sides with criminal maggots against the very gods. I gave WI Senator Feingold's office enough proof for the FTC or FCC to easily beat a settlement out of MEANS telecom more than a year ago. Maybe I should wait another year for some action, but it makes more sense to leave.

The very situation I have to exist in represents an immense insult against the gods, that many have had to witness, and it is also getting to the point of it being irresponsible of me to allow it to continue. So, going purely on logic, in a situation where the economics and the lack of respect leave me little potential left as an inventor, it is realistic to assume that my staying would only delay the inevitable.

I would have been well within my spiritual rights to hit myself and leave anytime I would have felt like it, solely on the basis that I was without female company because of my screwed up financial limitations, because I can have all the female company I want after I hit myself and leave. I would have been well within my spiritual rights to hit myself and leave anytime I would have felt like it, solely on the basis that my replacement would remove the obstacle to the gods having their way, or solely on the basis that it would screw over my and the gods enemies to the greatest possible degree spiritually. I have put up with bullshit no human should have to put up with, for example years of irradiation, or living in poverty in a house that smelled like a sewer for the last two years because I did not have the money to be able to move, in an attempt to keep it from coming to my replacement.

Over the years, I have tried to stay to prevent that, because my replacement and the gods will cause far more damage than myself and the gods had caused. However, I am changing my mind, and I am beginning to believe that no matter what it cost it would be worth it to rid this planet of the criminal scum and genetically defective morons stupid enough to rise up against the gods in the face of fact and evidence that clearly proves that is what they are doing.

Let's examine my two possible choices in this situation. I can stay, put up with an immense amount of bullshit and pain in the ass I don't deserve, and accomplish little or nothing except to delay the inevitable and provide entertainment for those fools, and allow a situation before an audience that paints the gods in a bad light, and represents an insult against the gods, to continue. Or, I can hit myself and leave, go to the planet of the female newscaster clones and have it made, in the process leaving a replacement who will annihilate both my enemies and the gods', in the process screwing over those fools to the greatest degree possible spiritually, so that the gods impose few if any limits to the vengeance I will be able to inflict on those idiots. Unless other valid choices arise, this is not a difficult choice.

I need to get an audience with the right people to discuss this matter. Don't assume anything. For example, you might assume the demands on the next page indicate greed, but they can be proven to be less than the actual damages in each case, and they are all valid complaints. An inventor needs resources, and peace of mind, to be successful. There may have been things that occurred in the past that were not understood, or bullshit that got spread around as part of a scam that was believed. You might assume that you know spiritual reality when in fact you do not. You have to ask.

I am bringing this to the FBI because they have resources to verify a lot of all of this. I am bringing it to the Sheriff and the TV stations, because I need someone with whom I have established some credibility or who has seen some background regarding all of this to take it to a higher authority, like Governor Ventura or Representative Vento, or even George Bush. I tried in the past to take this right to the governor's office, and couldn't get the time of day. This is a complicated world, this is a complicated issue, and everyone wants to simplify everything, and I don't have immediate credibility with any of those people. I apologize for having to ask you to spend your time dealing with this, but I can't think of any other way to get it done.

(507) 743-8243 ??? not bloody likely
Robert Nelson,
Canton Apts. #1, Canton, MN 55922
first apartment east of the Canton Cafe
July 25, 2000
The notice I posted for those fools after the latest criminal bullshit:

Obviously, the contents of the disk I distributed irritated criminals and / or foreigners and they responded.

Below is a list of my reasonable demands. If these demands are not met, I will hit myself, leaving them to my replacement. My replacement will have no damage to their spiritual connection or ability to see. Many people participated in forming the faith construct that allows hit to occur (, and one of them will control it after I leave those moronic fools behind. Much of the problem is located in the Twin Cities, but it is too close inside my own defenses for me to hit. After I remove myself, there will be no more protection for those idiots. There are other targets.

If it comes to my replacement, the morons who pulled the latest bullshit will wish they hadn't. To prevent my replacement from raining doom, death, destruction, and annihilation all over those fools, they must meet all of my demands. I demand what is my right to demand, and I refrain from demanding what is not my right to demand. For example, it is not my right to demand implementation of the anti-crime technology or drug testing in schools or to demand to dictate national energy policy. If these are not acceptable, then your ass is mine. Your lame asses can rapidly follow me into the spiritual world, and we'll see who causes more irritation and pain in the ass to who.

