These pages contain information of immense value to Mexico and Mexicans in general.

In the history of Mexico, the discovery of petroleum and the export and sale of that petroleum to other countries has been the largest economic benefit ever realized by Mexico.

This disk contains complete descriptions of two technologies. One of these will have an economic impact that is about the equal of the value of Mexican petroleum.  The other will have a much larger benefit to Mexico, and over time will prove to be more valuable than Mexico's petroleum.

It is very important that the Mexican government, PEMEX, and the office of the President of Mexico receive this disk or a copy of it as fast as possible.  Every day of delay costs Mexico and Mexicans tens or hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions of pesos.
The distribution of this disk will proceed among many different routes, and the intended recipients may well receive ten copies from ten different sources.

There might exist some people who would be too impressed for their own good with the immense value of the two technologies described herein, and they might attempt to make false claims as to inventorship. Because the government is certain to receive a copy of this disk eventually, this would be foolish, and could result in anger and punishment.  On the other hand, the government is likely to reward (in one way or another) anyone who makes the effort or spends their own pesos to bring this disk to them.

These technologies also have a spiritual significance, and this aspect poses a far more serious danger in terms of suffering or punishment than anything the Mexican government could inflict.

First let me point out that I can prove that I am the inventor of these two technologies, and this can be proven beyond any possible doubt. I personally went to Mexico in October 2000, entering at Nuevo Laredo, and proceeding eastwards along Highway 2 to Reynosa where I exited back to the United States. Along the way, I described the pyrex technology to a number of people, and asked that they inform the Mexican government. I do not recall their names or even their locations, but I could retrace my path and produce them all. I also stopped at PEMEX at their offices west of Reynosa, and gave a detailed description of the oil pump technology there. I have sent repeated internet e-mails to PEMEX giving the location of my web pages. The version of the Pyrex page you will read below is identical to those I posted on the internet 8 months ago (as of January 2002).

I have other proof.  For example, I have computer disks that contain earlier versions of these pages that go back four years.  Based on the strength of the magnetic patterns of data on a disk, and magnetic charge migration over time, a competent professional can very accurately date to within a few days the exact date the data had been written to the disk.  It can be shown that my proof goes back at least four years.  If anyone else were to make a competing claim, their supposed 'proof' would have to go back more than four years.  If someone had forgered 'proof' that went back further than this, then it should be obvious that they would have filed for a Mexican Patent at least 3 or 4 years ago, and yet the first the Mexican government, PEMEX, or any other Mexican heard of either of these inventions was a year and three months ago. (From January 2002).  It would be absurd to consider that anyone who had 'proof' which was legally acceptable as proof of inventorship in the USA would have found it dificult to obtain financing to apply for patents, considering the truly immense value of either of these technologies, and the ease of verification of the validity of the concepts.

The first of these inventions, the Pyrex extrusion machine, brings Mexico (and the rest of the world) up to and then above the current standard of living in the United States.

This technology turns the very dirt of the earth into building materials, is very inexpensice to build and operate, and is capable of large scale terraforming:  It can transform worthless desert into cities and farms.

Some of the appalling potential impact of the pyrex extrusion machine:

The Pyrex Extrusion Machine
The impact of this technology is likely to dwarf the impact of the invention of steel.  Follow this link to the complete description.

The other invention reduces the cost of pumping crude oil to 20 to 25 percent of current costs.  If petroleum is selling for $20 a barrel, in some cases the actual cost of power that it takes to pump the oil out of the ground can constitute half, or $10 a barrel. Even in cases where the cost is only $2, given the immense volume of Mexican petroleum production this improvement can easily save PEMEX billions or tens of billions of pesos a year or more.

The Oil Pump Improvement
Follow this link to the complete description.

The oil pump improvement is worth tens or hundres of billions of pesos a year to Mexico.  The eventual potential of the Pyrex machine is tens or hundreds of trillions of pesos a year, and the social value, for example the total or the almost total elimination of poverty, is incalculable.
For the Mexican government and Office of the President
I had wanted to wait another month or two before I came to Mexico, so I could improve these pages and get a better translation done, but circumstances require that I make my trip sooner.  My mother requires breathing medication, and obtaining a prescription has become difficult: I can obtain these medications without a prescription in Mexico. One hopes that the Mexican medical system never beomes corrupted as its American counterpart has become.

I would have been more than happy enough to just give these technologies away to you and ask nothing in return except the satisfaction of my knowing that I had accomplished at least some part of my spiritual purpose as an inventor.

However, events have come to pass that require me to beg you for assistance.  If I cannot get this assistance from you, I will have no future, and my purpose as an inventor will have ended.

