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There are a number of different issues presented in these pages. I believe that I am making the best and most logical choice in dealing with the Arabs, but in case there was some oversight on my part, I am giving you a copy of these pages first and allowing some time for you to assess it before proceeding. The only bad side of my approaching the Arabs that I can see is airing the dirty laundry of the United States in public. However, this is far better alternative than the other possible alternatives, and I have just about run out of alternatives to choose from. Some of the alternatives are best avoided, because massive amounts of economic and other damage can easily result. What I need from you in terms of assistance is an assessment from you in case there might exist other alternatives that I had overlooked or been unaware of.

A relevant thought would be that American oil companies could enforce the same justice upon Minnesota as the Arabs could. (The problem with Minnesota will be described shortly.)

It would probably be best for you to visit the Arab page first, and read all of that page and the pages below it. Click here to visit the Arab page. This will establish an astonishing amount of credibility regarding the pyrex extrusion machine, and a few other issues you wouldn't at first believe.

This will be a complicated issue for you if you fail to read the Arab page and the pages below it first, and you are likely to come to an incorrect assumption that will interfere with understanding if you fail to follow this advice. If you end up with a mistaken assumption, it could cause a vast amount of economic or other damage. So, if you are still reading this page, stop now and visit the Arab page first.

One of the the subpages contains material of critical relevance, in the form of sound files in mp3 format. Internet Explorer or Netscape should be able to play these files. When you click them, choose open, and if you are told that there is no associated application then you will have to download Windows Media Player or WinAMP.   If you are running Windows 98 or later, then you should already have the capability to play these files.

There is a lot of information contained on this disk, but some of it really ought to be required basic background reading for anyone that is involved or could become involved with government intelligence. I can produce undeniable fact that there was a foreign problem in U.S. government intelligence in 1987, and that this problem likely to still exists. This disk does not contain all of this information. I will later provide a set of web pages to you that do contain it, and fill you in on a few missing details in an interview. For now, this is the basic background, and much of it is discussed.

Hopefully you have a voice reader like Monologue for Windows installed on your computer so that your machine can speak these pages to you, rather than your having to read them. If you don't have it, the National Weather Service (NOAA) does: they use it in their public weather radio broadcasts to speak precompiled text, and the result is highly understandable and successful. They can refer you to or send you a copy.

At any rate, at no point should you stop reading and assume you have all of the information that you need, or that you have heard all of the different issues that I am presenting. There are issues presented later in these pages that rely on background information which is presented earlier on.

I should have been one of the greatest assets ever possessed by the United States. Instead, I have run into continual opposition from criminal and foreign maggots, and my attempts to use the legal system and the law to prevent and defend against this, for example complaining to the FBI,  has accomplished nothing.

My value to the citizens of the USA should have been immense, far beyond the relatively small amount shown and the small amount of progress shown on the railroad invention page.  What is worse, rather than being an immense asset, I may yet become an immense liability.

There have been three major sources of criminal and foreign opposition I have had to deal with, and fact and evidence can be produced to document these occurrences.

These are:

  1. Immense damage caused to me by criminal actions on the part of the Minnesota government, and the legal 'system' being rigged to deprive me of my rights, making legal recourse impossible.
  2. Foreign and criminal scum trying in the past to involve me in running a disgusting religious scam in the United States, and opposition from fools associated with that ever since.
  3. Silver poisoning, criminal scum who lie about silver poisoning and suppress the facts regarding it, and the legal 'system' being rigged to deprive me of my rights, making legal recourse impossible.
I could have installed links to the relevant pages in the list above, but for now I just want to impress upon you that I can document all of this. Links to these will be accessible further below.

I can show you scar tissue that could only have resulted from electromagnetic attack. 1992 was the last time I visited an optometrist to get a new prescription and new eyeglasses. During the examination, the doctor got a very strange look on his face, and asked me if I had been in some sort of accident where many tiny slivers of glass or other material went into my eyes. I told him no, and he got an even stranger look on his face, then shrugged and went about the rest of the examination.

In fact, I am living proof, in and of myself. items 2 and 3 above make mention of sensitivity to electromagnetic frequency and electromagnetic attack, but before you quit reading and place this in your 'wavie' file, let me point out that I can produce proof.

This was the first time I had ever been asked this question by an eye doctor. During my 1985 examination, there was no similar reaction or question, so the damage (large numbers of tiny scars) had to have occurred between 1985 and 1992.