1) No opposition to foamed corn replacing styrofoam. This is my right, because I invented the method of reducing the cost of pumping crude oil, and the oil companies and foreign dickweeds will make far more money than they lose.

2) No opposition to the introduction of laser internet. This is my right, after the problems I had with lamers on the internet, including MEANS Telecom.

3) The truth comes out about silver poisoning. This is obviously my right after what went on.

4) I get credited with inventing the Pyrex extrusion machine, and I get a say in it's future. I agree to a limit of $200,000 in profit a year from all uses combined, which is total chump change compared to the value and the economic activity it will generate.

5) The end of annual motor vehicle registration nationwide. This is my right, because that agency caused the vast majority of the damage that has been done. The government can find other work for their nepotism-ass relatives, maybe something that actually serves a useful purpose this time. It will be replaced by a tax on gasoline, and the government will not require new license plates more often than every 8 years. This retracts an insult against the very gods made by the government in such a manner that everyone knows the insult has been retracted, and may even save some government lamers from getting shot if there are rogue copies of the disk floating around owned by pissed off people. More than 120 copies were distributed to the public. Remember, the government has tried to destroy all copies of the Federalist Papers for decades now without success... The Federal government can easily impose the ends of license plate tabs upon the States. Once brought to the State's attention that no justifiable purpose is served, and the State keeps requiring it, it is obviously criminal fraud, prosecutable if Federal court.

6) I get the settlements which are due me. a) from Minnesota for the driver's license problem and the damage that resulted, $100,000 / yr. for 17 years. In BN.DOC I mention that it wasn't Minnesota that pulled that bullshit, but Minnesota on the other hand did not meet their responsibility in repairing the problem once it was caused. b) $200,000 from MEANS Telecom for their criminal acts. c) $100,000 from the owners of this apartment for their criminal acts. d) from the FCC, for their failure to act on my legitimate complaints about silver poisoning, $200,000 / yr. dating back to 1982 when my first complaint was filed, and in each of the five years following the settlement date for myself, and $100,000 / yr. dating back to the day my daughter would have graduated high school for my daughter, and in each of the five years following the settlement date. All of these damages are less than the actual damages, as evidenced by the invention of the Pyrex extrusion machine as well as the large value of the other inventions I have produced.

The FTC or FCC can easily beat the settlement out of MEANS, and the Dept. of HEW can easily beat a settlement out of the owners of this apartment, in their respective courts of administrative law. There is proof and there are witnesses to both infractions, making it obvious that those agencies could easily bankrupt either of those with fines and penalties for their infractions if they decided to.

7) Which must be met immediately: Someone shows up and borrows me $3000, and sells me a house ($20,000 - $80,000) on contract for deed, which is not located in Minnesota, preferably in Texas or near Wichita, Kansas. I will agree (unless I am incarcerated or lose my source of income) not to leave until the $3000 and its interest has been paid off, after which time I reserve the right. The rate of payment will be $200 per month, which can be renegotiated later as my income increases. The interest rate will not exceed the current standard rate.

(Note that I use the word demand. From normal, legitimate people in the government, I would use the word ask. I would prove I am right about the offenses, and right about the amounts of the damages, and then ask for these settlements. Since I can produce this proof, it would be absurd not to expect that I would receive the settlements.) For the morons I have had to deal with, the use of the word demand is appropriate.

That was the first letter. This is the second letter: The date is at the end of the letter. Wisconsin Senator Feingold's and Iowa Senator Grassley's offices also received copies of both of these, and the rest of all this material, as did the LaCrosse, WI FBI office.

You and you alone get to decide the fate of many as you read this and by your actions or failing to act afterwards. There are two possible outcomes. One is an immense benefit and gain to almost everyone either directly or indirectly involved with all of this, (including more than $100,000 a year for 17 years for your political Party), the other an immense amount of economic and other destruction. The Congress should not have to spend their valuable time and efforts on repairing a serious problem caused by small time criminal maggots, but there would appear to be no other possible solution that would appear to have any significant potential to cause this repair.

I have found the best way to repair this problem, and if this plan is put into action, everyone will benefit, and things will be set right again.

