I sent the following e-mails to Governor Ventura's office. Some retard most likely was incapable of following the material, and in addition it appears to be a crime to have a spiritual belief in this country anymore: having such beliefs automatically marks you as insane, even if you can produce fact and evidence to back up what you have to say.
You should assess this information and then bring it to the attention of Ventura himself, personally. If Ventura's head has bounced off the turnbuckle one too many times, at least you and others can be forewarned, and leave Minnesota before it really gets bad up there.
You should read all of these short e-mails before visiting the web site referenced within them.
First email:
The first site is a gateway to the other two sites.
The solution to this problem is obvious: make sure President Bush knows about this issue, and beg him for assistance.
He would have to be a fool not to provide it, and he doesn't appear to be one, near as I can tell.
In a case like this, it should be obvious that it is better to show some deserved respect.
My problems need to be addressed: I can do this myself easily enough, by dealing with the Mexicans and Arabs as described at the web site, but this doesn't retract the insult that the Minnesota government has made, and the results could be less than productive.
Second email:
Regarding the web pages referred to in the last e-mail (repeated at the end of this text):
There is no question that I am correct about the content of this letter, or the content of those web page. You will see that this is so, but the question remains as to how this will come to pass, and whether the lesson will be expensive or inexpensive.
Let's get one thing straight: I don't need *anything from the Minnesota government. I can (and will) easily get the settlement I should have gotten from Minnesota from the Arabs and Mexicans, and they can easily make Minnesota pay for it by raising the price of oil.
Those people are not stupid enough to pass up an opportunity to show some respect when it is obviously due.
But once I get that, it will make the insult that has been made and perpetuated by the Minnesota government against the very gods final and not revocable, and what got visited upon Soviet Armenia back in December 1988 (12238801.htm), and likely worse, will be visited upon Minnesota. I won't have anything to do with it, but I won't be around forever, and shortly after I go it will happen.
Large numbers of people in different audiences have heard or read, for example on the web page, of the damage that Minnesota caused to me, to many others, and to the gods themselves, and if for no other reason, this will happen simply because 1) the gods are capable of it, and 2) it cannot be allowed that those audiences come to believe that the very gods were defeated by criminal maggots. If the attack occurs, then there is no question who won and who lost.
I don't expect that Minnesota would just jump up and fork over a settlement, but the fact is it is already guaranteed that the people of Minnesota will pay it, whether I get it or not. Even if I died tomorrow, it is guaranteed that the Arabs and Mexicans are going to get their hands on copies of the website, and there can be no doubt that they have the brains to have enough spiritual respect to cause this to happen, whether I ever saw a dime of it or not.
The fact is, the U.S. oil companies have the same capability to force the settlement as the Arabs and Mexicans have, and the contents of the oil pumping and pyrex pages are worth as many billions to them as to the Arabs or Mexicans.
So basically, if the Governor brings this matter before the attention of President Bush (a Texas oilman with many oil company connections), and makes the attempt to implement the settlement via this means rather than having forced by the Arabs, it will constitute respect on the part of the Minnesota government, and may well single-handedly retract the insult that was made by the Minnesota government against the gods. In addition, showing this respect would not cost the people of Minnesota a single dime they wouldn't have paid anyway.
You might want to consider, the Russians thought spiritual reality was a joke until 25,000 of them got punted off the face of the planet by the gods. Normally, the gods will not intervene in man insulting other men, or rising up against other men, but when man rises up against the gods, especially in the face of fact and evidence that proves that is what he is doing, the gods have been known to react, and this is exactly what Minnesota has done.
I have made every reasonable effort to keep the people of Minnesota from having to deal with that damage, but I cannot override the stupidity of other people, yours or anyone else's.
After I get the settlement from the Arabs, there will be no way that the Minnesota government will be able to retract the insult they made and perpetuated against the gods.  Reforming your legal 'system' would likely reduce the damage that would eventually happen, but not prevent it entirely.
