This is the way it used to be

Food and animals were plentiful, and animals were respected and safe from attempted genocide. People were free to live their lives, and there was little suffering.

It can be this way again.

Perhaps the Chinese had the right idea when they built the Great Wall of China: keep invaders and undesirables out, and that which was desirable in.

What I invented can serve the Nations many different purposes. The most common use, the housing and tank structures it builds, can generate electricity, and provide all the food crops anyone could want to eat. There is another use: The Nation can duplicate the accomplishment of the Chinese, and wall themselves in, encompassing their entire territory. Some of the Nations posses immense territories, but the cost of building such a structure is truly and ridiculously inexpensive: It sounds farfetched now, but it could easily and inexpensively be done, and you will know that this is true when you are done reading these pages.

If such a wall were built, it would allow repopulating of the species which used to inhabit the areas.

In this way, the Nations could have the best of both worlds. Those who wanted to respect the earth and show the appropriate respect to the animals, could. They could even follow the old ways if they wished, exactly as it had been in the past. Those who wanted to follow a more modern lifestyle or technological pursuits could follow these pursuits. I tend to follow the belief that technology is not inherently evil, although what man can do with technology is another matter entirely.

The pyrex extrusion machine turns worthless sand and dirt into pyrex structures. A machine can be built that leaves 10 story tall extruded pyrex structures behind it as it travels through the desert or sagebrush, feeding itself sand or dirt.

The extruded structures can generate massive amounts of solar power. It takes a lot of power to operate the machine, perhaps as much as $2000 worth of electricity an hour. However, once the machine is built, and the structures it has created begin producing electricity, the machine powers itself. After this point is reached, the only costs are labor and maintenance. For as little as one million dollars, perhaps even less, a basic 1 or 2 story high machine can be built and put to work. After the basic solar power facilities are built, only your imagination would limit your use of the machine, because the costs are insignificant. The machine powers itself.

It has been known since the early 1970s that massive amounts of electricity could be generated from solar power, but until I invented this machine, there was no cost-effective way to take advantage of this, because large areas of land must be covered with receiving facilities, and the receiving facilities were very expensive. This technology produces ridiculously inexpensive receiving facilities.

I am of the belief that the Nations would have kicked the white man's butts all the way back to England if they had been equipped with guns, mines, and foundries. The Nations never had any need for such things, where in Europe, the continual infighting and large scale territorial warring necessitated the discoveries of new technologies. It should be obvious that the technology and facilities could have easily saved the Nations great suffering and woes back then, regardless of whether the lifestyle of the Nations was better than the European's or not (I believe that it was: whites called natives savages, when in fact it was the other way around). I say that this technology can provide the same security for the Nations now as guns would have provided back then.

The population of the Nations has greatly diminished, with large numbers leaving because of low standards of living, poor economic conditions, and food shortages. The main immediate benefit of the Pyrex extrusion machine is low cost housing, crop production, and electricity production. In the New Mexico or Arizona or Utah desert, or the Oklahoma sagebrush, or even as far north as Canada, facilities can be extruded that can create and maintain a large range of precisely controllable growing climates, capable of growing anything from pineapples and cocoa to corn to winter wheat, while at the same time generating electricity that can be used or sold.

The Pyrex Extrusion Machine

Any power the U.S. government might have maintained as an economic lever or threat over the Nations, this machine removes: it could allow total self sufficiency and security. Limitless housing, crops, power, and fuel generation. In the future, the Nations will surely decide to use it to wall their larger territories in, and then nearly limitless horse, cattle or buffalo herds and wildlife will be possible. Buffalo and wolves and coyote will be physically prevented from crossing someone's fool arbitrary border and being shot. Sections for herd management, for example for cattle herds, can be partitioned off, and so can wildlife refuges.

Large areas can be terraformed into pylons that support a slightly tinted roof, with a water supply system. Water can be condensed out of thin air, in structures which are partially underground. This can allow south and southwest sagebrush or desert areas to support midwest plains-type grasses and plants, to support cattle, buffalo, and wild horse herds.

This has to be poetic justice from the gods: The U.S. government thought it was setting aside for the Nations the most worthless land on the continent, when in fact it was setting aside some of the most valuable.

I suspect that most of the population of the Nations will return when self sufficiency is obtained. I would estimate that most would want to live in modern comfort, with electricity, air conditioning, refrigerators, etc., which they could do for a very low cost, if not outright for free, but that for weeks out of the year, the majority would make repeated pilgrimages each year to the wild country to experience and maintain their heritage.

