First make sure you have read this

I can offer evidence and proof of both foreign and criminal problems in government intelligence, some of which persists to this day even after repeated attempts to inform my congressmen's offices and FBI.

(The FBI gets bad-mouthed a few times in these pages: This is not to say the entire FBI is criminal, foreign, or incompetent. I have seen respectable people in the FBI who seemed to possess at least some degree of integrity and competence, for example the FBI agent in the Landmark Center building office in Dallas, Texas, and those two that I met in Washington, DC in late 1991. However, one or the other or both of these qualities have been seen to be lacking to an appreciable degree in the FBI offices in Minnesota (St. Paul), Wisconsin (La Crosse), and Iowa (Waterloo). Just this year (2001), a Russian operative was found to be employed in a high ranking position in the FBI, so it isn't totally improbable that there could be others.)

The criminal problem is obvious: the matter of Minnesota's criminal activity was brought to the FBI, and no action was ever taken. I can name more than one other matter that was brought to the attention of the FBI, with no action ever being taken. This one, for example. (Scan it now, read it at length later. I filed this as a complaint with the FBI in LaCrosse, WI in 2000, and no action was ever taken. The FBI will probably cry about being underfunded, but to have prevented this crime from being perpetrated would take 15 minutes of reading the material and a 5 minute phone call to Dumas, Texas. The fact is, Philips has always had my address, and they have to report this information to the Dumas (Moore County School District) tax agency. Therefore, the tax agency had to have my address during the entire period in question. They had no problem locating me in an attempt to foreclose the property rights. The tactics of the tax agency are a blatantly obvious attempt to misuse a governmental office to steal private property. The documents filed also point out that I am likely not the only victim, and that hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars worth of private property are likely being stolen in this manner. In other words, the crime being perpetrated is likely not a small venture. If the FBI did not have the resources, one would think that the matter would be referred to the Texas government, Texas Rangers, and the Moore County Sheriff's office, and action would be taken through those agencies. I was never contacted by any of these agencies, but I did recently receive another past due tax notice going back more than 10 years.)

Logically, the United States has been defeated if it cannot afford to fund government intelligence and anti-crime agencies. I find it strange that while the police and fire department never fail to show up at your door shortly after you call them, that the FBI would make such excuses. So should you.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

As for the respect the FBI (and ATF) have for the law, recall that they shot an unarmed woman holding a defenseless baby at the Ruby Ridge standoff in Montana. Some people have problems with their tactics and their approach at Waco, Texas. A Bronze Star winning U.S. Army Sergeant, Timothy McVeigh, considered the problem (lack of respect for the law and for people's rights on the part of the FBI and similar agencies) to be so serious that something had to be done about it, although I would think he could have made better choices as to how to address this problem, and picked a better solution than the one he chose.

It is hard to understand how someone can be patriotic and yet cast a blind eye upon criminal activities, when one is charged with the responsibility that goes with the territory of being an FBI agent.

Although the FBI will claim that a lack of funding was the reason for the inaction, the FBI visited my house in Canton, Minnesota. This was due to my having dropped off a copy of my anti-crime invention at a bank in Iowa. The two FBI agents made the 90 minute drive up from Waterloo, Iowa, to tell me that my web page had offended someone at some bank, because of some of the text it contained. The offending text was on the opposition page, where I stated that if criminals are going to rise up and shoot someone over the anti-crime technology, regarding the use of illegal drugs, that it would be better for them, spiritually and otherwise, to shoot a Federal Judge who upheld unconstitutional anti-drug laws than to come around and shoot me.

Under our Constitution, I have every legal right to have said and published that. If I say, "The President is an ass, someone should shoot him", it is my right. If I said that I was going to shoot the President, that might be another matter. This was entirely obvious, before two FBI agents wasted half a working day coming to my place. I told them it was my right to say that, if they didn't like it, it was too bad. They left. Months later, the page was still posted on the Tripod site. I finally decided to alter it, but not because I was threatened to. It had offended at least one person, and I modified it solely to be less offensive.

Compare this half a day's worth of "anti-crime" activity to the lack of action on the Moore County issue. Is the real problem at the FBI incompetence? That is too easy an excuse.  A retarded fool from some foreign country, whose knowledge of the U.S. Constitution was limited to having taken a passing glance at it hanging on a wall in Washington D.C. would have known there was nothing illegal about my web page.