I should have been respected as a hero in my own country for my contributions and accomplishments and efforts, but there are too many retarded criminal maggots here, and idiots in general who are incapable of basic logic and common sense, and there is nothing left of the government here anymore but a mindless beuracracy.

I do not have the resources or the energy or potential to attempt to fight my way through either a government or corporate beuracracy here. Also, I have encountered criminal opposition.  It would appear that some criminal idiots have been lying to other parts of the government about me in order to buy time for them to buy closed down oil wells with the intention of reopening them.  President George Bush is the obvious example of this.  If is likely that if President Bush finds out about this opposition and the falsehoods, it will not bode well for the perpetrators.  Therefore, in order to try to prevent this from happening, the opposition I face here could easily change from obstruction of my efforts to attempts at permanently ending my efforts.

In addition, the American governmental and corporate beuarcary is not conducive to my efforts to repair the damage I have suffered, while these problems do not exist in Mexico.  In the USA, with either beurracracy, I might have to convinve 80 total idiots that I am correct about the validity of these inventions before I could even talk to a normal person who had a normal intelligence.  This is like trying to teach rocket science to a chimpanzee.  I do not have the time or the resources to accomplish this.  Worse, it is apparent that I have been labeled as a crazy man in my FBI (government) record, becuase some government idiot was not capable of following the information contained in these pages, and this effectively ends any possibility of my fighting through the government beuracracy here.  This is the probable explanation for the recent trouble in Altus, Oklahoma that is described elsewhere on these pages.

I will put the matter simply:  I see no future for myself here in the USA.  I can see one for me in Mexico.

Please consider this: I claim to have a spiritual goal to be an inventor.  The facts prove that I am correct about having this purpose.  If you consider the three most valuable and immense economic contributions that anyone has ever made to Mexico, I have made two of the three (the creation of Mexico's petroleum industry being the oher).

There are two obvious aspects that arise from these facts.  One, I might invent something else in the future if I survive.  Without your assistance, my survival is highly unlikely.

Also, showing gratitude and respect for God or the very Gods can only improve one's existance, potential, and security.

Although you face no potential economic or other trouble from the gods yourselves, the United States does. The affects of this could easily decimate Mexico's petroleum sales to the United States.  The details of this aspect are given elsewhere on these pages.  If I do not survive then this trouble is certain to manifest itself.

I cannot get what I need in order to survive, make progress, and obtain the repair I need in the USA.  Therefore, I wish to move to Mexico and become a citizen of Mexico.  I know that I could express this same argument to the Arabs, but I would far prefer living in Mexico to living in the Middle East.  I have known many Mexicans, and in general they are decent and respectable people.  I do not dislike the Arabs, but I do dislike many of their foods and some of their customs, where I find little to dislike in Mexican foods or customs.  There is also a general lack of organiztion in the Middle East, and therefore there is always trouble of some kind or another going on over there, whereas Mexico has been a stable and progressive environment for many decades.

The only difficulty of any significance with this is tht I do not speak Spanish.  This is a minor difficulty; because I can learn to speak Spanish.

My condition can best be described as having suffered serious damage.  This damage needs to be repaired.  This is explained elsewhere on these pages, for example on the silver poisoning page.  Read fed.htm

I would not expect to move down to Mexico and instantly start living like a King.  However, I do have some needs that would require what would amount to credit before the profits and improvements from these inventions are realized.

I will describe what I would like to have arranged.  Something usable and similar would certainly work, and I am sure that there are angles and possibilities that I am currently unaware of.

I need some kind of basic stake, stable living arrangement, and security.  I need some minimum of property and a source of guaranteed income.  I have a disability, mostly in the form of nerve damage, and the effects of this damage.  Some of this might be better described in person, but most of it is obvious after reading the silver poisoning and the other pages I refer you to later on this page.  It affects my sleep schedule, and there are few normal lifestyles I could lead because of it.  Later, say 18 months later as Mexico starts making millions from the oil pump technology, maybe there could be some improvements in the standard of living.  I would never have any special need to live like a rich man, but I do need a basic minimum standard of living, and I will be able to accomplish the most as an inventor if the standard is somewhere between middle class and rich.

I need female company.  This, I can easily get myself if I have some kind of basic stake, stable living arrangement, and security.  But help with something temporary to start wouldn't hurt, especially because I need it to effect repair.  If it becomes permanent then so much the better.

I need to be involved in both the oil pump and pyrex projects, because I beleive I can give valuable insights and improvements, and get the jobs done right.  I have insights into my own inventions that others lack.  I believe it is possible to use a modified version of the machine to extrude granite, marble, obsidian and other similar materials.