Any optometrist can examine my eyes and see the same thing for themselves. Further, I could manufacture for you a weapon that would be capable of causing this damage from as far away as 40 feet, and all I need is a video camera and a CD-ROM drive from a computer. I tried to figure out what kind of weapon could cause this type of damage, and there is only one possibility: a laser. The scars in my eyes prove that this weapon exists, and that maggots have been known to use it.

Read the laser warning on the outside of a CD-ROM drive sometime: 'dangerous laser radiation' inside.  The laser in a CD-ROM can cause eye damage even if it is not focused directly on the eye. In fact, the focus point of the laser is only an eighth of an inch past the laser emitter. But all the components are there: a laser of sufficient power level, a compound lens with a voice coil controlled variable focus point and the electronics to drive the voice coil. With only minor physical modifications and a reprogramming of the BIOS chip on the control board, and an interface to a video camera, I would have a device that could easily cause this kind of scar tissue. The focus point does not have to be controlled further than running it through the entire length of its range: when the focus point was aimed, tissue would be heated, and if the camera has infrared or ultraviolet detection capabilities, it would read that and send a signal to lock the focus at that point. It would only take one twenty thousandth of a second to cause this type of damage. And, it would only take two twenty thousandths of a second firings of the laser to precisely synchronize the focus coordinates of the laser to the camera's coordinates. The device that caused this damage to me was undoubtedly the result of defense related research.

You need basic logic skills to follow this documentation. For example, it is obvious that I did not intentionally create an accident that threw hundreds or thousands of glass shards into my eyes so that later I make outrageous claims.  This is even more apparent when you realize that anyone with three month's of electronics training could easily build the weapon described above.

The only question here that logic fails to answer is why I can still see at all. This I cannot explain; I can only theorize. I have some workable theories, but to follow them would require that you understand a lot more about my past. I will, however, submit myself for an eye examination upon request.

The pyrex extrusion machine I invented works as described. It makes the value of the railroad invention pale in comparison, and is likely to be the major source of all economic activity in the world for at least the next 200 years. If drilling were to find water on the moon, it could allow the moon to be colonized. The railroad invention worked: this one does too.

The economic ramifications will be immense. For example, in the USA, it will greatly decrease the population of the Northern States and increase the population of the Southern States (without overcrowding). Some in the Northern States will initially oppose it because it will drop their property values when the exodus gets under way, failing to see that the cost of housing in the south will also be cut at least in half.

At any rate, it is too late to suppress this technology: it will come out. Other countries will get their hands on it: some already have. Personally, I fail to see where what happens in other countries affects the USA, unless the government allows it to happen. Two of the most prosperous times for the USA were the late 1800s to the stock market crash in 1929 (which was caused by poor controls and planning, not economic failure) and the 1950s to the 1970s. Both were periods of low exports and imports. The facts would therefore indicate the the USA can do very well without ever importing or exporting at all.

So, considering this, there can be no negative consequence if I deal directly with Saudi Arabia as described in the other pages here. It should reduce the cost of oil and gasoline, and create stability in the Middle East, both of which would only benefit the USA.

Therefore I would fail to see any appreciable unpatriotic aspect in my dealing directly with the Saudis.  There might be a minor negative aspect of airing out the USA's dirty laundry in front of everybody, but I fail to see anything worse than that.

Of course, I am not all seeing and all knowing, either, which is why I am bringing this documentation to you before I begin distribution to others.

There are some really bizarre issues here, that you don't normally run into: some of these make the laser weapon above look normal in comparison. These, I won't even bring up until I have established credibility regarding the basics of my claims. I point out here that if this issue isn't dealt with properly, there will be real trouble. I cannot go into the details now, because frankly some of it is difficult to believe without having the appropriate background. I will give a supplementary disk to you later, or tell you where to look elsewhere on this disk to find some of the relevant details.

At a minimum, I expect the greatest respect, and perhaps even some assistance, from Texas and Oklahoma: the pyrex extrusion machine will be one of the greatest beneficial economic advances either State has ever seen. It can allow massive amounts of crops and electricity and fuel to be produced, in territory that was once nothing but worthless sagebrush and desert.