The Constitution gives the U.S. Congress the right to grant Patents. Although the Congress usually delegates this right to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Congress never absconded or gave up the right to grant Patents themselves. There is legal precedent to support this, such as the Government exerting total control over a Patent where national security is involved.

What I suggest is this: Obviously, from the enclosed proof, I can prove I invented the railroad safety invention which prevents head-on train collisions. I assume however that Burlington Northern railroad applied for and received the Patent somewhere around 1986 or 1987.

Congress can grant me the Patent for the railroad invention, retroactive to 1986 or 1987, and force Burlington Northern to pay me $500,000 a year for the 17 year life of the Patent for obtaining their Patent under false pretenses. (This amount is small as compared to what BN has made leasing the Patent rights to the other railroads.) At the same time, the Congress should extend the life of the Patent an additional 17 years, making the total lifespan of the Patent 34 years. (The Patent office does this occasionally.)

For the second 17 years, I will continue to receive $500,000 a year from Burlington Northern, but I will donate $200,000 to the Democratic Party and $200,000 to the Republican Party in each of those 17 years. Even Burlington Northern would be happy with this arrangement, as this allows them to continue to charge the other railroads for the use of the Patent for another 17 years. BN would retain their current arrangements and profit on the Patent beyond what they pay to me. Actually, technically, after taxes, I would keep 1/5th of the net, and donate 2/5ths to each party.

You will notice that I would have originally planned to make $200,000 a year from this invention, and now I suggest $500,000. There are two reasons for this. One is that if the payment were made retroactively, the taxes would be many times greater than if I had been receiving the $200,000 a year, and the difference in the taxes on the gross will eat up the vast majority of the difference between my actual net. There would be some small amount extra that I would receive, but it should be obvious that I would have taken the original $200,000 a year and pyramided it into a far larger amount by starting up business ventures and producing other inventions, and this extra amount is minuscule compared to what I obviously should have been able to make with that capital.

This consideration is also relevant to the Political donations. It is obvious that those political donations are small as compared to what would have been donated if I had been able to proceed unimpeded by criminal activities. Keep it in mind that I invented the method of reducing the cost of pumping crude oil and natural gas to 20 or 25 percent of what it had been, which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and the Pyrex extrusion machine, which is worth at least tens of trillions of dollars. Considering these, it should be obvious that I could well be breathing down Bill Gate's neck at this very moment, if I hadn't already passed him by.

I have made political contributions in the past when my finances allowed. I am not a fool; I realize that someone in my position would need to be able to spend time with Congressmen to promote and discuss some of the ideas that I produce, so as not to cause a financial irritation to someone that causes trouble and ends my usefulness as an inventor. It is a fact that if one makes political donations, one gets to spend time speaking directly to Congressmen, rather than dealing with secretaries and aides. The fact is, I would have made at least this large a donation. The only real difference besides the donation being smaller than it would have been is that I would have had a political alignment, and only one of the two Parties would have received the majority of the contributions or donations.

I said I could prove I invented the railroad invention, and now it is obvious that I can. The copy of the certified, notarized, witnessed, letter from 1984 clearly shows the reference to the very heart of the railroad invention, that of using transponders on the tracks and detectors on the locomotives. If you were not aware, there are methods for accurately dating past documents to within a week of their date of creation. Ink is composed of solid pigment and a highly volatile liquid carrier. When the ink is put to paper, 95 percent of the carrier evaporates within one second, but some of the heavier fractions of the carrier remain. Over time, these leave the paper slowly but surely, one molecule at a time. Simply by taking a sample and determining the ratio of pigment to carrier, one can accurately date a document to within a week of the date of its creation.

If you witnessed the original document, it's age is more than obvious. The glue is so old on the certified mail attachment form that it is dried out, and one end of the form has fallen off as a result. The FBI is welcome to show up and take a sample with a paper punch to send to a gas chromatograph or mass spectrometer for analysis.

I also have many witnesses, who have no reason to lie, including one of the most respected doctors in the Twin Cities, who have seen the letter Burlington Northern sent to me where BN admitted I had invented it, and shown interest in developing the concept. This can all be verified easily enough.