In the USA, I have always acted as if I were some kind of magnet for criminal idiots.  It gets to be worse than a dog attempting to have sex with your leg all the time.  This trouble goes all the way back to the religious scam described elsewhere on these pages, and I need protection from this.  In the USA, this would be almost impossible.  However, in Mexico you could take almost effortless action that would make it certain that no such trouble could arise.

If the Mexican government were to appear on Mexican national television, and perhaps put out some posters in prominent locations, show my picture and state this:  "This man has made two of the three most valuable and important economic contributions that anyone has ever made to Mexico: he is not to be touched", and offer a reward for the capture of anyone who offers money to try to put someone up to any criminal act regarding me, with the amount surpassing the amount of money that had been offered, there could be no worry about any kind of security.

If you failed to do this, then surely some of my old enemies from the USA or even Russia would come down and either sucker someone or pay someone to reduce my position in some way.  This is not an overestimation.  Elsewhere, these pages describe some of the problems of this nature I have had in the past, and I can easily produce fact to verify at least a respectable part of this.

My enemies have considerable financial resources, retarded theories about spiritual reality, and they fail to recognize that fact outranks theory.  Do not underestimate this.  Doing what I suggest would eliminate this as a potential problem.  These people are remnants of the religious scam mentioned elsewhere in detail on these pages that went on in the USA entertainment 'industry': there are limits to the interaction.  There will never be any direct interaction between myself and these people.  They beleive that if they cannot pay or sucker someone to cause an interaction, then it has no (supposed) 'spiritual signifiicance', and they do not gain anything from it.  This would simply prevent the possibility of such interaction.

There are some issues regarding my family.

The first of these regards my daughter and the mother of my daughter.  Eventually, when some considerable profit, income, and progress has been realized from these inventions, I would appreciate it if I would receive enough extra income to be able to send income to them on the same level they should have been able to have had.

What I would most appreciate, upon realizing that I am correct about having made an immense contribution to Mexico, would be for the government to attempt to help me to rebuild my destroyed family.  There are descriptions of this destruction elsewhere, for example as subpages of pictures.htm and on bn_new.htm. Links are given below.

The ideal arrangement as far as I can see would be that I would be given property or use of property on the ocean front somewhere, within a hundred miles or so of the USA / Mexico border.

Also, to have the Mexican government send some hombres up to Minnesota in an attempt to contact and retreive Mariel, mentioned and described on pictures.htm.  I beleive that I could have her return to me, without many requirements on your part.  She is a female that needs security and stability more than the average female, because she has epilepsy (seizures).  If I were in a position to offer Mariel the following:

A home on the ocean on the beach,
A home fairly close (but not too close) to the USA border, south of Texas or California,
A decent standard of living and assurance of future income and stability / security,
Assurances that my income will improve as Mexico realizes more profit form my contributions,
Freedom from any legal harrassment for smoking marijuana (she says it helps the epilepsy problem),
Enough income for her to travel to and from Minnesota from time to time,
Provisions for our daughter Athena to be able to stay.

then it would be very likely that she would return to me.  Because she has epilepsy (seizures), she has always needed even more security and stability than the average female, and I have never been in any position to be able to provide it.

If I were to have my preferences, I would choose to be with a Mexican female on a short term basis, someone who could help teach me to learn Spanish, and then upon appraisal of my contributions, to have someone be sent up to Minnesota in an attempt to offer these things to Mariel, and to offer her transporation down, and transportation back if she desires, so that she can examine the environment and potentials and decide for herself.

Nothing is certain regarding this.  For all I know she may not even be in Minnesota anymore, or could have been hit by a truck and died as many as three years ago without my knowledge.

Failing this accomplishing anything, I could easily be happy with any number of Mexican females, or a large percentage of the ones I witnessed during my visit down to Mexico last fall.

The other issue regarding my family is my mother.  I currently care for my 71 year old mother.  Her requirements are not great, but she does need access to USA satellite TV, and air conditioning.  She has lived all her life in Minnesota and Iowa, and she cannot possibly tolerate the high Mexican temperatures without this.  I will probably require some assistance for her, for example cutting her hair and nails, someone to help her take a bath or a shower.  Eventually the time may come when she needs more care than I can provide even with assistance. In this case I suspect that she would probably have to return to the USA and enter a nursing home, probably back in her home state in Webster City, Iowa.  I doubt she would be willing to make the effort to speak Spanish.  Perhaps there exists some small oceanfront resort or hotel in a smaller town or city where English speaking tourists could be expected to be found would work for a time.  Not something on the order or a five star Hotel or anything, just a smaller privately owned establishment away from the large cities.

