Why is there Spiritual Servitude?

Basically, it normally doesn't work that way. If you cause pain and / or suffering to another, then you will experience at least the same amount yourself. The more profit you made, the more jollies you got out of it, the more snide you were about it, and the worse the offense determine whether your future unpleasant experience will be based on a 1:1 ratio, or, say you raped and killed some female in some asshole devil worshipping idiocy, as much as 1,000,000:1 or more.

However, in this situation here, there is more than enough evidence to show that if you fuck with me and my plans, you fuck with the Gods and their plans.

I claimed to have a spiritual goal to be an inventor. Maybe soon I'll post some of it here. I know you phone company assholes have seen much of it, but nowhere near all of it.

For example, the oxygen concentrator. That will effectively triple the world's remaining oil reserves, when it gets put into service.

Proof of life after death.

The best approach to solar power.

The best approach to geothermal power.

Let's see, who all knows of this, has seen the detailed versions? The Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis, Sen. Feingold's office in LaCrosse, WI, Sen. Grassley's office in IA, TV stations in LaCrosse, Rochester, the Twin Cities, Ford Motor Company, the Decorah Police Department, the Fillmore County, MN Sheriff's office, others.

There are more than a few other inventions. Many have been in the multi-million dollar value range. The railroad safety technolgy, should have made me a vast profit back starting in 1988, except criminal assholes have to start up a spiritual feud.

The internet idea. You phone company fucks know full well the value of that one.

My latest idea, reducing oil pumping costs to 20 to 25 percent of what they are now. You phone company lamers won't see that one in time to make any profit....

There is a veritable mountain of evidence to indicate almost beyond any doubt that I am correct about having the spiritual goal to be an inventor.

But wait, we have more... Large and small scale hit, where the gods have been seen to jump up and back me and themselves up. Where is your god been seen jumping up lately?

Get a clue. Even someone as dense as you should be able to follow this along and figure it out.


Even someone as stupid as your lame ass should be able to figure out that the Gods are best not fucked with. That it is unwise to fuck with the Gods, because the Gods would be no one to fuck with.

Even someone as totally moronic as your dense carcasses should be bale to realize that if the Gods exist, the worst mistake you could make in your entire existence would be to fuck with them, or their plans.

Now while no evidence exists to indicate either the existence or purpose or plan of the Gods, the Gods won't hold it against yuou too much. The Gods don't blame anyone for being ignorant (at least beyond a certain reasonanble point). You are born ignorant, and no matter how wise you become, you die pretty much the same way. It isn't as if it isn't expected. Ignorant assholes are expected to do shit indicative of their ignorance.

However, if you become knowledgeable, more is expected. Only a total fool rises up against the Gods in the face of evidence that that is exactly what they are doing.

Oh, before I forget, the anti-crime technology. I invented it more than ten years ago, and there are witnesses. There are witnesses from 1992 in Minneapolis who saw many supposedly intelligent, knowledgable, and wise people examine it in the form it was in at the time, and it was decided that the idea was too expensive and complicated, and therefore unworkable. It was discarded on that basis.

So, I made a more detailed presentation, what you now see on the anti-crime page, showing in complete step by step detail the method of installing it in a cost-effective manner.

Back in late 1988 when I invented it, the CD-ROM was just beginning production. In other words, immediately after the state of the art allowed the anti-crime technology, I invented it.

The anti crime technology would have the greatest social impact the world has yet seen. You can remember that I told you that the Gods will have their way with this, or the opposition to it will be eliminated by large scale hit.

I'd think that was pretty fair and reasonable, allowing it to be put to a vote, and then having only that percentage of the total area covered. Much more reasonable than the Gods eliminating the crime problem themselves with hit. It is the descendants of the Gods that suffer from the result of crime, you realize, and the Gods never did appreciate it very much.

This situation provides for the the Gods to get some guaranteed usefulness and progress out of this palsy scene.

Either the Gods will have their way, and the suffering of their descendants will be reduced, and their conditions improved in general, or the Gods will put their descendants out of their misery (no matter how good you have it now, it's better after you die, unless you fucked up spiritually), and remove the obstacle and try again at a later date.

There does seem to be a fair number of chumps willing to pay for the entire cost of the Gods expenses in time and energy. In other word, you lamers that owe spiritual servitude will end up paying the entire cost. It won't be pleasant, considering that you made the mistake of pissing off the Gods, and for you to replace that vast amount of energy will take an equally vast amount of time.

Of course, not all the Gods would participate. Some would rather not have such attacks go on, because it might end their line of descendants, and a line of descendants keeps the Gods from becoming bored.

Of course, these few Gods are far outnumbered by those who have been personally insulted, those that do not originate here, and those who are intent on bringing that plan about who do not have a risk of having their line ended because the target area to be attacked at that particular time does not contain respectable numbers of these descendants.

The only recourse for those Gods who were outnumbered that way will be to take their loss out of the hides of those that rose up and fucked up the original plan. Since they are truly irritated at having been insulted in the first place, I have serious doubts that it would be a pleasant experience for you.

