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Start here: Minnesota is probably doomed

If it hasn't been hit already it probably will be soon, so I'd evacuate permanently if I was you.

There is far less profanity on the 'Minnesota Is Probably Doomed' page and it's subpages than in Rob's Spiritual Servitude Page.  You have to talk to people in language their brain is familiar with.  I have had to deal with the likes of devil worshippers and other similar morons and retards; those are the fools the Spiritual Servitude Web Page was written for, not for the average Tom, Dick, and Harry down the block.

I know 8088 microprocessor assembly language.  For example, I know that the mnemonic XOR AX,AX is produces results identical to the mnemonic MOV AX, 00 except that it takes fewer CPU clock cycles to execute.

I know WaReZ or hacK3rz 3l33t language, somewhat.  I don't know French or Spanish, but I do know many different dialects of english.  With morons like devil worshippers and similar ignorant retards, you have to speak with or to them in terms their limited brain is actually capable of following, in language they can actually halfway understand.

So, don't get the wrong idea, especially you religious fanatics.  Your own reference, the Bible, says 'When you're with a thief, act like a thief, when you're with a rogue, act like a rogue...'  So.  Keep it in mind.  If you have to have an opinion, do it on the basis of knowledge, not ignorance.  Read all these pages, but start with Minnesota Is Probably Doomed and it's pages first, before proceeding to the Spiritual Servitude Page.

There is a world of trouble just waiting for a chance to happen here, so in the interests of time constraints, and perhaps detail, I don't foresee a rewriting of the servitude pages for normal people any time soon.

Two things can happen to you if you censor my attempt to post these pages.  One, the effect will be minimal, and it will cost you little or nothing.  Or, the effect might be truly immense, and spiritually you will pay a price that makes Adolf Hitler's stay in Hell look like a two week vacation in the Bahamas.  You'd be wise to read all of it before you make that error.  After you read it all, this potentially immense scale of error should be obvious.

These pages were written for deserving criminal retards, so keep it in mind should you decide to proceed.

It is not possible to owe servitude without having been warned first. Screw with me, and you will owe.

Enter the spiritual servitude page here: