How it came to pass that I participated in helping the Gods annihilate 25,000 Russians on December 23rd, 1988
To get the full effect, play all of the songs, and don't read past the next song until you are finished playing the last one. Ever heard of Atlantis? This might sound strange, but it is true, and there were witnesses in the U.S. Air Force and elsewhere. Some small amount of background is given first.

This page relies on material presented on earlier pages. This discussion pertains, and establishes some background understanding of some things that have to be understood if you are to understand spiritual attack, the origins of spiritual attack, and Dec 23rd, 1988.

When I had the ability to see, and a somewhat stronger spiritual connection, there were some rare and bizarre moments.

As a result, I learned things the average person never knows.

Back when the bizarre religious scam was going on, there were all kinds of sick goings-on, for example, toads nuking myself and others with a level of power great enough to cause physical manifestations (See the silver poisoning page), and then conveniently failing to tell audiences what had caused the manifestation. If you get nuked with a high enough power level with microwaves or x-rays around the dental fillings, small lesions will appear on the outside of your face, near the filling area. This is especially true and effective if the victim does not realize that an attack is occurring. It then appears as though the victim has some strange disease, and people don't want anything to do with you, and hate you because you come around and risk 'exposing' them to the 'disease'.

Maybe you can listen to some appropriate music while you read, back from that era in time, 1981-1983 or so.

Silver poisoning (although this is not inherently obvious):


Silver poisoning (inherently obvious):




There are tens or hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, who could testify to having had silver poisoning symptoms before, and that it doesn't do much for your social life.

In the summer of 1986, I tried to communicate to the musicians that some form of electromagnetic attack had been occurring, and that it explained many things since 1982, after I had discovered that I was sensitive to frequency in 1985. The problem was, although they still hung around with surveillance from time to time, every time I tried to say something about it, the attempt was censored. Part of the reason that the surveillance continued was that some interesting empathic, psychic, and spiritual occurrences went on from time to time. Click here to see one example.  (read this link until it becomes obvious what I am referring to, then return. If you followed the directions so far, then you have already read that page...) While the decent musicians sided with me, the other reason the surveillance continued was that I had to be made an example of by the scam running lamers and their chump evil musician victims for having taken the 'God' side of the spiritual argument in 1982. Some musicians realized what was up and commented.


On the other hand, I had learned some things, and the ability to see was really starting to work pretty well. It worked so well that I could see the location of those who were doing the censoring and handing out the surveillance. So, I conceived a plan to bypass the censorship. By this time, I knew I had the ability to make others do things, but I didn't find out I could make other people say things until 1988.

So, I had been going to downtown St. Paul in the daytime and hanging out at Mickey's Diner, and people had been usually hanging around with surveillance. So I went downtown, and stopped at a gas station where I knew I could find a large sheet of white paper in the bathroom, and so I went in where I was hidden from view, pulled out a magic marker, and wrote a large sign that conveyed most of what had to be said about electromagnetic irradiation. I stuffed this under my shirt, and went out and over to Mickey's Diner.

Sure enough, the surveillance was going on, as near as I could sense, and I could see the lamers who were handing out the surveillance sitting at their console to the south of my position. I hung out around the front of Mickey's, keeping an eye on the console and its operator. (This might have been Continental Cablevision: at any rate, someone up there remembers this...)

Then one of them left the room. As he went out, someone else passed in the hallway. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I made the one guy bump into the other one, and made the other one get all pissed off about it. I amplified the reactions, and soon enough a fight between the two starts up in the hallway. The fool at the console gets up, and goes out into the hallway to see what all the trouble is about. As soon as he turned his back, out came the sign, and the fool was away from the console for more than a minute. You should have seen the horrified look on his face when he returned. He starts pushing buttons, but by that time, it is too late.