I suspect that California would dislike me, since this invention allows Oklahoma and Texas to compete with them in crop production. Oklahoma could surpass California's crop production with this technology. One would think that the Federal government would impose limitations on crop production to prevent bankruptcies, but still, many northern farmers will have to move south for other economic reasons. For example, pesticides can be made a thing of the past in the controlled environment that extruded pyrex can create: no or few pesticide costs. Also, fertilizer application gets reduced from a ballpark estimate to an exact science, and overfertilization, now a common and abused practice, ends. These two production cost advantages are massive, and any fool who ignores them and refrains from implementing a pyrex environment themselves deserves to go bankrupt. It is assumed that large areas will be terraformed and then offered to farmers in manageable tracts, with no rent required except a cut of the farmer's profits. Needless to say, this will reduce the number of Iowa farmers and increase the number of Oklahoma and Texas and New Mexico farmers.

The Pyrex extrusion machine
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to follow this

Now you might see the problem with attempting to get assistance from the Federal government. Northern States and California probably won't altogether appreciate the immense advantage this technology will give the Southern States. Anything that might require a vote of the Congress might be doomed to failure. I could be mistaken about this: it does benefit all States. The expansion westward in the 1800s and early 1900s did not destroy the economies of the eastern States, it had the opposite effect, and made the country stronger.

If I could get direct action via the Congress, I can prove that the criminal activity on the part of the Minnesota government has caused a loss of $568 to every man, woman, and child in the USA by causing an 8 year delay in the invention and production of the pyrex extrusion machine. This delay has also caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans, and the suffering of many tens of thousands of Americans.

Normally, the Congress, if this was brought to their attention would be immensely pissed off, especially since Minnesota has been earning $400,000 a year as a result of that technology, and might get together and beat a settlement out of Minnesota.

This text contains the proof of what Minnesota did.

This criminal activity caused me a truly immense amount of damage, and to this day I have never recovered from it. It also contains very important background information. Reading this page is required for understanding some of what is presented in later pages and paragraphs. This page also contains a link to other problems and damage which have been caused to me and my family by criminal actions on the part of Minnesota government agencies.

This text explains the effect of what Minnesota did.

Normally, the Congress, if this was brought to their attention would be immensely pissed off and beat a settlement out of Minnesota. Something like "if you ever want to see another dime of Federal money, you will attempt to repair this damage".

Actually, it would be the best thing that could happen to the citizens of Minnesota if the Congress did this, but that I will have to explain later. When you read the military page later, it will become obvious. Minnesota has made a direct insult against the very gods. Its strange, but it is true.

I expected that if I got a settlement, I should receive the full value of what I actually lost. For the insult to be retracted, this is what has to happen. I could accept less; the effect would be to reduce certain risks elsewhere but increase them for Minnesota. If the insult doesn't get retracted, it will end up costing Minnesota plenty. The government up there seems to be too retarded to realize this, even though it ought to be obvious. You will have to make your own assessment after reading all of this material, but the evidence indicates that it is true, that certain potentials exist, and why these potentials exist and what the result of these potentials will be should be obvious.

Technically, silver poisoning has caused most of my troubles and woes since the early 1980s, but the assistance I received in 1982 should have circumvented that problem and turned it into a minor inconvenience. Silver poisoning would never have been the problem for me that is has been, if Minnesota has not caused the damage they caused. After what Minnesota did, which nearly destroyed my spiritual connection, I was back in nearly the same position I had been in in 1982. I have been in pretty much this same position since.

My problems are purely economic, and I need to find a way to rapidly address them. This has been the case since 1986. I have tried numerous different approaches, but these have met further criminal opposition. Descriptions of some of this exist on the military page referenced below.

I have received SSI since 1988, but it isn't enough. It is not enough to live, and barely enough to survive. The amount does not allow any significant progress to be made, either personally, or in my goal. My economic situation could be best described as desperate.

There are other real problems that have proven to be a serious and immense detriment to my progress, but I will refrain from describing the form this takes until after you have familiarized yourself with some additional background information on the military page and its subpages.

The second version of this disk may have more information on this subject on a dedicated page.

If there is no problem with my dealing with the Arabs, then this can work out that way, and we can avoid further details. This matter does need to be given some immediate consideration, because there is the risk of real trouble that can occur from any number of random elements at any time. The information contained on the military page is more than enough detail of this. Make certain to read the letters to the TV stations on the relevant subpage, and you will see what I am referring to.