If they deny that this visit occurred, my mother was there during the visit, and Ron Connelly, Sheriff of Fillmore County, was with the FBI agents.

The matter with the religious scam described in the letter to Burlington Northern was brought to the attention of the FCC and FBI in 1982: if either had investigated, neither could have failed to find the perpetrators, since I pointed out exactly where to look and what to look for. I gave them the same evidence I gave in the letter to Burlington Northern, and I doubt that you had any problem seeing (hearing) that there was obviously something going on. While the edited version of this letter might take a half an hour to read, and the original an hour or more, the edited version it should be read in its entirety, or you will not have the background you need to understand many other parts of these pages. At the bottom of this page, I give some reference contacts regarding this and other matters.

The matter of silver poisoning and internet censorship was brought to the attention of the FBI in 1999 and 2000, again with no action or results. Another matter involving theft of intellectual property regarding the internet, was filed with the FBI in the form of a complaint against the internet service provider in 1998, and no action was ever taken. This matter is too involved to describe here, but I can produce the documentation, and it again is clearly a case where if there had been an investigation, the FBI could not have failed to find the perpetrators. The matter of the criminal activity regarding the driver's license was brought to their attention, and there was no action. I can describe at least two other matters where I had a legitimate complaint and there was no action, but these pages already take up too much space and take too long to read.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

The truly disgusting part of all of this is that I had to solve the problem myself: at the least, Dec 23rd, 1988 and some of the other details associated with that removed the incentive to get rid of me (my replacement will be worse, and they know it).

All of that went on right in front of everyone's face at the time, and no one put the pieces together. This strongly indicates that at the time there was a serious foreign problem in government intelligence, and there is no reason to believe that this has changed since. To my knowledge, there has never been an investigation, even though I have given permission to use electronic surveillance equipment and spoke of this matter repeatedly over the years. The FBI in La Crosse, WI received a copy of the page tv.htm, the letter to the local TV stations and Congressman's offices about July or August of 2000.

My case is somewhat similar to J. H. Graf's in some respects, although it appears that his problems stemmed solely from hid interactions with criminal maggots, where mine stemmed mostly from interaction with foreign maggots. Read his page and note some of the similarities.

The main original purpose of the faggot religious scam the Russian toads were perpetrating in the USA was to breed as much criminalism as possible. You have to admit, you can easily breed devil worshippers if you can find the predisposed (which is not difficult) and speak out of their heads. As near as I can tell, the Russians achieved considerable results in the entertainment industries with these scams. In some respects, their efforts appear to have been highly successful.

Most of the problems the USA has had in the Middle East came from this source (Hey, Ayatollah, I'm God). In the book 'Energy Future: Study by the Harvard Business School), in the oil section, there is a mini biography on Qaddahfi, to quote 'a deeply religious man, known to take sabbaticals alone in the desert to speak with God'. While great anti-USA sentiment has arisen in the USA since the 1970s, the Russians never suffered as a result: only NATO countries did.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

Silver poisoning makes this type of manipulation a lot easier to conduct, and it also makes a victim far more susceptible.

All my attempts to promote silver poisoning on the internet in 1996-1998 were censored. I have also run into the same problem here. I have had DSL internet since December 2000, and I have been trying to promote silver poisoning ever since.

I have my old hard disk from 1996-1998, and it hasn't spun up since 1998. The email and newsgroup records on that hard drive clearly demonstrate the censorship. I will be more than happy to deliver this hard disk into your position. (Seagate ST1980N SCSI-2). I would appreciate a replacement, but I will not demand it.

My records on my current hard disk tell the same story, but this one is in use, and you will have to provide a replacement EIDE drive of at least 2.5 gigs if you want it.

Perhaps you can explain why at least 8 different television stations have seen the silver poisoning documentation, but none have come forward with any coverage. Most of these are listed on the silver poisoning page. A TV station broadcast engineer would know as soon as he was halfway through reading that page that silver poisoning is a valid syndrome, as would any of your electronics technicians.

Some scum in government intelligence are just criminals that foreign scum manipulate, others are foreigners, but both want silver poisoning kept a secret solely because of the immense power it provides to them to manipulate people.

Would it damage the USA, to have the truth about Silver poisoning come out? No. Click here to see why.

