First, I wish to give two warnings, because I do not know how the distribution of these pages will proceed, and therefore I do not know who will obtain them. given this, I should point out that these pages are intended for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the King himself is likely to see them. The distribution will proceed among many different routes, and the Kingdom may well receive ten copies from ten different sources.

There might exist some people who would be too impressed for their own good with the immense value of the two technologies described herein, and attempt to make false claims as to inventorship. Because the King is certain to receive a copy of this disk eventually, this would be foolhardy, and could result in punishment ranging from having your hand cut off to death.

These technologies have a spiritual significance, and this aspect poses a far more serious danger in terms of suffering or punishment than anything the King could inflict.

I do not claim to know beyond doubt what the precise makeup, definition, origin, or makeup of spiritual reality is. As far as I can see, spiritual reality might be Allah, God, Buddha, the Gods, or any of a large number of other possibilities. I believe that until I die, there is no way to be 100 percent certain of the precise and exact nature of spiritual reality, and that the best man can hope for is to understand the general principles of spiritual reality. Everything else aside, there is one overriding principle behind all religions, and that is righteousness, the principle of not causing suffering to others, and making an attempt to prevent the suffering of others.

This principle of man's understanding of spiritual reality, righteousness, is unquestionably correct because disparate cultures, separated by thousands of miles, have independently arrived at this conclusion. The religion and spiritual beliefs of the European and Arab cultures developed the basic concepts of righteousness as one of the main directives of their religions. So did the Buddhists (the Eastern Asians). The Arab-European and Oriental cultures were the two largest civilizations on the face of the earth at the time they developed their religious beliefs, and neither culture was aware of the existence of the other.

A 2000 year period passed during this time, and the only time the two cultures ever met were when a raiding party of Tartars would come over the Caucasus, raping, pillaging, and plundering. The Tartars were not the most spiritual people one could hope to meet, and the only time there was interaction was when they attacked, or when they were caught and killed.

Nevertheless, both cultures developed the same exact overriding general principle, that of a God given or spiritual (given by the Gods) directive, that of righteousness. South and North Americans developed similar precepts, also independently.

There are variations on the basic theme: some religions say that you should never cause suffering, while others say it is acceptable to inflict it if it is deserved, or if it cannot be avoided in order to survive.

I am not claiming to be a priest. I certainly am not claiming to be a saint. My only spiritual claim is to have been given a spiritual purpose as an inventor, and the facts tend to bear out that this is true.

In the early 1980s, I was unfortunate enough to become unwillingly involved with some human scum who were attempting to use me and others to run a religious scam. Some of the details of this will be offered later on some of these pages, and some facts to verify that it is true.

At the time, I believed that if there was a spiritual reality, then it likely took the form of the Bible, a God and a Satan. I have come to lean more towards many of the concepts of Buddhism since, but this is what I believed at the time. I took sides in the religious scam, taking the God side of the argument, deciding to side with the force of good rather than the forces of evil. In fact, I swore at the time that I would suffer and die if I had to rather than to participate in the evil of the time. As a result, the goals and purpose I had at the time were replaced by having a spiritual goal to be and purpose as an inventor.

This is one aspect for judgment, should it be necessary to judge me for some reason. The most important aspect is the nature of what I invented, in and of itself. These technologies prevent immense amounts of human pain and suffering. It should become very obvious that what I invented can only significantly improve man's position and greatly reduce his suffering. This is at the very heart of the concept of righteousness, the main directive of almost every religion.

For the Middle East, the pyrex technology can provide for any of its citizens needs, and allow that area to be self sufficient, with a standard of living approaching a virtual paradise as compared to what it is now. It provides very high quality and very low cost housing, and electricity for the residents. Look at the problem of poverty in Africa. This technology can allow the standard of living in Africa to equal, and then most likely surpass the standard if living in the United States: no food shortages, no people living in the very depths of poverty, and the vast majority of people can have and operate devices that we take for granted in the United States: electric lights, communications, refrigerators, electric or natural gas cooking facilities, plumbing, a transportation network. Read the Pyrex page, and then remember the recent massacres in Rwanda. If effective terraforming projects were conducted in Africa, what are the chances that we would ever see a similar massacre? The lack of such a technology is the main reason that communism and socialism have never produced a high average standard of living, and monarchies rarely have.

The Pyrex Extrusion Machine
The impact of this technology is likely to dwarf the impact of the invention of steel.

This version of the disk was not intended for international publication.

Let me explain what I am offering the U.S. government elsewhere in these pages. I am offering them the chance to keep some embarrassing domestic details from international public view. I am offering the government a chance to retract an insult made against the very Gods.

I am also offering the opportunity for George Bush and his friends in Texas to make some profit installing oil well upgrades in foreign countries, in Mexico, the Middle East, and elsewhere. I see nothing wrong with this, because it causes no economic hardship if this occurs: in fact, it is the U.S. oil and gas consumers who would end up paying at first in slightly increased costs, and then less as the cost of pumping was drastically decreased. If Bush is too retarded to take advantage of this opportunity, that is his own error, and I will proceed with the international distribution version of this disk.

However, I have never withheld the Pyrex technology. A general description has been posted on the internet since 1998, and a highly detailed version for the last 4 months. I advertised the location on the major search engines on the internet.

Further, I personally went to Mexico in October 2000, entering at Nuevo Laredo, and proceeding eastwards along Highway 2 to Reynosa where I exited back to the United States. Along the way, I described the pyrex technology to a number of people, and asked that they inform the Mexican government. I do not recall their names or even their locations, but I could retrace my path and produce them all. I also stopped at PEMEX at their offices west of Reynosa, and gave a detailed description of the oil pump technology there. I have sent repeated e-mails to PEMEX giving the location of my web pages. The version of the Pyrex page you will read below is identical to those I posted on the internet 4 months ago.

What I am not offering to the U.S. government is my silence regarding the Pyrex technology. This was given by the Gods, and is of social rather than commercial value, and no one has the right to withhold it or to delay its international implementation. If the government wanted my silence on this, the only way they could achieve it would be to kill me. (If I were locked up, I would die, and nothing could prevent this. The result would be the same, and the interesting consequences described elsewhere would then manifest themselves, and both I and the Gods would extract a terrible vengeance.)

So, do not get the wrong idea about why this page has been left unfinished for now on this early distribution, or why instructions to others found elsewhere suggest keeping this version of the disk from you.

Also bear in mind that it is far more likely that the internet censorship has been conducted by some small time group of criminal maggots rather than by the U.S.  government. I have never sent anything regarding these inventions to anyone via the U.S. Mail.

If this version of this disk does come your way, especially if it occurs after October 2001, then any assistance you could provide would be appreciated, especially in contacting the Mexicans to be sure that they have a copy. The (Indian) Nations in the USA will almost certainly know my current location.

It will then be up to you to assess the information contained on this disk, and to consider the potentials it describes. You would almost certainly come to no harm by failing to provide assistance, but it is very likely that you could improve your position by showing enough respect to do so. Showing respect for the force of good always improves one's position.

I will leave it to your own best judgment and wisdom as to what type of assistance might successfully cause an improvement. You can easily get a general idea of the potentials, the problem, and possible solutions by reading the other pages contained on this disk.

Reading the Native American page and the other pages contained on this disk will give you a good idea of what the problem is and what should be done about it.

I wish you speedy success in your terraforming efforts.

R. Nelson

This page is left unfinished in this version of these pages / this disk.