Proof of life after death for morons.

Read This First

Unfortunately, Tripod doesn't offer CGI scripting, or I'd make some links to some seismographic databases and do some estimate calculations, and set you up a spiritual servitude clock that runs up on your screen, like the national debt clock or the big sign they have in Detroit that shows how many automobiles have been produced this year.

So, you'll have to do your own estimating.

Before you proceed, you might want to check this out first. Or this. Or this.

We can use the first large scale hit that ever happened, Soviet Armenia, Dec. 23rd, 1988, for example purposes, and then you can extrapolate similar estimates for any hit that went on since, or any that goes on later.

25,000 people died in the Soviet Armenia earthquake, Dec. 23rd, 1988, when some lame faggot religious scam running Soviet fools, along with about 24,500 innocent people got punted off the face of the planet by the gods.

(Found on the internet March, 2001: see this. Coincidence?)

Of course, this is an estimate, but there couldn't have been more than 500 Soviet scam assholes, which means that of the 25,000 victims, of that number, 24,500 would have been completely innocent.

So, for that one hit alone, we will use 24,500 as the initial number. As much spiritual servitude as you owe me, you will also owe all of those people.

Then there are the freinds and relatives and aquaintances of those 24,500 victims, who lost a freind, relative, or aquaintance.

Realistically, this is another 500,000 people you will owe. As much spiritual servitude as you owe me, you will owe each of them the same amount.

Then there are the merchants in a 300 mile radius who lost income. Probably 300,000 of these, when all aspects of the occurrence are considered, lost some income. You will also owe all of those people.

Then there are the ancestors of the 25,000 people who died. The line of ancestry goes way back. So far we have 24,500 + 500,000 + 300,000, or 824,500 people you will owe. The number of ancestors is probably somewhere near that number, at least. It all depends on how the gods figure what qualifies for ancestry. Of course, the gods could figure that the entire population of the Soviet Union suffered a loss, and then you are really screwed.

These estimates are for one relatively small spiritual attack, but you get the general idea here.

Like I said, unfortunately I can't program your lame ass up a running spiritual servitude clock, so you'll have to settle for this weekly seismographic data map:

You can keep track of it all to some degree by checking this map every once in a while.

Or maybe one of these times it will look like this:

And then you'll know you truly screwed yourself.

None of the gods who has a descendant located in an area that is going to be hit will participate in that hit, but they can't stop the majority of gods from doing it. However, they will be able to get your lame ass for having the potential of their descendants reduced or eliminated, and I wouldn't want to be you on the day they finally get your ass.

Of course, this might not always be true. Some of the gods might hit an area that has their descendants located in it, to put those descendants out of their misery. After all, death for the average normal person who hasn't fucked up spiritually (and most people haven't fucked up) is a far better experience than life could ever hope to be.

Even those who have fucked up spiritually, after they endure what they must, will have it much better than they had while they were alive.

So your lame devil worshiiping ass raped and killed some female. After enduring as much as millions of times what you had inflicted, maybe reliving the experience of every female who has ever been raped on the face of this palsy rock a few times, then even your palsy and lame ass will have it made.

So you raped and killed 10 females. Then you'll have to do all that 10 or 100 times, and then after that even your lame ass will see a vast improvement in your lame existence.

Of course, if you also fucked with the gods, and failed to retract your fucked in the head insults against the gods, then we are talking some serious shit, and you'll wish you had only raped and killed 10 females.

It all adds up, and then you pay the bill...

Lame shit like stealing candy when you were a kid and cigarettes when you was a juvenile delinquent, you will likely have repayed while you are still alive through karma.


Look at this palsy scene going on here from the god's point of view.

The gods care about their descendants. Man finally reaches a level of technological capability that allows the anti-crime technology, and other improvements that can reduce the suffering of their descendants.

That technology, and a few others that I and others have come up with and tried to promote, can cause vast social and economic improvements.

Then Neanderthal asshole lamers rise up and attempt to fuck that effort up. If the gods have the capability to hit, what the gods will do next is obvious. From their point of view, their descendants are screwed anyway, the way things are now, slaving their asses off for little or nothing, having to deal with all manner of unpleasant shit, and so on...