If you browse through all of the subpages of the silver poisoning page, you will find a number of references to the Russians being far ahead of the USA in psychic and electromagnetic 'mind control' research. I would personally suggest the book "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain". The authors both state that in 1968, the Russians were at least 50 years ahead of the USA in these fields. One of the silver poisoning subpages refers to a Soviet mind control device that was obsolete to the Russians in the 1950s, that USA intelligence acquired in 1980. It sat in storage for years because no one could figure out how it worked. No one even really recognized it for what it was until an American Korean ex-POW saw it by accident and recognized it as a mind control / torture device that had been used on American POWs by the Koreans in the war.

The ARMY is sworn to defend the USA against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and these maggots are some of the worst and most dangerous the USA has ever faced. Through breeding criminalism and through manipulation, it has already cost the USA plenty.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

An issue of such significance should be assessed and brought to the attention of Congress, whom I doubt has a clue as to the existence and scale of this problem. At the very least, Congress needs to outlaw silver dental fillings. This still leaves a period of the next 50 years where people can be very easily manipulated, but its a better solution than doing nothing. People can still be manipulated to some degree even without having had silver poisoning, but it is nowhere near as effective.

What the ARMY really needs to do is to go through the phone companies and internet, and find out who did the censoring, and hand them over to someone like the Arabs who do use methods of finding the truth that are illegal here in the USA, or break the law and do it yourselves.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

A taped interview would do this much better justice than this web page could. Feel free to contact me at the address listed on the previous page.

I suspect that the criminal or foreign maggots who have been responsible for the internet censorship over the past five months are likely to have made a crucial error, and went to Southwestern Bell claiming to be government intelligence, rather than simply placing an intermediate computer between my machine and Southwestern Bell's equipment.

The censorship has extended far beyond censorship of silver poisoning. If this is the case, and they made the error of identifying themselves to the phone company, then it would be easy to determine their true motivations and intentions. Of course, you would not trust the internet or the telephone to verify any of this; you would have to visit the phone company and ask for information, including information on personnel who were transferred over the past five months from the date of this file, and especially in the last month.

My e-mail records would show that I sent e-mails to Ft. Sill and KSWO-TV in Lawton, and never received a reply. I sent e-mail to Sandia National Laboratories with an information request, and to Phillips Petroleum, and never received a reply.

When I first got internet access set up, before I had even posted anything about silver poisoning or anything else, my e-mail records would show that I attempted to contact U.S. Sprint regarding an idea for high sped internet access. This also produced no replies or results. This idea could have single-handedly prevented the NASDAQ stock market crash, and I could easily prove this.

This invention is a vast improvement in internet access, and any ARMY computer or network technician can easily verify that it works, that the estimated price of the equipment is accurate, and that it would not hurt the long distance phone companies in the slightest, in fact, only preventing cable company competition.

This is laser internet, a fiber cable network without the fiber cable. Think of it as 100,000,000 points of light. The access speed would be a minimum of 100 Base-T, or up to 10 megabytes per second transfer rates, in both directions. This would give the long distance phone companies an enormous advantage over cable company internet competition, without affecting their long distance sales, and this is easily demonstrated. In fact, their sales would increase via videophone and other video bandwidth sales.

The boxes would sell for around $200, with later price reductions due to mass production to $100.

Two years ago, a very inexpensive 1000 Base-T chipset became available. The basic concept is to place two lasers and two 1000 Base-T chipsets into the boxes. The lasers never have to focus or aim, only broadcast. 1900 Base-T of the total 2000 Base-T are reserved for routing, and serves as routers for the network. The remaining 100 Base-T is the user's bandwidth. Two LCD matrix arrays, similar to those found in hand-held black and white TVs, are used as filters so that the detectors inside the box can select one light source to listen to, and ignore all others. If there are 200 lasers broadcasting in the field of view of the detector, this allows the detector to focus on only one, and ignore the rest. It also provides for polling of all of the sources a few times a second for negotiation purposes. I will discuss the details with any of your computer / network personnel, and you will be shortly thereafter be informed by them that the concept is valid and workable. There are details not mentioned here, like marshaling and negotiation and synchronization and other technical issues. However, these issues pose no barrier.

This can provide 10 megabyte per second transfer rates in both directions. The user places the box in their window, an outside mount, or on their roof. A user can double their bandwidth to 200 Base-T or a nearly 20 megabytes per second transfer rate by placing two boxes outside, or quadruple their bandwidth to 400 Base-T or a nearly 40 megabytes per second transfer rate by placing four boxes outside. Cable and DSL are limited to 1.5 megabytes per second transfer rates. Laser internet makes the videophone possible, and the phone companies would charge for and profit from videophone bandwidth. In the rare worst case scenario, in a severe thunderstorm or blizzard the data rate falls to 56K or ISDN speed. Anyone who runs their machine in a thunderstorm is a fool, anyway.

