Was O.J. Simpson Innocent?

This one night, I go to my daughter Athena's house up in the Twin Cities (Mpls. / St. Paul).

This truly irritating electromagnetic shit starts up. This was among the worst electromagnetic shit I had ever witnessed or endured, and there were obvious physical effects, that one did not need an ultraviolet or camera to see.

Back in the past, some faggot lamers used microwaves on my dental fillings, and handed out ultraviolet surveillance, without telling their chump audience about the electromagnetic shit. This was back when my ability to see wasn't as screwed up and useless as it is nowadays, back when the palsy religious scam was going on.

Some of the chump-ass devil worshippers that had originally hung out were still hanging out, including some of the lame rock musicians.

You've been keeping up with all this, right? I have a daughter named Athena, the band The Who wrote a song about her (or me) a few months after I had the operation so I can't have kids (Dec. 3rd, 1981, as I recall being in a rock band, it seemed to be the thing to do at the time, since I couldn't afford Athena, and I could always get it reversed), and fewer months after I claimed to have had a vision, seen a God, and been given a spiritual goal to be an inventor. The Who were normal musicians. Some real fucked in the head lamers, like AC/DC and Ozzy also hung out.

Their religious scam was going along perfectly, and then I wised up and decided I didn't want any part of it. With these lamer musicians hanging out, it wouldn't do if I were to become successful, since it would prove me right and the lame musicians wrong, at least to their limited mentality.

So, when I started gaining some degree of support in 'entertainment industry land', and specifically when word of my legendary ability with members of the opposite sex became known, some females out there got interested, and so this lame electromagnetic shit started up, and the faggot scum congratulated themselves on their supposedly successful scam. I can see where that would look pretty bizarre on ultraviolet, and I could sense the chump audience hanging out paying attention to it. It's too bad I didn't figure out censor override, how to communicate, until later...

You have to admit, if I can see well enough to make the President grope on his johnson in front of all those people like he did, I have to be able to see something. I remember when he was out shaking hands, I tried to make him grope on someone else's. I bet I could make real money at freak shows at State Fairs with this, but I have better things to do with my time. Maybe you can get Army Psyop or the CIA to hang out at those freak shows, they might serve some useful purpose for a change...

But that night I was up to my daughter's house, that wasn't the type of electromagnetic shit that was going on.

This was something else, made me freeze my ass off, and then after I was in that shape, I started up this bizarre looking uncontrollable twitching bullshit, and the result had to have been so obvious to anyone hanging out who knew the shit was going on.

Now normally, there was almost always some low level electromagnetic shit going on, not physically irritating, but enough to cause interference and make it difficult to see anything, the same type of shit that had gone on more or less continually since I approached US Sen. Boschwitz' office in 1987 with to offer my ability to see, to point out a few things they would have been wise to learn about. The shit started up, and you can't see the stars when the sun is out, because the sun is so much brighter, you know...

For some reason, this particular shit wasn't going on that particular evening at Athena's house. Not only that, there were some fools making the mistake of laughing about the shit, hanging out using a type of surveillance known to have an amplification effect.

I didn't hit at first. I tried to find the piece of shit transmitter, or whatever it was, and hit that, but failed.

By now, the shit had been going on for about 10 minutes, and the scum hanging out paying attention were still laughing their asses off. It wasn't laughing with me, it was laughing at me.

I reasoned that if were a test conducted by someone to see whether I actually was sensitive to frequency, the piece of shit would have been turned off after the first minute, since its effect was so patently obvious. It would have been turned off, and probably turned back on again in case any small doubt remained, but it had been steady the entire time.

So, I reached out and hit the scum I saw laughing their asses off. I think the imagined weapon of choice was a mailed fist with blades attached, and I didn't fuck around in making the attempt.

The scum were sitting in at least two rows of auditorium type seats. It could have been an auditorium, or a private movie screening room, for all I know, all I saw were the two rows of seats.

From my point of view, I had the best view of the left side of the two rows. From the perspective of those sitting, it would have been the right end of the rows. There was a male and a female, as I recall.

What I could see, I saw so clear it was like I was there. I busted out and hit, a fair number of times within a few seconds, and the electromagnetic piece of shit turned off real quick-like, and then I lost the picture.

