OK, here is the problem. My potential as an inventor is being destroyed. I do not have the resources I need to make use of this potential.

In fact, the only thing keeping me from leaving and letting someone else deal with all this is that my mother is still alive. Of course, she is 70 years old, and this might change at any time, and then I have no significant ties or responsibilities to keep me here. It then comes to my replacement, and the shit hits the fan.

Without repair, it will come to my replacement. Since the odds are fairly high now that it will come to this, I suspect that the odds of things working out without it coming to my replacement, to get the repair I need, are higher if Minnesota gets hit. After all, there was an audience up there, and it doesn't do much for the scene in general, or for the Gods, to have it appear that the Gods had been defeated in a spiritual war. For that reason alone, if it comes to my replacement, Minnesota will get hit good.

If nothing else, I can go to Burlington Northern after Minnesota has some degree of hit visited upon it and point out that Burlington Northern / Fort Worth will certainly get it if it comes to my replacement. Unlike the retards in Minnesota, I suspect that BN would have the brains to recognize the difference between wisdom and foolishness.

Considering that I have been almost totally disenfranchised in any further potential as an inventor I might have had, after my mother dies, there will be nothing to keep me here any further.

I cannot even say anymore that I know beyond doubt that this potential could be repaired.

If I were to get repair, it comes down to my getting female company, and getting back at least some of the financial resources I should have had.

Although I just moved to an area that appears to have an adequate supply of single females, I still have doubts as to whether I can get something arranged that works out. This is because of my totally screwed financial scene, and because silver poisoning makes it strange to be around people. If there's one thing silver poisoning is good for, its royally screwing over your social life... The more people I have to be around, the stranger it is, and it makes it difficult to relate to other people.

I can't provide for a single female who has kids, and that greatly reduces the number of choices.

For the remainder, I still have my legendary empathic abilities, but even that has its limits. I can offer a female a definite and well defined spiritual usefulness, which one doesn't find too often. I will either get my act back together, or die within a two years to a few years or so, depending on how long my mother lives, and leave the female with a large amount of life insurance. If my mother died and I still had made no progress financially in say two years, there wouldn't be much point in sticking around, so unless it would cause immense suffering to the female, I would hit myself and leave at that time.

Anyway, for the female, except for the empathic ability, it could well be from a year to a few years of living in boredom and poverty.

I need to get the dental fillings taken out, but I need to get at least 12 months of female company first, or it will destroy any potential as an inventor I might have had left. Because of lamers who nuked my ass with electromagnetic interference (which is documented in the other pages here, in case you hadn't paid attention), I became attuned to negative rather than positive empathy, a part of my defenses and targeting mechanism for small scale hit I suppose. I need to get attuned to positive empathy, before the tuning mechanism gets removed, or there is no possibility of ever getting my damaged spiritual connection repaired.

(That might explain my whole attitude...)

So, I need some acceptable, compatible female company, preferably a mate. The other thing I need is to have the financial damage that has been done to be repaired.

I see a number of possible solutions. The best would be that the Congress granted me the Patent for the railroad invention, as described elsewhere on these pages. As far as I am concerned, the Republican Party can have the profits. Actually, if I had gotten my act together like I should have, they would have been the ones to receive it: it wouldn't have been split up between two parties.

Maybe BN will act in the best interests of its shareholders, as it is required by law to do. Letting it come to my replacement is not in the best interests of the shareholders.

Perhaps I will finally find a lawyer that will help me get a settlement from Minnesota, or for silver poisoning. I have a separate case from any class action lawsuit, because I complained to the FCC, and the FCC took no action. Perhaps Social Security will provide some assistance in arranging this. I'll ask them and find out.

Perhaps I will get together with US Sprint and work out some acceptable deal regarding an ultra high speed internet idea I originated. I'd be willing to deal with MCI or ATT, but they would have to pay me some serious money up front. US Sprint uses harmless fiber cable. ATT and MCI use irritating microwaves.

There is the possibility that I might be able to set up something that would generate income regarding the method of reducing the cost of pumping oil, but I am not certain that I'll be able to figure out the right angle to deal with that.

Finally, if all of that fails, Mexico might be the answer. One of the most patriotic things I could do would be to try to keep it from coming to my replacement, as long as there exists a realistic possibility of this.

In some respects, sometimes Mexicans have a better and wiser way of looking at some things, from what I've seen. I suspect that I might get the respect I deserve down there, and that the Gods might get the respect they deserve. If I read my Mexicans right, I would probably be worshipped as a God down there. After all, the Pyrex extrusion machine will be the greatest economic advancement ever to happen to Mexico, and I doubt that the method of reducing the cost of pumping oil would go without being respected either. The Pyrex machine will reduce the cost of housing to a tenth of what it is now, and it will allow the Mexicans to terraform their otherwise mostly useless desert into some of the most valuable agricultural land on the face of the planet. Give it 20 or 30 years, and the number of illegal aliens crossing the border to look for work will double, except that it will be Americans crossing the border into Mexico. I suspect that I could arrange political asylum down there, and get treated like a King. I'd probably have to hire a bodyguard to ward off the herd of Senoritas hanging around outside my door trying to get in.

