$ 520,000,000.00


$ 130,000,000.00


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My railroad safety invention was installed by the railroads in 1987. It automatically prevents head on train collisions, and none have occurred in the USA since. This aspect alone has saved the American taxpayers 130 million dollars so far, because AMTRAK saves ten million dollars a year in their insurance costs, and AMTRAK is subsidized to a far greater amount (than 10 million a year) by Federal tax dollars. 13 years' worth of savings equals 130 million dollars, so far.

When you eliminate the possibility of head on train collisions, it greatly reduces the cost of insurance for the railroads. AMTRAK alone paid Lloyd's of London 6 million dollars a year in 1984, and also had three other major insurance carriers, at least one of which had to have been located in England, the insurance capitol of the world.

It can also be proven that this invention saves a minimum of 10 million dollars a year from leaving the United States to contribute to the U.S. foreign trade deficit. It can be further proven that this increases the amount of the U.S. Gross National Product by ten times as much, or 100 million dollars a year.

The combined Federal and State increases in tax income on this extra economic activity, at a tax rate of 20 percent Federal and 20 percent State, is 40 million dollars a year. 13 years' worth of tax income increase equals 520 million dollars, so far.

Keep this in mind: Fact proves that my accomplishment and contribution to the economy makes most other U.S. citizen's accomplishment or contribution look like a puny microscopic joke in comparison. The economic value of each of my other more recent inventions like the method of reducing the cost of pumping crude oil, and the Pyrex extrusion machine, all of which I can also prove I invented, dwarfs that of the railroad safety invention, making that invention look like a puny microscopic joke in comparison.

The difference between a fool and an expert, both claiming to be an authority on the same subject but disagreeing upon the specifics, is that the expert actually knows what they are talking about. Unless you can produce fact to prove that you are an authority, it might be better to keep your opinion to yourself, because a closed mouth gathers no foot.

This is a total benefit to American taxpayers in general of 650 million dollars so far, or an average of 13 million dollars in benefit to each of the 50 states. Every State in the USA could pay me a million dollars, and each State would still be 12 million dollars ahead.

scan1.jpg scan2.jpg scan3.jpg

Examine the scanned proof of invention. Notice the signatures of the three witnesses. All three worked for the Minnesota government. Internal Revenue Service computers would show that at the time, all three worked for the State of Minnesota at Family Style Homes, 398 Duke St. in St. Paul, Minnesota, a halfway house I stayed at after I came back from trying to deal with AMTRAK in 1984 (see the description in the 1992 letter to Burlington Northern). The Minnesota government has always known that I invented this.

I can produce other documentation, as well as numerous witnesses who read the letter that Burlington Northern sent me in 1984, in which they admitted that I had invented it, and that they were interested and were going to look into the idea. One of these witnesses is one of the most respected doctors in Minneapolis / St. Paul. The details of this are given elsewhere.