Repairing this problem by granting me the Patent for the railroad invention would reduce a number of very complex problems to one simple solution. It would nullify all of my other requests for settlements, with a modified exception for Minnesota. It can be proven to be fact that Minnesota did commit a crime back in 1986, and both I and my family have suffered greatly as a result. Therefore, I would want Minnesota to pay a $100,000 / yr. settlement to my daughter dating back to the day my daughter would have graduated high school for my daughter, and in each of the five years following the settlement date as listed in (6) in the enclosed document.

This would set everything right again, retracting all of the significant insults against myself, my daughter, and the Gods. Everyone is happy, the political parties, Burlington Northern, the Gods, myself, my daughter, and even the other railroads to some extent since they are still saving an average of 9.5 million dollars a year each, and even Minnesota and the oil companies, because the destructive threat that my replacement represents is reduced almost to non-existence.

A Patent is not a law. Therefore the Constitutional prohibition against passing any law that respects an establishment of religion does not apply. In any case, the legal issues here are progress and justice, not religion. The Congress does not even need the permission of the President to grant a Patent.

Let me address the concept of terrorism. All religion is based on terrorism. The God of the Bible is the worst terrorist known to man, since he says "Do what I want, or I will make you suffer until the end of time". Yet the Constitution grants freedom of religion. There is an obvious and significant difference between the actions of terrorists and the actions of the Gods. This problem has nothing to do with terrorism, and does not remotely resemble it. All I am asking is that the damage which has obviously been caused to me is repaired. If the damage does not get repaired, there is a definite threat. However, it is not leveled at the Congress or the legitimate government, but at the criminal fools who made the mistake of rising up against the Gods in the face of fact and evidence that proves that is what they were doing. The Congress shouldn't have to deal with problems created by small time criminal morons, but in a perfect world we wouldn't need Police or the Department of Defense, either. If I cannot get this help from you, the only remaining realistic option is for me to hit myself and leave, and let someone more capable deal with the morons who caused the problem.

The facts (upon actual examination of the facts) prove that I am correct about having a spiritual goal to be an inventor, and also that I have had to attempt to fight off criminal opposition ever since I received this goal. Any destruction the Gods have caused so far has been to attempt to destroy or to warn those idiots. If this comes to my replacement, what goes on will be solely an attempt at destroying those fools, reason having failed.

It may affect the country, the Congress, the legitimate Government, and others in a very destructive and negative manner, and I point out that it is wise to prevent it from happening for that reason alone, but this does not constitute my making threats.

For many years I have put up with what no human should have to endure, in an attempt to prevent this from happening, but if I cannot get enough respect and support for my immense accomplishments as an inventor from some legitimate part of the government, then there can be no hope of preventing this, because I cannot cause the needed repair myself. I made my last significant attempt three years ago. The flawless business plan for the high speed internet access idea I originated at that time should have realistically been making me 3 or 4 million dollars a year today, but criminal opposition ended any progress there before it ever got started. I never claimed to be invulnerable.

The Pyrex extrusion machine I invented has a real and immense potential to solve many of this country and planet's problems. It can provide the replacement for the day the world's oil supply runs out, because it makes possible large scale solar power generation and the electric automobile. Do not underestimate this, because it is a fact. According to the DOE's figures for projected 1973 world oil reserves, there was 25 to 60 year's worth of oil left in 1973 at the 1973 rate of use, worldwide. Although reserves figures rise when the price of oil rises, it should be obvious that at current rates of use, considering the limits of economic reality, there can be no more than perhaps 120 years worth of oil left worldwide.

With the Pyrex extrusion machine, the U.S. Interstate highway system could easily be entirely covered or enclosed with Pyrex, and a considerable part of the rest of U.S. roadways, and the cost would be ridiculously low. With overhead conductors and pantographs on electric automobiles, the automobile batteries could be recharged while the vehicles were being driven. This eliminates the problem of this type of automobile having a limited range before having to be recharged. It would take only 50 years to terraform the deserts in the U.S. southwest, and the result would easily be able to supply 85 percent of the U.S. demand for electricity, at the projected rate of use based on the current rate, plus the electricity required to power an entire domestic fleet of electric automobiles. I could do this, and all it would cost would be 1.5 million in startup costs plus the land rights to those areas. This can easily be proven, because the concepts involved are not complicated or advanced at all, and all of the basic concepts have been proven to be valid.

