Regardless of who you are reading this, one or more of the numerous topic contained on these pages will affect you one way or another. You might find some of the information to be personally valuable. For example, the information on this page shows that your housing costs will soon be cut in half.

These pages contains a description of a religious scam the Russians ran in the USA. If you receive a copy of these pages on disk, you have a CD burner, and it doesn't impose hardship or difficulty, then your seeing to it that the Defense Intelligence Service (ARMY and Air Force DIS, not the CIA or FBI) gets a copy might not be a bad idea.

These pages also contain a description of a method that will greatly decrease the cost of pumping oil and natural gas, and another technology which will immensely benefit Texas and Oklahoma, the USA, and the planet in general. Therefore it should be distributed as widely as possible amongst Texas and Oklahoma oil and gas producers, especially the smaller and independent ones.

These pages also contain a lot of other information which can benefit you personally. Some of it will appall you, some of it will entertain you, and some of it will enlighten you.

Your entire family, nuclear or otherwise, and all your friends should be told about silver poisoning, and given a copy of the silver poisoning pages if possible.

However, this version of this disk is not intended for international publication. For this and for other security reasons, if it is sent across the internet, it should be encrypted first. The most secure approach is to make a ZIP file containing the pages you want to send, and then store the ZIP file inside another, password protected zip file, with a decent password like 23482q3g2igdaw87283 and then mail the password via U.S. Mail to the intended recipient.

If this disk comes your way, and you have a CD burner and a little free time, then the parties listed at the end of this page who are domestic should be given copies of this disk, including the Nations. Another version intended for international publication may be released later.

This version was published on June 15th, 2001. If there is no obvious improvement in my position by October 15, 2001, say the bottoms of the doors of my 1977 Mercury are still rusting away and I am still living in the trailer court, then make sure that the Nations, the Arabs, and and the Mexicans all get a copy. This could well save a world of trouble and damage, and you'll know what I mean by the time you're done reading these pages. By then, it would be a patriotic action on your part to do this.

There is great positive potential here for both profit and improvement, for just about everybody, but there is also a dangerous potential as well.  You can scroll down to the bottom for a second and see who the main intended audiences are, and then come back up here, but there is some useful information for anyone who reads these pages. (This is especially true for residents of Minnesota.)

My accomplishments have already been (or in some cases will be) of immense value to you, and either you already have greatly benefited, or you will. I now need your assistance.

I am an inventor. These pages contain facts and proof that demonstrate that I have already made considerable contributions in this respect. Regardless of which audience is reading these pages, you have already considerably benefited and will benefit immensely in the future.

Click here to see one example

These pages contain a method of reducing the cost of pumping crude oil or natural gas by 75 to 80 percent. This invention is worth literally tens or hundreds of billions of dollars.

Also contained in these pages is the description of the Pyrex extrusion machine, and the economic value of this invention dwarfs the impact and value of the oil pump invention.

I can prove beyond doubt that I am the inventor of these inventions. In the United States, this might not be immediately apparent, because I do not have the financial resources to produce my witnesses at the present time. Toads have been known many times to lie and try to appropriate the intellectual property of others.

However, the only people that I really need to prove inventorship to are the Saudis, and this I can easily do. These two technologies are of truly immense value to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or any other place in the Middle East.

To get to the facts and the truth in either of those countries, both the Saudis and the Egyptians have been known to use sodium pentathol and other forms of truth serum, as well as physical violence in an interrogation, to get to the truth.

I am willing to undergo such an interrogation, and further, I am willing to undergo it first, before any lying criminal maggot from the United States who is fool enough to go to either Saudi Arabia or Egypt and submit themselves for interrogation does. It would be well worth it to me, to have my nose and jaw and the fingers of both hands and collarbone broken just to be able to watch afterwards what the Arabs would do to the lying toad or toads who made the mistake of trying to sucker them out of a large amount of money, rob them of progressive and valuable technology or delay their use of it, and to attempt to steal from God or the very Gods right in front of their faces. They cut off thieves' hands as punishment for stealing over there. They would do far worse to someone who tried suckering them out of millions of dollars.

Although it might be painful, I have no fear of it, and I would view being interrogated in such a manner acceptable if that is the only way to produce the truth. In a matter that clearly involves immense sums of money, the Saudis would want to use every means possible to get to the truth, especially if the truth benefits them personally and greatly.

The Pyrex extrusion machine allows Arabs, Mexicans, Native Americans, Africans, and anyone else including the United States to transform their otherwise worthless deserts and semideserts or sagebrush into some of the most valuable and productive land on the face of the earth. It allows massive terraforming of these otherwise worthless areas for an unbelievably low cost. When these areas are terraformed, they become solar power and biomass methane production facilities of great capacity, for a microscopic investment with a similarly microscopic return on investment period. The extruded structures also provide crop production facilities capable of growing anything from pineapples and coffee to winter wheat, and solar heated and cooled living, manufacturing and commercial space. The scale of the impact of this technology is similar to that of the invention of electricity.

The value of the other main invention I have recently produced, reducing the cost of pumping oil and natural gas is self-evident. Both technologies will be described in these pages in great detail. Neither is complicated or hard to understand.

I can also produce facts to demonstrate that my efforts to make the most out of my potential as an inventor have been seriously reduced and damaged by the activities of more than one group of criminal and foreign maggots, and that these activities have not only cost me plenty; they have also caused considerable financial damage, suffering, and loss to innocent parties who read this, the intended audience. For example, it can be proven to be fact that criminal activities on the part of the Minnesota government have cost every man, woman, and child in the United States at least more than $600 each. It can be proven as fact that Minnesota's criminal activities caused at least an eight year delay in the introduction of the Pyrex technology, and that the cost to each U.S. citizen for this delay is $71 a year.