What I need from you

My main request is that you make certain that the Mexican, Saudi Arabian and Egyptian governments receive a copy of this disk or these pages.

If you have the preliminary version of this disk that contains this text, then please do not distribute it past the Nations as yet. This disk is not complete, and contains information that some in the U.S government might not want the Arabs to witness. The leadership of the Nations will know when and whether to distribute this information to these entities. See the bottom of the first page.

I have made enemies, and some have powers that could prevent this from happening. The internet cannot be trusted for this purpose: I have attempted it, and it produced no response. I have had dealings with criminal maggots at the phone company, in the internet, and in the U.S. Mail.

Some of these enemies go way back, and some are more recent. For example, I made no new friends in California when I invented the Pyrex extrusion machine. California's worthless desert was terraformed decades ago, in the largest U.S. public works project ever implemented, the Colorado River diversion and aqueduct project. What I invented destroys their monopoly. It allows the Nations, and other U.S. States like Oklahoma and Texas to terraform their otherwise worthless land, without the need for Federal dollars, and bring their crop production and variety up to the point where it surpasses that of California. These shortsighted fools fail to see a future, when in fact all this means is a slight loss, if any. More production will drop the price of crops. When the price of crops drops, more Canadians and Japanese will buy their carrots and lettuce who could not afford to before. The size of the market will expand, and the sales incomes will stay roughly the same, but the volume will greatly increase.

Right now I am almost defenseless: I have no economic security at all. One of those neanderthal morons, or one from my past, would not find it difficult to take steps that would destroy any potential as an inventor that I had left.

California interests are already wise to me and at least part of what I represent. Don't waste your time now, but after you have read the rest of this page and its links, follow this link: [FekLar]'s mp3 page. The 'why some mp3s are legal' subpage is the relevant information page. I sent a copy of this page to Napster, and Napster should have won their case against the California based record companies as a result, but the issue was never even raised in the hearings. There has been internet censorship of the mp3 page, and since California companies would be the only ones to benefit from this, California is where it the censorship had to have originated, in other words.

The most likely chance of success lies in the Nations' sending a representative to personally visit the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian Embassies in Washington, DC, and in sending a representative to visit the Mexican Government in Mexico. As far as the Mexican government is concerned, I will be attempting to go down to Mexico and contact them myself shortly, but Washington, D.C. is out of my reach, and the main thing I want from the Mexicans is the same as I want from you, to get me in touch with the Saudis. The Nations maintain a physical presence in Washington, D.C., and many people who live on the reservation on the Mexican border have trusted friends and relatives in Mexico.

Another way you might be able to assist me is if any of the Nations are significant oil or natural gas producers. If you own a good number of oil wells on Nation's land, the other invention can greatly improve the income from these. If this is the case, I would appreciate a job offer, in designing and implementing the upgrades. I have the required mechanical and computer skills background. I would need housing for myself and for my mother, and living assistance to provide aid to my 70 year old mother.

I have silver poisoning. This is one of three problems I have had to deal with that has caused serious damage to both my existence and to my potential as an inventor. It totally destroys one's sleep schedule, making it impossible to hold a job that requires regular hours. I cannot be depended upon to wake up in the morning to show up for a 9 to 5 job.

Half of the problem with silver poisoning is government scum at the lower levels of the government having successfully lied to those in higher authority about whether the problem or phenomenon of silver poisoning exists, suckering those at the higher levels into believing that it does not exist, or does not create the level of problems for its victims that it actually creates. The main reason the silver poisoning page has been censored on the internet is because these scum don't want to get caught having told these lies, or I would have received a legal settlement for silver poisoning years ago.

I also have a serious depression problem, which greatly magnifies the effects of the silver poisoning upon my sleep schedule and my existence in general. I could take medication to somewhat compensate for this, but this would not be wise. I have taken it before, and the effect of it is to replace the depression with anger and rage, and given past experience with this, surely either myself or someone else would have to die soon after I started taking it.

(Taken from one of the silver poisoning subpages) Monkeys in restraint, wires coming out of top of skull, top image "normal", bottom image with electric current being fed into the monkey's brain - note pupil sizes and clenched teeth! These images portray Dr. Delgado's ruthless disregard for life, pain, and suffering!