To understand better about covering roadways, let me explain how the capacity of any existing freeway system can be doubled, without even having to detour traffic. A version of the Pyrex extrusion machine can be made to cover all eight lanes of an eight lane freeway, a rectangular arch that extends over the freeway. The machine would either enclose the existing freeway as it traveled along, or cover it with a Pyrex roof supported with extruded posts. The only time traffic would have to be detoured would be when a bridge had to be torn down. The existing bridges would only have the section precisely over the existing Freeway removed, so that later, there could be temporary bridge intersections and stop lights for a year or two.

After the entire length of a section of freeway was covered with a Pyrex roof or enclosed, traffic would be rerouted to the upper level, onto the roadway that had been paved onto the Pyrex roof. There would be some temporary delays at some intersections at traffic lights where the sides and approaches to bridges crossed the freeway. Half of these old bridge intersections would be closed down, and a Pyrex tunnel laid underneath the old Freeway to replace them, and then the other half of the bridges would be replaced with tunnels this way. After this was done, the old Freeway would be restored to its former condition, and all eight lower lanes would be reopened. The end result is eight lanes underneath (the old freeway), eight lanes on top, and tunnels under the old Freeway where overpasses had once stood.

The immensity of what changes the Pyrex extrusion machine is capable of implementing is not to be underestimated. You will find that I am right about what terraforming can be done in the desert, and also correct about the expected power generation capabilities. It has been known for 30 years that this could be done, that this type of power generation can be achieved if a large enough surface area can be converted, but it took me to invent a way to do it cheaply enough. This can solve the worst problem that man currently faces, that of the oil running out. Reduction of pollution and CO2 pretty much goes with that territory without saying. Consider: What if I am correct? The facts prove that I am.

I have been saying all along that the oil companies should be the ones to control the Pyrex extrusion machine. The problem is, what they have done and are failing to do represents an immense insult against the Gods. Their thanks (and some other's) to the Gods has been nothing so far but "thanks, chump". If it comes to my replacement, I strongly suspect that the Gods will punt the oil company fools off the face of the earth for their thefts and insults and standing in the way of progress, and the survivors will end up paying $50 per gallon for gasoline.

If a total area equal to or greater than the State of Iowa anywhere on this planet has been destroyed by the Gods so far, I will almost guarantee that at least this will happen, and if an area the size of Texas or larger has been destroyed, I will guarantee it. If an area the size of Texas or larger has been destroyed, the Gods will likely punt a very respectable part of the earth back into the stone age. All I know is that I have seen this destruction be inflicted by the Gods at least 10 times or more so far, including one this last week. I tried to help the Gods hit what appeared to be Africa last year, and said nothing about it to anyone, and the next day some female is seen having her baby in a tree because of some immense destruction caused by flooding, and there have been a respectable number of these kinds of occurrences.

The Gods are immensely pissed off, and why they would be should be obvious to a fool. If you fail to understand this, then you have made a serious mistake, and have failed to be able to appreciate, comprehend, or verify one or more facts that you should realistically been able to appreciate, comprehend or verify, or you have been suckered by some idiots' bullshit, or you have just been ignorant of the existence of one or more of the facts. All of this makes perfect sense, but it is a very complicated issue. As soon as one attempts to simplify it, it quits making sense.

The government obviously has had some problem with some part of this; regardless of what the problem might be, a serious mistake is being made. The facts indicate that I am right about this, and the facts can be verified. There is obviously some misconception, assumption, or plain ignorance that has kept any progress from being made here. What I have to say makes perfect sense, and if you know the facts then it should be obvious that the logic is inescapable. I have done about all that is within my power to do to prevent this from happening, so if you fail in this, this will be the outcome. This can be a really good thing, or a really bad thing, depending on events that happen or fail to happen soon. This has to fall to you, since no one else seems capable of dealing with it. I apologize, but there do not appear to be any other options.

If nothing else, what is needed here is for enough time to be bought in order for you to adequately assess and verify the facts at hand. If after a short time you still fail to understand this, you won't be out any considerable investment.

I have not been approached by anyone regarding the ten pages that were distributed July 26, 2000. I realized that the time frame was not very large, and decided to give it some additional time before I left until the landlord here took court action over the eviction notice. This should happen soon; I am surprised that the court summons for the eviction has not been delivered yet, but I expect it to be within a day or two. Realistically, I should defeat him in court, but I have learned not to depend on the integrity of others. The amount of the settlement may not be enough.

