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Except for these changes, the document is presented in its entirety. Some (or much) of the material is not relevant to current issues, but the has been left intact to preserve authenticity, and to give some general history background.

4/19/2001: There have been further revisions. Material that would distract, waste analysis time and energy, or is mostly irrelevant to the issues at hand has been removed. The original file can be found here.

Robert Nelson
Willow Inn #19 Hwy 18 W.
Mason City, IA 50401
August 7, 1992
Burlington Northern General Offices:
( Also concerns AMTRAK general offices )

To all concerned,

In late July or early August, 1984, I visited Burlington Northern headquarters (then in downtown St. Paul, MN), and dropped off my idea for a railroad safety technology to automatically prevent head-on train collisions. I learned in 1986 or 1987 from watching TV news that Burlington Northern installed my idea.

The system I promoted was to place a transponder, such as a zinc spike or mildly radioactive plastic, every tenth of a mile on the track. In every locomotive on the system, either a geiger counter or metal detector to sense the transponders would be installed, as well as a computer board, and either a cellular telephone or radio link.

The entire track layout would be programmed into the computer, including the grade of the track at any given location. The computer would be hooked up to the speedometer, and the engineer would have to input the approximate train weight and weather condition, and these would have to match weight and weather condition coming in over the radio or phone network, or the train would not move until the switchyard was called to straighten out the discrepancy.

The computer would then always know the exact location of the train, and know the stopping distance of the train, no matter what the grade of the tracks, the speed, the weight, or weather condition.

The computer on each locomotive would communicate it's data through the radio or phone link to a bank of master computers back at the switchyard, and these computers would have the capacity to shut down any train on the system and apply its' brakes. Each locomotive would be continuously receiving a coded computer signal through the radio or phone link, and if the signal should ever disappear for more than five seconds, an automatic shutdown of the locomotive would occur. The old manual system would be kept in reserve in case of equipment failure.

The bank of computers at the switchyard would arbitrate in case of discrepancy, much as the computers on the space shuttle, except that more than 5 machines could be used since the weight of the machines isn't a factor in determining the best number. I would assume that 11 or more machines of different types would be used.

There are some refinements not present in my original promotion, such as the input of the weather condition and the use of radioactive plastic (it is cheaper to spray molten plastic "on the fly" than to stop and manually nail down a metal transponder every tenth mile), but the system described above was essentially the same system I heard a Burlington Northern spokesman speak of installing on the TV news in 1986 or 87. Also, since I have not heard of an occurrence of a head-on train collision in the United States since 1986, I assume other railroads have followed suit.

There were two main reasons why I just gave this technology to Burlington Northern, instead of trying to pursue patent rights. One reason is that since it could save lives, it would not be right to sit on the idea and try to profit. The other reason I describe further below.

If there is a discrepancy as far as inventorship is concerned, I would ask that you let any other claimant read this document in it's entirety. I can produce substantial proof of inventorship showing the date of creation as July, 1984. I also approached AMTRAK in Washington, DC in July, 1984 with the idea.

I understand that I have no valid legal claim against Burlington Northern as regards this invention whatsoever, even if Burlington Northern applied for and received a patent. I understand that any such claim I might have had expired one year after Burlington Northern made public it's plans to install the system, or two years with a special exemption. Even then, any claim I might have had would have been weak, since I willingly disclosed the idea. Even if I can produce substantial proof of inventorship, this would be true. Your patent attorneys can verify this.

At the time I had invented it, I assumed that it might cost 5 million to equip a railroad the size of Burlington Northern, plus 200 to 300 thousand a year to operate and maintain the system, and to pay for the radio/phone costs. At any rate, I would assume that the technology pays for itself in insurance savings in at the most three years, and afterwards saves millions per year in insurance costs.

Given this premise, I can assume that my invention has not only saved lives, but has saved Burlington Northern alone millions of dollars in insurance costs since the system was installed, perhaps tens of millions if Burlington Northern has taken the opportunity to self-insure. I would assume a deal has been cut with AMTRAK, since AMTRAK owns no rail right of way, and since AMTRAK would be the largest beneficiary of the insurance savings, in that AMTRAK would pay for a large share of the system.

I believe I have made a great contribution to and have done a considerable service to and favor for your corporation, and the US railroad industry in general. I find now that I have a favor to ask in return. I have a strange story to tell, and to illustrate this story, and generate credibility, I have included some very interesting and enlightening material. I believe that after reading this, you will be inclined to grant me this favor. I apologize for the sheer volume of material, but I believe all of it is necessary if I am to adequately describe the reasons why I think this favor might be granted.

Since I am a firm believer in failsafe, I like to try to cover every possibility. I came to be a believer in failsafe mainly because of problems I have had with enemies I have made in the government. I will describe some of these problems further below, and I believe you will agree that there is more than meets the eye to be seen, given the evidence I will present.

While I will leave the description of these problems until later, suffice it to say that I assume there is a fair chance that certain government entities, which to my knowledge have illegally abused their powers more than once, might come around with some line of bull, in order to reduce my position and further their grudge against me.

I may be able to produce evidence that these people already have done this at least once, at my congressman's office.

In short, these people are basically a private intelligence agency which operates inside and outside of certain legitimate government agencies. The grudge against me stems from my finding out about and promoting the existence of electromagnetic psychic amplification equipment, and trying to warn my congressman's office and others about it. This reduced their position to be able to manipulate the government, which these people did not appreciate.

You would be truly amazed at the degree of manipulation possible with such equipment. In the right circumstance, I can demonstrate some of this. I only point this out because I suspect that without doing so, such a problem could arise, and you might believe anything said against me, and not read past the first page.

I believe that there are two reasons why the grudge has not gone further than it has already. I will describe these reasons further below, after I establish some background.

If there arises any accusation against me, I say it comes from criminals trying to protect their interests.

A method exists to establish the truth beyond all doubt, should such a claim arise. This is a method you would recognize, but which has been for the most part forgotten, the combination of sodium pentothal and a lie detector.

I am quite willing to take such a test to defend myself against any accusation, or to verify anything I point out in this letter. I have serious doubts that anyone making any accusations would be willing to take such a test.

The willingness to agree to the use of the test, however, can strongly indicate nothing more than a logical psychological assumption that since the test would never actually be performed, it couldn't hurt to agree to it. My willingness to have sodium pentothal used stems from the fact that I speak the truth.

(Irrelevant material removed)

At any rate, should any 'government representative' come around and try to fill you full of bullshit, I remind you that I will willingly take sodium pentothal to disprove it.

I have strong suspicions that this has happened before elsewhere, and the risk of it happening here is unacceptable to me, or I would not waste your time pointing this out. You may well have a few suspicions of your own after reading this letter.

I found out I was hypersensitive to radio frequency in 1985, and complained to the FCC and FBI in St. Paul, MN about electromagnetic frequencies being used intentionally.

(Material added 4/19/2001) see: Silver poisoning.

I pointed out that I had found out about the sensitivity by accident with a radio and ultrasonic experimentation setup I had at the time, but that my equipment was not accurate enough to precisely plot which frequencies I was sensitive to, and asked to be tested, and that there be an investigation to see if someone was intentionally using those frequencies.

I received no help from either agency. Shortly afterwards, I discovered the existence and use of electromagnetic psychic amplification equipment, and went back to the FCC and FBI to restate my complaint, and to point out the great danger of the government being manipulated by such equipment, and told them I could build and demonstrate such equipment. They expressed no interest, and again did not act on my complaints. I noticed that my real troubles began at about the same time.

I believe I can raise strong suspicion that I made a mistake here, and complained to the very people who were using such equipment to manipulate other parts of the government. I will attempt to do so further below. Although you may presently doubt the existence or power of such equipment, I can prove that it exists, given time and resources. By the end of this letter you may have changed your mind, so please bear with me. There are a few things described in this letter you don't hear about every day, but I can either document or demonstrate all of it.

As far as the truth is concerned, I will give a description of it, and try to be as brief as possible. I will only describe pertinent information.

Since 1982, I have told many people that in early 1982, I had a vision, and was given a spiritual purpose to be an inventor. There exists evidence to back this up, besides my accomplishments as an inventor.

In addition to the railroad safety invention, I have invented many other technologies. Some I will describe in this letter.

(Irrelevant material removed)

I invented a nuclear powered aircraft, and promoted it to Cliff Schoep at General Dynamics in St. Louis in the summer of 1987. That may sound bizarre, but you could convert existing jet aircraft to nuclear power. In about 20 seconds you will have a strong suspicion that this is not so bizarre as it first sounds.

I also promoted the continuous method of separating oxygen and hydrogen to him, for it's use in submarines (General Dynamics makes submarines), and because it is the heart of the nuclear powered aircraft idea. The separated oxygen and hydrogen are mixed back together in rocket nozzles that replace the jet turbines. Believe now?

Although this idea would be too much for people now, remember that the world oil reserves are running out. In 30 or 40 years, this will be a viable idea. It would be viable now, but anti-nuclear activists would be able to shoot it down, no matter how failsafe the design might be.

By putting the reactor inside a lower cargo section water tank, and using certain building techniques with honeycomb construction for strength, the reactor would survive a crash, although the rest of the plane would be destroyed. Note that the flight recorder always survives a crash, because it is designed that way, although in some cases the tape inside is made useless by the heat of a fire.

I will describe the three most impressive inventions further below. The solar power plant is interesting (as is the geothermal power plant I invented), as my main spiritual goal was to invent energy technology. The solar power plant runs at nearly or greater than 3 times the efficiency anyone else has ever been able to achieve, cost effectively, with solar power.

In early 1982, I was a rock guitar player, good enough at it to have stood a chance of being in a band that produced records and made money.

Something strange began occurring. Every time I turned on the radio, for a period that lasted about 45 days or so, the song "Hell's Bells" by the band AC/DC would come out. I had never been bothered by anything I heard come out of my radio, but this song would be played every time I turned the radio on.

The lyrics basically say "I'm Satan, I'm taking you to hell, there's nothing you can do about it"... very strange. I considered the possibility that it might be some group of jokers trying to run some kind of a scam, that every time I turned on the radio this song would come out... and usually at or near the first note... a little too coincidental. On the other hand, it did make me wonder, and I was unsure of exactly what was going on.