This concept is entirely valid and workable. For the time being, assume that this is so.

Now what is the motivation for the censorship? I have sent a not entirely detailed version of that via e-mail to U.S. Sprint (without completely giving it away as I have (almost) done here), and my e-mail was censored.

I have a long history of being nothing but an immense economic benefit to my country. This internet invention, the railroad invention, the method of reducing the cost of pumping oil and natural gas, and the pyrex extrusion machine, are all worth vast sums of money and provide a benefit to the domestic economy that makes the average citizen's pale in comparison, and the latter two have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of gasoline and natural gas in the short run, as well as reducing these costs and the cost of electricity in the long run.

Instead of leaving me alone, or forming a mutually profitable partnership, I am attacked and prevented from making progress that could lead to further contributions. Given my stated purpose as an inventor, and my history of production, it is absurd to consider that I would not produce further such contributions in the future. Even a criminal maggot would not be so stupid as not to realize this potential, and as regards the internet invention, I made it clear that I could care who profited so long as I got my share. To a manufacturer, the idea is potentially worth many tens of millions, or from the standpoint of a long distance phone company, as much as billions.

There are only two possible explanations. Either the foreign scum are still attempting their damage to the USA, or the internet scum are leftover devil worshippers from the religious scam that went on (this is not an entirely unlikely possibility). If you find out who these assholes are, I am sure you would hear all manner of creative explanations, but if you want the truth then you need to have me do some questioning.

As an exercise in logic, to prove that it has to be a problem with government intelligence, whether it is a foreign or criminal problem or both, consider that the same censorship that has gone on here in Lawton also went on in southeast Minnesota in 1997-1998. Who else would want to censor silver poisoning? Would this be two different and separate groups of people, now and and 97-98, or is it more likely to be the same group? I posted on the web page, as you can see elsewhere, that I had complained about the problem to the FBI in 1998, yet whoever is doing it is unafraid of getting caught, even though the FBI might have an open case file.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

As another exercise in logic, the problem can be shown to exist, and therefore it is only a question of the nature of the problem. I cannot prove that there was any foreign involvement, only that a problem did and does exist. Therefore there are four possibilities.
  1. The criminals are all foreigners.
  2. The criminals are a mix of foreigners and domestic criminals.
  3. The criminals are entirely domestic, but are controlled without their knowledge by foreigners, and lastly.
  4. The criminals are entirely domestic, and hold a much greater respect for criminalism than patriotism.
One of these cases must be true. There are no other realistic or believable possibilities. If these toads are cornered, they are likely to generate creative and believable excuses, as well as using the form of influence and mind control I described earlier, the same one that allows one person to control the actions of others. Because of long exposure to this myself, I am relatively immune to this type of control, but most people are not. Therefore I should have a part in the questioning, or you will likely be controlled to the point where it determines the outcome. You would likely get told some line of bullshit combined with a modified version of my past that leaves out critical facts and perspectives, that paints me as unpatriotic and them as the only hope for the USA, and you would be influenced easily enough to where you believed it. The lamers know they have an indefensible position, and will do almost anything to prevent being put into a situation that would require them to defend it.

I assume that this very mechanism has something to do with the lack of response from the FBI regarding my complaints. There might be other explanations for the lack of action, but if all the facts are known, none of these is likely, including an explanation that the FBI is composed entirely of patriotic criminals. I have promoted an anti-crime technology for years, and subsets of it can be very powerful crime fighting tools. Even if the FBI were entirely composed of criminals, one would assume that they would have a power base and would use the technology to protect this power base (ever see the movie Enemy of the State?). In addition, the laser internet technology would allow for large numbers of cameras with digital uplinks to be placed in the laser boxes, without increasing the price past the stated estimate of $200 per box. I pointed this out a number of different times in internet chat rooms, and if my e-mail has been censored, it is certain that chat would also be. IRC behaves as if it is under that influence. I serve mp3 files on IRC (internet relay chat)  under the nickname of [FekLar] ,usually on DALnet but sometimes on Undernet or GalaxyNET (legally, I might add) (if you visit the links page, and you mistake the conspiracy theories there as being anything other than for entertainment purposes, you need to quit reading these pages now and give them to someone else...). Many times I have had my locator request server up on the screen, and it has appeared on more than one occasion that it is showing a replay of past events, in precisely the order they had occurred in the past. You probably don't have the faintest idea what I am talking about here, it it would complicate the issues, but I can show you what I mean.