About three weeks later, this song comes out, having strong anti-criminal-government and anti-censorship overtones:


About two months after this, someone burned down Tom Petty's house: it was proven to be arson. Obviously, according to the scum running their scam, Tom had learned too much, and he had gotten got too pissed off about what he had learned. Obviously, the maggots at this point think that they are untouchable. I doubt that Tom would readily volunteer the truth about this: I certainly wouldn't want to invite another house burning or worse upon myself. On the other hand, Tom is one of the few people who rank up on the same scale of outright cool as me, so it wouldn't surprise me either if he recalled it for you.

I had the ability to see, and used it to my advantage. Of course, if I had foreseen what happened to Tom's house, I might not have. One day the Wilson sisters from the band Heart were hanging out with surveillance. Ask them about Alan putting his foot in his mouth when I was playing the guitar. That was so entertaining, I would find it hard to believe that they didn't make a tape of it and keep it.

To get the truth from the musicians, it may be that simply pointing out that the legal statute of limitations for the illegal passed six years after it occurred may not be enough, after what happened to Tom's house in 1986. Pointing out what my replacement would be like, and furnishing copies of this disk (in person), on the other hand, may well achieve the purpose. Most of the musicians were and are decent people; it only takes a few maggots in a plate of otherwise decent food to make you not want to eat any of it.

If you question the musicians, you have to remember (and remember to point out) that there was a lot of bullshit told about me in the early 1980s, and none of it painted me in anything but a bad light. (If conditions were good for me, then why would I need to 'sell my soul' for 'relief' ?)  I could have put on a good showing if I hadn't had to drag a 2 ton weight around behind me all the time (silver poisoning, irradiation), as I still do. As it was, I didn't, and couldn't.

(If you don't understand the 'sell my soul' reference, then you have been skip-reading, and this is a serious error. Go back and do it properly, if you want an accurate understanding of all of this. This reference is described in both the letter to Burlington Northern and the Silver poisoning documentation.)

Some of the more disgusting devil-worshipper sort of musicians and their lame soap opera following used to hang out with surveillance. This went on all throughout the 1980s. Maybe it still goes on, but I can't bring myself to willingly sense something that totally lame anymore.

But from around 1987 or so, the story of 'Mikey' comes to mind. I was trying to get some sleep one night, and I could not. My intuition indicated a bad influence, a possible threat, and so I turned up the ability to see and looked out to try and see what it was. As a result, I got this crystal clear picture of some retard attempting to practice what most people term voodoo or image magic. Here was this lamer, and I could see it clear as day, smearing what appeared to be human feces on a tv screen that contained my image. He was all concentrated upon his 'task', believing that it conveyed some great purpose, effect, and meaning... it was disgusting, actually. I knew from past experience that hit was possible, but I decided to manipulate him instead.

So, before he realized what he had done, I made him put some of it in his mouth and start chowing down. Then I said "I'm not gonna try it, you try it... I'm not gonna try it... Hey! I know! Let's get Mikey!... (He won't eat it, he hates everything).. Hey Mikey! To this day I wonder whatever became of that fool...  Tell President Clinton this, and he won't feel so bad about me making him grope on his johnson like I did.

Sick toads like that hung out on numerous occasions throughout the 1980s, where my ability to see was good enough to see it and be disgusted by it. The worst of it though is that it kept me awake when I was trying to get to sleep, and that was hard enough as it was for some reason (later discovered to be silver poisoning).

This is where I learned the concept of spiritual attack, from these retards. They attempted something similar with me on numerous occasions. I figured that anything these maggots could do, I could surely do better, and oftentimes if it was keeping me awake I would resort to it myself as a defense, reaching out and attempting to strike the toads with some imagined weapon. On more than one occasion, it turned off the irritation like a light bulb, and I turned over and went right to sleep.
The GOES West Satellite, early 1989

On numerous occasions, spiritual attack resulted from something keeping me from getting to sleep. There is another example in the letter to the TV stations referenced elsewhere. Sometimes it was electromagnetic irradiation, other times it was only surveillance. It appears that the conditions to be able to see clearly were the best in that situation. This was the only defense that was available to me against these types of irritations, and some of the types of irritations were immense. An attack upon one's sleep schedule destroys one's existence.
Dec 23rd, 1988

I was approved for SSI disability in the summer of 1988. I suspect that influence from Congressman Bruce Vento's (D-MN) office, their knowing that I had gotten a very raw deal from the criminal activity on Minnesota State's part, might have had something to do with it, but I do not know this to be fact.