Later, I found out that it was a scam. If I would have 'sold my soul', as it were, I would probably be in a national sleaze rock band today, such as the likes of AC/DC, Motley Crue, or Guns and Roses... I can still demonstrate a fair amount of skill on the electric guitar, and I am so far out of practice I'd almost be embarrassed, but I would bet you still might be impressed. You would have to be familiar with the rock music 'industry' lately to see the unfortunate religious scam it has become.

At the time, though, I had no way of knowing exactly what was going on. Not that I would have participated, had I known. I stated at the time that I would rather suffer and die if necessary to serve God rather than sell my soul.

However, I realized that whether it was a scam or some really strange spiritual occurrence, I had no future as a musician. I had spent a lot of time and energy to get as far as I had as a musician, and the experience with the radio was enough to give me a real dim view of the world in general.

At the time, I thought that there was just as good a good chance that the goings on with the radio might actually have been a strange spiritual experience. At any rate, I decided to commit suicide. I procured the means, but then I decided to put it off and give it some more thought.

That night, I had a vision, and was given a purpose in life to be an inventor. Perhaps my oath to suffer and die if necessary impressed the Gods, who knows...

(Material added 4/19/2001) At the time, I said I would rather suffer and die if it was necessary to serve God than to sell my soul to be a rock musician.

I could actually document some of this, as there were witnesses to the goings on. However, this would cost more than I could afford. It involves a British rock band known as The Who. The Who know of, but were not responsible for, the goings on of the time, and could possibly give verification. (With sodium pentothal, undoubtedly could give verification... There might be denial, based on the fear of legal action due to invasion of privacy, of course.)

I am certain that you have heard of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, but I know that the Who never got as much publicity as the Stones or the Beatles. Nevertheless, back in the 60's and 70's, The Beatles were the number one rock band, the Stones number two, and the Who number three, in terms of record sales. The Who found out about the scam that was going on, and attempted to put an end to it.

The Who's last album, "It's Hard", released on or about March, 1982, contains a song entitled Athena, which received considerable airplay and made it onto the charts. A local rock radio station would have a copy on hand.

I have a daughter named Athena (Athena Marie Gatzke, born 4/17/1975 at St. Paul Ramsey Hospital, St. Paul, MN). I had the operation so I cannot have more children on 12/4/1981 at the same hospital. I figured I couldn't afford the one I had, and if I could in the future, then I would have the operation reversed.

In the song "Athena", it is obvious that the Athena referred to is a young female child, and there is a direct reference to the operation I had, and to the vision I claimed to have had.

(This section was added on 4/19/2001)

(Legal mumbo-jumbos) Check out these three songs from the same period in time, but first contact me and get my permission so that I can borrow or temporarily transfer ownership of the files to you, otherwise you do not have my legal permission to listen to the files or transform them from their unintelligible data form to a sound stream form. If you listen or transform these files without my permission, you will be violating copyright law. If you have no respect for copyright law, the risk lies with you. At least make an effort not to get caught, and wear headphones. You will need to have an mp3 player such as WinAMP installed on your system, or a browser that supports mp3 playing. Windows Media Player provided with Windows 98 or later provides mp3 play capability. I paid for the right to access this copyrighted material, and it is provided solely for the purpose of borrowing or temporary transference of ownership. Legitimate government investigation likely overrides copyright protection, but if you are in the government and are attempting to assess the validity of the content of these pages, you should probably check first. (End of legal mumbo-jumbos)

To listen to these songs, click on the link, then choose open file from the window that pops up. This will load your mp3 player and start playing.






In the Fixx songs, listen for Athena, and a reference to bomb (mentioned in Athena.mp3) and teeth and empty faces (silver poisoning) . Listen to these three songs, and no doubt should remain that there was indeed something strange going on in early 1982.

This is my daughter, Athena Marie Gatzke, in 1994 at age 18.

The Who thought I had gone off the deep end ("Check this out, he's talking about God now..."). Other musicians had different reactions. My middle name is John. Back in 1982, I sometimes used the nickname Johnny (long story). Some of the musicians referred to me that way because of that and for legal reasons (like avoiding being sued or too obvious after I had complained to the FCC and the FBI).

After I had the vision, it was obvious to me that it had been some criminal scum trying to sucker me into helping me unknowingly run their lame religious scam. I didn't get suckered into it and sell my soul like AC/DC did. When I knew it was a scam and not some bizarre spiritual goings on, I started speaking to the wall, knowing the lamers were there listening, and began speaking generalities about the non wisdom spiritually of what they had been doing, basically that they should wake up and die right, lest an unpleasant destiny be visited upon them.

Aerosmith's reaction to this, and to the fact that I had complained to the FBI and FCC:  (The suicide attempt referred to above involved a homemade zip-gun: I found two pieces of pipe. The smaller one held a 12 gauge rifled slug just perfectly, and the larger pipe held the smaller pipe perfectly. I found a wood dowel that fit perfectly inside the large pipe, attached a firing pin to the end of it, inserted it flush into the end of the large pipe, drilled a hole through the pipe and the dowel and bolted it into place. To fire it, all I had to do was put a 12 gauge rifled slug inside the small pipe, put the small pipe into the larger pipe, and slide the two together.) Aerosmith's lyrics: "Zip-gun Johnny's finger is itchin', the lid's gonna blow, up in Hell's kitchen..." (Aerosmith had the same band manager as AC/DC).


That one contains some references that pertained but which I cannot describe in a reasonable amount of space. This next one is more obvious.

Elton John was the only one who figured it out and saw it for what it was: This was his reaction to seeing someone driven to the point of suicide, and then having a vision upon seriously contemplating and attempting it. The gardener being referred to is obviously God.


I could have had support from the decent musicians, if for no other reason that they did not approve of the religious scam that lamers had attempted to pull right in front of their faces. I could have, in other words, became a guitar player in a band, but my goal had changed from being a musician to being an inventor.

I could produce further references, some being at least as obvious, but my CD burner is not reliable enough to burn large data CD-Roms.

You would really have to listen to the lyrics. I found out later that the Who had found out about the scam, and that this song was their attempt to destroy the scam by affirming to me that at least there were people hanging around at the time, rather than it being any strange spiritual experience. If you would find a way to be able to hear this song, I would certainly lose no credibility on this point.

After I had the vision, but before the release of the song "Athena", I was aware that what I had encountered was a group of sick people trying to run a religious scam. Considering this, I figured they had to be hanging around to hear when I turned on the radio, so I began speaking to them, expecting to be heard. Basically, what I said, speaking to the wall, was along the lines that I had had this vision, that there was a God, and that they should wake up and die right.

Those on the other side of the wall, including The Who as well, did not believe this, of course. Those running the scam had a good laugh, and the Who thought that I had gone off the deep end and lost my sanity, as is clearly reflected in the song lyrics.

Although I could be mistaken, I believe that the Who were more interested in destroying the scam than in helping me or my family personally. How they found out about it is a mystery, but I assume it had to do with the new drummer they acquired in 1981 after Keith Moon, their previous percussionist, died.

At any rate, I claim to have had this vision, and I have produced a fair number of working and valuable technologies.

(material removed 4/19/2001)

I must point out here that although I claim to have a spiritual purpose as an inventor, I am no saint. However, it cannot be shown where anything I have done has caused damage to others, excepting possibly self defense.

(material removed 4/19/2001)

I will describe another invention, the highest efficiency ever achieved in a solar power plant design. I have been able to get almost three times the efficiency, cost-effectively, that anyone else has ever been able to achieve cost-effectively. The design is surprisingly simple.

This is actually a combination solar and wind power technology. I first promoted it to Steve Reuben at Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden, Colorado, in person, on or about May 8th, 1990. However, I invented it 8 months before this, and I spoke of it to my father and mother at that time.

Unfortunately, although this invention would add considerably to the credibility of the spiritual angle, I have a sneaking suspicion that someone heard, through invasion of privacy, and stole the idea. Another case for sodium pentothal, if the spiritual credibility would be a valuable issue...

At any rate, the idea is to cover an area, say two acres, with solar cells, leaving about two feet of dark, empty space beneath the solar cells, and constructing a two foot high glass greenhouse on top of the solar cells.

This is accomplished by placing four foot high concrete pylons at regular intervals, supporting the solar cells at the two foot level, and the greenhouse glass at the four foot level. Small air passages are strategically placed to allow cool air to pass from the bottom to the top section, and from the top of the greenhouse to the outside air. A wide, insulating earth berm is constructed around the perimeter.

When the sun rises, the solar cells begin producing output at their efficiency rating, cost-effectively about 14 percent efficiency. The temperature quickly rises inside the greenhouse, and the hot air rises out of the air vents to the outside air, pulling cooler air from the bottom section as it rises.

Replacement air is available to the bottom section by means of a number of cylindrical cool air supply ducts, which radiate out from the greenhouse, under the ground, to a distance of an eighth of a mile or more, where they terminate at ground level to the open air.

Air gets pulled through these ducts at a considerable rate, to replace the hot air rising out of the greenhouse. Air at ambient air temperature is further cooled as it goes below the ground in the air supply ducts, increasing the thermal gradient and therefore the rate of air flow. For the purposes of trying to picture the idea, assume multiple 1 foot diameter ducts feeding a greenhouse covering two acres. Visualization might prove impressive...

It can be proven by small scale model experiment that by controlling the number of ducts in use and the size of one auxiliary control duct, that a precise, regulated wind speed can be generated in these ducts.

In a full scale design, a precise, regulated 40 mph wind can be generated, which is the speed at which a wind generator runs at maximum efficiency.

In actual use, the number of ducts in use and the pitch of the blades would be the variables modified by a control computer to regulate the wind speed.

Line the ducts with propeller-driven, venturi-enhanced wind generators, and the total efficiency of the power plant is the output of the solar cells plus the wind generator output. The expected efficiency rating is between 30 and 40 percent, and the idea is cost-effective and viable.

The actual layout is of course a little more complicated. The airflow path must be as aerodynamic as possible. In the desert, for example, a portable solar furnace would be used to fuse sand in the layout area into glass, creating an aerodynamic airflow pattern.

