OK, this proof only works for Satan worshippers, so unfortunately the rest of you are out of luck.

What kind of moron gets into Satan worship in the first place?

Realistically, if there were such an entity, then the only thanks one could realistically expect to receive from their supposed entity for any supposed 'service' they supposedly provided their supposed entity would be, 'Thanks, chump.'

Someone really has to have some really seriously limited mental capacity not to see this in the first place...

There are fools who believe that the fact they have money means something spiritually.

I told their lame ass to take their entire fortune down to the Indian reservation (not Las Vegas or anywhere else, so the rest of us know you aren't trying to run some scam with your rich Casino-owning moron friends) and bet it all, double or nothing, on six hands of blackjack. I says you can even pick which hands to play and which ones to sit out, so your supposed entity can inform you when to play and when not to.

Those assholes are pretty stupid, but not that stupid. At least there are limits to their stupidity, so maybe there was hope for their lame asses after all...

For those who believe that some supposed evil entity influences them or influences others to improve their position in life, take two identical sets of six marbles (no red ones or black ones, since that would be too obvious). Maybe one each of blue, green, white, tan, purple, and clear.

Take your lame ass and one of your devil worshipping friend's lame ass, and each take one set of marbles. Go outside, and walk around the block in different directions, choosing a marble along the way, and see if the two match when you meet up on the other side of the block.

They won't...

Of course, for devil worshippers that have money, and make good chumps for those that run religious scams to use for whatever purpose they might have, it is a fact that mere mortals can make other mere mortals say and do whatever they want the person to say or do. The vast majority of TV newscasters and network people are aware of this, as is the government. The Russians were over in the Middle East, 'Hey Ayatollah, I'm God', and that kind of lame bullshit.

Of course, if you don't realize this, you are probably gullible enough to be a chump for those assholes, or you wouldn't have gotten into 'evil entity worship' in the first place.

So, if by some freak chance the test should pass, go out away from the city and try it again, preferably when it's raining and no surveillance can possibly see through it. Or try a cave. Supposedly, that would bring you closer to your supposed entity.

The more money you have, the more likely it is you have been exposed to that scam. That way, the dickweeds who run such scams, like the CIA, KGB, and lately, others, can use your chump ass as they see fit, to have your lame chump ass do whatever it is they want done.

Ask the Russians to show you the tape of the Pope when he went over there, or ask the US Government to show you tapes of the President doing his Michael Jackson imitation. Ask Leno or Letterman, or Iron Maiden... You notice that Iron Maiden changed their tune, literally? That's because unlike some morons (like yourself, most likely), they had the brains to be able to follow shit along.

So, who was it anyway, that told you there was a single god and an evil entity? The church, who used to burn people at the stake who tried to point out that the earth orbited the sun, because it blasphemed against what the church believed.

Scientific fact, specifically radiocarbon-14 dating processes, proves beyond any possible doubt that life appeared first in the ocean, then on land. The Bible says that life appeared first on land, then in the ocean. Figure it out...

Even someone as lame and dense as you should realize what the lack of pillar of salt museums means. One would think that most people would know better, but every once in a great while some total moron would fuck up and get turned into a pillar of salt. You'd see it on the six o'clock news, the tow truck hauling the pillar of salt off to the pillar of salt museum... (details at 10)... but you haven't seen it once.

Life appeared first in the ocean. This proves beyond any doubt that the Bible is the opinion of man, rather than the word of God. If it was the word of God, it would state the correct order in which life appeared on this palsy rock, or it wouldn't state it at all. Man wrote down what he thought he knew of spiritual reality, and some of it is obviously false.

The church says that God created the heavens and the earth. I say that the heavens and the earth created the gods.

Believe what you want, but you will see that where the church produces only opinions, I produce facts.

You won't like it, but the quicker you get used to it, the better off you're gonna be.