Minnesota is probably doomed. Russia is probably doomed. A few other places are probably doomed.

If it hasn't been hit already it probably will be soon, so I'd evacuate permanently if I was you.

Why is this? Mostly a continual lack of respect for the Gods by criminal retards, and in addition to that on the part of the criminal retards in the Minnesota government up there, a lack of respect in general for their own people, country, and planet. If my replacement helps the Gods conduct spiritual attack, there is a 100 percent probability that a good part of Minnesota will get wiped out.

The evidence in these pages, and the referenced facts, leave little doubt that Russia already got hit, and 25,000 of their people died as a result. This is probably nothing compared to what is likely forthcoming.

I say that the Russians have been in the United States, running religious scams and using various forms of mind control and psychological warfare in a (successful) attempt to breed as much criminalism and cause as much economic damage as possible, based on their old dream of world domination (which even a fool knows they wouldn't give up as easily as you get told on the news). I know this from being personally exposed to some of it, through personal experience. I can produce fact to document and prove some of it. There are numerous references among these pages. The Russian assholes started up a spiritual war by making the error of running religious scams, and the result could well be their annihilation.

If I rather than my replacement help the Gods hit, the probability is getting up past 80 or 90 percent that Minnesota, Russia, or elsewhere will get it good. If you think that this sounds like I need to see a headshink, the real problem is that you need to read 12238801.htm and tv.htm, and you haven't yet. If my replacement does it, the odds are a lot closer to 100 percent.

Two reasons. One, the Gods would seriously enjoy extracting some satisfying vengeance upon certain lame assholes, and for another, as a credibility exercise for normal people who might have the brains required to deal with this whole pain in the ass issue before it really escalates. These retards cause damage to people who the Gods don't want damage caused to, and the Gods can eliminate this source of irritation. Another reason is to leave little doubt before many different past audiences as to who won the spiritual war, and who lost.

Since I am tired of trying to teach rocket science to moronic chimpanzees, I won't spell it out for you. I'll post the pieces here, and if you can put them together, then hopefully we will all be better off. The facts prove that the Gods exist, that they have been seen to become annoyed and waste deserving assholes who pissed them off, and that there is no doubt that I am right about having a spiritual purpose as an inventor. I know you don't believe this now, but if a normal chimpanzee read the pages below, he would change his mind and know that strangely enough, the facts prove me right.

Although there are other targets for the Gods, both Minnesota and Russia, and likely other places (California comes to mind) are doomed if it comes to my replacement, because the criminal fools insulted the Gods, and rose up against the gods in the face of fact and evidence that proved that is what they were doing. This is no small offense, and the Gods have lately regained the capability to carry out this attack. Since neither of these entities seem to have the brains to recognize the need to retract their insult against the Gods, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the destruction that visited itself on Soviet Armenia on Dec 23rd, 1988 (read 12238801.htm) and in other places since will certainly visit itself on an even greater scale upon other places in Russia, and in Minnesota (and almost certainly elsewhere: the FCC comes to mind, read the letter to BN below).

The Russians that were running their lame religious scams and the 24,500 innocent people that got hit in Soviet Armenia in 1988 were ignorant of the existence of the Gods, where the fools remaining in Russia and Minnesota have seen fact and evidence that proves the existence of the Gods, and yet the retards still refuse to retract their insult. This is a far greater offense than what the Russians committed, and far more intolerable to the Gods. Given that spiritual attack has been seen before, this is certain doom.

deathHistory 101: The letter to Burlington Northern. Criminal activities on the part of the Minnesota government, and other basic required background.

deathHistory 102: Silver poisoning. Bring someone who actually has a brain to explain this one to you. Unless you really paid attention in high school, yo may need a doctor and a TV repairman to explain this one to you and verify the contents. The best parts come near the end of the page. More basic background.

deathHistory 201: The Pyrex extrusion machine. I invented a new method of housing construction. It costs less than half current construction costs in the USA, and a twentieth to a thirtieth current costs in third world countries. The housing it creates is floodproof, hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, fireproof, earthquake-proof, and even termite-proof. This housing lasts a minimum of 100,000 years, can be made to approximate any known architectural style, and never needs paint or shingles. This is one of the greatest advances ever seen, and so simple that even a total retard should be able to follow and understand it. If the Gods were pissed off before, after I invented this and still get no respect, it ought to be obvious that the Gods would become totally enraged. "Vengeance is mine, saith the Gods"... If after reading all the History pages, you are still moronic enough not to see the wisdom of leaving Minnesota, then it is probably best for the gene pool in general that you remain up there.

deathHIstory 202: TV Channels 8 in LaCrosse, WI. and 10 in Rochester, MN. I decided to stay and try to deal with those criminal scum up there in Minnesota myself rather than hit myself and leave to let my replacement deal with that, but other than that, all of this is factual and relevant. Regarding the court 'proceedings' mentioned there, I should easily won in court. The retard jumped right up and admitted his own guilt, and yet I still have lost the case. That kangaroo court is likely to be the match that lit the fuse, after all the other criminal damage the Minnesota government has caused in the past. The judge and that landlord scum must be old faggot buddies that go all the way to high school. These letters got hand delivered to both stations. Channel 8 got a copy of the proof of inventorship of the railroad invention. This invention has made more than half a billion dollars in extra tax income for the combined Federal and State governments, and saved the taxpayers 130 million dollars so far, but that is all listed in these letters. Before you go here, search the web for "Pyrex extrusion" and "extruded Pyrex". Try using and see that neither turns up any hits, except about buying books on Pyrex extrusion, and we all know that if you searched for dogshit, dogpile would offer a link to buy books at about dogshit. Even a retard should be able to grasp the significance of this. If that isn't proof to you of my spiritual goal as an inventor, you need a brain transplant.

deathMore regarding the Pyrex extrusion machine: The Senator's offices received this as well.

deathHistory 103: The railroad invention: The government received this as well.

deathHistory 104: The geothermal power plant: The government received this as well.

deathThe defeat and enslavement of the United States: If you think it isn't possible, this only proves that you are a chump. If I could write a script that would automatically detect chumps, it would be booting you off of this page at this very second.

deathWhat is your major problem? you ask

deathForeigners click here I can be reasonable, but I won't tolerate any of your bullshit, either

deathMy opening statement from court. This material is only relevant to Minnesota. The landlord jumps right up in court and admits his actions were retaliatory; the judge should have found against him and awarded me damages right there, but it was a kangaroo court. Fuel for fire for Minnesota's potential woes. When I reincarnate these lamers as dung beetles for many decades or centuries, they will come to the conclusion they weren't the serious shit they mistook themselves for.

deathInteresting song lyrics referred to elsewhere on these pages:

deathBe sure to visit Rob's Spiritual Servitude Page. And be sure to visit the subpage 12238801.htm for the details of what happened Dec 23rd, 1988. There are missing pages and broken links from this page, and some of the material is out of date. I came to the conclusion that you can't teach rocket science to a chimpanzee, and that it was obviously chimpanzee-level mentality I was dealing with, and so it hasn't been worth the effort to try and keep the Spiritual Servitude Pages updated. Some of the links that do work are informative, but most of them are intended solely for criminal scum.