The less resistance the air meets, the faster it will travel; the more power it will have to impart to the generator propellers. A plumber knows of the same effect demonstrated with moving water. The more turns in the pipe, especially 90 degree turns, the lower the water pressure will be.

This process is inexpensive after the initial investment in the portable solar furnace, and almost all the construction materials required are present and available in the desert. The silicon in the sand can be used for the onsite manufacture of amorphous silicon cells, the sand can be made into glass, and support pylons. This type of power plant would be far less viable in areas other than desert terrain because of the susceptibility to hailstorms.

No one has ever come near this efficiency in a solar power plant before. The best anyone had been able to accomplish before this idea, cost-effectively, was the 14 percent efficiency in solar cells. Although solar cells exist that can produce at around the 20 percent efficiency mark, these are far too expensive to be considered for such a use.

Taken a step further, a city could be built underneath the setup.

By now I assume that you are wondering where this is leading to. The answer is that I am faced with serious problems, and have failed to solve them with conventional means. Therefore, I must resort to unconventional means. What I pointed out, about the religious scam above and about electromagnetics, sounds strange, but I could fill a book with descriptions of other unlikely occurrences that have actually occurred. I could also document or demonstrate many of these occurrences.

Although there is more than one reason, one main reason I brought that up about 1982 is to point out that I had my privacy invaded then, and can probably produce proof that this was so. This has also been true from time to time afterwards, and although I could not prove this, I can raise suspicion. If I could get in touch with the Who, I would probably be able to bring a successful lawsuit against the FCC and FBI.

I complained in person to the FBI and FCC about the invasion of privacy in 1982, and repeatedly afterwards. Although the issue was clearly within their jurisdiction, neither agency made the slightest effort.

The fact is, the type of surveillance that went on then could not have escaped the notice of either of these agencies. For example, thanks to "The Legion of Doom", a self-titled group of computer hackers, the FBI is required to listen in on any modem use. If you buy a modem for your home computer, and proceed to use it to call friends, business, or bulletin boards, you can rest assured that circuitry at the phone company will immediately inform the FBI that a modem is being used, and your telecommunications will then, and from time to time afterwards, be monitored.

The Secret Service and FBI are so involved in these activities that they have been known to shut down innocent computer bulletin boards, and confiscate all the computer equipment owned by the bulletin board operator, for instances of callers to open bulletin boards uploading pirated software, not even giving the bulletin board operator time to examine the upload...

For instance, in "Operation Sun Devil", the Secret Service raided a small role-playing game publisher and confiscated all of the company's computers, disks, and manuscripts for "Cyberpunk", a role-playing game, because of a past association of an employee with a known hacker. The owner was nearly driven out of business by the loss of the equipment.

No charges were ever filed, but the equipment was confiscated, and to this day has probably still not been returned. The owner is now suing for damages. Consult the magazine "Computer Shopper", page 150, June 1992 issue for a more complete description. There are many other, much better examples, but I cannot immediately name references for these. The author of Lotus 123, who keeps up with reports of such rights violations over computer bulletin boards, has been known to step forward and pay the legal costs of those whose rights have been trampled upon, in some cases.

Most computer bulletin boards have text files available for download that contain such harassment and rights violation descriptions. The system operator of most bulletin boards can probably name which files are available. I had about 100 K worth of such files, but had to delete them to create disk space, or I could describe many offensive rights violations, most more clear cut than the example above. There was some doubt about the example above, read the article referenced to see why.

Automatic equipment at the phone company detects any modem use on any line. This is probably not a bad policy, but it has been abused from time to time. I only wish to point out that this policy does exist.

The phone company also monitors any video surveillance, or any phone line held open for more than a certain length of time. This also helps the phone company detect private lines being used for business purposes, that should be paying business rates but aren't, but its main purpose is the detection of stolen long distance calling card code use.

But assume the FCC and FBI knew nothing. If the Who back up my claim, it would become obvious that if either agency would have made the slightest effort, what was going on at the time would have been easily discovered.

I could almost understand the FCC and FBI writing me off in 1982 as some kind of a nut case because of the strange nature of what I had complained about, invasion of privacy by rock musicians.

Even so, they are legally required to investigate any complaint, rather than just dismiss someone's complaint out of hand, and you would normally think they could be trusted to do the job they are supposed to do; the references I gave at the time could have been checked, and at least a token effort made to try and see if it was actually was going on.

Given my experience, it was obvious to me that if the most minor surveillance had been used on the two rock radio stations I listed in my complaint, that the invasion of privacy would have been uncovered. Personally, I would like to see Mark Rosen, currently an employee of WCCO TV in the Twin Cities, but then a disc jockey for one of these stations, hauled off into a dark alley and shot up with sodium pentothal... and asked questions about the invasion of privacy that went on.

As for my complaints to the FCC and FBI about electromagnetics later, in late 1985, and their inaction on those complaints as well, the only logical explanation, given the facts, for their refusal to act on my complaints about electromagnetics is complicity. I believe I can raise more than a strong suspicion of this, and I will do so further below.

The Who would be able to attest that surveillance went on at the time I complained and afterwards. If for some reason they would not, the lyrics to "Athena" would very strongly indicate otherwise.

What has been of greater concern to me than the musicians and their scam is the lack of government action on my complaint, when in fact the government had to have known about the goings on of the time. I have had other problems with the government, some of which I can document, some I cannot. I will go into more of these further below.

For the time being, now that I have laid some basic historical groundwork, I can return to my development and promotion of the railroad safety technology.

As far as any competing claim for inventorship of the technology is concerned, I point out that I just gave it to Burlington Northern and AMTRAK, and someone at either office might have decided to claim inventorship themselves. Also, the invasion of privacy I pointed out regarding the rock musicians and their scam, still persisted in 1984 at the time I invented the technology, and afterwards as well.

(Material added 4/19/2001) Burlington Northern could not be faulted if they claimed inventorship and obtained a patent for this invention. I dropped it off at BN headquarters in the late summer of 1984, moved shortly afterwards and left no forwarding address, and did not attempt to contact them again until 1992 with the original form of this letter. The technology saves lives, and saves the ralroads many millions of dollars. It would be irresponsible, and perhaps even illegal, for BN not to act in the best interests of their shareholders.

If there is any competing claim, for the railroad invention, or any other invention listed here for that matter, I wonder if any other claimant would be so fast to agree to the use of sodium pentothal and a lie detector.

The willingness to agree to the use of the test, remember, can strongly indicate nothing more than a logical psychological assumption that the test would never actually be performed.

The following may make you ponder the proof of inventorship question, if there is doubt; at any rate, it will invoke suspicion if there is a competing claim, and possibly underscore my stated spiritual purpose as an inventor.

I was inspired to invent the technology in the late spring or early summer of 1984, when two Burlington Northern coal trains collided head on in Motley, Minnesota, claiming the lives of two engineers and a fireman, and costing Burlington Northern at least 24 million dollars. I learned from TV news that it cost BN 6 million to clean up the wreck and replace the equipment (the insurance deductible ?), and that there were 3 successful 6 million dollar lawsuits on the part of the deceased engineer's and fireman's families.

At any rate, the waste and death made me devote my attention to attempt to find a method of failsafe against such collisions. I completed my first attempt to devise failsafe against head-on train collisions, which was a failure, about two weeks after this accident.

It involved a small remote track car travelling some distance out in front of the locomotive, and at first seemed a viable idea. However, I realized later that the car itself would have become a major cause of grade crossing accidents, since the car would have to weigh a fair amount in order to carry any appreciable fuel weight or attain any appreciable speed.

When I left the Twin Cities in early July, 1984, to promote my idea before AMTRAK in Washington, this is the idea that I had. On the bus, enroute to Washington, I realized the flaws, and invented the transponder / detector method. However, I had no way of having it witnessed and notarized, and so I did not wish to disclose the new idea to the AMTRAK representative.

I kept the first idea, as a tool. When I went to AMTRAK's offices, I showed this design to the AMTRAK representative. I then pointed out the flaws to him, as well as the fact that the invention that I was withholding from his notice was something completely different, did not contain these or any other flaws, and was viable, and that the earlier idea was in my opinion totally unworkable.

I told him that I was in a financially desperate situation (I was), and that I wanted a guarantee of at least a job at AMTRAK, working in ticketing or baggage or something at least, and a cut of the sales to other railroads, less than a percent, as is normal. I said I would not show him the viable design until I had these guarantees.

I did not have the proof of inventorship of the viable design completely legally protected, and if I had shown it to him, I would have stood a fair chance of endangering my rights to the patent.

I wanted a disclosure contract. However, such a contract would have been difficult for AMTRAK to write, since AMTRAK's legal staff would have had to word the contract to include the possibility that I was not the original inventor, in order to protect themselves.

At the time, I was not familiar with the normal corporate handling of new outside ideas, and perhaps expected too much. What I should have done at the time would have been to return to Minnesota, and get my proof of inventorship legally established.

However, I had excellent reasons not to wish to return to Minnesota, some of which I described above. I felt that the AMTRAK representative could have had such a contract written up, but that he did not want to go through the extra work it would have involved.

The AMTRAK representative did not seem to appreciate that I was in a financially unfortunate situation, and I assumed that if I could impress this upon him, that he might make the effort to have such a contract written up. Failing to impress him with that, I considered he might be impressed to assist me if I described the spiritual aspect of my purpose as an inventor to him. I gave him a brief description of what I described above about the rock musicians and what had come to pass because of that, the vision I had, et cetera.

This did not seem to impress him, rather seeming to reduce my credibility instead, and the AMTRAK representative seemingly became somewhat condescending. I judged from this that he had not been impressed, and doubted my story, and it occurred to me that he had no spiritual knowledge. Because of this, and because of what I sensed as a condescending attitude on his part, I remember making some vague spiritual threat, something to the effect that the gods were angry already at what had transpired with the musicians, and that it would not be wise to consider attempting to steal the idea.

Aside, I make no such threat towards the readers of this letter. I willingly gave my idea away, which changes matters considerably.

