Look at the consequences of criminal activity on the part of some in the government. (The FBI and FCC failing to act on my complaints, and what Minnesota pulled in 1986).

I can prove I invented the Pyrex extrusion machine. I can produce a respectable number of witnesses from around Mason City and other locations in Iowa, including many in the local and State government, that knew I was working on the concept of glass extrusion back in 1992.

In 1992, I originated the concept of glass extrusion to address California's water problems at a time when they were considering shipping water to California in supertankers from Alaska. I considered that a glass cylinder should be extruded 5 miles out to sea into a strong current and 10 miles up a slow incline inland, with water being pumped up to the top and allowed to run back down to the bottom. The 180-190 degree temperature inside the cylindrical greenhouse would rapidly evaporate the water, which would distill and condense on the roof and the walls, running down the walls to fall into collection channels, each molded as a part of the extrusion and sticking out further than the one above it to catch any overflow from those.

That is as far as I was able to proceed with the idea of an extruded glass water desalination facility at the time. It remained only a concept for the next 8 years because I did not have the financial resources I should have had,  having to devote my entire attention to survival and attempts to improve my resources and regain what I had lost, trying to figure out how to attract some acceptable female company (which I need as much as financial resources to be effective in my goal) when all I really have to offer is the depths of poverty, and many other assorted irritations, all having the common origin of my not having the financial resources I would have had if it had not been for the criminal activity the Minnesota government conducted and allowed to be conducted, and the failure of the FCC and FBI to act on my legitimate complaints.

I did not realize until 1998 that the concept, as far as I had taken it in 1992, had a serious flaw and would not work. By pure chance, I witnessed a show on Public Television in 1998 where the manufacture of large telescopes was being described. It was being shown that one cannot just extrude large glass panels, plates, or lenses unless they are very slowly cooled under carefully and precisely controlled circumstances, where it took 18 attempts to manufacture a 24 foot diameter telescope lens, each of the first 17 lenses developing a crack as a result of the glass not cooling in a controlled enough manner.

After witnessing this, I realized that there was a fatal flaw in my idea for glass extrusion, and did some research with my encyclopedia and my memory from high school metal shop. It took me three hours to come up with the Pyrex extrusion (the concept of shock tempering).

However, what I could have done in 3 hours took more than 6 years, because I was distracted by other matters I shouldn't have had to deal with in the first place back in 1992. There has still been little if any progress on this concept, for the same reasons stated above, and so the total delay so far is 9 years, for 1992 to 2001.

I modified the original concept to lightweight foamed extruded pyrex in 1999, and to ultralightweight foamed chambered extruded pyrex in 2001. (See the end of this page.)

The Pyrex extrusion machine produces hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, flood-proof, earthquake-proof, fireproof, and termite-proof housing at a very low cost, 1/3 to 1/2 the current costs in the USA, and 1/20 to 1/30 current costs in the third world.

Another immense benefit is the potential savings to the taxpayers. It is a very conservative estimate, easily verifiable as being correct,  that this technology will save the U.S. taxpayers 20 billion dollars a year. The Federal disaster agency FEMA spends 30 billion dollars a year of disaster relief, and well over 20 billion dollars of their total 30 billion dollar budget is spent on providing disaster relief to tornado, hurricane, and flood victims.

The pyrex extrusion machine builds housing and buildings that are immune to the effects of floods and hurricanes, and only the rarest and most powerful tornados can damage such structures: no tornado can destroy such a structure. Once fully implemented, this will reduce FEMA's expenditures on such disasters to a tiny fraction of what it spends now.

Every year of delay costs the taxpayers an immense sum of money, and causes immense amounts of death, pain, and suffering.

The actual cost to every man, woman, and child in the USA for this delay is $71 a year. This is the amount that a savings of $20 billion a year would save every U.S citizen.

20 billion dollars divided by 280,000,000 (the population of the USA) equals $71.