It would be decent if there were no limitations to the interface between the spiritual world and this world. It would be nice if everyone had a fairy godmother to sit on their shoulder and tell them all they need to know, but it hasn't happened, isn't happening, and isn't likely to start happening anytime soon.

The fact is, the vast majority of people have very little spiritual connection, or none at all. There might be weak links to their ancestors, but finding someone with any tangible spiritual connection of any significance is rare. The only reason I had or have it is because of silver poisoning.

Look at an area that has been hit, and you will see that no more people who were normally located in that area were absent from that area at the time of the hit than at any other time.

(Of course, there are ocurrences from time to time, like where someone misses a plane that later crashes and kills all the passengers.)

Or, how about female intuition, if nothing else? If I had had some acceptable female company, I would have been far less irritated, and there would have been far less hit going on. I haven't seen a vast horde of spiritually influenced females beating a path to my door. (With my legendary ability with the females, this is even more bizarre to try to figure out...)

How many people have you seen that had a spiritual connection? The gods see less, and interact less, than most people might think.

Man's own faith and man's own evils and suffering are responsible for there being a weak spiritual interface.

In the spiritual world, certain things are a physical impossibility. Pain, suffering, and malevolence are physical impossibilities in the main, strongest part of the spiritual world.

In the beginning, there was darkness, and nothing whatsoever moved upon the face of the darkness.

Then one day, by freak chance, life appeared in the universe. Billions of years later, there was intelligent life, and those that died found that they were not actually dead. Even the spiritual world had to start somewhere.

If you and a few hundred thousand other spirits, realizing that there was life after death, and realizing that one could create a reality and live in it, got together and decided to create a reality and exist in it, what kind of reality would you create?

If it was me, it would be a virtual paradise. It would store the memory of everything that ever existed, and I would be able to pick and choose whatever reality I wanted to create, create and modify it, and live in it. When I got bored with it, I would create a different one.

If I was going to create such a reality, I would do it right. There could be no way for any entity to inflict pain or suffering on another, except perhaps at the outer edges of the reality for reasons described elsewhere. No one could be bothered, or even interrupted, if they chose not to be. The reality would be fail-safe. It would be a physical impossibility to even think certain thoughts, for example to consider the possibility that the construct might be susceptible to outside threats or influences.

There is no way to prove any of this, it is just my word as to my opinion. From what I have seen, that is the way that it is. Of course, since I am the only one you have found who has ever produced the slightest amount of fact, it stands to reason I might know what I'm talking about.

I say that the main part of the spiritual world cannot physically occupy the same space as pain, suffering, or malevolence, because such things are a physical impossibility in the spiritual world.

Outside the main, most powerful part of the spiritual world, there can be interaction where such things exist, but there are severe limitations as to the what can be accomplished with such a weak interface.

If it were otherwise, you would see more of the gods, obviously, since once you have witnessed large scale hit, it ought to be obvious that there are gods.

I seriously doubt that I am the only one who has a spiritual connection. Unboubtedly, if certain lying sacks of shit would ever admit to what they know about silver poisoning, more people who had silver poisoning could be found who could tell tales, or even produce evidence.

What can the gods do if they want to communicate something? Try the 'born-again' experiment. See how many people are capable of communication... 5000 priests could all have an identical vision, write down the same information on a sheet of paper, and meet in Times Square in New York City on the same day, and it would all be written off as being some kind of a scam. Of course, who knows. Give 5000 priests silver poisoning, and see what happens...


This current situation here is a case where the gods are going to have their way, one way or another, and there isn't jack shit you can do about it.

Either the gods will succeed in their attempt to improve living conditions for their descendants, or wipe out the lame opposition to their attempt, and then make another, more successful attempt.

There is another angle, in that there are a number of audiences here who could get the wrong idea that it is possible to fuck with the gods and get away with it. By the time this is done, the foolishness of that theory is going to be more than obvious.

There are a few other angles. Suffice it to say, if you fucked yourself spiritually, I'd be finding a way to un-fuck yourself if I was you...


It ought to be obvious, even to you morons, that only the gods can cause large scale hit. If there are gods, then there must be life after death.

The gods are about as non-corporeal as you can get (without a body), and if such entities can exist, then it is virtually certain that there is life after death. At the very least, ghosts, poltergeists, shades, spirts, and all, would have to exist, and these were humans once, according to any tale ever told about them.