(Before antidepressants)

(After antidepressants)

I need some antidepressant, but I also have to have some female company with it and be making some degree of some kind of progress, or the cure will be worse than the disease had been. I could have the source of the problem, the silver, removed, but that would destroy any potential as an inventor I might have had left: I need female company to repair my damaged spiritual connection first. Right now I am more attuned to negative than positive, and I need to reattune myself to the positive before I have the receiving antenna removed. Unfortunately, a female needs some potential future and stability, and I have not had any to offer in a long while now.

Although it will work as described in the linked page below, a much improved implementation uses extruded Pyrex hot water storage, because it is much cheaper than the method of using oil drums that is described.

How to reduce the cost of pumping oil and natural gas by 80 percent

There were rumors that I have a small amount of Native American blood, but these cannot easily be proven one way or another, any more than the rumor that I am actually Howard Hughes' illegitimate son. I was adopted, and getting access to the proper identities of my real birth parents could be difficult or impossible. My philosophy might tend to indicate the presence of some Native blood, but this is not proof. I would need to be made a legal member of the Nations.

My skills other than as an inventor and planner are limited. I program computer, but I am out of practice. I can produce web pages and maintain an internet server. I am a veritable expert on computer hardware and maintenance, but I have little network experience. I can do automobile mechanics, but I am years out of practice. My skills are best put to use amplifying on my accomplishments as an inventor. I could easily do most of the designing, implementation, and installation of the oil and gas pump upgrades, for example.

What I lack the most are two things: stability and security for one, and female company. Unfortunately, these are the two things I need the most. I have been without them for many years, and the damage to my potential as an inventor has been immense.

This is why I eventually need a settlement from the U.S. or Minnesota government, or to have the Federal government beat a settlement out of Minnesota, or to have the Saudis or the Mexicans beat a settlement out of the Federal government. I have a powerful faith, but after numerous occurrences of suffering significant setbacks and serious damage at the hands of criminals in the government and elsewhere, both my spiritual connection and the direction this faith has taken have suffered a vast amount of damage.

The first of this was criminals in the government lying about silver poisoning. The second, and worst of it to date, was the criminal activity from the Minnesota government in 1986. This incident caused serious damage to my spiritual connection, almost completely destroying it. To this day I have never recovered more than a tiny fraction of this lost connection. The damage to my faith that this caused was also considerable. I am not a fool. I follow logic as a guide, like a normal person should. I have been trying for years, ever since 1986 when the incident occurred, to have the damage repaired, and the rest of the government and legal system, including the ACLU, has sided with the criminal maggots every single time.

By faith, what should this indicate to me? It indicates that the government can at any time repeat the exact same thing, and there is nothing to indicate that this will not happen, or that they will fail to get away with it the next time it happens. I needed a settlement ever since the incident occurred, to give my faith a reason to believe there was at least an even chance of success in my goals. I also needed it to repair my damaged spiritual connection. Once this faith in my potential future was destroyed, I pretty much gave up trying to find female company, because I believe (and most females expect) that there should exist at least some realistic chance of having a successful future. Without female company, there was no way to repair the damage to my spiritual connection.

One cannot spontaneously generate a faith in anything, especially when all past experience disagrees with the faith that one is attempting to generate.

I am certain I do not need to explain this to you any further, or to the Arabs. Both of you have a far greater understanding of the spiritual interface than the retards I have had to deal with, or in most of the bureaucracy of the government. The government favors its bureaucracy over such matters. From what I have seen, the government agencies I have had to try to deal with so far are bureaucratic shields that hide a soulless and faceless automatically self-destructing non-entity.

Every once in a while, a complicated world produces a complicated issue, and those few in the government I have seen so far who might have had the intelligence to follow the details of this issue, are prevented by the bureaucracy from having the time to read it. On top of this, there has been a criminal element actively providing an opposition; for example, the censorship on the internet.

If I were to go to the Nations and become an employable asset, it would solve all three of these problems. I have never suffered at the Nation's hand. I would escape the bureaucracy to something far superior. My faith would have reason to suspect there might be hope, and I could find a female. Without my faith being repaired at least to some degree, I have no reason to suspect this.

This type of assistance or agreement with the Nations would have its greatest beneficial effect in that it would limit the possibility of an imitator trying to pass themselves off as me to the Arabs would be able to sucker the Arabs. If I am in the Nations, and the Arabs know I can be found there, it is unlikely any imitator will arise and claim authorship of these pages.

The potential of my receiving a large settlement via the Saudis is a very realistic probability, and this would solve all the problems I face, and allow for the majority of the damage to be repaired. If this should be brought about, I would have no problem with donating a large part of my settlement to the Nation's terraforming efforts. The settlement I would ask for is larger than 4 million dollars, and I have excellent reason to believe the Saudis would offer it.