From what I've seen, migrant farm workers from Mexico, legal or otherwise, get treated like shit and get paid chump change for their long and hard hours, and there never was any excuse for that. I've had Mexican friends, I even had Mexican baby-sitters when I was knee high to a grasshopper, although strangely enough I never learned a word of Spanish except a few swear words. I guess I would need some senorita who speaks both languages to teach me.

My mother would have to come down there with me, and she (and I, as a result) would have to stay at or near some vacation community where a lot of English speaking Americans can be found, and have access to a US TV satellite, because that is the only way she would consider moving to Mexico. As for myself, I could get the female (and therefore repair) that I needed, and get to work planning and implementing oil well upgrades, and helping with the designs for the Pyrex machine.

The only people in the USA that what I invented would bother are a very few very rich assholes who make their profits from the suffering of other people. There is nothing keeping the USA from making full use of what I invented, reducing the cost of housing to half what it is now, and realizing the other benefits. The fact is that the USA could do very well if it never imported or exported anything. If you don't like it, its too bad, but I already went down to Mexico and told the Mexicans the details of both inventions. I have a responsibility to the spiritual aspects of my potential, that of the Gods trying to improve the conditions their descendants have to exist in. I suspect that I already have the greatest respect and gratitude from PEMEX and the Mexican government.

Its pretty disgusting that someone from the USA has to even consider political asylum in some other country, because of criminal bullshit similar to what the Soviets used to screw over their people. But at any rate it is a possible solution.

The only other likely possibility is that it will come to my replacement, as near as I can tell.

I don't plan on making an immediate and dedicated effort to attack the deserving assholes in Minnesota just yet, but this will change the next time any serious irritation starts up, which probably isn't too far off in the future.

Hopefully, either the Army d00ds, Social Security, the Congress d00dz, or some lawyer will figure out what to do with al this bullshit soon, and some progress will start getting made. If the Mexicans make a decent offer, I'll probably take it.

Realistically though, Minnesota, especially around the Twin Cities, isn't the wisest place to be, and anyone who has intuition will get out before the shit hits the fan.

As far as seeking political asylum in Mexico is concerned, it is a realistic possibility, and considering all the criminal bullshit that I have had to deal with so far, asylum is the proper word to be using.

Last week, I called three lawyers and asked that they take my case regarding silver poisoning. Of the three, one called back. This said that since I discovered silver poisoning in 1993, I did not have a valid case, because there was a two year statute of limitations. The rest of you might be appalled, but I have gotten used to this type of bullshit out of lawyers and the legal system in general. The fact is, the US Constitution says that you have rights, not that you have rights, but only for so long as the government says you have them or deems it to be convenient for them. Of course, this doesn't seem to bother or stop the government or the 'legal' system from doing it. Silver poisoning has damaged and destroyed my existence in ways I couldn't begin to communicate to someone. That unpleasantness cannot be described, it has to be experienced. The facts say it not only damaged me, but caused loss to many others as a result of the destruction and erosion of my potential as an inventor.

I have been trying to get a lawyer to get me a settlement so I could offset the damage caused by silver poisoning since 1985, when I first found out that I was sensitive to radio frequency. I also complained to the FCC at the time. I didn't realize that it was silver poisoning until 1993, and took the same steps with lawyers and the FCC, and it accomplished nothing.

It is getting worse in the United States than it used to be in Russia, when it comes to the government screwing over their own citizens. A government agency, namely the FCC, was responsible for causing the damage. The government sets up the legal system to make it impossible for anyone to sue the government, and then their system tells me I don't have a case because I waited too long. The FCC had a legal responsibility to take action to prevent and repair the damage when I registered my complaints with them.

Many in different parts of the government know full well that the government caused this damage, and that I have a legitimate case against the FCC, and against Minnesota, and also know the value of my economic contributions to my country, but have decided anyway that I should live in the very depths of poverty. If you like to deal with the intolerable and unacceptable, this has to be one of the most perfect case studies to ever come down the pike. The Russians treated their people better under Stalin than this, and Stalin murder hundreds of thousands of people because he got a wild hair up his ass one day. At least he didn't authorize years of State-sponsored torture upon the innocent and undeserving.

If any damage was caused by the Gods wasting some of these deserving scum, the blame for the damage does not lie with me.

In case you were wondering why I don't or didn't get my dental fillings removed, I tried for years, but no dentist would pull 'perfectly healthy teeth'. This was between 1985 and 1989. After this, the damage to my spiritual connection and potential became so great that it would destroy any hope of repairing my spiritual connection if I had the teeth removed without getting some female company first. Since this means something more along the lines of a mate rather than one night stands, and since I don't have the financial resources to support such a venture, this hasn't happened. If it wasn't for this, as soon as I discovered silver poisoning in 1993 I would have bought some morphine, and hired one of my old motorcycle gang buddies to beat the teeth out of my head with a lead filled pipe.

Since attempting to get a lawyer to deal with silver poisoning this last week accomplished nothing, I get a sneaking suspicion that the other potential options listed above may come to nothing, except possibly Mexico. Besides, I always liked the Mexicans, and they never screwed me over. Also, if it keeps things from coming to my replacement, it can only be a good thing for the United States, and I don't see anything else panning out. Besides, if the morons that screwed with me in the past made the mistake of trying to follow me down there, the Mexicans would probably waste their lame ass, regardless of how much money the maggots tried offering. Of course, they would take the fools' money first...