If there are gods, then what does that mean about every story ever told about what might happen to someone if they get on the wrong side of the gods? All those people who told those tales can't be complete idiots.

The Buddhists, Hindus, and American Indians have been saying it for well over 10,000 years. The Jews for 6000 years, the Christians for 2000 years. As if I am the only person to ever have a spiritual connection of experience. It might be rare, but it does happen.

As for your lame ass where it comes to the gods, I wouldn't rise up if I was you. If my approach doesn't work, my replacement will deal with this nasty little problem, and I ain't shit compared to what my replacement will be.

My approach is to try to reason (by fact and example) with your lame asses. My replacement's approach will be the extermination of your lame asses.

A wise man learns from the experience of others, a fool only from his own experience...

Leave well enough alone, and be grateful that the gods realize that you can't fix all the problems immediately, and move off to some area that remains unprotected, with the anti-crime techology not installed. After 50 years, the device might reach out to within 100 miles of your area, but your lame ass will be on Social Security by then.

If your lame snide ass is making the mistake of laughing becuase you think it means something spiritually that you would logically be hit, and you haven't been hit, I got news, chump. The only thing it means spiritually is that whenever something else gets hit, it's that much more spiritual servitude you owe, the amount rising exponentially, rather than in a linear manner.

There have been other occurrences of large scale hit, like the summer of 1993, Columbia, down in drug dealer land, and Bolivia the next day, according to the newspaper 'so deep under the earth that scientists had never seen anything like it', and others.

I suspect the frequency and scale are likely to increase soon enough.

If the legitimate targets don't get hit in the order of priority one might expect, it's because my ability to see is fucked up. Whoever replaces me isn't going to have their ability to see damaged to the point of near uselessness like mine is.

Unfortunately, my replacement will also be a lot more thorough than I ever was, and there will be the usual unfortunate side effects associated with it. If it weren't for that, I'd leave your lame asses behind at this very minute, go off and create a planet in the spiritual world populated with clones of my favorite female, and live there.

It galls my ass to have to babysit this palsy rock, especially you moronic lamers, when I could be there instead. But I do get at least some satisfaction, and watching you run up a bill of spiritual servitude is pretty satisfying.

As for my ability to see, I don't need it when it comes to dealing with your lame ass. Your own memories will be one of your worst enemies. After I die, I plan on taking time off from the clone planet, to relive my entire existence from about 1976 on.

This will be a day at a time. First, I plan on going through the memories of everyone I ever knew, everyone they ever knew, anyone I ever suspected, etc... I don't care if I have to go through the memories of 6 billion people if thats what it takes to find out who did what.

Then I will relive a day. I will be as irritated then as I was when I first lived it in the here and now, but my capability to act on my irritation will be, to say the least, quite improved, and there won't be a lame weak spiritual interface protecting your lame ass.

If you really caused me irritation that particular day, it might well be 10,000 years before I have to relive the next day.

Anyone else who lost whatever because of your bullshit, you'll end up having to deal with them, or maybe I should say they'll end up dealing with you.

Keep up your bullshit after you are aware of the facts and have been warned, and you'll wish it was only going to be as bad as the last few paragraphs might have indicated. This is especially true for any hit that goes on after you've been warned. Anyone who loses anything they didn't deserve to lose in that will take an entirely different approach to dealing with your lame ass than if you had been ignorant.

Make no mistake, there won't be nothing protecting your lame ass then. It won't come back on me, because it takes the Gods to hit. I cannot accomplish it myself. All I can do is to use a faith construct to move faith out of an area so the Gods can get in. There is no way to strike back at the Gods for that, and the fact that the gods would not be an appropriate target in the first place will be more than obvious to those people by then.

I will have the protection of the Gods, although it isn't likely I will need it. You, on the other hand, being the direct cause of some or all of the irritation that led to the attack, will have no such protection, and the trail of blame will lead directly back to you, and no further.

The Gods were doing something they felt needed being done. I did something I felt the Gods might want done. What's your explanation for your part in it?

I told you before, this for you isn't the average fucking up spiritually, this is major league fucking up spiritually, beyond what even your lame ass might be normally capable of. I did warn your dense asses...