Consider these facts:

1: The Gods have been seen to rise up and back me up more than once.

2: Large scale hit has been seen more than once, and the Gods had to have been seriously pissed off to do that.

3: Every night when you go to sleep and dream, you create a reality and exist in it.

4: You make the mistake of rising up against the Gods in the face of evidence that is exactly what you are doing.

5: You were warned full well what the consequences would be.

6: Enough fact is known to prove life after death.

Is it logical to assume that the Gods will cease to take my side of the argument after both of us die? Is it likely the Gods would take your side of the argument, when you rise up against them and fuck up their plans? The Gods have a lot of time, effort, and energy invested in this, which is why there has been a feud to begin with.

It should be obvious what will happen, even to you.

As I said elsewhere, if you know the Gods would hit you, given the opportunity, and you haven't been hit yet in the attacks that have gone on, you are a chump if you consider yourself lucky. All you ended up doing was having the bill of spiritual servitude you owe greatly increased.

It should be obvious that the Gods can become pissed off. This is NOT a good thing for you, that this is so, because the capabilities of the Gods to avenge themselves upon your lame ass is something no one would want to experience.

The fact that there is a weak interface between us and the spiritual world might protect your lame ass for a little while, but the Gods will get your ass sooner or later. If you have no plans to start showing some respect for a change, then it would be far better for you to get hit, or just die, sooner rather than later, after you have run up a vast bill of spiritual servitude.

A white guy doesn't go into a bar in Harlem and start talking a bunch of shit about monkeys and brillo pads, and expect to come out in as good a condition as he went in.

So why should it be difficult for you to figure out the common sense of not fucking with the Gods?

The fact that the penalties of spiritual servitude have been put into well defined terms that even you can follow along, should you choose to keep up your stupid bullshit, is what will end up getting your ass. We all have to live with the choices we make. You were told of the risk. You can choose to ignore it or disbelieve it, but that is a choice. Choose wisely...

The basic principle at work here should be more than obvious. If you are going to fuck with the Gods, then even you should be able to realize at least a vague picture of how unpleasant the eventual outcome will be for your lame ass.

All this does is to quantify things in a manner that even your limited mentality should be able to follow along, and it forces you to make a choice in the matter, and commit yourself to the agreement that makes you pay for the entire cost of the Gods' efforts.

There might be some troublemakers who believe they lost, or actually did lose, something they didn't deserve to lose in what attack has gone on so far.

For you, I doubt I will make you relive my life 100,000 times, and then relive Treblinka and the Bataan death march a few million times. I can sympathize. I have had losses of my own because of this bullshit. Like you, I have to wait until I die before I get what's owed to me.

Spiritually, I doubt I pose any real threat to you. And you may well owe me nothing spiritually. But if you caused irritation that led to attempted hit, you will owe those who lost undeservedly in the hit that went on.

It won't come back upon me, it will come back upon you. I was attempting to serve some useful and progressive spiritual purpose, and making some attempt to prevent a worse situation for developing. What was your motivation, revenge? You probably wouldn't admit to rising up against the Gods, regardless of the evidence, but your belief and the reality would differ.

Now if this is the first time you've witnessed this, you can likely claim ignorance, and get away with a relative slap on the wrist. This goes for anyone. Once the evidence gets put in front of your face and you make a choice, you will only have yourself to blame for the choice you make.

Visit the basics page for an explanation of why there would be spiritual punsihment, and what purpose it would serve. Although written as a theory there, I know it to be a fact.

About spiritual servitude, it does appear that the Gods have been correct about everything else they ever tried to communicate to me. The spiritual goal to be an inventor, large scale hit... I doubt they were underestimating about spirtual servitude.

Your mama told you not to live on credit. Take her good advice.

Don't expect the Gods to congratulate you for your rising up bullshit...

If you fucked with me, you will owe me spiritual servitude. I will likely have to wait in line while the Gods deal with your lame ass, but my turn will come. I told you elsewhere, I have a long and exact memory. Unfortunately for you, so do you, and I will find out exactly what bullshit you pulled because of this.

So, do you really expect the Gods to be pleased with you, and prevent me from inflicting some truly unpleasant experiences on your lame ass?

Some of you causing irritation, affecting my existence in a negative way, and standing in my way recently, you can expect that there will be a minimum of truly unpleasant shit you will end up having to endure, both from me and from the Gods, regardless of whether this situation improves or degenerates. If you had half a brain, you'd keep this minimum from rising further.

Even the religious fanatics will tell you that blasphemy is the only unforgiveable sin, and a moron knows that actions will piss off the Gods far more effectively than words ever could.

The Hell that last until the end of time theory is a fool's retreat from reality. If you want to extend your stay there to a truly respectable length, be my guest, but you can't say I didn't tell you that you had your head up your ass.

Even someone as backwards and dense as you, to follow that line of bullshit, should realize that if you piss off the very Gods, you will be there long after Adolf Hitler gets out...

I'd pay special attention, if I were you, to the section in these pages that deals with my reliving my own existence.