Spiritual Servitude

What is spiritual servitude?

If you incur a penalty of spiritual servitude, it means that you will be without any of the assets you would normally have had in the spiritual world, and those that you owe will have more of those assets.

This does not mean that it will be pain and suffering and an unpleasant experience for the entire duration of your spiritual servitude. Actually, regardless of how bad you irritated me or irritated the gods, your unpleasant experiences will only be a microscopic fraction of a fraction of the entire duration.

After that, you will have access to the spiritual memory banks like everyone else, and be able to decide for yourself what reality you want to create for yourself and exist in, rather than having someone else decide for you.

Still, it won't be all that long afterwards until you wish you had the assets that you lost. Also, what you do endure will be far worse than if the offense had have been committed without your lame ass being warned first what the consequences would be.

Now that got your fetal tissue implants or hired your 'consultant', consider again the proof of life after death. Those of you you got the implants might be able to keep up with the rest of this page, but the rest of you will need to hire your consultant again.

The survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not having their memories erased, or at least scrambled beyond recognition, proves that your memories must be stored on gravity, because if memory was stored on the strong force, the weak force, or the some component of the electromagnetic force, it is undeniable that the bomb survivor's memories would have been destroyed or damaged beyond recognition or useability.

It is a fact that your memories and your 'spirit' or 'soul' (or whatever you want to call it) have to be stored on gravity.

Considering this, what are the odds that the stage upon which your dreams get played out on is a chemical, molecular, atomic, or electromagnetic stage?

Not very likely. Unlike the proof of life after death, there is no way to scientifically prove that this stage is a stage of gravity, but the logical odds of this stage being a stage of gravity approximate certainty.



Some interesting properties of gravity...

For those of you who have seen the capability to make someone else say or do something, gravity is also the only possible explanation for that, because like with the Hiroshima survivors, all the other forces known to man which could be the medium are easily disproven as possibilities.

Of course, most of you have not seen this, but there are some other interesting aspects of gravity to be considered.

For eaxample, it is a proven fact that the range of the graviational force of a single energy packet that makes up an atom (a proton, neutron, or electron) is at least the distance between here and the center of the galaxy. Astronomers have proven this beyond any doubt.

If one adds a single atom to the earth, it increases the total gravity of the earth, and the diameter of the moon's orbit is decreased ever so slightly in size. The moon moves closer to the earth, ever so slightly, because the gravity of the earth, attempting to pull the moon down out of orbit, is ever so slightly stronger than it had been.

If you weigh 180 pounds here on the earth, and you go to the moon, on the same scale you would weigh 30 pounds. This is because the moon has only one sixth the atomic mass, and therefore one sixth the gravitational force, of the earth.

There is only one force keeping the moon in orbit around the earth, and that is gravity. If the moon's forward speed through space increased enough, the moon would overcome the pull of the earth's gravity and permanently leave orbit.

If the moon slowed down enough, it would fall out of the sky and land on the earth. The reason the moon orbits the earth is that the forward linear speed of the moon is equal in energy to the force of the gravity of the earth trying to capture it. Since these two forces are equal, the moon orbits the earth rather than traveling in a straight line through space as it would do otherwise.

If the gravity of the earth increased or decreased enough, it would have the same effect, the moon would either fall on the earth or escape.

None of these facts are in dispute. Science proved these facts beyond doubt many decades ago.

If one adds a single atom to the sun, it will ever so slightly decrease the diameter of the orbit of every planet in this solar system.

If one adds a single atom to the center of the galaxy, it will ever so slightly decrease the diameter of the orbit of every solar system in the galaxy.

None of these facts are in dispute, either.

It takes light, traveling as it does at 186,000 miles per second, about a tenth of a second to cross the diameter of the earth. It takes about 1/2 second to get from the earth to the moon. It takes light 8 minutes and 1 seconds to get from the sun to the earth. It takes light 25,000 years to get from the center of the glaxy to the earth.