Both the Arabs and the Mexicans are due to receive copies of the web site on or about October 15th, this year, and I will almost certainly begin receiving assistance from them no less than three to six months afterward, and a settlement not long after that. The (Indian) Nations have received copies of the CD ROM containing the web site, and in addition to those copies, I was able to distribute copies without anyone else being aware of the destination.
The first site is a gateway to the other two sites.
Third email:
When assessing the web page or better yet, having an assessment made, verify the following regarding pyrex2.htm:
1) This technology allows all six billion people on this planet to have heat, air conditioning, electricity, food, and fuel. Currently, less than a third of the world's population have access to these things that we take for granted. The amount of human suffering and pain this can prevent is truly immense.
2) This is the first approach to large scale solar power generation that is cost-effective. Before this technology, large scale solar power generation was not economically feasible.
3) The housing that can be constructed lasts 100,000 years or more, is hurricane-proof, flood-proof, fireproof, and tornado-resistant. As a result, immense amounts of destruction and human pain and suffering are prevented.
4) The cost of housing is cut in half in the USA, and as low as a thirtieth the current costs in some third world countries.
5) It brings the rest of the world up to the standard of living in the USA, or better.
6) It will cause the greatest expansion of the U.S. economy and stock markets ever, solely as a result of cutting the cost of housing in half.
7) The world's fuel supplies are running out. (Figures are from 1973, from the Minnesota Dept. of Energy) Oil first (50 years at most left), then coal (300 years left), then natural gas (1000 years left). This technology guarantees an endless supply of fuel (natural gas via biomass production) for the world, and an endless supply of electricity.
8) This technology allows the colonization of the Moon and Mars, and could be the beginning of man's expansion into space.
9) Every point made on the pyrex2.htm page is accurate.
And as regards the oil pump technology:
1) It extends the world oil reserves an additional 20 to 30 years, without raising the price of oil as other advanced recovery techniques do.
And as regards the content of all the pages in general:
1) You would be a fool not to pay attention to and address this problem.
Fourth email:
There was one other point I forgot to add in the last e-mail that your assessor should verify as being accurate or not:
1) The real miracle is not that I had a spiritual goal and managed to implement at least part of it, but that I was able to survive long enough to do it after sustaining the massive damage and destruction to my existence that the Minnesota government had caused me.
Fifth (last) email:
Regarding the Pyrex machine:
It expands the total population capacity of the Earth to 100 times what it is now, or more, and would provide the fuel, food, and electricity to allow all 6 trillion inhabitants to survive.
If you can't accomplish anything with this information, and least you will have foreknowledge, and you can get out of Minnesota.  If all else fails and you decide to get out, then in return for this information, I would ask at least in return that you contact those people who are listed in pictures.htm and contacts.htm, and tell them what you know.
newyork@fbi.gov has been cc'ed in an attempt to right their wrong: Classification in my record solely because I have spiritual beliefs.
info@vivkings.com and sitehelp@twins.mlb.com have been included because both the Vikings and the Twins have another good reason to leave Minnesota, both are large enough to force the government listen to their opinions, and in addition, a linebacker with a 5th grade education that cheated his way into college could easily follow all of this material and give an intelligent and accurate assessment.
stocktransfer@wellsfargo.com was included because the link was handy on the 3M Corporation contacts page, and because he/she and his/her company could also easily be affected by this material.
postmaster@solaronline.com has been included because 1) I worked at Solar / Century for a while, they're good people, 2) they are large enough to make the Minnesota government listen to what they have to say, and 3) unlike the Minnesota government, they don't have retards working for them: they have engineers who can easily follow and assess the accuracy of this material.
webmaster@mutitech.com has been included because 1) they are large enough to make the Minnesota government listen to what they have to say, and 2) unlike the Minnesota government, they don't have retards working for them: they have engineers who can easily follow and assess the accuracy of this material.
feps@aexp.com has been included because American Express owns IDS, and probably the IDS tower and other assets around Minnesota.
Ground Zero Minnesota is the main recipient for obvious reasons (if you visit their web site)
I can usually be found on dalnet or undernet in the #[FekLar] room