Important Infoz.

After I die, I plan on taking time off from my pursuits to deal with the lameasses who made the mistake of pissing me off. Your underestimation is my overkill, be forewarned.

I plan on reliving every day of my entire existence from about 1978 or so on.

I might be somewhat limited in what I can do now to your lame ass, but make no mistake, I will deal with it the next time around.

For example, today I realized that a USENET message I sent never made it to its intended destination. This monumentally pisses me off, and I will deal with whatever lame ass was responsible.

So when I come back to reliving this particular day, in the same detail and resolution as I am living it now, I will be just as pissed off then as I am right now. Only the next time I live this bullshit, my capabilities to act on my aggressions aren't going to be anywhere near so limited as they are now.

So, just so you know, there isn't a hope in hell I will forget your bullshit someday, and not get more than even with your lame ass. For that message not going out, I will take the most frustrating computer related activity I can find, probably someone else's past nightmare computer programming experience, and make whoever lame ass was responsible relive it for 40,000 years. And you though you irritated me...

You might want to consider nicknaming me Elephant. Never forgets. There is at least one other resemblance, so I suppose it fits well enough...

I try to straighten your stupid ass out, but there's limits to what I can do right now, what with your lack of brain cells, survival instincts, common sense, and all.

You can't say I didn't give fair warning, or that you didn't make a choice after being fully informed as to what the consequences would be.

I told you before, if I have to go through the memories of six billion people to find out who did what, I will, and I will just be that much more irritated when I finally get your ass... and I will be irritated enough, as it is, at having to take time off to relive my existence and all, and whatever irritation you had caused that particular day.

Take my good advice, and refrain from fucking yourself any worse than you already have. When it comes to lame ass faggot phone company / internet dickweeds, I have a special reality specifically designed for your lame ass already planned. For the first few hundred thousand years, I'll just have you follow Adoplh Hitler's footsteps through the spiritual world, because I'll be having better things to occupy my time to deal with your lame ass. After that though, don't think I will have forgotten you or anything, or the fact that your snide ass made the mistake of irritating me.

Your capability to irritate me doesn't rank on the same scale as what my capability to irritate your faggot ass is going to be. Like comparing an atom to a universe. Your stupid ass is probably thinking the gods will protect you from this overkill, or that I will forget your bullshit irritation in the future. Ain't gonna happen.

You will remember later that I warned you here... One other thing, the other people and spirits you owe, a fair percentage of them will deal with your stupid carcass the same way I'm going to.

You realize of course that you're already far more entertainment than I could ever hope to be, to people with half a brain who have been able to follow the general idea of all of this... and to me.