Read the mp3 link if you haven't already. The legal angle there is valid. Mp3s are usually not CD-quality, they are about the same quality as a new cassette tape, especially considering the limitations and digital noise of computer sound cards. One mainly pays for the right to listen to the music, not for the medium the music is carried upon. To say that all mp3 owners, users, servers, or creators are criminals is blatantly false. For the government to do what it did to Napster is clearly unconstitutional, and is similar to arresting everyone for the crimes of a few, or outlawing roads because some people choose to break the law and speed or drive intoxicated. I sent a copy of these pages to Napster via e-mail, but never received the slightest response, when realistically it should have saved Napster's case, and Napster should have won. I doubt the the issues raised there were ever brought up by Napster in the Congressional hearings on Napster's case, because Napster never became aware of them. The angle is an entirely valid one, and one that applies to millions of music owners, but no mention of it was heard on the news of the Napster hearings, either on television or the internet.

The contempt for Congress and the law by those implementing the censorship is blatantly obvious in this case. I also sent a copy of the page via e-mail to Congressman Watt's office. I bet he never received it, but my e-mail records prove that I sent it. Censorship of Congress (using wiretapping technologies to interfere with the workings and procedures of Congress), or withholding information from Congress, is a Federal offense.

Let me guess, an excuse would be forwarded, that they thought I was crazy. What has your assessment been so far? I seriously doubt that excuse could carry much weight. Then the excuse would be modified to "we were too lazy to verify or even read his information, after hearing only one controversial issue that I could not immediately verify", or "we were too stupid to follow it". Neither of these would be true or accurate. The e-mail records show that I did receive some replies to some e-mails I sent, or from some I chatted with on IRC, and that the pages had been assessed.

A retard could follow the Pyrex extrusion machine, or the method of reducing the cost of pumping oil.

The e-mail records indicate that I sent an early version of defeat.htm, the one without the preface, to Ft. Sill and the local TV station KSWO. Did you receive the e-mail?

My hit counter on the mp3 page shows 522 hits (visitors) since 3/1/2001. On that date I submitted the page address to at least 30 major search engines. My e-mail shows that some of the search engines actually responded with a confirmation, and the keywords are listed in the replies: Napster, mp3, etc... This is a ridiculously low number of hits for this type of page, especially when hundreds of thousands of Napster users were searching for Napster alternatives. Of the 509 hits, about 2/5ths or more are my own visits to the page, and I started the counter at 200, not zero.

Whether some mp3s are legal or not is not the issue here: some obviously are, and others obviously are not, and it is a case of illegal censorship, since it can be (and has) been proven that some mp3s are legal. When one pays for the right to listen to copyrighted music, it is just as criminal for someone to prevent the legal exercise of that right as it is for someone to prevent the legal exercise of any right. This is not the issue. The issue is, it is obvious that censorship has occurred.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

This is my main problem. A bad case of silver poisoning is bad enough without intentional irradiation. It places serious limits on what I can accomplish and what progress I can make.

I could get the dental fillings removed, but if I did this before I got enough time with compatible female company, there would be no chance of ever getting my spiritual connection repaired. I might as well just leave and let my replacement take over, because I could have no further spiritual usefulness after that.

I have a serious case of clinical depression, as you would if you had been without female company for most of the last 20 years, and being irradiated, and running into continual criminal opposition to your plans. This makes me even more susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic irradiation, whether intentional or random, and my sleep schedule is damaged enough without that.

I could take anti-depressants, but I know all too well what the result will be, from past experience. All depression is, as any headshrink will tell you, is repressed anger. From experience, I know this to be true. Rather than having no energy or motivation, needing to go off and sleep off the slightest irritation, would be replaced by being immensely pissed off all of the time. While this would cause no setback for me, it would spell doom for many, because there would be considerable effort donated to attempting large scale spiritual attack. I might as well just leave and let my replacement take over, because likely as much damage will end up being caused either way. I need some Prozac, to be certain, but I also need female company and an increase in my standard of living and capability to defend myself against attack, or it will mean real trouble.

