How criminal and foreign scam running maggots, and other assorted toads who attempt to use silver adsorption frequency x-ray emissions on victims who have silver poisoning to attempt mind control or other irritation.

Use silver chloride, silver iodide, silver nitrate, or another silver compound. Silver iodide is inexpensive; it is used in cloud seeding. (Dumping large planeloads of silver iodide into clouds during droughts in an attempt to make it rain; the photoelectric affect builds up a negative electrostatic charge in the cloud, which attracts and condenses water vapor, which has been known to build the cloud size and water content significantly, sometimes resulting in rain.)

Take the silver compound, and find some way to form a cloud with it, and release the cloud downwind of the area you want to perform the detection in. With many silver compounds, it is a simple as mixing the compound with water and boiling it.

In fact, just going to a major city and releasing a cloud of a silver compound will cease all operations or nuking in the area, because the lamers know that it constitutes a detection method, and will make them greatly irritated, as well as paranoid.

The principle lies in the fact that either a cloud or a gas of a silver compound is exposed to adsorption frequency x-radiation, it will fluoresce in the ultraviolet range, within the narrow frequency spectrum of silver's excitation energies and frequencies. This allows a two or three dimensional image of all silver adsorption frequency x-ray transmissions in the area to be created.

While the x-ray emissions from TV sets or other more powerful sources is highly directional, and difficult to detect, the cloud of gas will adsorb some of the x-radiation and re-emit a portion of at the lower ultraviolet frequencies, especially the x-ray / ultraviolet overlap band frequency. While the original x-ray transmission is usually highly directional, the cloud molecules' re-emission occurs in random directions.

The detector is a sensitive ultraviolet video camera, outfitted with Kodak color filters that create a narrow bandpass filter in the ultraviolet, within silver's excitation or ionization frequency spectrum. With one or two cameras, a 2-D picture can be imaged on a computer, and with three or more, a 3-D image.

Every television set in the entire area will show up as broadcasting a cone of radiation, and the radiation pattern will be visible upon the screen of the imaging computer. It will appear as if each tv set were broadcasting a cone of ultraviolet light resembling a searchlight, except that the beams are stationary. The beams will be seen as emanating from the walls of houses, with the source of the beam hidden invisibly inside. (The x-ray emissions pass right through walls, except in a few cases where there is lead-based paint.)

With this detection setup, using a very sensitive detector, you can see the power levels of the various transmission sources (which are almost always television sets). When you see an exceptionally high powered source, it is likely that someone is being nuked or manipulated with it. When such a source is seen to vary its output vector within a small range from time to time, obviously being aimed back and forth within a limited number of degrees, then it is obvious that the device is both tracking and nuking some unfortunate victim, controlled by some form of manual or automatic aiming system. With a less sensitive detector, only the most powerful sources will be seen. A less sensitive detector will not detect normal (adjusted to factory spec) TV set x-ray emissions. With a more sensitive detector, it may be advantageous to reduce the sensitivity just to the point where normal TV set emissions disappear, as these emissions only constitute normal background interference anyway.

Toads have been known to use high power irradiation for attempted mind control, but this is rare; the most common use is for harassment, for example to destroy an enemy by destroying their enemy's sleep schedule, or to make someone lose their job as a result of the destruction of the sleep schedule, so that the position will open and the lamers can stand a chance of filling it (a good chance, considering the degree of manipulation that can be achieved via silver poisoning and other forms of mind control... deciding the outcome of a job interview would not be difficult. This assessment is based on the existing, unclassified, known and proven methods.)

When such devices are used for mind control, much lower power levels would normally be used, but still higher than normal TV set emission levels. This can also be detected and recognized for what it is, because the radiation will contain definite non standard modulation patterns which are not normally found in the output of a television set which is displaying normal broadcast or recorded programming. For example, alpha or theta or delta wave (brainwave) patterns are likely to be contained in the modulation patterns. Remember, the x-ray emissions at silver adsorption frequencies will directly stimulate silver poisoned nerves and neurons, and directly cause nerve and neuron firings. Higher power levels are not usually a necessity for this purpose; the modulation pattern is very effective at power levels not that much greater than an off the shelf, well-adjusted color television set. Even at the levels of a well-adjusted TV set, there will be some effects seen upon a victim who has a severe case of silver poisoning. (Of course, it takes an initial period if very high power level irradiation to give someone a severe case, and this can be detected.).