An internet connection might prove valuable.  Myself, I am convinced that for the purposes I would want to use it for, the internet is nothing but a criminal cesspool that crawls with maggots, and is totally worthless to me except for on rare occassions when I want to search for technical information, but it might be ideal for her to be able to talk in the chat rooms in English with other people besides myself from time to time.  However, in the short term this is not an important consideration.  She would however need to have access to a telephone in order for her to communicate with her family back in Iowa from time to time.  She has minor medicine needs: her prescriptions for breathing inhalers and high blood pressure medicine run about $120 US dollars a month.  Form what I have seen this is more like the equivalent of $35 US dollars a month at a Mexican pharmacy.  I beleive that her Social Security retirement income of $571 US dollars a month would be sent to her each month even if she moves to Mexico as long as she remains an American citizen, although I am not certain of this.

As for my own needs, I do not beleive that these needs are great, considering the immense nature of my contribution.

I have damage that must be repaired.  I need some compatible female company.  After I have gotten some of the repair I need from having this, I will need to have my teeth removed to effect repair for the silver poisoning.

It might well be that some of the nerve damage I sustained from silver poisoning will never be repaired, and that my sleep shcedule will never be able to return to normal, but there are still many vocations I would be able to undertake.  For example, I can program computer, design internet pages, etc...

As for silver poisoning, some of this type of damage is easier demonstrated than explained, because some of the principles require advanced knowledge of physics.  For example, why it only takes a very small number of silver atoms to cause a very large effect.  I could easily explain to a physicist why a single silver atom, under irradiation, will act as a negative charge source for the surrounding potassium ions, producing millions or tens of millions of electrons per second to add to the general negative charge in the area, and he would agree because he knows basic quantum electrodynamics and quantum property and absorption / emission laws. However, the majority of people have never learned quantum physics, and would not understand how only the silver could be affected by the irradiation.

It is far easier to demonstrate the result of irradiation with an ultraviolet camera.  Then it is obvious that there has been a reaction, without having to precisely understand why there would be one.

This is probably the true cause of half of the opposition I face at the present time in the USA.  There are some people in the government here who fear my obtaining the financial resources that would allow me to gain the equipment that I would need to be able to prove or demonstrate this phenomenon.  These people have conducted fake 'demonstrations' for people in other government agencies in the past, including the Congress, which of course produced 'negative' results, and would not want to be caught for having done so.  But the facts are, if you conduct a legitimate demonstration and you irradiate someone who has silver dental fillings with a TV set or a computer monitor that has had its high voltage section intentionally misadjusted, an ultraviolet camera will show a definite effect that goes beyond the locations of the fillings themselves.

------------   page is still being edited  ------------

Robert Nelson, 6/15/2001

my current address is:

2301 SW Sheridan Rd #24

Lawton, OK, 73501

tel (580) 248-5801

This address may well change however. I will attempt to keep the Nations (especially the Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa) and the
Mexican government updated with my current location. If this issue goes unresolved and no progress is made for more than 4 months, it
is a virtual certainty that the Nations will know my location.

I can be identified: I have a small heart tattoo on the left mid forearm. I am missing the right side front tooth and second from the rear
bottom tooth. I have a large scar on the top of the left hand, and a small scar on the right ankle. Green eyes, 5'8", 165 lbs. I play the
electric guitar, and I can play any of these songs with a great degree of accuracy. (Well, for some of those songs, I might have to
practice for three weeks: two weeks of wasting effort making fingertip blisters, and then one week of useful practice... I've been out of
practice for years now, but it doesn't take that long to get it back.)

------------   page is still being edited  ------------

If this version of this disk does come your way, especially if it occurs after October 2001, then any assistance you could provide would be appreciated, especially in contacting the Arabs to be sure that they have a copy. The (Indian) Nations in the USA will almost certainly know my current location.

It will then be up to you to assess the information contained on this disk, and to consider the potentials it describes. You would almost certainly come to no harm by failing to provide assistance, but it may well be that you could improve your position by showing enough respect to do so.

I will leave it to your own best judgment and wisdom as to what type of assistance might successfully cause an improvement. You can easily get a general idea of the potentials, the problem, and possible solutions by reading the other pages contained on this disk.

Reading the Native American page and the other pages contained on this disk will give you a good idea of what the problem is and what should be done about it.

I wish you speedy success in your terraforming efforts.

R. Nelson

This page is left unfinished in this version of these pages / this disk.