This wasn't the first time this had happened. The technique for getting the offending piece of shit turned off had worked a number of different times. At first I tried to hit the piece of shit, but then the lamers would bring more lamers and say 'check this shit out'. So, I quit trying to hit the piece of shit and tried to hit the perpetrators, and that shit ended. There was another reason, that being it became more difficult over time to see things that were close by.

I figured the scum would get the message, but just in case, I kept the ability to see turned up a little, but no further shit went on.

I had stopped at my daughter's house that night before proceeding to Wisconsin, and immediately after I left her house, I hit the road, and two or three days later I was in Green Bay. I rented a place in Oshkosh, for about three weeks, then hung out in the middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan the next month, then went back to Minnesota.

As I recall, right after I got to Green Bay, I was driving around, seeing what there was to see, deciding if the place had any potential as being a decent place to be, other than what I was already aware of.

Then there was O.J. Simpson, driving down the highway on the national news, followed by a herd of police cars.

As the details of the story unfolded, I noticed that there was a male and a female 'victim', and the type of attack fit the general description of the attack I had carried out earlier, and the female fit the description.

I think what happened is that after the faggot devil worshipping scum witnessed the attack, they just didn't have the brains to figure out what it meant, and refused to have their lame balloon broken.

Rather than reporting anything to the police, I suspect the bodies went into a freezer, and came out again right before O.J. got back from wherever it was he went to.

There's always sodium pentathol, and I suspect the Russians have shit that makes sodium pentathol look like Valium in comparison.

As if it really makes sense. The dog is free, the neighbors hear him barking, yet there are no dog bites on O.J., and the dog's skull had not been caved in by O.J.'s or anyone else's size 10 boot. No dog stands by while it's owner is attacked, not poodles, not chihuahuas, or any other breed of dog.

Then, supposedly, O.J. is in a rage, and kills out of rage. Normally, in a rage, one uses their fist or whatever else is handy. The tire iron in the Bronco, for example. One does not drive miles out of the way to go and get a knife. If one had the presence of mind to take their time to take a lengthy detour to obtain a weapon, surely one would have the presence of mind to realize that if one hires a hit man, one does not get caught so easily. I mean really, for getting satisfaction out of rage, a knife cannot begin to compare with a fist.

So, O.J. arrives, finds the bodies, and after getting close enough to realize they were dead, and getting blood on himself, he suddenly realizes that he is now likely to be blamed, and hauls ass away from the scene of the crime.

He drives home, isn't paying attention and bumps into the air conditioner in his paranoid state of mind...

I have said all this tens, perhaps hundreds of times since it happened. From what I sensed of O.J. so far, he seems like an allright Joe to me.

Why someone would try to frame him, I don't rightly know. If what was on the TV was true, then there was prejudice at the L.A. Police Department. Perhaps there was some somewhere else as well.

I would think that finding out who those two 'victims' hung out with would be more than revealing about who else might have been in that audience that night, and whether they had the lack of character and intelligence required to use that type of electromagnetic shit on someone, and sit around for ten minutes, laughing their lame asses off about it.

Remember, I was the one making the Judge and Marcia Clark say and do things while the 'trial' was going on.

In my experience, scum who hand out surveillance have always been running some scam or another.

I say we contact the Russians, get real sodium pentathol, and not Valium like the lame ass FBI would provide, and get a real Russian lie detector, not some piece of shit provided by the FBI, that gets controlled from some remote location so that it gives whatever readout the operators want it to give, and find out a few things about those who were handing out the surveillance that night. Like specifically, had they ever witnessed either small scale hit or large scale hit prior to that night?

I had given out fair warning many times that if anyone is fucked enough to participate in that kind of electromagnetic shit, they risked death or being maimed by being hit. How someone in a position to hand out surveillance could know about me and not know about that, is not easily explained away.

The fact is, it was self defense. Some group of faggot laughing scum used some electromagnetic piece of shit as a weapon against me for 10 minutes, and laughed their asses off all the while about it, thinking they were all funny or something. I retaliated to this assault, using the only available means at my disposal.

What was being used was a dealy weapon. Had it not been for the intervention of the Gods, it would have killed me a long time ago, by driving me to bump myself off to escape that immensely unpleasant shit. I suspect I wouldn't have been the first or the last, either, considering those scum being so willing to pull that shit. I must have seemed like some kind of a challenge, since I didn't give in so easily...

The fact is, such an attack is the only known way to end that shit. If anyone is to blame legally, it would be the FCC for lying about what they know about silver poisoning.

