It should be obvious by now that I did in fact invent the railroad invention.

The amount of Social Security benefits that one normally receives is based on one's contributions to the Treasury. If my actual contribution were taken into account, I would receive 200 times as much as the $530 I receive each month. I'm not saying I would expect to receive 200 times as much, but I would say that given my total contribution to the Treasury so far, and considering some of the sources and causes of my problems (the legal 'system' for example), I would realistically expect to receive more than $530 a month.

If I were to receive five times as much, especially if the amount was awarded retroactively, it would solve and prevent many problems, both for myself and for others. Regardless of whether you don't mind me dealing with the Arabs or not, I would appreciate that this be considered, because it is within your power to grant it.

My being granted the patent on the railroad invention as described in the letter to the TV stations is also within your power, and could also solve many problems, especially if there is some problem in my dealing with the Arabs.

The potential of this situation is more dangerous than might at first be realized, because my mother might die at any time. If this were to happen, as a matter of honor I would have to leave and let my replacement take over. I would apologize for any loss that this might cause you, but it would be the appropriate response from me.

If it were not for my mother's repeated past financial assistance (when she had some small resources), I would not have survived, the possibility of the insult against the gods being retracted would have evaporated, and it would have been left to my replacement a long time ago. Therefore I am not the only one who owes a debt to her. She ought to be treated with respect for this reason. I should have the resources to keep her out of a nursing home, and hire someone to look after her privately. I have seen how people live there, the tasteless institutional food that is served, what 'recreation and entertainment' are available, and how people get treated in those (low income) places, and she is not deserving of that. I need the financial resources to get her some liposuction for her weight problem so she can institute an exercise program and be able to somewhat move around again rather than being confined to a couch and having to use a walker.

I would be well within my rights, solely out of vengeance, to leave on that basis alone, and let my replacement deal with the maggots who caused her loss and suffering, regardless of what the side effects or consequences might be. It would also be a valid excuse for me to finally get off of this disgusting planet and move on to something far better.

If it were not for my mother, I probably would have been out trying to make an arrangement with one of the Oklahoma or Texas oil producers to work on upgrading oil wells. The hours would probably be flexible enough, but she cannot be left alone in the daytime, let alone for the days away from home that undertaking would likely require.

If things were as they should be, I should be able to own a duplex and be able to furnish it, and hire someone to stay with my mother during the day in her half of it. Instead, she has to sleep on a small couch, without even a bedroom of her own. The standard of living she must endure now is not that far above the level of a nursing home. For me to allow this to persist or go unanswered would be for me to participate in an insult against the very gods.

I need the financial resources to restore my automobile and garage it. There is far more invested in my beat up 1977 Mercury than you might imagine. It is not just an automobile, but a storage facility for continuity. Continuity with my past is important. The less I have of it, the more damage it causes me and my potential. I do not know why this is so, only that it is. This goes far beyond my father having died in 1989 and leaving the vehicle to me. I suppose that either you understand the value of continuity with the past or you don't, and if you don't, it isn't something that could be explained, especially when I myself do not entirely understand it. Suffice it to say that if I were to lose this vehicle, the damage to what potential I might have left as an inventor would be total.

I need further dental work, and new glasses, but I am really tired of having to reduce myself to third-rate citizen status and go begging at the welfare department, and the suffering the problems it causes in generating a new group of people that find it easier to look down on me than to make an attempt to understand the problem. What I really need is for the teeth to be taken out and implants put in, but if I don't get together with some female company for at least 6 months to a year first, it would destroy any potential as an inventor I might have had left.

I could increase the size of this page to ten megabytes in pointing out what I need to have that I don't have.

I am not the only consideration here. The best solution is for the Congress to beat a settlement out of Minnesota, $200,000 a year x 17 years.  This is not greed on my part, hardly. In fact it is more than reasonable, and it is greed on Minnesota's part considering that this invention increases their tax income by $400,000 a year. Usually, by custom, an inventor receives .01 to 5 percent of the total value of their invention. Since this invention saves U.S. railroads more than 50 million dollars a year, $200,000 represents only .004 percent of the total value.

The Minnesota government is too stupid to see the danger my replacement poses, and as a result, the best thing that could happen to the people of Minnesota would be for Congress to mandate a settlement. If this comes to my replacement without that insult against the gods being retracted, the damage to Minnesota will surely be worse than what came to Soviet Armenia. There is a major difference between the actions of the Soviet criminals and those in Minnesota. The Soviets were ignorant of the existence of the Gods, where the facts and evidence have been put before the Minnesota government and the other criminal elements there.

Rising up against the gods is a minor offense where there is complete ignorance of the existence of the gods. Yet the gods attacked Soviet Armenia. Also, there have been numerous audiences over the years, some of respectable large size, and near as I can tell, the gods will leave no doubt as to who won the spiritual war and who lost, rather than leaving the impression that the very gods can be defeated.

If you cannot establish credibility regarding Soviet Armenia, then you haven't talked to the right people. There may be some people in the military or government 'intelligence' who would make the mistaken assumption that the gods will eventually attack some foreign problem they want attacked, and would lie about Dec 23rd, 1988 in an attempt to try to extend the chances that this might happen by allowing this irritating situation to persist, knowing it is likely to lead to further attempts at attack. What it will likely lead to is my replacement, who will be worse than the foreign problem had been. If that is the case, with that approach the cure is worse than the disease had been, but the retards are too dense to realize this.

There are plenty of non-military witnesses around Colorado Springs, and if the Russians themselves receive a complete copy of these pages, they will surely see the danger and avoid it by admitting to what went on in the past, because the Russians know they will be targets if it comes to my replacement. To find the witnesses in Colorado Springs would place you in the position of having to outwit your own intelligence people.

I apologize for having to bring this complicated mess to your attention, but I failed to see any other alternative. Hopefully you at least learned something you can use from it.

R J Nelson  6/8/2001