The AMTRAK rep brushed aside all my attempts to have the desired contract written, and I ran out of money (and hope, and even faith) in Washington and decided to attempt suicide. I drank a pint of Jack Daniels and a bottle of sleeping pills, but I got deathly ill instead. After throwing up about 20 times, I figured there had to be a less painful way to do it, and called up an ambulance. I was taken to George Washington University Hospital and fixed up. I told them it was an accidental and unintentional overdose, and they let me go the next day.

That day, someone told me of Salvation Army traveler's aid, and that traveler's aid would pay for a bus ticket back to Minnesota for me. This turned out to be true advice, and by the end of the next day, I was on my way back to Minnesota.

When I arrived back in Minnesota, I checked into St. Paul Ramsey Hospital's mental health unit for severe depression. This was two days after I had left Washington.

That night, I saw on the TV news that two AMTRAK passenger trains had collided head-on on the Hell Gate bridge in New York City. Of all of the thousands of miles of track in the United States, the Hell Gate bridge ? And both AMTRAK trains, a head on collision, after I had gone to AMTRAK to promote a technology that prevents such collisions, and had made a vague spiritual threat to the AMTRAK representative ?

Coincidence ? To this day I wonder about that, and wonder what happened to the AMTRAK representative. I would not be surprised if he started attending church three of four times a week after that. I think the incident too strange to be brushed aside as a coincidence. Perhaps it might add to my description of a spiritual nature, perhaps it was only a coincidence.

While I was at St. Paul Ramsey, I related the entire story of my trip, and was given some very poor advice by a psychologist.

He indicated that he thought that my invention was not worth trying to profit from, if it was going to cause me such physical and mental difficulties. His advice was not to have anything further to do with it. Years later, I finally realized that at the time, he had probably assumed that I was not the original inventor when he gave me this advice...

However, at the time, I pondered his suggestion, and at least had to agree that promoting my idea had caused me a great amount of trouble and pain. I think that my thinking processes were not exactly operating at 100 percent at the time, considering what I had been through, and the especially the medication I began taking.

Had I considered it correctly, I would have protected the idea, and would have approached my father, or one of his brothers, who were personal friends of Sam Walton. I have no doubt that Walton would have put forth venture capital.

I had considered this approach with the first, flawed idea, but the first idea was not nearly so cost effective (in insurance cost savings) as the second. I assume that the transponder idea pays for itself in the first two or three years, and begins to save the railroads millions per year in insurance costs afterwards. This level of cost-effectiveness was not present in the first idea. However, for some reason it did not occur to me to reconsider approaching Mr. Walton after I had invented the transponder idea, possibly because of the medication, and my following the advice to put the concept out of my mind.

At any rate, I followed the psychologist's poor advice, went to Burlington Northern's downtown St. Paul headquarters, and gave my invention away. I cannot even remember if I sent a copy to AMTRAK. If memory serves correctly, I also mailed AMTRAK a copy.

The final deciding factor for me, to just give the idea away, was that if I were to sit on the idea, and wait until I could attempt to get it patented, engineers and firemen would probably die.

(Material added 4/19/2001) I should have had a malpractice lawsuit against St. Paul Ramsey Hospital for this, but I made no attempt to contact a lawyer. This hospital was owned and run by a Minnesota State agency, and a previous attempt to legally resolve a lawsuit against a government agency had convinced me beyond all doubt that there exists an unwritten rule for lawyers, that if they sue the government on a contingency basis, they will be drummed out of the bar association. In 1988 I had a case against the school district that half of the 80 or so lawyers I contacted admitted was an open and shut case that no doubt I would win, but none of the 80 lawyers was willing to take the case to court. The scum that arranged the legal system to deprive people of their rights and participated in it will learn a hard spiritual lesson later on...

I will now describe some claims which might be difficult, or expensive, to substantiate, and some which would be impossible to verify; however, I can produce facts which will tend to raise a strong suspicion that the claims which cannot be substantiated are correct. I must describe these claims in order to accurately describe the problems I now face, and why I have to resort to this unconventional means of trying to straighten them out.

I will speak of psychic; I have had such abilities, but most of these have been damaged to the point of uselessness. However, I retain the ability to demonstrate at least some ability.

I could, for example, arrange a demonstration with a live camera from a stockyard. I found out something truly interesting one night, by accident, when I was working at the Taco Johns near the pig kill at the Farmstead Foods stockyard in Albert Lea, MN.

I became irritated at having to listen to the screaming pigs, and cast a thought in their direction, something about wishing that they would all shut up. This actually drew a reaction from the pigs, strangely enough.

I then attempted to prove this reaction to myself. I thought threats at the pigs, broadcast thoughts such as "Now you DIE", with strong emphasis on the word die, and caused the entire yard of pigs to commence screaming. I did this enough times to remove all doubt. I have also been able to demonstrate this to myself more than once at more than one truck stop I have visited, where a truckload of pigs was present.

I have no doubt, if a camera was aimed at a pig kill at a stockyard, and a computer was hooked up, the type they use in the NFL, to superimpose arrows and circles on a live TV picture, that if I were to draw an arrow pointing at a specific pig, that the pig would immediately move away from the arrow's point. If I were to draw a circle, the pig would immediately leave it.

The pigs are not blind to what is going on. Pigs are being killed, and those still alive know that their turn comes soon. All animals (and all humans) are psychic, that is, all have either latent or active psychic capabilities. At the pig kill. the pigs are not appreciative of ANY influence that should attempt to interface with them, considering what any influence is likely to be (that is, any influence is likely to mean death)...

It would not surprise me in the slightest if you yourself, or anyone else, could elicit the same reaction from the pigs. However, the closer the proximity to the pig kill, and the larger the audience in the case of the video experiment, the more likely you would be to succeed.

There are other demonstrations I could perform, but it makes no sense to waste space describing them here. Suffice it to say that I have absolutely no doubt as to my ability to demonstrate psychic.

Unfortunately, though I know that I could perform these demonstrations, it would only be a demonstration of psychic output, the ability to interact via psychic. In the past, I had a strong facility of psychic input (from 1986 to 1988, a very strong facility), that is, the ability to sense things, and that ability has eroded to the point where it would not be far from error at all to say that I have no such capability now. This is unfortunate, because a few things I will point out, I learned from being able to sense.

Without going into a long-winded explanation, which would at best be hearsay or conjecture even with a demonstrable ability, I will attempt to explain some of the reasons I find myself currently having problems.

My main problem is having made the enemies I pointed out above. I discovered the existence of psychic amplification devices, and made these enemies by informing my congressman's office of what I knew, giving my opinion that all high-ranking government employees be tested for sensitivity to frequency, and that other precautions be taken. I could build and demonstrate such devices, but not on my present income, unfortunately. I would rather not describe the technical details, since it is my opinion that too many people know already.

Suffice it to say that these bastards have caused me a world of trouble, some of which I can clearly document, some of which is so clear-cut that there can be no other explanation.

I will now describe the most serious damage caused to me by these people. Although there is no absolute proof that these people caused the damage, there can be little doubt. It would be an understatement to say that the problem has caused me considerable damage.

I will try to be as brief as possible, but I must describe some detail in order that you get a complete enough picture of what happened, so you can judge for yourself if there is more to it than meets the eye. I say that this damage was intentionally caused, and I can produce evidence to prove this much is so.

I pointed out above that I had invented a technology to use ultrasound to increase rocket thrust. This was in the late fall of 1985, and I found out by accident at the same time that I was sensitive to electromagnetic frequency.

I had an ultrasonic generator and radio frequency generator, and other equipment to be able to produce ultrasonic and radio frequency. I learned, quite by accident, that my ultrasonic transducer's output increased the size of a flame from a BIC lighter!

I experimented enough to seemingly confirm this. I pondered why it should, and research turned up these facts:

1) At 10 watts per square centimeter power level and a frequency of 200 kHz, the pressure in the zone of the positive phase of the wave exceeds 12,000 pounds per square inch. (source: Westinghouse Ultrasonics Division)

2) The positive phase of the wave increases the density of molecules in an area as the wave passes, and the negative phase decreases the density. In other words, molecules in the area that the positive form of the wave passes through are all pressed towards one another, and the negative form of the wave moves the molecules physically apart from one another. The wave travels through the area at the speed of sound.

Since the density increase in the zone of the positive phase of the ultrasound wave means an increase in the physical proximity of the molecules in that zone, I realized that the odds that a chemical reaction will occur between two molecules are increased in that zone. In a liquid fueled rocket, this would cause more complete combustion, higher inside the nozzle.

The negative phase of the wave is of no consequence. The positive, compression phase of the wave, increases the chances that any two molecules will close enough physically to begin to react. However, the weak force (the chemical force) is much stronger than the low pressure phase of the wave.

In other words, once the reaction starts, the two molecules can no longer be referred to as separate; they no longer exist, but as a single new molecule. All the negative phase can do is to physically move these new molecules further apart from one another.

This phenomenon has the potential to increase the rate or speed of any chemical reaction.

I found out at the same time that at certain frequencies, I was able to cause pain in my teeth and elsewhere in and above the neck, with less than two watts of transmit power...

I had had some problems in the past that included anxiety and sensing things I did not desire to sense with psychic. The problem with sensing things I did not desire to sense immediately disappeared when I realized I was sensitive to electromagnetic frequency.

I had the anxiety problem centered around my teeth since 1981, and had repeatedly tried to get them all pulled out, it was that bad. I was repeatedly told that the teeth were healthy, and dentists would refuse.

I had finally found out the exact nature of the problem with the teeth. At the time, I earned little enough that I qualified for government assistance in getting dental work done. However, I had to have a professional concur that the problem existed, and get a prior authorization, before I could actually get the work done.

Since I desperately needed to get the work done, and getting the prior authorization would involve a waiting period, and since I had the anxiety problem, I decided to approach a headshrink to get the professional concurrence and some Valium for the anxiety problem as well, it was that bad.

In late 1985, I loaded up the transmitter into my Mustang II and drove to the University of Minnesota hospital. I told the headshrink there that I had found that I was sensitive to radio frequency, and that I had my transmitter along, and that I had the bad anxiety problem. I told him I would bring in the transmitter, and he could tune the dial. Whenever he tuned a frequency I was sensitive to , I would raise my hand, and he could mark the dial; this would prove the sensitivity, because I would always raise my hand at those marks.

