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Eliminate 95 percent of crime

The most impressive advance in law enforcement since the invention of the cop.

You doubt this now, but your doubt ends soon.

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Many people, especially criminals but also others. are likely to be considerably offended or irritated by some of the aspects of this technology.

If you are opposed in any way to this system, go to The Opposition page, where you find that your concerns have actually been dealt with in a way that you will likely find at least acceptable.

There are valid Constitutional rights concerns here, and there is serious doubt that the government would even have the right to force this system upon people who did not want it. But there is a way to deal with this system that will agree with just about everyone, including those who want it, and criminals who do not want it.

In the fall of 1988, I found a way to use existing technologies to eliminate 95 percent of all crime. Not only does this invention cause this immense social improvement, but it pays for itself in at most two years, and causes vast economic improvement as well.

This is because the invention eliminates almost all shoplifting, credit card fraud, insurance fraud and check fraud (among other things).

It also eliminates almost all rape, murder, armed robbery, assault, and other crimes against persons.

In 1995, there were 685 violent crimes committed per 100,000 persons. and 4,593 property crimes committed per 100,000 persons. These odds of being a crime victim are completely unacceptable.

Personally, I am tired of hearing in the news that some sick human scum raped and killed some female, and left her body parts laying in a corn field somewhere.

I am tired of hearing of some innocent 16 year old convenience store cashier being shot and killed during an armed robbery just so as to leave no witnesses. The scum that perpetrate these sick crimes will get theirs spiritually later, but knowing or suspecting this doesn't much help the unfortunate mother who finally learns what happened to her abducted child, or one of your relatives while getting knifed for their purse or wallet, or the female getting raped in the cornfield.

In these pages, I will completely describe the system, the benefits to be had from it, how it can be cost-effectively implemented, and many other important details and social issues associated with it.

Please return here and leave me your comments, and I will try to get back to you. There may be an overwhelming response, so please do not feel offended if I fail to respond immediately or at all. I will make an effort to try, and may well incorporate any suggestions you may have into the design.

Please help me advertise this page as far and wide as possible. Efforts of those who would seek donations of free advertising for this page from the Internet Link Exchange and from popular or large Web sites would be especially appreciated. Donations would be appreciated, in order to more adequetely promote this idea. However, I doubt that any of these would be tax-deductible.

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Partial distribution list to date

Early 1989, Chief of Police, Denver, CO (not the full description)
1992-1993, Lt. Hestness, Minneapolis Police Department (nearly in present form)

National / International

Rep. Bruce Vento, MN; Canadian Consulate


Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension; St. Paul Police Dept.; Fillmore County Sheriff; Rochester City Council and Police Dept.; Albert Lea Police Dept.; KTTC-TV 10, Rochester; KSTP-TV 5, Minneapolis


La Crosse Police and Sheriff; WKBT-TV 8


Iowa State Highway Patrol, Mason City; Mason City Police; KIMT-TV 3 Mason City; KWWL-TV 7 Cedar Rapids

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