Many Arabs have killed themselves in suicide bombing attempts to try to serve their God and oppose criminal maggots. With the immense amounts of human pain and suffering the Pyrex technology can prevent, the true spiritual origins of the technology are more than obvious. That the Pyrex technology has a spiritual origin, from the force of good (no matter what its name might be), would be apparent to the Arabs without me ever having to point it out.

The facts would reveal that criminal scum from the United States would attempt to withhold this technology from others, and that there have already been such attempts when I have attempted to freely give it away, and further facts would also likely reveal that these same scum, after realizing that suppressing the technology was going to be an impossibility, went over there and tried suckering the Arabs out of a vast amount of money. I tried to send the Pyrex extrusion machine page to various Saudi agencies via the internet, and these attempts were obviously censored, because there was no reply. You may feel free to give the pyrex page to the Arabs (and Mexicans and anyone else), but not the rest of this disk, regardless of what version of this disk you possess (including the one that warns you not to show them anything). Blindly handing out this version of this disk to just anyone could cause real trouble. Also, don't freely hand out the method of reducing the cost of pumping oil and gas, except within the USA and the Nations..

If retards lied about who invented it or that the censoring occurred would be enough, in and of itself. It would cost the pissed off Arabs absolutely nothing to give me the settlement I should have gotten through the legal system here, but it would allow them to make a very powerful spiritual and political statement, to thank Allah, God, or the Gods, the force of good, or however one describes it, and to punish evil criminal scum; to side with the force of good against the force of evil rather than with the evil against the good, and show the level of spiritual respect they are well known for displaying.

The facts would show that the Arabs (and the Nations) could have had this technology years ago, but that the criminal activity and the government here allowing it to go on prevented this from happening. The facts would show that immense suffering and loss has occurred as a result. Realistically, I should have had a million hurricane-proof houses and structures built by now, had it not been for the criminal opposition. Realistically, the Arabs could have saved billions of dollars by now in reduced oil pumping costs, and those dollars could have caused considerable improvement and reduction of suffering in the Arab lands. The same can be said of the effect of the Pyrex machine. In other words, the criminals have already cost the Arabs plenty. This is an opportunity for the Arabs to implement spiritual vengeance where the justification for it is provable, and the Arabs are well known for doing this in such a case.

As for myself, I have never sought limitless riches for myself, only security, stability, and at least a high enough standard of living to attract and keep a mate. The main reason I have needed large financial resources is for the purpose of realizing the maximum effectiveness of my potential as an inventor. An inventor needs resources to build prototypes and start enterprises. If I had had these resources, the result would have been as described above: I would have had at least a million hurricane-proof houses constructed by now. The typhoon-prone areas of Bangladesh, and similar areas like Florida, Texas, Japan, etc... would be in the process of being made typhoon-proof.

Perhaps the greatest immediate help I could receive from the Nations would be housing. Housing and employment would be preferable, but housing would suffice, once the true nature and the potential for the Nations of what I invented becomes apparent.

Housing located in the USA, but on the border of a reservation, would be perfect. My mother gets a guaranteed income over around $550 a month from Social Security, and this cannot be revoked. My income is similar, but it might be eliminated at any time. It cannot be depended upon. If my income disappeared, I would need to move into the reservation and have some kind of employment. I have the skills listed above, and I also learn fast. I could deal cards at a casino, or whatever. Because of the silver poisoning, I am not entirely dependable. Much would depend on the frequency conditions where I was located. Rows and rows of CRTs in video poker machines might prove to be too much for me. (See silver poisoning)

Any situation would be temporary, because realistically, the contacts with the Arabs and Mexicans would bear fruit within months.

Realistically, my greatest value to the Nations would lie in my going to Saudi Arabia or Mexico and working on production of the first generation of the Arab's pyrex extrusion machines. The Nations do not compete in any market in any way with the Arabs, and so the Arabs would have no problem sharing their knowledge of the machine with the Nations. The Arabs may well feel that they owe the Nations a debt of gratitude, and provide assistance to the Nations that goes beyond making the details of the technology available, perhaps giving the Nations the working Arab prototypes after they move into the extrusion machine production phase, and providing low cost or at cost production models. The Arabs have far greater financial resources than the Nations to implement the research and development and production activities.

This technology is the economic future and salvation of the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and many other countries and territories. I hope that you have seen that it can be yours as well.