I gave no indication of having any kind of problem, except possibly the anxiety problem, yet he had me locked up in the nut ward there, without even looking at the transmitter. I was enraged, to say the least. I told him he had better let me out or I would come over to his house some night and let him know in a more personal way that I was displeased at his action, or something similar I should not print here.

I used a legal maneuver known as a change of venue to have the commitment hearing he wanted held to be held in my home county, Dakota county, rather than in Hennepin county. I told him (I lied) that I knew the judge there, and I could come up with a hundred character witnesses, and that I would turn around and countersue, and he would pay through the nose.

I was kept exactly the legal limit, 72 hours, and then released. In the weeks following this, I noticed that frequencies I was sensitive to started to be used, and this physically irritated me greatly.

It got so bad that it literally drove me out of the city. It was the only way I could think of to get away from the irradiation. I had complained to the FCC and the FBI, repeatedly between early fall 1985 and early 1986, and now complained again, but they still would not even test me for sensitivity to frequency. I was basically told that it wasn't their job, but the fact is, it fell under both jurisdictions. At any rate, I got nowhere with the complaints.

At the time, I assumed that the FCC and FBI could probably be trusted, that the lack of action on my complaints was due to a credibility problem there, because I had made the mistake of saying something in my complaints about the vision I had had.

I have strong reason to believe now that I was mistaken in my assumption that the electromagnetic irradiation was occurring as a result of my going to the U of M, rather than my going to the FCC and FBI.

At any rate, the electromagnetics got so bad that I had to make an attempt to get away from it. My sleep schedule was getting totally screwed up, and the goings on at the time were quite unpleasant.

I had a couple of ideas about using ultrasound to increase fuel efficiency in gasoline engines, so I loaded up most of my possessions into my 1973 Plymouth Duster, and headed out towards Detroit, hoping to get a job with one of the automakers.

So, in early 1986, I left the Twin Cities and headed eastward, because of the electromagnetics being used, a poor living situation, and lack of employment.

It is important to note here that suspension was pending on my driver's license for non-payment of a $60.00 speeding ticket, which I could not afford to pay at the time, when money for food was a problem. However, the suspension was not due to occur for about two months, and I assumed I would be able to find employment outside the state to pay the fine by that time. I considered it a strong possibility that I could gain employment in Detroit, by promoting the idea of using ultrasound to increase fuel economy in internal combustion engines.

I left unprepared, due to lack of cash. (I left Minnesota with a full tank of gas siphoned from my junk '74 Mustang II, and $14.00, in the Duster.) Perhaps a poor decision, but I was unable to find employment in St. Paul.

Although General Motors expressed interest, there was some doubt as to the effectiveness of the idea vs. the weight of the equipment, and I was not offered employment. I did not pursue the idea further, although an engineer at Ford Diesel Truck Division in Dearborn said it might have the potential to reduce smog and soot emissions in diesel engines.

I found employment in Ypsilanti at East Michigan Auto Parts, but not enough of it, as I had to live in my automobile, sleeping at the rest areas outside of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI. Things began to improve, but then the Boss at the junkyard decided to hire one of his relatives instead.

I was unable to make progress, because all I earned I had to spend on food and gas. I had another invention, the use of ultrasound as a smokestack emission control device, and I had gotten a really poor reaction at General Motors for a working technology, so I went up into Toronto, with $38.00, fixing broken-down cars on the way and giving jump starts for $5 and $10.

However, when I got there, I started worrying about the possibility that dealing with the Canadians for such a device could get me into trouble with the U.S. government or U.S. big business, and figured there had to be a way to fight the electromagnetic problem rather than to let it drive me out of my own country, so I decided to return. I came back down through Niagara Falls to Erie, Pennsylvania, and found a job there, working at another junkyard. However, this did not pan out, either.

The problem on this trip was that I was never able to get my on-hand cash up over $50.00. By this time, the cost of the ticket had gone up to $95.00, according to a notice I had from Minnesota's Dept. of Driver/Vehicle Services.

Someone in Erie told me that there was a hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, that would pay $500.00 for the rights to your organs when you died. This I had to investigate, so I went there, but could find no such place.

There was nothing else in Morgantown, either. I had twenty-five days remaining on my license, and I decided to press on to Washington, D.C., because I had been there before and somewhat knew my way around, and figured I could find work, or at least park the car if worse came to worse, stay in a mission, and find work.

There was also a good possibility of getting a temporary job at Bechtel Corporation in Washington. I have the rare quality that would qualify me for employment as a 'jumper', someone who works inside a nuclear power plant, being exposed to the maximum legal dose of radiation. I cannot have children anymore, which qualifies me. This work can only be done once, where you are trained to perform one specific task lasting a maximum of 12 minutes inside the nuclear power plant, and then after practicing on a mock-up until proficient, the actual task is performed. The pay is $6000.00 for two weeks of training and 12 minutes of work, room and board provided.

However, in D.C., I could find no place to store the car that would be relatively free of the possibility of theft. I had made the mistake of taking almost all of my valuable possessions with me, expecting to be able to reside in Michigan in the first place.

As I mentioned above, I left unprepared, but there were problems in the Twin Cities other than unemployment that I felt it would be best to get away from. I made some poor decisions, on this trip, for certain, including leaving Minnesota in the first place. Bechtel was not hiring, and I ran low on funds.

About this time, someone told me that the church would help me out with money and/or loans for gas. I tried it out, and the pastor of the first church I went to gave me $20.00. I figured I could pay the money back, and up to that time I had seen that there would be an excellent chance that getting stalled motorist's cars running using my mechanics skills and jumper cables could pay for the trip back to Minnesota. This had more than paid for the trip to Toronto and back. Every time I had seen a stalled vehicle, I had stopped.

So, I left Washington on or about April 10th, 1986, and tried to make it back to Minnesota. I assumed I would get back, park the car, and work for a couple of weeks at temporary employment to pay off the fine and reinstate the license, and then I would head out again.

This is where I ran into a serious problem with the government. I have not been able to solve this problem, and I and my family have suffered considerable financial and other damage as a result. I exhausted all means available to me to try to solve the problem, with no effect.

Although my license was due to be suspended for late payment of a $60.00 speeding ticket, the license was actually suspended far in advance, almost two full weeks, of the date it was supposed to be. I will produce proof of this below. Also, the state did not meet their own requirements of notification of impending suspension.

I tried to point these facts out to different parts of the government at the time, and produced undeniable written proof and witnesses, and still could not get the problem straightened out. I will describe fully what transpired below.

Not only did I lose everything I owned as a result of this occurrence, I also quit making much of an effort to try to get ahead in life at that time.

Logically enough to me, it could serve no purpose to make any attempt to get ahead in life, when government bastards could wipe it out of existence at their whim... it not only seemed that (a part of) the government was 'out to get me', so to speak, there was (and is) considerable proof that this was actually the case. After I describe what happened, I think you will agree that something was definitely wrong. To this day I can still produce overwhelming proof that I was in the right.

(Material added 4/19/2001) This manifests itself at the subconcious level, and therefore cannot be limited or controlled. It places restrictive limits on what motivation or ambitions I might otherwise have had. The facts are the facts, and the subconcious mind is not incapable of recognizing them and imposing its own solutions upon the body and concious mind.

My Minnesota driver's license was due to be suspended on April 4th, 1986, for non-payment of the 60 dollar speeding ticket. I still have the original notice from the Minnesota Dept. of Driver and Vehicle Services that shows the date of suspension as 4:00 PM on April 4, 1986. When I realized I would not be able to meet the requirements of the SAVE program, I applied for and received a 30 day extension, to have more time to pay the fine.

The date of this notice was 2/26/86. It becomes clear by reading the notice that with a 30 day extension, that the date of suspension would be 30 days from the DUE DATE, (April 4th + 30 days) or May 4th.

However, the license was suspended on April 23rd, almost two weeks before it was supposed to be. I was pulled over in Dixon, Illinois by a Illinois State Trooper, at 12:40 AM on 4/23/86, for crossing the centerline. The trooper informed me that my license had been suspended at 12:00 AM that morning, on 4/23/86.

For some reason, I had mistakenly assumed the suspension date to be April 25th. I had left the above notice in Minnesota by accident (this is the only reason I still possess the notice), and so I wanted to be absolutely sure of the date.

I knew that Minnesota law required that I be informed in writing four days before the license was actually suspended. (A lawyer I spoke with in the summer of 1986 told me that the law requiring the state to notify was still in effect, although this law was changed in August, 1986.)

I knew this because I had had the experience of getting caught driving after suspension in Minnesota in 1982, through my own fault, and fined $150.00, because I did not meet my legal responsibility to notify the state of my new address when I moved. Three months after I had moved, my license was suspended for habitual violator (I was unaware of automatic suspension for habitual violator after three offenses in a given year). The suspension notice was mailed to my old address, and I never received it.

I plead guilty to driving after suspension, after the Judge informed me that if I did not, he would prosecute for the failure to notify the state of the address change, and the fine would be much larger.

At any rate, to return to 1986, I was expecting the suspension notice, and I wanted to verify the date of suspension, so I called my landlord, Ron Jorgensen, (previously of 530 11th Ave N., South St. Paul, MN.) on April 17th, 19th, and 22nd, to see if the suspension notice had arrived, so I could be absolutely sure of the suspension date. The suspension notice had not been received when I called on April 22nd.

On the way back from Washington, two churches along the way let me use their telephone (and footed the bill) for two of these calls, and there would have been documentation, but I lost the automobile to the impound lot in Dixon, IL., and the business cards of these churches were in the glovebox. However, one of the calls was collect, and showed up on Ron's phone bill.

I can also produce a lost mail report I filed at the Post Office to find the date the suspension notice was mailed.

At the time, when I returned to Minnesota to try to straighten out the mess, I thought that the notice (DOC_1.GIF) that I copied for you above was in the car in Dixon, Illinois. Therefore, I had no idea at the time, and did not realize until more than a year later, when I found this notice, that the suspension date was supposed to be May 4th rather than April 23rd.

Because of this, I (mistakenly) assumed that I might have made an error, since I was unsure of the exact suspension date, in that the correct suspension date might actually have been the 23rd.