There had always been trouble in Minnesota since the early 1980s, as you have read about elsewhere in these pages. I had made attempts to leave Minnesota in the past, but none had succeeded. I had thought that at least it might make it more difficult and expensive for my enemies, until 1987 and the 'investment group' out of Norwest Banks.

I didn't really see much of a long term future, and my spiritual connection was severely damaged by what happened in 1986. However, I was attempting to retrieve what of my spiritual potential as I could out of my damaged memory, with plans to retrieve as much of it as I could, and then leave this faggot planet and go off to the planet of the female newscaster clones.

Out of what I could dredge up out of that part of my memory that had been 'programmed' with things to invent, with the damage that had been caused, and the keys being lost, I came up with a concept for a solar power plant. There was always the chance that my enemies would get caught following me somewhere, and Solar Energy Research Institute was located in Golden, Colorado. With this in mind, I set out on the interstate bus for Colorado.

I arrived in Pueblo, Colorado, about August of 1988. The cheapest place I could immediately locate to rent was a room at The Bramble Tree Motel in downtown Pueblo. I learned about a week later that The Bramble Tree Motel was also where the Colorado State Mental Hospital 'reintegrated' its patients back into society. The place had surveillance, and strange critters were to be seen. Some electromagnetic interference started up about five days after I got there, and I figured it couldn't hurt to talk to the wall and warn that if it kept up, some lamer would get attacked. Not too long after this, there was some unidentified empathy I could sense, and something along the lines of "We've got a live one here". I say all of this, because I ended up proving beyond doubt to those from The Colorado State Mental Hospital who were hanging around with surveillance, keeping an eye on their patients, that I had both psychic and empathic abilities. Of course, the surveillance could have been, and probably was, illegal, but on the other hand, the statute of limitation has passed. Still, they may not be too quick to admit to just anyone about the existence of the surveillance, especially if they still use The Bramble Tree Motel.

I had taken my two Osborne 1 portable (obsolete junk) computers with me, and I used most of the time to work on the abstract for the solar power idea, and I ended up staying at the motel there for about three weeks.

After this, I left and got a ride up to Colorado Springs. I found an ad in the paper for a room for rent. I rented the room from Kenneth T. (?) Perkins. We got along pretty well, and mostly I stayed to myself, working on the abstract and playing some guitar. I felt sorry for the guy. He was an alright guy, but after guarding tactical nukes in the army he could not find a job as a security guard, because the job market wasn't the greatest at the time, and the few openings that existed all told him he was overqualified. I stayed there about a month, then his ex-wife moved back in with him, and she didn't tolerate other people living in the house too well, so I had to find another place to rent right away. Whether he would be of use as a reference I cannot say.

So, I found an ad in the paper and I rented room number seven at the Hi-De-Ho Motel. The motel was located a stone's throw away from Petersen Air Force Base. It was owned by some guy named Nugyun or however that Vietnamese name is spelled. I guess he had been a Colonel in the South Vietnamese army and had immigrated, and owned a considerable amount of real estate in Colorado Springs. He might prove to be a valuable resource for verification, if the value of his testimony were made apparent.

This was about October of 1988. In mid or late October or early November, I remember that something transpired that immensely pissed me off, but I cannot remember what it was. At any rate, I came to the conclusion that I should fight rather than let bad influences persist. It had something to do with either the musicians or the Russians who had been running their scam.

So, I went over to Petersen Air Force base, and told them that I had a psychic ability, and that with this ability, (as well as from personal experience), that I had seen that there were Russians running religious scams in the USA, attempting to breed criminalism. I said that if I had access to the right equipment, like a surveillance satellite and amplification equipment, I could precisely triangulate the exact location of the Soviet toads.

