Two of the best things to ever happen to Oklahoma and Texas:

The Pyrex Extrusion Machine

How to reduce the cost of pumping oil and natural gas by 80 percent

If you are a smaller oil or gas producer, say 2 million a year in sales or less, and this information makes you a respectable sum of money, or you realize that it will and make plans to make use of it, I expect nothing from you in return. However, if you can give assistance or good advice, it would be appreciated.

The best way to help me here would be for you to assess the information contained on the other pages (start page), and advise your Congressman as to their validity and potential importance. It has been my experience so far that Congressional aides do not have enough time to adequately assess a complicated issue (this is unfortunate, because these people decide which issues are addressed by Congress, and there are many complex issues today).

These pages would be more effective if someone who had the time to assess them for their potential would do so, and then inform their (Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona) State and Federal Congressmen directly of their assessment, bypassing the aides. There are only a few places where one might want want to get an outside assessment, a TV repairman and a doctor for an assessment of silver poisoning, for example.

Anyone in or near Dallas might give a copy of these pages to Burlington Northern's board of directors. Anyone in or near California might give a copy of these pages to the Union Pacific's board of directors.

If you are a large oil or gas company, or you plan on instituting a large enterprise, starting a business to upgrade oil and gas wells, then providing some form of assistance or gratitude would be appropriate if it is possible. This might include employment, subject to the limitations described elsewhere (the Congressman's second page  and  the silver poisoning page).

If you are a large oil or gas company, you will realize considerable profit from both of these concepts. Given the spiritual nature and origins of these concepts, there would be a certain wisdom in offering a percentage of the profits (if it is possible), for numerous reasons. It has been my intention from the time I invented it, as a matter of my own wisdom, that the oil companies should be the ones to control the pyrex technology, especially the large scale terraforming uses. If anyone else controlled the large scale use (other than private property), it would be certain to cause economic damage to the USA. If anyone wants to lie about inventorship of either of these, there is always Saudi Arabia, and the truth can be found that way.

If you are a large oil or gas company, once the economic potential of the pumping cost reduction becomes apparent, any assistance or justified income that comes my way will be appreciated.

There is also this matter, which I would appreciate being settled to my satisfaction.

Thanks to you

Robert J. Nelson