Why you are fucking up here, and I am not.

Some of you realize that I am no saint.

So, considering, why wouldn't I be fucking up as bad as you, not being any more saintly than you?

Hey, I'm the most normal person you could ever hope to meet. Normally, I don't even have an attitude. Fuck with me though, and this changes real quick-like.

That aside, the definition of fact is: that which is. The definition of theory or opinion is: that which might be.

There are a respectable number of facts that strongly indicate that I am right, almost proving it beyond any possible doubt, and that I make no error whatsoever about anything I have to say on these pages. The facts prove I am right about most of what I have to say here, and indicate that there is a greater than 99 percent probablity that I am right about the rest of it.

There are two different ways to fuck up spiritually.

One way is to fuck other people over who do not deserve it. This truly pisses off the gods that are the ancestors of those people (a few gods), and mildly irritates the rest of the gods (a hideously immense number of gods).

Normally, one's karma takes care of any vengeance there is to be inflicted. At worst, one might bring centuries or thousands of centuries of pain in the ass upon one's self, like Adolph Hitler is pretty certain to have done.

Everybody fucks up this way to at least some small degree in the course of their existence here. The majority have it paid and accounted for before they die, and never have to deal with unpleasant realities being inflicted upon them by the gods after they die.

Then there is the other way to fuck up spiritually, the one best avoided at all costs, and that is to fuck with the gods, or rise up against the gods, in the face of evidence that indicates that one is precisely doing just that.

Even the average moron knows this. If gods exist, one does not fuck with them, considering what the gods would be capable of doing to someone that had pissed them off.

That facts prove (see the definition of prove above) that if you fuck with me, you also fuck with the gods.

There are two types of this proof available. One is hit, large scale and small scale. Hit is discussed elsewhere on some of the other pages.

The other is proof of my having a spiritual goal to be an inventor.

I have invented multimillion dollar technologies, and multibillion dollar technologies. Although there have been other inventions, one does not need to consider the lesser ones.

Some of these invention have the potential for immense and vast social impact, and all the ones listed here have a potential or a realized immense economic impact.

Think not? Let's go through the list, ranked according to economic impact:


Choose your doom: (the red ones are active, the grey ones are not yet)

death Lets start with this. This one, I have undeniable proof of inventorship from Uncle Sam himself. 1986: The best geothermal power generation design ever produced. It makes a nuke plant look like a joke in comparison in every aspect except technical complexity. Potential US value: tens to hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

death 1995: A machine that turns the very dirt of the earth into cities, roads, industrial and power generating facilities, and cheaper than it an normally be done conventionally. Potential US value: tens to hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

death 1989: The best solar power design as yet produced by 1989. Potential US value: tens to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

death 1998: The best solar power design as yet produced by 1998. Potential US value: billions to tens of billions of dollars per year.

death 1988: The anti-crime technology. Potential US value: 80 to 160 billion dollars per year.

death 1997: The oxygen concentrator. Potential US value: millions to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

death 1998: Reduction of crude oil pumping costs to 20 to 25 percent of their 1997 and prior levels. Reduces US oil imports by 5 to 15 billion dollars a year by allowing the reopening of thousands of closed US oil wells, increasing the US GNP 50 to 150 billion a year (which reduces US taxpayers payments 20 to 60 billion a year) in the process.

death 1984: Automatically prevents head on train collisions. Reduces the US trade deficit by 10 million dollars a year, which increases the USA gross national product by 100 million dollars a year. A lesser invention, but it was the first one, and this one started the spiritual feud currently going on, the one you don't want to jump in on the wrong side of.

death 1992: Although this one isn't worth a King's Ransom, like most of the other ones shown here, it has its undeniable value.


Put simply, I've already done more for both the United States and world economies than the vast majority of your lame asses put together.

You fuck with me, you're gonna lose. This is gone into in great detail on the other pages.

If you weren't also fucking with the very gods when you make the mistake of fucking with me, it might be different, but fact says it aint.

Just remember, there is no worse way to fuck up than to fuck with the gods, or rise up against the gods in the face of fact that says that is precisely waht you are doing. It's one thing to rise up when there is no fact to even remotely indicate the existence of the gods. Your lame ass might well get off with a relative slap on the wrist because of that. Only a fool beleives what someone says when no fact was ever produced. Just remember that it goes the other direction, too, and in this case, there is no shortage of fact.

So, just in case you might have been wondering why I should be able to get over on your spiritual ass so bad, now you know.

Two other facts to remember: One, an inventor learns to be conservative in their estimates, when an estimate is required, and I only estimate what vengeance I will take on your lame ass should you make the mistake of pissing me off. The other fact is that you will certainly have pissed off the gods worse than you pissed me off, and I will avenge myself upon your lame ass bad enough as it is, without that. No matter how pissed off I might get, I would look pleased and happy compared to the gods' capability to become pissed off, and tame compared to their capability to act on their agressions.

Watch that Twilight Zone movie. It doesn't show what happened after he wished his sister off to cartoonland... and he was only mildly irritated, not immensely pissed off.

don't make me hit you