If you live in some patriotic dream from the 1950's, and think that my replacement would be a good thing for this country, I should remind you that things are not what they used to be. If the Gods attack because of human scum conducting criminal or despicable activities, remember that the USA has one of the highest, if not the highest, crime rate in the world. Also, the USA consumes 75 percent of the world's resources, and gives little back. Back in the past, progress made in the USA was an immense benefit to the rest of the world, but nowadays crime is so entrenched that the criminals are capable of resisting any major change, or in effect, any major progress. These are the facts.

-------[ material removed from second version of the disk for security or other reasons ]--------

Most of the last few paragraphs, back to the horizontal separator line above the numbered list, were mainly written for the benefit of the Congressman's office, not the military, but it might be useful to either.

Basically, unless I can find a way to start making some progress, it will occur to me that I am only wasting my time and delaying the inevitable, hit myself and leave, and let someone else deal with the problems. If I am incarcerated, this will surely occur, so don't get any unwise ideas.

I can see four possibilities for getting the repair that I require.

  1. I can deal with the Arabs and / or the Mexicans
  2. Something similar could be arranged with U.S. oil interests
  3. The Congress could beat a settlement out of Minnesota for what Minnesota did, or the FCC and FBI for what they did
  4. The Congress can grant me the patent on either the railroad invention, as described in the letter to the TV stations, or the patent on the Pyrex extrusion machine.

There might exist other possibilities, which no doubt will be brought to my attention if they exist. However, I need major repair to recover from 20 year's worth of damage. The damage is not small or slight. Placing a Band-Aid on someone who requires open heart surgery doesn't fix the problem.

I need the financial security, and therefore the security and stability in general that I should have had, in order to be in a position to withstand criminal opposition and actually make any further progress.

If nothing else occurs, I should at least be left alone to deal with the Arabs. Realistically, this will solve the problem and repair the damage.

There is potential here for serious trouble. I have found what appears to be the most realistic chance of preventing this trouble, in dealing with the Arabs. If there is another approach that will cause the desired effect, then surely the Congressman's office will point it out to me.

Before clicking the next link, be advised that there are some pages that it links to that are of little or no consequence to the issues being promoted. The spiritual servitude web page can be given little if any attention, as can the opening statement from court. The letter to the TV stations contains information of great relevance and should be read, as it explains some underlying mechanics. The page contains some links you have already visited, and these should be skipped. These pages have been included so that a complete copy of what I have had posted on the web could be made available.

Here is a link to what I have had posted on my web pages on the internet for the last five months or so.

It describes the potential problem well enough, and also contains the servitude link referred to earlier. Keep in mind that that page was written for criminal morons.

If you want this palsy scene to end with a positive result, the best way to help me here would be for you to assess the information contained on the other pages (start page), and advise your Congressman as to their validity and potential importance. It has been my experience so far that Congressional aides do not have enough time to adequately assess a complicated issue (this is unfortunate, because these people decide which issues are addressed by Congress, and there are many complex issues today).

These pages would be more effective if someone who had the time to assess them for their potential would do so, and then inform their (Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona) State and Federal Congressmen directly of their assessment, bypassing the aides. There are only a few places where one might want want to get an outside assessment, a TV repairman and a doctor for an assessment of silver poisoning, for example.

As far as the foreign and criminal problem in government intelligence is concerned, I don't have enough ability left to provide any assistance to the DIS to investigate that matter. All I can do is bring to your attention what has gone on right under your noses, and hope that you are competent enough to achieve a degree of success in better identifying and repairing that problem.

As far as spiritual attack is concerned, any of it in the future would be based on a respect or lack of respect for the gods. Attempting to irritate me in the hopes that such an attack will occur and solve some foreign problem that may or may not exist will likely have the opposite effect, resulting in your own cause being attacked. Attempting such irritation will likely have the exact opposite of the intended effect. If I could presume dictate to the very Gods what reality will be and what it will not be, then things might be different. It is not my intended purpose to be 'cop of the planet', and efforts to try to put me to that purpose should not be made. The danger of this is described well enough elsewhere.