It can be further demonstrated that these activities, and the activities of other criminals, have caused the loss of at least 150,000 lives, and the total destruction of the property of at least 1,500,000 other people. In the USA, the pyrex extrusion machine can produce houses that cost less than half what a house normally costs to build, and the housing it builds is hurricane proof, flood proof, greatly tornado-resistant, and lasts 100,000 years.

In third world countries, it does this better: the result is the same, but it reduces the cost of housing to a twentieth or thirtieth of what it currently costs there.

A typhoon in Bangladesh about 15 years ago killed 300,000 people outright, and left 3,000,000 other people homeless, destroying everything they owned. A typhoon that causes this scale of damage and destruction happens an average of once every 15 years. Divide this 15 year average of death and damage by the 8 year delay caused by the criminals. I used 7.5 years.

Worse yet, there is fact and evidence to support my claims that there is a spiritual significance to my potential as an inventor. My problem is that I possess this potential, but it is being destroyed as a result of the criminal opposition I have had to deal with. This might sound strange at first, but there are witnesses, and plenty of interesting and sometimes bizarre facts that outright prove that this is the case. Once you get to the pyrex extrusion machine page and read it, you will realize that my claims for it above are accurate, and then you should consider: The average Tom, Dick, or Harry down the block doesn't normally jump up and invent this scale of technology.

I am approaching different groups and entities here in attempting to accomplish the same purpose. to prevent the destruction of my potential as an inventor.

I see two possible solutions. One, the U.S. government comes to realize that there have been serious and numerous miscarriages of justice and trampling of my human rights, and makes up for it. I don't have a lot of faith in this, as I have tried repeatedly in the past to get the problem addressed, each time without success. The issue has been brought to the attention of the FBI, many lawyers, and at least two different Senator's offices without results. The problem there appears to be a lack of intelligence on the part of congressional aides, and / or overworked congressional aides who will not devote the time required to follow a complex issue. The problem with the 'legal system' and the FBI appears to be entirely criminal.

The other solution applies to the rest of you, and I suspect that there is a much greater chance of success. I can prove the spiritual significance of my goal and accomplishments as an inventor, and the Arabs have a long history of showing respect in such matters. If the facts are brought to the attention of the Arabs, I doubt I will have any difficulty in getting the value of the settlement I should have received from the Minnesota government and others described here from them. The Arabs would simply raise the price of oil to compensate, in effect, forcing the US government to provide the settlement that they should have provided. (This would actually save the U.S. population a lot of money, but you have to read on to see why.)

These inventions are worth hundreds of billions of dollars to the Arabs, and no doubt by now some liar has been over there trying to sucker them out of a huge amount of money, making claims of themselves having invented it. The Arabs would become immensely irritated if the true facts are brought to their attention, and additionally the Arabs would never side with criminal maggots against God, Allah, or the Gods like the Federal and Minnesota governments here in the USA have a history of doing.

The history of the government here has been to laugh about both the spiritual significance and the proven criminal activities of various parts of the government: The morons won't be laughing so much when the Gods make them relive 1000 times as much suffering as was caused by the typhoon in Bangladesh mentioned above...

I have different requests for assistance for different entities, so I will give a short description of them, and then get to the description of the inventions. Each page link below has the descriptions in their own links. I tend to have the most faith in the Mexican, Indian, and Arab solutions, because they respect spiritual matters.

In reading these pages, it is very important not to skip-read. When you encounter a link, you should read the linked page completely, and also read any linked pages on that page completely before returning, or you will miss important background information and establishment of credibility. I can prove that what I say is true, but you have to pay attention.

The exception to this would be the silver poisoning page. That page should be read in its entirety, but you can speed-read or skip-read the links that it contains without missing too much. Some of the links below that page lead to a morass of information, and most of this is not relevant except as supporting material, references, and documentation. The further down the link hierarchy of that page you travel, the more this applies. Another exception would be the mp3 page, which can be skip read or scanned without missing any important information. The 'how to download mp3s from IRC' tutorial and 'how to rip mp3s' pages are irrelevant, although the 'legality of mp3s' page is worthy of notice.

Some of the subpages reference mp3 files. These files will not be available on the or sites, due to server rules, directory space limitations, and legal ramifications. However, it is possible that my web server is up and running. It is not reliable, but if it can be accessed, the files are available there. If you are reading this from a distribution disk, then the mp3 files are present on the disk.

U.S. Government (Oklahoma Representative or others) click here

Military or intelligence click here to read the Congressman's page and its subpages, then follow the link to your page at the bottom: read it all, especially the letter to Burlington Northern, before proceeding past that page.

Mexicans or Mexican government click here

Native Americans click here

Saudi Arabians or other Arabs click here

Oklahoma / Texas Government or gas / petroleum organizations click here

If you don't fall into any of the above categories, read the Arab page first, then return and follow the U.S. government link.
Click here for some pictures I have included for identification purposes, and for further appalling information on my background.

Robert Nelson, 6/15/2001

my current address is:

2301 SW Sheridan Rd #24

Lawton, OK, 73501

tel (580) 248-5801

This address may well change however. I will attempt to keep the Nations (especially the Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa) and the Mexican government updated with my current location. If this issue goes unresolved and no progress is made for more than 4 months, it is a virtual certainty that the Nations will know my location.

I can be identified: I have a small heart tattoo on the left mid forearm. I am missing the right side front tooth and second from the rear bottom tooth. I have a large scar on the top of the left hand, and a small scar on the right ankle. Green eyes, 5'8", 165 lbs. I play the electric guitar, and I can play any of these songs with a great degree of accuracy. (Well, for some of those songs, I might have to practice for three weeks: two weeks of wasting effort making fingertip blisters, and then one week of useful practice... I've been out of practice for years now, but it doesn't take that long to get it back.)