If you lost anything in this feud you didn't deserve to lose.

This spiritual feud sucks if you ask me. I can think of better things to be doing with my time.

I've had my share of loss over this.

I am not the one responsible for there being a problem. There would have been a problem with or without my even existing. If it wasn't me, it would be someone else, and the gods would rise up against deserving dickweeds the first time the opportunity ever presented itself.

You might not like me, but if you cause trouble, you will lose the chance you would have had to avenge yourselfs upon the lame asses who are truly responsible for whatever it was that you lost.

You will also likely incur penalties yourself, not so much for my benefit, but for others who will end up losing whatever they end up losing as a result of your jumping in on the wrong side of a fued between criminal assholes and the gods.

If you irritate this problem, it will only become worse than it already was, and there will be more loss.

It ought to be pretty obvious that I cannot personally cause such attacks to happen, in the first place. So avenge yourself on me, for a short time, and lose your ass in the process, or wait, and get even with the assholes who are truly responsible, for a satisfyingly long time, with you not having incurred any penalty. This revision was motivated by Colombia, 1/1999.

Quit trying to consider me, and consider the technology and the feud instead. It is unfortunate that you lost what you lost, but there is justice in the universe.

This page in it's current state is only a placeholder. A much more detailed version may come later.

I'll finish this when I'm good and ready. I just thought I'd upload what I had, to give time to lamers to go off to the National Institutes of Health and get their problem fixed.

Come back later.