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If you make the mistake of rising up against me, your ass is mine.

The facts leave little doubt that this is so. I'd read that if I was you, and not come back here until you are finished. If you are slow and dense, hire a tutor to explain those pages.

Laugh now, chump, but if you have even a few brain cells, you will soon see that I am right, and this ain't what you thought it was gonna be. The facts say I am right.

I, if you make this vast error, will be a God long before your lame ass becomes one, and since until that time, I and others will be your Gods for some time to come, your only hope is that I and others might be lenient. Pay close attention chump, since being able to follow all this along is the only hope for your lame ass.

The basics of this all say that if you screw with me, you screw with the gods. If you stand in my way, you stand in their way. This isn't some theory. There is a considerable amount of fact and evidence that backs up this claim. If you don't realize this, then your dense moronic ass needs to hire a tutor and go back to the beginning page. And make sure the tutor goes over every word and explains all of it to your dense ass.

Screwing with the gods is the worst possible way to screw up spiritually, the ultimate spiritual fuck-up.

In a case where there is no fact or evidence to prove that you are in fact doing this, you might get off with a slap on the wrist, but not in a case where there is. Fuck with the gods, and your stay in Hell will make Hitler's stay there look like a two week vacation in the Bahamas. Hell doesn't last until the end of time, but it can last a very long time. You can find out the easy way, or be a chump and find out the hard way.

Regardless of what else you might have done, the spiritual penalty for anything else you might have done will be a slap on the wrist as compared to rising up against or fucking with the gods, or fucking up something they were trying to accomplish.

They way things are has never been a valid or reliable indicator of the way things will be in the future. The Jews thought they were serious shit, and then Hitler came along and laid that theory to waste. Then Hitler thought he was serious shit, and his theory puked out.

If you fuck with me or stand in my way, both me and the gods will squash you like a fucking ant, and the penalty will make whatever you accrued so far look like a palsy joke in comparison.

These pages probably have some dead links, and some information might be repeated in some places. I won't be updating it much, because it isn't my assigned purpose to babysit idiots in the first place. I warned your ass, and if you are too dense to follow it, ignore it, and become the master of your own doom, I met what repsonsibility I had. It will be your fault for not hiring a tutor like I warned your ass to, and I and others will make a vast spiritual profit at your expense. When I reincarnate your lame ass as a dung beetle for a few tens or hundreds of thousands of years (one reincarnation of many to come), you'll have plenty of time to get philosophical about it.

If you are not a criminal, have never screwed with me or stood in my way, or never intend to, then you have no real business or interest in reading these pages, and it might be best for you to go back where you came from.

death If you haven't fucked up via these means yet, are considering fucking up, or are wise enough to quit fucking up when the need is made obvious, click here.

death If you lost anything in this feud you didn't deserve to lose, click here.

death Religious fanatics thinking they might be immune, or anyone considering becoming a religious fanatic, and normal people click here.

death Proof of Life after Death for morons.

death Proof of Life after Death for normal people.

death Lamers who might rise up, or morons who did, click here.

death What is Spiritual Servitude?

death Why is there Spiritual Servitude?

death The Penalties.

death Important Infoz.

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