One thing you would be wise to accept as a fact: There has been some surveillance that has gone on in the past, some recently; it is not to be trusted. Some people associated with that are perfectly willing to have it come to my replacement in order for them to avoid being exposed as having lied in the past. You should not trust the telephone (especially) or the mail when it comes to addressing anything relevant to this problem. I monitor CB radio channel 12. Get on the radio and debate or argue if you must. A mistaken assumption will cost plenty.

If nothing else, what really needs to happen here is for me to get the loan and sale on contract for deed mentioned on the enclosed document, in order to buy enough time for you to make an accurate assessment. If nothing else, arrange some advertising revenue for my anti-crime web page on the internet, as I requested from Senator Grassley's office two years ago.

I have done about all I can to prevent this irritation from manifesting itself, so it will have to fall to you to try. If this works out, it will be the largest economic growth and improvement this country and planet has ever seen, and the oil companies, the political parties, and everyone else will make a vast amount of money. If it doesn't work out, the results will not be pleasant to witness. Don't get suckered into believing that my replacement would be a good thing, because it isn't true. Reason would have solved the problem, and the Gods will side against those who prevented that outcome. The Gods can be nothing but benefit for everybody, but they can also be a hideous and immense pain in the ass when they get insulted and pissed off. If it has to be, then I will let my replacement deal with it, but it should have been avoided. If you disagree, I could prove that I am right and you are wrong, but I can't debate in a vacuum.

Why would the Gods be immensely irritated? There are a number of reasons, some obvious, but one of the main reasons is that they made a immense investment in effort, time, and energy when I was given my goal as an inventor.

Examine the provable and actual consequences of criminal activity on the part of some in the government (The FCC failing to act on my complaints about silver poisoning, and what Minnesota pulled in 1986).

I can prove I invented the Pyrex extrusion machine. I can produce a respectable number of witnesses from around Mason City and other locations in Iowa that knew I was working on the concept of glass extrusion back in 1992.

In 1992, I originated the concept of glass extrusion to address California's water problems at a time when they were considering shipping water to California in supertankers from Alaska. I considered that a glass cylinder, say 10 by 15 feet, should be extruded 5 miles out to sea into a strong current and 10 miles up a slow incline inland, with water being pumped up to the top and allowed to run back down to the bottom. The 180 to 190 degree temperature inside the cylindrical greenhouse would rapidly evaporate the water, which would distill and condense on the roof and the walls, running down the walls to fall into collection channels, each molded as a part of the extrusion and sticking out further than the one above it to catch any overflow. Basically, a low cost solar and electric powered water desalination facility.

That is as far as I proceeded with the idea at the time, it remaining only a concept and my failing to see the further immense potential of glass extrusion, for the next 8 years, because in 1992 I did not have the financial resources I should have had, and instead had to devote my energies and attention to survival, attempts to improve my resources and regain what I had lost, trying to figure out how to attract some acceptable female company (which I need as much as financial resources to be effective in my goal) when the depths of poverty was all I had to offer a female, and many other assorted irritations, all having the common origin of my not having the financial resources I would have had if it had not been for the criminal activity the Minnesota government conducted and allowed to be conducted, and the failure of the FCC to act on my legitimate complaints about silver poisoning.

I did not realize until about a year ago that the concept, as far as I had taken it in 1992, had a serious and fatal flaw, and would not work. By pure chance, I witnessed a show on Public Television about a year ago where the manufacture of large telescopes was being described. It was being shown that one cannot just extrude large or huge glass panels or lenses unless they are very slowly cooled under carefully and precisely controlled circumstances, where it took 18 attempts to manufacture a 24 foot telescope lens, each of the first 17 attempts developing a crack as a result of the glass not cooling in enough of a precisely controlled manner.

After witnessing this, I realized that there was a fatal flaw in my idea for glass extrusion, and did some research with my encyclopedia and from my memory from high school metal shop. It took me three hours to come up with the concept of shock tempering, and the Pyrex extrusion machine.

However, what I could have done in 3 hours in 1992 took more than 8 years, because I was distracted by other matters I shouldn't have had to deal with in the first place back in 1992.

The Pyrex extrusion machine produces hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, flood-proof, earthquake-proof, fireproof, termite-proof housing at low cost, 1/3 to 1/2 the current costs in the USA, and 1/30 to 1/20 current costs in the third world.