Given this, I assumed that there had been a problem with the state not sending the notice, or sending the notice late, or a problem with the Post Office, since the suspension notice had not been received at my house. Therefore I filed the lost mail enquiry with the Post Office. The lost mail report clearly shows the date the suspension notice was mailed as April 17th.

Ron Jorgenson stated his willingness at the time to sign an affidavit to the following:

1) That the suspension notice had not arrived at his house by the 22nd, but had arrived afterwards. 2) That I had indeed repeatedly called his house as I have stated above to see if the notice had arrived. 3) That when I returned to the Twin Cities after leaving Illinois, I called him, and the notice was there, and at my request he opened it and read it to me, and the suspension date on the notice was the 23rd.

By law, if the suspension date had been the 23rd, the suspension notice should have been delivered by the 19th. According to the Post Office, the notice had been sent properly on the 17th. I list this here because of a sneaking suspicion that Minnesota Dept. of Driver and Vehicle Services could make the claim that I had never applied for the 30 day extension, since I do not have that original extension document on file. I believe it wise to have this suspicion, considering that the license was suspended almost two weeks before it was supposed to be, and other reasons I list elsewhere.

At the time, and even now, if I had the resources to be able to locate Ron, I could have gotten this affidavit. At the time, I could have produced long distance telephone charge records that proved I made the calls to check on the expected arrival of the suspension notice.

I might also be able to obtain police records that show that the license was valid up until at least 4/18 or 4/19, because I had stopped to ask for Traveler's Aid. Traveler's Aid refers you to the police department first, where the police run a check on your driver's license for outstanding warrants.

At any rate, I was incarcerated in Dixon for two days, under the charge driving without a valid license.

I ended up losing the automobile, and everything inside it, which amounted to everything valuable that I owned, including $800.00 worth of tools, $500.00 worth of clothing, $200.00 worth of cassette tapes, the $200.00 value of the '73 Plymouth Duster. More importantly, I lost a file cabinet containing all the records of my entire life, including school records, employment records, my high school diploma, and valuable technical records, including my all my correspondence with Burlington Northern and AMTRAK regarding the invention.

I also lost something far more valuable than anything else I ended up losing in this experience. For lack of a better term, the term 'psychic claustrophobia' would probably be most accurate to describe what was brought about by this incarceration. It is a very unpleasant phenomenon which I had run up against, in a much milder form, from time to time previous to this incident. What it does is to cause someone like me to destroy their own psychic abilities, which figure strongly in a spiritual interface.

The very strong spiritual connection that I had had up to that time was almost totally destroyed by the incarceration that followed. To this day, I have not been able to recover this interface. Of this entire incident, this had to be the worst damage that was caused. What little remained of this connection then, after the damage was done, now seems to be completely non- existent. I would say at the time, I was left with less than two percent of my original level of interface.

I can produce at least one witness, with a near certainty of being able to produce professional verification as well, as to the strength of my spiritual connection before that time. Although there were many other examples I could speak of, (perhaps the AMTRAK incident) this is the only one I can truly document.

In the summer of 1983, I was living with my father at 90 W. Winnipeg, a fourplex apartment off Rice Street in St. Paul. I lived in unit 1 with my father. Unit 4 was occupied by Jimmy Fleischaker, a single barber who was about my age. He was also a guitar player, and I came to be friends with him over the month or two after he moved in.

One night, I was just finishing up my coffee at Mickey's Diner in Downtown St. Paul. I paid and left, and as I walked out the door, two things happened. One, A powerful thunderstorm started moving into the area, and the rain began to fall at a fair rate, and two, as I was walking out, I met Jimmy walking in.

He was stoned out of his gourd, had probably been out partying, and he started talking some line of bull about devils and dealers. I didn't make out the specifics, but I got the general idea, so I pulled him off to the side and told him "You don't want to be talking about that kind of crap, you don't even want to be thinking about it, you'll bring the wrath upon yourself". With perfect and precise emphasis upon the word wrath, lightning came down out of the sky and exploded a telephone pole a half block away.

I don't remember exactly what I said to him afterwards, but during the next few minutes I spoke to him, the exact same thing happened, three or four more times, lightning striking an object within a two block radius with absolutely perfect and precise emphasis on the word that needed to be emphasized. At the time, none of this even surprised me, I had grown used to it...

I met him back at the apartment later, and told him not to worry about it, that if the Gods were concerned enough to tell him personally to wake up and die right, there must be some hope for his carcass.

There were other reasons, I told him, not to be paranoid about spiritual reality or religion, some of which I'll describe for you later, but I told him that all the gods require from anyone is for them not to damage and destroy other people, and that if you can at least meet that minimum requirement, spiritually you have it made. If you wanted to refer to the Book, the two most important rules in Matthew back this up. If you obey the second rule, you automatically obey the first, and it says "nothing else is as important as this".

As an aside, perhaps I should point out that while I believe the New Testament to true, my belief does not make it so. I have no knowledge, only a belief. I am a realist, and it had occurred (correctly) to me that there is no way to know, especially nowadays, with the existence of psychic amplification, and religious scams. To me, it is obvious applied logic that people can make the mistake of assuming that because God does not turn His back on them, that they have made no errors, when in fact it is written that God will not turn his back even if they do make such errors.

Jimmy became paranoid anyway, however. A week after this incident he could be seen on Rice Street, going into the bars like a Salvation Army worker with a Bible in his hand, preaching the word of God to the Hell's Outcasts motorcycle club members and carpenters who were having a drink after work. He was kicked out of all the bars on Rice Street.

A week after this, He was in Anoka State Mental Hospital, where they were feeding him Thorazine to try to cure his problem... The medical records are there, and I have no doubt that Jimmy would allow you to use them to confirm this incident, if he can be located.

His mother's name is Linda Fleischaker. Supposedly she knows the musician Bob Dylan personally, although I do not assume any connection (at least any bad connection) with what I said before about what happened in 1982. I only point it out as a possible means of locating Jimmy. Jimmy has been known to be found in Sandstone, MN, and elsewhere in central and northern Minnesota, although it is quite possible he is still in the Twin Cities, working as a barber.

After I lost this spiritual interface, I found it quite difficult. From 1982 to the time of this incident, I had never had to worry about what I should be doing, where I should be, the best way around an obstacle, etc... I also had a very powerful sense of intuition. I had trained my capabilities of psychic and intuition while a taxi driver.

From late summer 1979 to February, 1986, I had worked as a taxi driver for a total of 27 months, 12 hours a day, six days a week. This work was spread out over 5 years, because I only drove winters, when it was profitable. (Driving taxi, I used to pick up the Burlington Northern railroad crews from the St. Paul Child's Road Yard (now closed), and take them to the Northtown Yards and then to the Francis Drake hotel in downtown Minneapolis.)

I never had even the most minor accident, the entire time. In fact, the only accident I have ever had was when someone backed into my parked car.

Driving taxi, I survived five New Year's Eves, three of which fell under blizzard conditions. I found that I could control other drivers with psychic. I could will them out of my way, and they would move, every time.

My intuition prevented my having accidents. I would sense anything that came close, and at times it seemed I could almost have driven with my eyes closed. It is unfortunate that I did not listen to my intuition the night of the 22nd. Returning from Washington, I was in East Chicago, making the switch from US 30 to US 20, and something kept telling me to take interstate 80.

However, my gas money situation was not good; I could have gone to Des Moines, where I have an aunt and uncle, but if they had not been home I would have been in an unfortunate position. I planned to take US 20 to Webster City, Iowa, where I also have relatives, not so far out of the way I couldn't stop and risk no one being there.

To take Interstate 80, I would have had to go 30 miles south, then straight west into Des Moines. It made no sense that I should go that way, but something kept nagging at me to do it, warning me of some unseen danger. It was my intuition, but it had been so long since there had been a threat that the capability had fallen into disuse, and I did not recognize it. I had always had a high degree of spiritual protection via intuition. The only blame in this matter that is attributable to me is that I did not recognize and follow this intuition.

I will now explain what I did to try and straighten out the driver's license problem. The destruction done to my spiritual interface figures very strongly in this description.

I went before the Judge in (Lee County) Dixon, and told him that I had assumed the suspension date to be April 25th, and the rest of what I described above about having made the phone calls to check for the arrival of the suspension notice, and that it had not arrived.

He let me out on a personal recognizance bond, and set a court date of 9:00 AM on June 12th. A scanned image of the court notice, if present, is DOC_3.GIF.

The Judge told me this would allow me time to get the mess straightened out in Minnesota. At the time, I was painfully aware of the loss of the spiritual interface. That was a very unpleasant experience, after having gotten used to it since 1982, and even before then. I had no idea what I should do, but it was obvious to me at the time that some group of bastards in Minnesota was out to get me.

I decided I would go and talk to my uncle, Iver Nelson, in Des Moines, a sales rep for Certainium Alloys who was usually in excellent financial health, and attempt to get a loan. My plan from there was to proceed to Webster City, Iowa, where my uncle Darrell Etter there was part owner of an anhydrous ammonia trucking cooperative. I had visited there within two years prior to this time, and knew he had a Chevy Blazer, and that there was a towbar at the cooperative.

It was my main goal to retrieve the Duster, and the valuable possessions inside of it, tow it to Webster City to store it, then decide what to do about straightening out the charge in Illinois.

After walking most of the fifty miles between Dixon and Clinton, Iowa on US 20, I finally got a ride with a truck driver into Des Moines. There I found that my uncle was not in good financial health, and could not loan the required amount. I found the same to be true in Webster City. The poor farm economy had caused a lot of pain there as well since my last visit; the trucking cooperative no longer existed. My uncle still had his 18 wheeler, but had had to sell his Blazer. Needless to say, there were no options to be had there.

So, I hitchhiked the rest of the way to the Twin Cities. The trip had not been an easy one. The temperatures were low, I was not dressed for it. I ended up walking over 100 miles altogether, and waited three days in Des Moines before I finally found a ride. I found that most truckers cannot carry hitchhikers anymore due to insurance and / or company regulations.

At any rate, it took about five days to get back to St. Paul. When I got there, I found that neither my mother or father were in good financial health. My father was living in a senior citizen's highrise, and my mother making just enough to survive as a live-in health care aide. It would have taken at least a week to track down my brother, who was in the Marines at the time.