Of course, some testing immediately started up, and I couldn't jump through the hoop that was held up, so they had a good laugh and I went home. This damage was caused when I first offered the ability to Senator Boschwitz' office in 1987. Some lamers came around testing, hiding behind a wall of surveillance, with their little deck of cards, and I saw it well enough to participate in it. So I was pointing out what I saw, the triangle card, the three circles, the three wavy lines, the jack of spades (you ain't slick) and so forth. It appeared that I had passed the test with flying colors, but then no one ever informed me that there had ever been a test.

This is probably why the USA has never had a psychic research program of any real significance. All people have such abilities, but to make use of them, you have to believe in them. Of course, you cannot believe in them if you haven't had experience with them. It takes a bizarre set of circumstances to create a situation where you can gain this belief, and this is rarely seen.

After these fools did their 'test', I started wondering, was there a test, or did I just imagine it all? If anyone who has such abilities is tested and then not informed that there had been a test, especially when there was participation, it will cause significant damage to their ability to see. The test and the lack of being told made me doubt the accuracy of my ability to see. Since I value what ability I do have, like empathic interaction with females, and since tests damage my abilities, it is natural to erect a self defense mechanism that simply shuts down the ability when a test starts up, and refuses to participate. One you doubt your abilities, they disappear. Therefore it is wise not to participate in activities which would make you doubt your abilities.

Anyway, this damage had been caused, and as a result I could not jump through anyone's test hoop. They had a good laugh at the Air Force Base, and I went home.

However, over the next two or three weeks, it became apparent to those at the Air Force Base that there might be something to what I had said. I made people over there do and say things. For example, I kept borrowing people's hands and using them to grope on some of the females over there. It got to the point where the females started always keeping themselves separated from the males by a respectable distance.

I would stand outside and point to the length of a post, inviting anyone watching to pick out some spot on the post, and then when someone selected such a point, I would point at it or touch it. surveillance inherently has amplification characteristics, and I can participate in a test that I originate without causing damage to my ability to see. There were other minor demonstrations. This went on from about mid November to December 22nd, 1988.  I could give more details, but this should really be enough. The witnesses around Petersen AFB and elsewhere around Colorado Springs know what happened.

I established basic credibility. I did not prove that what I had said was true, but I obviously had some ability, and it was taken to mean that I could well be right about what I had said. I made progress, and on this date, Dec 22nd, someone over there took my good advice, found and finally out how to build an amplifier that worked, and turned it on.

I don't know what form the amplifier took, but they had it connected to satellite surveillance, and we went looking around the Soviet Union for about 90 minutes or so that night. I directed the positional view by asking for it to point where I aid it should. Once, I asked for a zoom, and it was great. They zoomed in the view really quickly, and it was like flying through space at the speed of light. Better than the Enterprise at the State Fair.

Unfortunately, although I could see perfectly out of the satellite, I could not even sense the foreign toads, let alone get a fix on their position. It got to the point where it overloaded my senses, to the point of starting to give me a headache, so I told them to turn it off. I told them it wasn't working and wasn't likely to function further that night, that it was overloaded and that it would take some getting used to, and that it should be shut down and we would try again the next night. They obliged and shut it down.

I then spent some time relaxing and trying to recover. The headache went away after an hour or so. I then decided to get some sleep, so I went to bed.

I was dead tired, and I should have gone right off to sleep. but there was some irritation that kept me awake. I thought it might be irradiation, and I looked around and could find nothing. I thought it could have been some of the lamer musicians or their lame soap opera following, so I looked around California and Minnesota, but I could find or trace no influence. So I left it alone for a minute, and then went back to it, trying to trace the force of the influence, as this had worked sometimes in the past.

I felt the influence, and traced it all the way back around the planet to the Russian toads. I got a crystal clear picture of some whale sized Soviet lamer who was making plans that were not in my best influence. I had intuition for years. I lost most of it in 1986 with the damage to my spiritual connection, but it still worked from time to time. It was this that allowed me to trace the influence. there is some mention of the subject of intuition in the letter to Burlington Northern.