Within the last 15 years, a typhoon in Bangladesh killed 300,000 people, and left 3,000,000 others homeless, destroying everything they owned. So, realistically, 150,000 people may die and 1.5 million people may be left homeless in any 8 year period by one major hurricane or typhoon, and an additional like number may die and suffer as a result of the rest of the normal typhoons, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

The Gods attempt to improve living conditions for their descendants, and the thanks they get is "thanks, chump" and criminal opposition. The Gods are not pleased with this waste of my potential and their investment of time, effort, and energies. The facts clearly prove (once one actually familiarizes one's self with the facts and stops assuming) that the blame for this waste does not lie with me.

It has been possible to someone to invent the Pyrex extrusion machine since shortly after the invention of the Bessemer converter, or about 120 years ago or so. Yet out of the 20 billion people who have lived during that time, including the 6 billion people currently alive, it takes me to invent it. This ought to indicate something. It would have been done sooner, if the Gods had had the opportunity.

You are either a chump or someone who failed to pay attention in high school metal shop if you believe the extrusion machine is not possible or that the concept is flawed. I could take you down to the neon sign maker in Hokah, MN, who has forgotten more than I will ever know about glass, and he will explain to you that he knows that the machine can be built and that the concept is valid, without his ever needing to see the machine or the product it produces, and he can demonstrate to you the basic principles behind the idea.

Screwing up something the Gods are trying to accomplish in the face of fact and evidence that clearly shows that is exactly what you are doing is almost as bad as knowingly and intentionally rising up against the Gods in the face of fact and evidence. These two screwups make any other way one can screw themselves spiritually look like a palsy joke in comparison. I asked Senator Grassley's office for assistance more than two years ago, and asked Senator Feingold's office for assistance with the internet problem more than a year ago. Either was a valid request, and in either case the materials presented clearly showed that my time was far more valuable than that of a Congressional aide's, in fact being closer to the value of a Congressman's time. From the point of view of the Gods, a one year delay in the introduction of Pyrex housing equals the deaths of at least 3750 people, and the severe suffering of at least 375,000 others, and a two year delay equals the deaths of at least 7500 people, and the suffering of at least 750,000 others.

A failure to retract those insults against the Gods will not go unnoticed, and the Gods may well put those aides into the same category as the criminal idiots who caused the problem in the first place. The Gods and their intentions are no laughing matter, when there is fact and evidence to indicate their existence and intentions.

I realize that with the preponderance of issues and complaints that get presented, the time of Congressional aides has to be budgeted, and this bizarre issue might not have been taken seriously or received a high enough priority or may have been assessed as not having any importance, but don't turn an error into an insult, or worse, into a destructive force that ends up destroying your own cause. The potential loss of my proven capability as an inventor is reason enough to act.

These documents are being distributed to various Congressmen's offices, and probably a few TV stations (8 and 19 in LaCrosse, 10 in Rochester), and probably to the FBI in LaCrosse and the Sheriff in Preston, MN. This will be my last attempt to get some assistance in solving this problem.

For those of you in the Congressmen's office or the FBI, you could at least attempt to verify what destruction went on so far. I am not in error or overestimating the scale of the intentions of the Gods. If a total area the size of Texas has been destroyed by the Gods so far, a total from anywhere on this planet, then it is a virtual certainty that the gods will punt this country back into the stone age, along with a few others. Consider the usual scale of ratio between a warning and a penalty, which usually ranges from 10 to 1 to hundreds of thousands to one, averaging about 1000 to 1. Don't expect that the criminal morons who caused this trouble will actually grow a brain inside their empty skull and learn how to use it in time to realize the need to retract their insults. The Gods will rid this planet of those fools, but the cure will be worse than the disease had been. It isn't because I am that important, although it figures into it. It is because the Gods have the capability to do it now, and they haven't had the capability since the last time, Atlantis. Read the enclosed documents. Ask the TV networks for tapes of Green Bay Packer games from the fall of 1993 (November, I believe it was), where 20,000 to 30,000 Packer fans can be heard to be chanting "Cami, Cami, Cami".. And you thought my making Leonard grope on his johnson was impressive... Temporally moving deterrents to the presence of the Gods out of an area is child's play compared to speaking out of 30,000 people's heads at once.

Robert Nelson