The total damage caused to the taxpayers so far as result of the total 9 year delay is $639 per citizen ($71 X 9 years). The actual delay is no doubt more than 9 years, but 9 years is all that I can prove. I received my goal as an inventor in 1982, and should have had the financial resources I needed in 1984 or 1985 as a result of the railroad invention. Logic alone dictates that without interference with this goal, I should have produced this years earlier, perhaps as early as 1986 or 1987.

In other words, the criminals in the Minnesota government, and their adherents elsewhere in the Minnesota government, and the criminal actions and inactions of the FCC and FBI have cost the U.S. taxpayers 180 billion dollars so far.

I went to the Minnesota Attorney General's office on more than one occasion to try to get the damage they caused repaired, and I was told by those criminal maggots that it would be their legal responsibility to defend the criminals who caused the damage, should the matter ever go to court.

These figures are correct, but have to be spread out over time. That is, this criminal activity cost most people over the age of 60 nothing, but it will cost those who are as yet unborn plenty.

Within the last 15 years, a typhoon in Bangladesh killed 300,000 and left 3,000,000 others homeless, destroying everything they owned.  Damage of this scale is caused by hurricanes and typhoons once every 15 years, on the average. Although the scale is usually much less, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes  in the USA cause a respectable amount of death in any 15 year period, but the scale of human suffering and loss is roughly the same.

So, realistically, on the average, 150,000 may die and 1.5 million left homeless in any 8 year period by one major hurricane or typhoon. An additional like number suffer, and many thousands more die as a totaled result of the rest of the normal, smaller typhoons, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes in any 8 year period, worldwide. A one year extra delay in the introduction of Pyrex housing equals the deaths of at least 20000 people, and the severe suffering of at least 200000 others.

In other words, the criminals in the Minnesota government, and their adherents elsewhere in the Minnesota government, and the criminal actions and inactions of the FCC and FBI have caused the deaths of a thousand to a few thousands of U.S citizens, and the suffering of millions.

Later, when you read the military page, you will see the spiritual doom those retards have invited upon themselves as a result.

The Gods are not pleased with this waste of my potential and their investment of time, effort, and energies. The facts clearly prove (once one actually familiarizes one's self with the facts and stops assuming) that the blame for this waste does not lie with me.

It has been possible to someone to invent the Pyrex extrusion machine since shortly after the invention of the Bessemer converter, or about 120 years ago or so. Yet out of the 20 billion people who have lived during that time, including the 6 billion people currently alive, it takes me to invent it. This ought to indicate something to you.

You are either a chump or someone who failed to pay attention in high school metal shop if you believe the extrusion machine is not possible or that the concept is flawed. I could take you down to the neon sign maker in Hokah, MN, who has forgotten more than I will ever know about glass, and he will explain to you that he knows that the machine can be built and that the concept is valid, without his ever needing to see the machine or the product it produces, and he can demonstrate the basic principles behind the idea.

Screwing up something that the Gods are attempting to accomplish in the face of fact and evidence that clearly shows that is exactly what you are doing is almost as bad as knowingly and intentionally rising up against the Gods in the face of fact and evidence. These two screws make any other way one can screw themselves spiritually look like a palsy joke in comparison. I asked Senator Grassley's office for assistance more than two years ago, and asked Senator Feingold's office for assistance with the internet problem more than a year ago. Either was a valid request, and in either case the materials presented clearly showed that my time was far more valuable than that of a Congressional aide's, being closer to the value of a Congressman's time. From the point of view of the Gods, the one year extra delay in the introduction of Pyrex housing equals the deaths of at least 1870 people, and the severe suffering of at least 187500, others, and a two year delay equals the deaths of at least 3750 people, and the suffering of at least 375,000 others.

A failure to retract those insults against the Gods will not go unnoticed, and the Gods may well put those aides into the same category as the criminal idiots who caused the problem in the first place. The Gods are no laughing matter, when there is fact and evidence to indicate their existence and intentions.

I realize that with the preponderance of issues and complaints that get presented, the time of Congressional aides has to be budgeted, and this issue might not have received a high enough priority or may have been assessed as not having any importance, but don't turn an error into an insult, or worse, into a destructive force.

Why would the Gods be immensely irritated? They made a large investment in effort, time, and energy when I was given my goal as an inventor.