In case you didn't realize it, there are about 100 billion suns in this galaxy, and each one orbits the center of the galaxy. Our sun completes one orbit in about 250,000 years. At this time, our sun and the entire solar system is moving with respectable speed in the general direction of the constellation Sagittarius.

Light exhibits both a particle effect and a wave effect. Like light, gravity exhibits at least two different properties. Gravity exhibits both a particle attraction force effect and a unified field effect. The first is obvious, and the unified field effect means that from a distance, a large number of single sources of gravity appear and behave as if they were a single large source.

If someone drops a rock in China, and you are in Iowa, the atoms in your brain were about as much responsible for the fact that the rock fell, and in determining the speed at which the rock fell, as any other atom possesed by the earth.

The gravitational force of every proton, neutron, and electron of every atom you possess is present at the moon, the sun, the nearest star, and the center of the galaxy.

None of this is theory, it is all proven fact, generated decades ago by other people. My only contribution to it is the proof of life after death.

When you were conceived and born, there was no change in the gravitational force of the earth. When you die, there will again be no change whatsoever in the gravity of the earth. Your existence will never have changed the number of protons, neutrons, or electrons present on the earth, and therefore the gravitational force of the earth, unless you make atomic bombs or launch spacecraft, or certain other activities during your lifetime.

So, hire your consultant or use your new brain cells and see if you can answer this? What has kept your memories alive, stored on gravity as they have to be, for as many years as you've been alive?

The individual parts of your atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons, existed billions of years before you were born, and will still be around billions of years after you die. The same can be said of the gravity associated with those energy packets.

You notice how I have carefully avoided using the term 'particles' in describing atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons? There is a good reason for this.

Einstien was right when he said energy equals mass, and matematically proved it. However, Einstien could have made it easier to follow along and easier to visualize, if he had said instead, 'energy IS mass'.

This is the fact of the matter. To say that energy equals mass implies that energy and mass are two different things, when in fact they are not. That this is true is known, proven, and accepted.

There is nothing solid or particulate about protons, neutrons, or electrons. In reality, the universe is composed of at least a 3 dimensional volume of energy and force. There is, technically, very little 'solid' about the universe.

A sheet of paper is actually nothing more than a sheet of energy. In fact, since carbon fusion is far more intense than hydrogen fusion, there is enough energy in an average sheet of paper to nuke a town with a population of 1000, leaving no survivors.

The only thing 'soild' in the universe is the bond between positive and negative energy fields (protons and electrons). Protons and electrons are not solid, and they are not particles. They are packets of positive and negative energy.

A good example for the purposes of explanation is the magnetic component of the electromagnetic force. I could put a large magnet up side your head, and attach another one to a baseball bat, and attempt to use your head to hit a home run. If the north polarity of both magnets faced outwards, you could easily get knocked out by the impact, but in fact the magnets would never have physically touched one another, and the bat would never have contacted your head. In fact, there would ahve been no physical contact whatsoever.

It would feel pretty solid though. From your point of view it would be no different than Hank Aaron hitting you up side the head with a baseball bat, without magnets being involved in any way.

Some of you who have fucked with me and caused serious loss or irritation, may get to gain a better and more personal understanding of this phenomenon when you relive the German WWII concentration camps. Dr. Mengele used to hit little Jewish kids up side the head with a baseball bat in the interest of helmet research... That this will happen is certain, regardless of whatever else happens. It's just a question anymore of how many times it will happen. If you want forgiveness, turn to Jesus. Since even the flawed Bible says that blasphemy is the only unforgivable sin, and since the gods would have to be far more irritated by an action that constituted a blasphemy than they could ever hope to be by mere words... But who knows, maybe you will be saved, and at least it might keep your lame ass out of trouble (unless you become one of those 'born agains', of course...

How is it that you can create an entire reality, in very high fidelity, and live it when you go to sleep and dream, considering of course that it is a forgone conclusion that this stage is based on gravity?


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