I'll finish this when I'm good and ready. I just thought I'd upload what I had, to give time to lamers to go off to the National Institutes of Health and get their problem fixed.

Here we see who ends up getting over on who, and who ends up causing more irritation and loss to who.

This page is mainly intended for lame-ass idiot moronic asshole fools, like telephone / internet lamers, criminals, devil worshippers, those who don't like me because of the anti-crime technology, those who don't like me because of what I know about oil and fuel, those who don't like me for other reasons, and assorted other dickweeds who might make the mistake, or have already made the mistake, of rising up against me.

The facts show that rising up is to make a vast mistake, and that this scene ain't the average same old shit.

The fact that your lame ass made it to this page at least shows some small degree of intelligence, but I still seriously doubt you have the mental capacity required to follow this along.

I figure you have two options before proceeding to the next few pages here.

One, go to the National Institutes of Health, where they have had great success with injecting fetal tissue into the brains of Alzheimer's patients. It seems that the fetal tissue is so malleable that it grows into whatever type of cell it is placed next to, and the Alzheimer's patient actually grows new brain cells. This treatment would really help your lame cause. Of course, for this to work, you have to have at least a few brain cells to begin with, so that leaves some of you out...

But the rest of you, this actually works, and in your case I would highly recommend it. I wouldn't shit you. You're my favorite turds.

The other option is for you to rob someone so that you have the money to hire someone who has the mental capacity to actually follow this along, and have them try to explain it to your lame Neanderthal ass. Then, regardless of how lame you actually are, you can brag about it to your associates, 'I hired a consultant...'

After you have made some attempt to repair your defective ass or find a workable substitute for your lack of intelligence, return here.

There is a vast amount of evidence that indicates far beyond the doubt of the average moron that if you fuck with me, you also fuck with the gods. I would think that even someone as lame and stupid as you would see the non-wisdom of fucking with the gods.

This isn't a lot of bullshit opinion or theory. This is a large amount of factual evidence, and I am the only one you have ever seen, or likely will see, who has produced such fact or is likely to.

Since I produce fact while others produce only opinion and theory, you might as well consider me to be the authority on the subject of spiritual reality.

To start with, there are some basic realities of the universe you would be wise to learn and face up, before you fuck yourself worse than you already managed to.

First, there is no devil or Satan.

Second, there is no single God. The Buddhists come closest to having things figured out.

Third, there is no 'hell that lasts until the end of time'. Go back to the link above if your stupid ass feels some bizarre need to question this.

Fourth, there is life after death. Here is where it will really pay off, your getting those fetal tissue implants or hiring your 'consultant', because there is actual scientific proof of life after death.

Alternatively, there is obvious proof of the existence of the gods, and therefore life after death, that even the most limited of you morons should be able to follow along. You hockey pucks who already made the mistake of rising up, or might, this page concerns your lame ass in ways that you don't really want to have to learn about, but the sooner you face up to it, the better off you are gonna be.