Robert Nelson
PO BOX 123
Canton, MN 55922

Moore County Tax Office
Box 616
Dumas, TX 79029

 To whom it may concern,

The enclosed documents make reference to a previous notification of a tax lien and the existence of due taxes.  I have
received no such notices.  This is the first I have heard of either a lien or the existence of due taxes.

Robert J. Nelson, Sr. was the owner of the mineral rights in question, and passed away in 1989.  I am Robert Nelson,
Jr., his son and executor of his estate.

I have been aware of the need to have the ownership transferred after his death, but I haven't had the money to go
down to Texas and file the appropriate documents, being limited to a small disability income.  I have recently been told
that the Social Security Office can provide me assistance in transferring this ownership, so I will contact them and
attempt to have the appropriate documents filed as soon as possible.

I had been receiving checks from Phillips until last year.  I was about to contact them and inquire as to why I had not
received any checks this year.  I have not received a check from Mobil since 1990.  It has been my understanding that
the funds from Mobil have been being held in escrow until the ownership transfer is made.

These funds are held either by Mobil or the State of Texas, and considerably exceed the owed taxes.  Is it possible for
your office, with my signed permission, to be compensated directly from this escrow account?

I have to take some issue with the interest on the unpaid taxes, since I was never informed of the existence of these
taxes or sent any notices of taxes due.  On the checks that I have received, there are taxes removed, and I have
assumed that those taxes are the only taxes that apply.

The first two years after my father's death, I maintained a current change of address at the post office, and during that
time I never received any statements of taxes due from your office, although I did receive checks and correspondence
from Mobil and Philips without having directly sent either one a change of address request.  Also, both Philips and
Mobil have had my address, and I would have thought the county would have had some responsibility to inquire status
and address information from them after the first year of overdue taxes, but no attempt to make contact was made.
Why are these taxes not drawn directly from Mobil and Philips like the other taxes listed on the check invoices?  At any
rate, I was unaware that the county even assessed any taxes.

I am enclosing the amounts due for the 1985 assessments.  If your office can not directly access the funds being held
in escrow to pay these taxes, I will begin making payments on the balance as my funds allow.

If you have any documents related to the handling of estates, I would appreciate it if you can mail me a copy.

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 Robert Nelson