In a large city like the Twin Cities, upon receiving a complaint of someone using an illegal high powered CB radio, the FCC has been known to triangulate and arrest the offender within 15 minutes. Fire up a rogue high powered TV transmitter to broadcast your political views, and they will arrive in less than 5 minutes, most likely. The frequencies that will irritate someone with silver poisoning are known. They are determined by a mathematical formula in physics, for each silver compound. I would have thought that the FCC would be keeping an eye out for that shit.

The FCC could not have tested the use safety of the use of microwave energy around humans (cellphones, satellites, telephone repeaters) without having discovered silver poisoning. The basic, standardized, universally accepted scientific testing regime would have shown the silver anomaly as soon as the spectrographic analysis was done. One cannot determine whether there is any interaction between microwaves and humans without doing spectrographic analysis.

The telephone and satellite companies lined the bank accounts of the FCC dickweeds, and they kept their mouth shut about what they found, is what happened. Of course, it isn't completely outside the realm of possibility that no testing whatsoever was done, although it would take someone even more stupid and lame than even the scum that got hit not to do any testing.

In this country, one has the right to call down a God to strike down one's enemies, and the laws of physics prove beyond any doubt that I could not personally cause such an effect. I have no personal control over the end result. In other words, whether they were maimed or dead as a result of such an attack would not be up to me.

If I put you in a jail cell with a loaded gun, and put a microwave oven in the next cell, modified to operate with the door removed, behind bulletproof glass so you can't shoot it, and tell you that if you shhot me, the door will automatically open and you can get out, you won't be in that cell three minutes before I am shot and you are free.

There is no question the attack was legally justifiable, since it was the only method of self-defense available, and the only one ever known to be effective. They shouldn't have brought a knife to a gunfight... or a fist to a nuclear war, to be more accurate.

I feel sorry for O.J. because of his loss, especially if he was framed, but he had no control over what type of people his ex hung out with. If he was framed, I did attempt to point it out a truly respectable number of times. Whether he was framed or not, he didn't deserve that shit.

I feel less sorry for the other guy, whatever his name is, because if he had brought his kid up better in the first place, maybe his kid wouldn't have become a lame fucked in the head devil worshipping moron. I also suspect that he knows more than he lets on.

If O.J. was framed, then he and his family members will be owed the standard penalty of spiritual servitude for every second he is without his financial assets by the lameasses responsible.

I said at the time that if I was being accused, then set up a courtroom across the street, because the non-wisdom of incarcerating me would make it a fool move for me to travel out there.

My offer is still open, and I'll even do the sodium pentathol first, before anyone else.

I think the main reason it went down the way it did is because some people out there knew full well the kind of shit that would end up being uncovered if I got a chance to speak my mind about it, or conduct my own investigation, not to mention that the real version of what really went on might get noticed by the wrong people. Revenge had to figure into it somewhere, I suppose, but in fact, I am the one who is going to come out ahead as a result, and those fools are going to come out behind.

Some people are just too stupid to get the message, I guess, but when it comes down to it, there ain't no escaping the message, and its only a question of time before one is required to devote their full and undivided attention to it.

See, don't feel bad, you weren't the only ones to start making this mistake... Look at it this way, you can say that it took the very Gods to defeat your lame ass, and then you can save at least some face.

My arm is right here, for the sodium pentathol and the lie detector. Even someone as dense as you should be able to figure out what it means that the electromagnetic piece of shit got immediately turned off, immediately after the hit went on...

In case there are some legitimate dickweeds in the FBI, and you just seem like criminals because you are so completely incompetent, look to computerized credit card databases, in the preceding 12 months before the attack, and do a cross-reference to look for any purchase made at any location within 5 minutes of the time one of the 'victim's' credit cards were used. After this database is compiled, eliminate all but duplicate entries.

So, if one of the 'victims' and 'Joe Blow' had dinner one night, and each paid separately, or if the female went shopping with one of her 'friends'... if the two in question ever bought within 5 minutes of each other on more than one occasion, then there will be at least two duplicate entries in the first compiled database. You might just ask O.J., since I suspect he would speak the truth about it.

Once you get the list of names, do the same thing to their credit cards. TRW (now renamed) has CD-ROMs and 9-track tapes that go back 20 years.

When the names of members of Satanic rock band members start turning up, even someone as incompetent as you should be able to figure it out.

While you're at it, tell Marcia Clark to move on up here...