Since a week had passed by this time, it became obvious that I could not earn enough money at temporary employment to be able to retrieve the Duster.

Besides having to rent or buy a towbar, at least fifty dollars, and almost certainly more, and pay the gas for my uncle in Des Moines to haul it (and have to wait for the weekend when he was free), and either pay the cost of a bus ticket to Des Moines (or hitchhike, and risk further delay, considering my bad luck coming back), the cost of the impound fee was rising steadily every day. My Mustang II needed a master cylinder and a clutch, and was unusable. (I could have gotten a friend to drive it had it not been so.) The junk value of the Mustang was only $35.00 (I paid $130.00 for it), and everything else valuable I could sell was in the automobile in Dixon (even that wasn't enough). Neither my father or mother had driver's license or automobile.

On the wages I could earn at temporary employment, there was no way I could earn enough to retrieve the vehicle, considering all the above. I was angry in the first place about not having committed any crime, as it was, that I should be forced to give up the vehicle. The car was junk, but the engine, a 225 slant six, got 48 miles per gallon on the highway (this is no exaggeration, either), and I didn't feel I should have to give it up, since I had committed no crime. Also, there was the value of the possessions inside.

I wrote off being able to find a way to come up with enough money to be able to retrieve the automobile, and turned to concentrating on getting the problem straightened out.

It is unfortunate that I assumed that I had packed all my records into the file cabinet in the Duster before I left Minnesota. About a year later, I found the original notice that shows the correct suspension date as April 4th (May 4th with the extension) (DOC_1.GIF) while going through a box of junk I had overlooked when packing for the trip in 1986.

Had I known I possessed the notice, it would not have been difficult getting help to straighten the mess out. However, as it were, I learned that a warrant had been issued in Minnesota for the non-payment of the fine. Given this, I did not want to show my face around State offices, considering that more spiritual damage would be caused by further incarceration.

I had planned on being back in Minnesota on the 24th. If I had not made it that far by the 25th, my plan was to arrange to store the car with the first willing farmer I found along the road and hitchhike the rest of the way back to Minnesota. However, the car was very reliable, and the engine in excellent condition. When I was pulled over in Dixon, I was less than 10 hours out of Minnesota, considering I planned on stopping in Webster City.

When I returned, I had planned to take the engine out of the Duster, and scrap the body for $35. I had other items I could have sold, and I could have easily borrowed fifty dollars from my mother and father to pay the fine off and reinstate the license. I had planned on storing the engine from the Duster for later installation in a nice Satellite Sebring SE body I had found, repairing the Mustang II, and leaving Minnesota again in that immediately afterwards to try to find better conditions elsewhere. It just didn't turn out that way.

I repeatedly tried to get the problem straightened out with the State over the telephone, without success. I told more than one State Driver and Vehicle Service (DVS) representative the entire story. This is considering that I still assumed that the suspension date was supposed to be the 25th. I made a claim to that effect to these representatives, and was told I would have to go to the Violations Bureau in person to straighten it out.

I told them I would not visit the bureau in person, that I would be arrested because of the warrant if I went to the Bureau (at the courthouse) to straighten it out. I told them of the spiritual damage (probably an error on my part), and that further damage would be caused, and that if incarcerated, I would probably lose the vehicle to the impound lot.

I asked that they check the correct suspension date, and they told me that the date was the 23rd, and that the suspension notice had been mailed properly.

Actually, it is probable that I was read the suspension date from the computer, rather than from their copy of the actual original written notice (DOC_1.GIF). Since I was unaware that I had the notice, and that the suspension date was supposed to May 4th, it did not occur to me to question this, since I had been unsure of the date in the first place. If the original notice had been examined by the State DVS representative, it might have solved the entire problem.

I came to the conclusion that the correct suspension date must have been the 23rd, and either the State had not met their responsibility in mailing the notice, or the Post Office had screwed up, because the notice had not been delivered to my house as it should have been.

Given this, I filed the first lost mail report at this time, to try to determine whether the State or the Post Office had screwed up. (if DOC_2.GIF is present, it is the result of the second lost mail inquiry claim I filed, after I lost the results of the first one somewhere; this is why the filing date on the report is 1987 rather than 1986.)

I went to Legal Aid, and was turned down and referred to the American Civil Liberties Union. I called the ACLU, only to get a recording telling me to leave my name and number, and someone would call me in about two weeks. Two weeks was past my court date in Illinois. Although I tried at least 20 different lawyers and the bar association, without money I could not get the assistance of a private lawyer. The ACLU never did get back to me.

By this time, it was less than a week until May 12th, the Illinois court date. The only avenue remaining to try to straighten out the mess was my U.S. Representative's office. Since this was an interstate problem, it fell under this jurisdiction. Also, since the State had claimed that they had mailed the notice on time (the 23rd: remember, I did not realize at this time that the correct suspension date was supposed to be May 4th) the problem would have had to have been with the US Post Office. For this reason it would also fall within the jurisdiction of my congressman.

I had thought about going to the Governor's office, but I felt the risk too great. I had been told over the telephone that the State had met its responsibility, and that nothing could be done. The reaction to what I had to say about the spiritual angle was the deciding reason not to press the issue there. Considering this reaction, I assumed that if I personally went there and pressed the point, I would risk having my ID checked by a security guard, and there would be incarceration. Perhaps it did sound crazy; I wasn't seen at my best at the time.

My first contact at Representative Bruce Vento's office was aide Mike Anderson. I must point out that I was not anywhere near in full possession of my capabilities and facilities at the time. Some of my behavior following the loss of the spiritual interface could be likened to a chicken running around with it's head cut off. The harder it became to solve the problem, the more doors that were closed, such as the not being able to get it fixed over the phone with the State, the more anxiety and loss of peace of mind it caused me. Losing the interface had caused a great amount of anxiety to begin with.

One of the first questions Mr. Anderson asked, of course, was why I didn't go to the State to straighten out the problem. I made the vast error of immediately telling him about the spiritual interface being destroyed and the damage that would be caused by further incarceration, and the risk of incarceration because of the warrant. I told him I would not approach the State for fear of incarceration, considering the spiritual damage that had already been done by two nights in the jail in Dixon.

Had I been thinking logically, I would have pointed out Jimmy Fleischaker's experience, and the AMTRAK incident, before ever opening my mouth to Bruce Vento's office about spiritual issues. I would have tried to establish some background as I have done here in this letter. It did not even occur to me to tell their office about the AMTRAK incident until about six months later. For some reason, the first time I even recalled Jimmy's experience since it occurred in 1983 was last year, 1991.

As it was, my promotion for assistance from Mr. Vento's office was for the most part incoherent, and probably made Mr. Anderson strongly suspect that I had a serious need to see a headshrink. I was still badly shaken up by the experience, and by not having my interface. Perhaps Mr. Anderson privately congratulated me for being creative in thinking up a story to try to get out of something that appeared to have been my fault.

My failure to see the need to produce evidence to back up my spiritual claim probably cost me any chance of having credibility there, but I did not realize this at the time.

I pointed out that the notice had not been received, that I had made the calls to check for the arrival of the notice as stated above, and that my landlord was willing to sign the affidavit.

I asked that he call the impound lot in Dixon. I pointed out that on my trip back from Washington I had picked up a newspaper in every city of any significant size that I had passed through along the way, and that I had not thrown any away, that they were still inside the Duster. These newspapers documented my progress, and the impound lot operator could have verified this.

From reading the newspaper dates, it would have become obvious that I was driving an average of only four to six hours per day, making the distance between Washington and Dixon in a week that I could have covered in a day and a half. I pointed out that it was not logical to assume that I would be taking my time sightseeing given the impending suspension, considering the documented calls I made to my landlord, and asked him why I would have been returning to Minnesota, except to avoid driving after suspension. I pointed out that I was only ten hours out of Minnesota when I was pulled over.

Perhaps Mr. Anderson doubted the word of my landlord, as far as my calls to check for the arrival of the notice. I told him my landlord had no reason to lie. We were total strangers, I moved in and stayed about six months, then moved out. I have not spoken with him since the summer of 1987.

I pointed out the calls I had made from the two churches, and the fact that their phone numbers were on the church business cards in the glovebox of the Duster, that I had informed both pastors why I wanted to use their telephone, and that besides the calls showing up on the church phone bills, surely the two pastors would not lie.

I said that I had met my responsibility, and that there was no fault that could be attributable to me, that the fault lied with the Post Office for not delivering the suspension notice on time, or with the State for not sending it on time.

I was unable to get any action or assistance at all from Mr. Anderson.

The court date in Illinois came and went. Because it meant incarceration, I did not attend. About this time the lost mail claim result came back from the Post Office. The notice showed that the suspension notice had been mailed by the State on the 17th. I showed this to Mr. Anderson, and pointed out that the entire problem was the fault of the Post Office for not delivering the suspension notice. Mailed on the 17th, it should have been there when I called on the evening of the 19th. Even by the evening of the 22nd when I called, if the notice had been there, I would have had at least enough notification to have been able to find a farmer willing to let me park my car on his land for a month or so.

I still could get no action from Mr. Anderson, and because of his poor attitude I had begun to personally dislike him. I requested that a different aide be assigned to my case. Aide Sally Stoppel was assigned.

I repeated all of the above to Ms. Stoppel, but the results were no better.

It came down to whether the Post Office had delivered the suspension notice or not. Given that they might have delivered it, the affidavit offer from my landlord was brushed aside as a lie, and the spiritual nature scoffed at as a creative story by someone not running on all cylinders to try to fool them into repairing an error I had made, to 'get me off' for free, so to speak.

I knew better. It was now that I gave up hope of solving the problem. I asked Sally to try to have the impound lot put a hold on the automobile in case I could get the problem fixed, but I knew I stood no chance of recovering it.

I have never contacted the Police in Dixon, except to inquire about the issue, and to try to put a hold on my automobile. It would be nice if I could regain the records that were in the automobile, but I do not foresee this.

One would have to assume that eternity stretches in BOTH directions, and that since there are 100 million suns in this galaxy, and 100 million galaxies in the observable universe, that any new technology has already been seen by God many times elsewhere.