It has been known since at least 1992 to the toads that use these devices that this method of detection exists. Therefore, if one releases a silver compound cloud or gas into an area where they are operating, they will detect its presence with their own detection equipment almost immediately, and rapidly cease all operations, and if they are present at the physical location of the transmitting device they will attempt a rapid escape from the area, abandoning their equipment. There is a small window of opportunity where the detection will be effective, however. Those who are less sophisticated who attempt to use irradiation as a weapon will almost certainly not have this detection equipment, and can they be located, without fail, every time this method is used.

Using this method from time to time, especially in large city areas where it is more likely that such activities are occurring, even if you don't have a detector array, will always at least cost the more sophisticated operators money, and it will generally waste vast amounts of their time and resources, and greatly increase their paranoia (poetic justice, there). The more paranoid someone gets, the more likely they are to make a mistake and actually get caught. These maggots have never had a problem with making others suffer and gaining enjoyment and satisfaction from the suffering they cause, so a taste of their own medicine is what they deserve.

A less sophisticated detection setup would use only a simple sensitive ultraviolet detector, rather than an expensive ultraviolet video camera. Basic minimum triangulation might be achieved by using multiple instances of this type of detector and having a computer perform the advanced triangulations (three detectors is not enough), but its true value lies in simply being a power level indicator, a type of silver adsorption frequency geiger counter.

An area that shows above average levels of x-radiation is likely to contain nuking or manipulation activities, and is an excellent candidate for releasing a detector cloud inside from time to time. This method can use very small amounts of silver compound, at levels which will not trigger a 'someone is searching for us' paranoia reaction, and still be used for basic triangulation, although the accuracy will not always be precise because of the general background of normal TV set emissions. However, it can really have its use in detecting likely areas that are candidates for releasing a dense distribution of silver compound cloud, without the risk of you being detected by the lamers.

It stands to reason that if you are conducting either a fake or a real detection effort, to set up the device that produces the cloud and set it for remote control, so that you are not located at it's origin when it releases the cloud. If you were, it would be easy to locate and identify you. If you are not, all the lamers will find is a large pan of boiling water that contains silver compounds, sitting on an abandoned Coleman camp stove that you had bought at a garage sale for five dollars. That constitutes remote control, since you light it and then leave, and it takes ten minutes for the water to boil, by which time you are nowhere near it. Since it is difficult to know who you might be dealing with, leaving fingerprints is also inadvisable.

A fake detection effort will result in costing the deserving fools a large sum of money for equipment that they will have to abandon. This abandonment will certainly occur, because they will not risk identification by going back to pick it up after it may have been located. Most of the equipment used by these lamers is far more sophisticated and expensive than simply a television set that has had the high voltage turned up too high. It will also cause them nearly the same type of irritation and suffering that the use of their method causes to others, because for all they know, it is a group of immensely pissed off people who own long range sniper rifles, an unidentified government agency, an uncontrolled group within the Defense Department, or even the KGB, Ninja or Mossad that might be searching for them.

Great Britain could be a valuable resource for detection equipment, but to inquire carries a significant risk of your being identified by organized groups of toads who want silver poisoning kept a secret, and use weapons to irradiate people. However, if you could go through one or more third parties, and insulate yourself adequately from this risk, it may be wise to see what they have to offer.

Strangely enough, unlike the USA, in England TV is not free. In England, you have to buy an annual TV license in order to legally be able to watch television. The Crown sends trucks around on a regular basis with "TV-ray" detection equipment to check for the location of unlicensed television set operation. Although this sounds bizarre to an American, it is actually true. The english likely already possess very advanced and sensitive X-ray detection equipment, since this is the only type of radiation that a TV set produces that could reliably be detected by exterior detection equipment.

Also unlike the USA, English citizens are very familiar with blackout curtains, based on past experience gained in W.W.II. Over half the houses and apartments in England still contain W.W.II era blackout curtains. When it is common knowledge that detector trucks drive around looking for unlicensed TVs operating, the first thought that would occur to anyone attempting to get free TV would be that the light from the TV should not be allowed to escape out the windows. Nevertheless, a decade and then two and three decades after the detection efforts begin, the English government is still able to detect enough illegal TV sets operating to make it cost effective to operate the fleet of detection vehicles. Obviously, the light output is not what is being detected.