Obviously, the Russians had also been hanging out, knew that I had made significant progress at Petersen AFB, and had decided to do something about it, probably to remove me permanently as a potential source of irritation. There was no question that this what what I witnessed when I looked out. There was a really bad influence, a direct threat of some kind, and this is where it was emanating from.

There were still people hanging out with surveillance at the time, from the Air Force Base, and elsewhere around Colorado Springs and other locations. Strangely enough, some people from the WWF hung out from time to time (the only thing I can think of is Cyndi Lauper, the musician, who ended up going out with Hulk Hogan, must have told people there "you gotta check this out"...) Some people from Carson Enterprises, Johnny Carson's company in California, had also been hanging out that night. Johnny himself had hung out many times in the early and mid 1980s (Johnny was always OK).

All these people knew was that I all of a sudden turned over and started having a cow, and started seriously ragging on some lamer I nicknamed 'Fatboy'.

This Russian lamer, somewhere in the northwest part of the Soviet Union, had to have weighed at least 400 or 500 pounds. I called him 'Fatboy', and started telling him about how raw I was and how lame he was, that I was wise to his lame plans, and that he would be wise not to screw with me, and about the non-wisdom of running religious scams in general. I might have said a few things about what had happened in the past, for example the lightning incident with Jimmy. I can't remember precisely what I said, only that it was along those lines. I told him about spiritual attack that had occurred in the past, and that if he kept it up I was going to punt the lamer right off the face of the planet. I must have called him Fatboy at least 15 times.

Either he could not hear what I was saying, or he ignored it. At any rate, reason had failed and I decided upon action. So, I reached out with an imagined foot and attempted to punt him about 30 miles from where he had been standing, through as many intervening walls as possible.

All of a sudden, there was this strange and sudden power surge. I had many times tried to attack with an imagined weapon, but nothing of this sort had ever happened before. I actually got a minor high from the experience, like smoking your first cigarette or hyperventilating. If you want to try it, close your eyes and breathe in and out as deeply as possible and as fast as possible about 30 times, and then right away someone tightly wraps a blanket around your head and pushes you over onto a bed.

It was strange, but it only lasted a few seconds. Then I shrugged it off and went back to trying to deal with Fatboy. Attack didn't always work the first time, but this time it did appear so. The hit had turned Fatboy off like a light bulb, and I could not find any trace of him. I looked for about 15 minutes or so. I couldn't see him anymore, so I figured that the attack had been successful, and that the rest of the Russian scum would have to have gotten the message, since no one could be stupid enough to be warned in the name of the gods, see that, and still keep up their moronic bullshit. So I turned over and tried to get to sleep. This time, I went right to sleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and hear on the news that there had been a massive earthquake in Soviet Armenia, 25,000 dead. They gave the time in both Soviet time and in Colorado Springs time, and the time was suspiciously close to the the time that I had punted at Fatboy. I started wondering again about the strange energy surge, and then I was saying, no, that isn't even possible.

However, later that day I went down to the Loaf And Jug store in front of Petersen AFB, and bought a newspaper. In the newspaper was a little map of the epicenter of the earthquake. Until I saw that map, I had no idea where Soviet Armenia even was. The map showed that the center of the earthquake was the exact spot where Fatboy had been. I had said nothing the night before where about where in the Soviet Union had seen Fatboy, either, only that I had seen him.

While this sounds bizarre, it can all be verified. Asking around Pueblo and Colorado Springs in general would be the best way to get answers. Failing that, pointing out around Colorado Springs that similar devastation will happen in the USA if you can't get to the truth of the matter, if I was right about what happened on Dec 23rd, 1988 and you are not able to verify that it did, and then asking again for the truth, would be more likely to produce results.

I became a firm believer in the story of Atlantis on December 23rd, 1988.

Now here is something interesting I found on the internet early this year (2001) that pertains to all of this. After reading this, if you still can't see that electromagnetic attack occurs, then you are obviously living proof that either brain-washing does in fact work, or that man can perform limited functions without a functioning brain, one of the two.