When I had the vision, a part of my photographic memory got 'programmed' with technologies to invent. The way I understood it, the memory image I had was not strong enough to be retrieved by itself, and self imposed limitations on the energy the spiritual world is willing to expend would make it too expensive to relate anything more than a weak copy of the same memory, but if a copy was present in my memory, and I also received a weak copy, I would be able to extract the memory.

I lost, in the automobile, keys to this memory, photographic symbols contained in the file cabinet containing my records. I had used these symbols to reinforce and exercise my photographic memory.

This loss is an unfortunate one, and has probably reduced my technological potential as an inventor to less than half of what it had been. I knew this at the time; however, the risk of being incarcerated in Illinois, and having my potential wiped out in its entirety, was the greater risk.

I tried to impress all the above upon Mr. Vento's office, but my credibility was non-existent to the point where they would not even verify any of the information. By the time it occurred to me to tell them about the AMTRAK incident, more than six months later, and give them clippings, I had given up on Mr. Vento's office and tried Senator Boschwitz' office.

And, before this, Sally at Mr. Vento's office informed me that the car would no longer be there....after six months, this made sense, and I couldn't go to Illinois, anyway. John Mendez at Senator Boschwitz's office was no more helpful with the problem than Sally or Mr. Anderson.

About a year later, I found the original notice (DOC_1.GIF), and realized I had been made a fool of. I went back to Sally at Bruce Vento's office, but could still get no assistance. I could reluctantly accept the loss of the vehicle, but by now I had proved I was right, and I expected that just out of common decency I would be able to get help from Mr. Vento's office in taking the State to court. I had had the experience once before of trying to sue the State, over my high school diploma, and had found that no lawyer will sue the State on a contingency basis, no matter how open and shut the case is.

The only action I was able to get was that Sally made a copy of the notice, and put it in my file. Since I knew it would be no use trying further to repair the problem, I gave up trying.

To return to May 1986, I pointed out above that I gave up making much of an effort to try to get ahead in life at that time. Logic and reason indicated to me that to make much of an effort would be a waste of time, since any progress I would make would almost undoubtedly be wiped out again by the same group of people responsible for this incident. It made little sense to make much of an effort to try to get back up as far on the ladder again as I was prior to the incident, just to have them wipe it all out of existence again.

What government agency would have been able to screw up my license ? I had no beef with the State, but I remember the inaction of the FCC and FBI on my complaints. The electromagnetics I had fled from in the first place started up again as soon as I got back. I made more complaints to the FCC and FBI, and again there was no action.

I had at least been supporting myself up until that time, but I gave up on that and started sleeping at the mission, and eating at the soup kitchen, making no effort to try to find employment. I basically became a member of the homeless.

I went to the FCC and FBI and restated my complaints every once in awhile, just to show my face there, if nothing else, considering that some of the musicians might be hanging around to see my visit, who might later provide proof of such visits. I had come to expect no action on the complaints, but if the most minor of efforts had been made, the problem would have been detected. I will go much further than this, in that I say that these people knew full well about electromagnetics.

Let me describe something strange, perhaps bizarre. I repeat here that I will willingly take sodium pentothal to verify any claim I make in this letter. I ask that you keep this in mind, since if I were to verify that I at least believed that what I am about to describe actually happened, it would have to indicate that it actually did in fact happen. I would welcome the opportunity.

(Material deleted 4/19/2001) This material contains too much detail that would cloud the issues at hand, and I cannot prove all of it. It should, however, be read at a later date in the original file.
Preface for the next paragraphs: See: Silver Poisoning to see how one's sleep schedule can be destroyed.

Suffice it to say, it is difficult holding down a job when one cannot maintain their work schedule. For this reason, I took up computer programming. Many programming jobs require only 40 hours per week, the boss doesn't care which 40, with the exception of the occasional 80 hours straight emergency bug hunting session.

I had extensive BASIC programming experience in high school and with home computers later, and knew some assembly language. From late 1989 to the present, I have learned the C programming language, and have become quite proficient and experienced in it. My assembly language skills have improved to where they can be offered commercially. I could now easily write the control programs for the railroad safety idea.

(Material added 4/19/2001) The criminal problems and censorship I found on the internet have shown that I am not likely to make a profit by programming and selling the programs on the internet. My enemies would steal any profit, and I would get nothing.
Preface for the next few paragraphs: The reference to TV technologies in the nest paragraph refers to material in the original file that was removed. As of this date, 4/19/2001, Athena is 25 years old, and has had to endure many unpleasant experiences as a result of my decimated financial state.

The two main things keeping me going are the television technologies, and (mainly) that I might be able to do something for Athena if I could profit.

However, the chances of either of these happening have been steadily decreasing. Currently 16, Athena has been put into a foster home for problems with school, and as of this writing ran away from the foster home, I am unsure where but believe to her mother's house. She has been held back a grade, mainly for truancy, and her future in school does not look good. Her mother's financial situation plays a large part in Athena's hanging around with the wrong kind of people. At this point, even if I were able to help, I have doubts as to what I might be able to accomplish there.

I believe the will of God, or the Gods, to be progress.

However, considering that most of my intended technological goals have probably been given to someone else by this time, and almost zero potential for being able to do anything for Athena, I have to ponder the question of my own usefulness on the face of the earth.

It comes down to having to find a way to solve my financial problems and begin to make progress. The hope I have for this has been getting less and less.

I am forced to resort to desperate and unconventional means, and therefore I write this letter. It bothers me to ask you for assistance, when I legally should have been able to straighten out the problems with the government and get damages for damage caused. I would not make this attempt, if it were not for Athena. I would just give up and leave.

I believe I can still cause progress on the face of the earth, and I do have my responsibility to Athena, but sado-necro-bestiality is beating a dead horse.

So I ask for assistance. Given the unique nature of what I have described, I have hopes that Burlington Northern, and perhaps other railroads, might, out of a sense of anger or other reasons, feel it acceptable to offer me an honorarium for the railroad safety design.

Also, any offer of a computer programming or other position at Burlington Northern or another railroad would be appreciated. However, it should be kept in mind that the problem with the sleep schedule may arise.

It bothers me to have to do this, but I can see no other way of getting my life back together and accomplishing my goals. I can show proof that, through no fault of my own, that I, and my family, have been greatly damaged by these actions and inactions of government entities and agencies.

It is also my desire to approach the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and ask for donations. I think that this would be productive, since the technology I invented has saved the lives of many locomotive engineers and firemen, as well as saving them a fair sum in life insurance costs. If I were in their position, and I were approached in this manner, and if I believed the cause to be deserving, I would contribute a donation.

Though I can show that my cause is a deserving one, and that I am in the situation I now find myself in through no fault of my own, I have to recount a rather lengthy and detailed past.

I would assume that if I can convince Burlington Northern, and perhaps AMTRAK, that there is some justification in my unusual request for assistance, that if Burlington Northern and/or AMTRAK will come forward and admit that I am the inventor of the technology, I can recount the past for the Union officials, and have them come forward and ask the union members without having to describe any unfortunate details, or a long and complicated history.

If the Union officials became aware that I am the inventor, and I can convince them that I actually need the assistance, I would assume that their word in the Union magazine that I am the inventor and that I very much need the assistance would be all the explanation the Union members would require.

I think my case is convincing enough that your board of directors and stockholders would actually vote to have Burlington Northern give me an after that fact honorarium, but I will leave that idea to your discretion.

Also, if I had help in legally pursuing my case against the FCC and FBI, mainly legal assistance and the capability of locating and communicating with some of the rock musicians, especially the Who, I would do it. I would hope that the members of the Who end up with a copy of this letter somehow or another.

I would appreciate any assistance you could give me in these matters.

The problems facing me are largely financial, considering I can solve the rest of the problems with appropriate psychic repair. Besides not currently being able to do anything for Athena, I need a fair amount of expensive dental and medical work done to relieve the electromagnetic sensitivity.

Preface for the next paragraphs. See: Silver Poisoning to see how one's sleep schedule can be destroyed. This letter is dated in 1992: I did not learn that the problem was actually silver poisoning until 1993.

I have a bad case of mercury vapor poisoning in the teeth. The only way you can get this problem is exposure to X-rays. Although I worked on repairing television sets for a time, and spent much time in front of a CRT, this would not be enough exposure to cause the problem. Under close examination, it would be obvious that it would have had to have been done intentionally.

Mercury vapor poisoning arises when dental fillings are exposed to X-rays, but to get a bad case of it, not even repeated exposure to medical and dental x-rays are enough. The mercury in the dental fillings gets ionized and travels random paths, poisoning any area it lands in. The body's capability to rid itself of mercury is very slow. It causes hypersensitivity in the nerves. Mercury is one of the most effective nerve poisons known to man. At any rate, the teeth problem is so bad that I can hardly stand to be around other people.

(Irrelevant material removed 4/19/2001)

I make no false claims or exaggerations in this letter. When I say I make no false claims, this includes what I said about trusting the mail or the phone. Those people have done it before, and will do it again because they believe there is absolutely no chance they will get caught. They are probably correct in this assumption.

(Irrelevant material removed 4/19/2001)

Robert J. Nelson, Jr.

August 7, 1992

(Irrelevant material removed 4/19/2001)

There is an additional note on the solar power design. The air vents from the top of the greenhouse to the outside air must be in the form of glass risers to prevent air from being pulled into the greenhouse from the top of the greenhouse. If an air vent measures 2 inches wide by 3 feet long, then at least a one foot high, preferably two feet high, by 2 inches wide by 3 feet long clear riser should be used.

Without going into the technical details, this produces a vast airflow improvement past the wind generators.

I have described these inventions here because I beleive that my potential needs to be documented, and because my options are few in realizing this potential in my present or expected situation, without outside assistance.


Robert Nelson Willow Inn #19 Hwy. 18 W. Mason City, IA 50401

August 7, 1992


Burlington Northern General Offices


AMTRAK General Offices

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

The Hon. Representative Bruce Vento, St. Paul, MN

The Hon. Senator Paul Wellstone, Minneapolis, MN

Social Security Administration

KSTP Television, Minneapolis, MN


Robert J. Nelson, Jr.

August 7, 1992