Be certain to continue on to the military page link below. There is more detailed information to be had there, and some of it is appalling. Most of the significant problems that I face are described there in detail. If I cannot find a way around these problems, you will be truly amazed at the trouble it ends up causing, economically and otherwise. This trouble will not emanate from me, but it will emanate if not prevented, and I have no control over it.

Proceed to the military page while you wait for further information. This page contains very relevant information, some (but not all) of which will be added to the finished Arab page. The military page will not be included on any distribution of this disk except yours and those intended for the military.

For the congressman's office, at the end of the military page you will find another important link. You will understand the problem by then, and that page contains some possible solutions.

You might want to read the pages for the Arabs, Indians, and Mexicans, while you are waiting for me to deliver the next set of pages.

If you want some entertainment while waiting for the next update of this disk, try this

There is some additional information you could read below that pertains, but it is not of critical importance. For all intents and purposes, this is the end of this page, until a newer more complete version is released.

Here is another case that I can document and prove, where I should have been well on my way to making or saving the taxpayers an amount of money similar to or greater than the value of the value of the railroad safety invention, but I could not because of the damage that was caused to me by the criminal activities. This represents an enormous loss to the taxpayers, on a scale at least the equal of the railroad invention, and damage to national economic security.

Click here to read the relevant page: you should read the first three screens or so of information. The file is marked with a reference to tell you when to quit reading and return here.

After I had written this, it was brought to my attention that I was not the first one to originate this idea. This appear to be true. This is a good thing, since there could be no hope for the world if I were the only one able to originate an idea that simple.

However, although this appears to be true, my point is still valid. The corporation that is producing the starch based Styrofoam replacement product is EarthShell Corporation. This is a large corporation, not closely held, whose main interests are turning a profit and making gains for their stockholders. The way their corporation is set up, their main legal duty lies in meeting their fiscal responsibilities to their stockholders, rather than implementing some patriotic purpose. Here is an image and short description of some of their products.

Their products have not achieved a significant market penetration. Regardless of their claims to the contrary, the price of their products is high as compared to styrofoam, especially when one considers that the product weighs more than styrofoam, and this is a consideration for the buyer who must pay higher shipping costs. If this were not true, this corporation should have easily taken over the entire US market for styrofoam.

EarthShell has three economic strikes against it that serve as effective barriers against a major market penetration. All of these are direct causes of high produce prices.

  1. EarthShell is a franchise business: its main income results from leasing EarthShell product manufacturing franchises to potential business owners, like McDonald's or Taco Bell do with their restaurants.
  2. EarthShell is not a closely held corporation, and there is considerable financial overhead as a result.
  3. EarthShell has high research and development and patent costs.

This corporation's main interest is making a profit for itself and its investors, not accomplishing a patriotic purpose.

I distributed this idea for free around SE Minnesota nd NE Iowa, to Farm Bureau, local ag interests, economic development of New Hampton, Iowa, and the USDA office at New Hampton, Iowa.

However, it ought to be obvious what I could have done if I had possessed the economic resources that I would have had if it had not been for the criminal activity and opposition I have had to put up with. I would have started up manufacturing businesses in numerous locations in Minnesota and Iowa. These ventures would have had a distinct advantage over EarthShell's multi-level profit oriented approach.

There would be very small R&D costs. There would be no extra franchise layer to make my products non cost competitive. It would be a closely held corporation, with few if any stockholders to answer to. EarthShell's approach has been to go the patent route to attempt to stifle potential competitors. My approach would not, and you have to agree that it would be difficult to attempt to patent the popcorn ball or a simple variant of it.

Using my own resources, there would have been no interest costs. I should have been able to easily beat out EarthShell by pricing my products at half the cost of theirs, the sole exception being the hinged-lid box, which I would feel was to difficult to attempt to duplicate. I would have produced a two piece box.

I do not have the skills required to set up and run a business myself. If I were to fill my brain up with legal mumbo jumbos, accounting, corporate, and tax practices, and government regulations that add up to a book the size of the Bible, I wouldn't have had enough room left for my potential as an inventor.

However, if I had the financial resources I should have had, it would not have been difficult to attract a female who did possess these skills, or to outright hire a management team, since I am more than capable of handling the engineering and implementation aspects.

I had noticed from viewing the news that farmer bankruptcies were starting to become a massive and serious problem: it only took me about two days to generate the concept after the existence of the problem was brought to my attention. Hopefully the distribution of the concept in Minnesota and Iowa will end up having a positive effect, or has had one since I left there last September.