As far as silver poisoning is concerned, do not test me unless you do it in person, to my face. Any other method of testing may cause attack. This should not be taken lightly. All the information contained in these pages can be verified, if you try hard enough and don't get outsmarted. I should be able to get an amount of money equal to or greater than the amount I should recieve as a settlement for silver poisoning, from either the Arabs, Mexicans, or U.S. oil interests. Therefore do not attempt to raise the issue of silver poisoning by testing me: plenty of other people have silver poisoning, so experiment with one of them. Testing me without doing it to my face may well get you attacked. Here's another song for you. This one is halfway descriptive enough, but it didn't have anything to do with anything that went on with the musicians or religious scam running toads. Maybe it will put the fear of common sense into you, if nothing else... Irradiation has been known to cause irritation that leads to attempts at attack as a means of defense. Even if you were attempting to assist me, there would still be the risk of attack. I should be able to get the resources that I need without any silver poisoning settlement. I will participate in one test with no such risk involved, but only in person if you show up at the door and request it.


Throught history, since the early 1980s, scam running toads have lied to various audiences about various things, and none of these painted me in a good light. If you witnessed the latest result of the trouble with the U.S. Mail, regarding the PIN number for the ATM card, this is surely a result of this type of activity. Even otherwise decent people in the government can be made to perform criminal activity if you fill them full of enough bullshit first.

I wouldn't have any difficulty going over the past with a microscope, and when all the facts were exposed, it would be obvious that I never did anything to deserve anything that happened in the past, and that the only reason that any trouble arose was because lying scum were making chumps out of otherwise normal people. The reason that this still goes on is likely to be a holdover from the religious scam, with a slew of idiots trying to convince themselves that they haven't screwed up spiritually, that they have some shining destiny with their nonexistent evil entity, and they think it means something spiritually if they can screw with me. I've had to deal with this bullshit for years, so I know it well. The toads even have rules. They limit themselves to filling other people with bullshit and paying people for the most part. Direct interaction, even via paying someone, other than psychological attack (like this latest instance with the mail) is forbidden by the rules, because it would 'prove' nothing, where the whole point of the 'exercise' is for the morons to try to convince themselves that they have some spiritual assistance and therefore a destiny to look forward to. It is easy to accuse someone when the situation is known to never allow for the accused to defend themselves against the accusation. This 'lever' has been used so many times in the past that I would be surprised if it hasn't occurred already here in Oklahoma, or with you at some point after you receive this disk. You might want to refer back to Henry Graf's page to see some examples of how this 'tool' gets used. No one is above being made a chump of. Not me, not you, not anyone. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not only a chump, but a fool as well. As stated elsewhere, unlike some people, I would take sodium pentathol if it was required in order to defend my position.

If you aren't familiar with the mail problem, I opened a bank account and got an ATM card. The PIN number came in an opened envelope. You have all gotten ATM cards and PIN numbers before, so you know that the PIN number comes separately, in its own envelope, with a tear off at each end of the envelope. The first envelope came with one end torn off (opened).

I went to the bank and canceled the card, and complained at the post office. The PIN was canceled and another issued. The second PIN number came two weeks later. This time the envelope had been opened (the end torn off), and then stitched back together with a paper stitcher.

This is an obvious sign that someone with some power in a governmental agency has the capability to get others to commit criminal acts. I believe that this one arose from some line of bullshit about my not having employment, with the description of silver poisoning and the associated facts left out, and the value of my contribution to my country also conveniently left out. This one could be traced back to its source, if one were to try hard enough. It is obviously a moronic, faggot attempt at psychological warfare. After we all die, you will see that not only was I right about everything else, I was also right about the basic contents of the spiritual servitude page. These toads, in this respect, are amateur pee-wee leaguers up against a professional. Spiritually, I will kick their lame asses for that, and all the facts and evidence say that I am correct in saying this, but the retards are too dense to be able to follow it. I don't blame the chump that got suckered into doing that so much, but whoever put the lamer up to it I will fall on like an anvil falling on an ant, spiritually. Its only a question of for how long. I suspect that the minimum for that one offense will be for me to reincarnate the toads that put the postal fool up to it as dung beetles for about 500 years, assuming that me and the Gods both get what we want out of this.

I had nearly the same problem that I had in Denver Colorado back in 1990 with the mail regarding my ATM card and PIN number. There have been numerous problems with the mail over the years, but things are obvious enough without me having to detail everything that ever happened in my existence.

Click here to see how I came to be involved in the Russians' religious scam, and for some references that can be contacted regarding this, and to verify other matters described elsewhere.

For the Congressman's office: Now that you understand the problem, click here for other details and possible solutions.

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R. Nelson