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From: R. Nelson (
Subject: Re: Silver Poisoning (corrected)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
(This is the only article in this thread)
Date: 2001-01-17 07:54:48 PST

What is the government's motivation for the crime of censoring the
facts regarding silver poisoning?

Just a thought...  A lawsuit would only benefit the USA, because most
of the defendants are in Japan, Taiwan, Korea (the manufacturers of
picture tubes and TVs and monitors).

In a class action suit, The billions of dollars that a US Judge would
fine the US TV manufacturers would pale in comparison to the fines
imposed on the Oriental TV makers, because far more imported TVs have
been sold in the USA than US branded TVs.  Also, most US branded TVs
use picture tubes which were both designed and manufactured by
Oriental manufacturers.

It would be a crime for the government to impose fines on the likes of
Zenith, GE, RCA, Philips, etc... and then not collect the fine, or to
create thousands of dummy non existant stockholders or using some
other phony mechanism to create a situation where although US TV
makers are fined, they never end up paying the fine; they secretly get
any monies they do pay right back from the government.  It is
therefore not true to say that such a lawsuit would damage the US
electronics corporations, if the government were to commit this crime.

Which is the worse crime, censorship of silver poisoning, which only
royally screws over both the US population and US national security,
or the one described above, which only benefits these causes?

Given the choice between the two crimes, why does the government
choose the crime that screws us over and benefits foreign assholes,
and destroys our national security?

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