You foreigners best listen up

Your only concern is whether me or my replacement or the gods hit or not.

If I had my economic situation restored, I would feel not need to hit anything, with perhaps two exceptions.

1) If faggot peeping toms come lurking around while I'm trying to do it to the wife, the lamers will probably get hit. This of course would be small scale hit, not large sale hit.

2) If I caught foreign neanderthal lamers in my country trying to screw over my people.

I am not here to be 'cop of the planet'. Not only is that not my intended purpose, it detracts from my true purpose, and could well destroy my intended purpose of I were to engage in that type of activity. However, 2) is the one exception to this.

The only real worry regarding hit in the future would be 2).

If you aren't over here screwing over my people, then you don't have much to worry about.

Now here we have a situation where many people have been ignorant in the past about the reality of things, and have made mistakes as a result. Some of these mistakes are serious, and cannot be instantly corrected.

Personally, I would be within my rights to tell you to take the pyrex extrusion machine and be grateful for it, and then to demand that the procedure in defeat.htm be followed (ending oil imports to the USA).

The pyrex extrusion machine can more than replace the value of your lost oil exports to the United States. However, it would take time, 15 to 25 years to significantly implement its potential.

I am more than willing to be agreeable about the whole thing, and realize that it would take time to rearrange things. I personally see no reason to cause suffering to millions of totally innocent Arabs and Mexicans. Although we don't have it nearly as good as we had it 30 years ago economically in the United States, it isn't that bad yet. Comparatively bad, but not entirely intolerable. The worst of it is for the poor, who endure immense suffering here. I have been poor, and I can appreciate what it means to be poor, and the suffering and irritation it causes.

It is still a vast improvement over what many others have. What you have to realize is that the pyrex extrusion machine will change this, and bring up everyone's standard of living considerably.

In order for 2) to be avoided, I would need to see that some progress is being made.

I would need to see that the pyrex extrusion machine is being put to that use. I would need to see the price of electricity in the United States fall dramatically, and see many new power plants being built. I would need to see the price of gasoline and diesel fuel refrain from increasing further in price, except maybe a percent or two for inflation. I would need to see corn products replace styrofoam.

If this doesn't happen, then either I will implement 2), or it will come to my replacement, and my replacement will. If it comes to my replacement having to take care of it, you will wish that I had been the one to take care of it.

Considering the immense value of the pyrex extrusion machine, these conditions are entirely reasonable.


The Mexicans have never screwed with me, and I have always liked and respected them, so for them I would only suggest that it is always better to show respect for the gods, given the opportunity. I don't see where the Mexicans ever got into any trouble with the gods, or ever failed to show at least the minimum required amount of respect.

The Arabs on the other hand would be wise to fork over an impressive sum to me for producing the pyrex extrusion machine, and a harem of no less than 45 females. If the Arabs were to show the appropriate respect and gratitude to the gods, or whatever God they follow, for the pyrex extrusion machine, , and apologize spiritually for that path they had tried to take, they would send me over an armored car full of money, a harem of no less than 45 females, and offer to build me an extruded pyrex replica of the Taj Majal anywhere on the face of the planet I wanted it built. For example, if I said that the Empire State Building should be torn down and the replica built in its place, they would gladly buy it, tear it down, and build the replica there.

The Russians already owe me 19 Russian females for involving me in their faggot religious scams. If the Russians were to show respect to me and to the gods for the pyrex extrusion machine, and retract their faggot insult against the gods, they would send over the 19 females and quit wasting my time, plus a huge sack of rubles, and not the worthless paper rubles, either. Listen to (The_Beatles)-Taxman.mp3, and deal with it. I might be willing to be reasonable and settle for two or three exceptional females rather than 19 average females, but don't press your luck.

You Russian assholes would be wise to start offering million ruble rewards to anyone who can produce a passable Cami Rapson (TV-2, Green Bay, WI) or Ann Gallagher (TV-8, LaCrosse, WI) clone, if you know whats good for you, because its probably too late to start sending clone scientists out to dig through trashcans looking for DNA.

Any of you Russian retards who would think I am mistaken about your people running their lame religious scams over here, I would suggest that you look at the facts and the evidence that say that it did happen. What those fools did is likely to be the biggest mistake your country ever made, and you will all likely end up paying the price for it.