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What kind of fool gets into Satan worship in the first place? Damn, think before you screw up next time...

Realistically, if there were such an entity, then the only thanks one could realistically expect to recieve from their supposed entity for any supposed 'service' they supposedly provided their supposed entity would be, 'Thanks, chump.'

In other words, you're lucky there is no Satan...

There are fools who believe that the fact they have money means something spiritually.

I told those lamers to take their entire fortune down to the Indian reservation (not Las Vegas or anywhere else, so the rest of us know you aren't trying to run some scam with your rich Casino-owning moron friends) and bet it all, double or nothing, on six hands of blackjack. I says you can even pick which hands to play and which ones to sit out, so your supposed entity can inform you when to play and when not to.

Those lamers are pretty stupid, but not that stupid. At least there are limits to their stupidity, so maybe there was hope for those lamers after all... Life is a learning experience, you know.


For those who believe that some supposed evil entity influences them or influences others to improve their position in life, take two identical sets of six marbles (no red ones or black ones, since that would be too obvious). Maybe one each of blue, green, white, tan, purple, and clear.

Take yourself and one of your devil worshipping friends, and each take one set of marbles. Go outside, and walk around the block in different directions, choosing a marble along the way, and see if the two consistently match when you meet up on the other side of the block.

They won't...

Put six in one pocket, and six in the other, and see if you can consistently pull out marbles that match. They won't.

I mean, either your supposed entity has this influence, or it doesn't. Which is it?

So, who was it anyway, that told you there was a single god and an evil entity? The church, who used to burn people at the stake who tried to point out that the earth orbited the sun, because it blasphemed against what the church believed. And you thought your mistake was embarrassing...

You remember the church, they used to send out armies like the Teutonic Knights and the Conquistidors to conquer and pillage other countries...

Scientific fact, specifically radiocarbon-14 dating processes, proves beyond any possible doubt that life appeared first in the ocean, then on land. The Bible says that life appeared first on land, then in the ocean. Figure it out... The church used to kill people that disagreed with their belief in this.

Even someone as lame, dense, and mistaken as you should realize what the lack of pillar of salt museums means. Don't take it personal, we all have our embarrassing moments. If you really screwed up and caused serious damage to others, karma will get you, but at least there are limits to it.

Life appeared first in the ocean. This proves beyond any doubt that the Bible is the opinion of man, rather than the word of God. If it was the word of God, it would state the correct order in which life appeared on this palsy rock, or it wouldn't state it at all. Man wrote down what he thought he knew of spiritual reality, and some of it is obviously false.

The church says that God created the heavens and the earth. I say that the heavens and the earth created the gods.

The Buddhists have been around at least 4000 years longer than any other known religion, except perhaps American Indian religions or Hinduism.

The Buddhists, the Chinese, invented acupuncture more than 10,000 years ago.

Back in the 1950's, the Soviets invented Kirlian photography. This is a special type of photography that shows one's energies or one's aura. Some say it show's ones spiritual energies.

It was found after many of these photographs were taken that people always had concentrations of energy that showed in these photographs, and the concentrations, which showed as bright spots on the photographs, were always in the same locations on anyone who was photographed.

Years later, someone discovered that there was an exact, one to one correspondence between the Kirlian photography energy concentration points and the Chinese acupuncture points.

For the Chinese to have discovered these points 10,000 years earlier, without the aid of any kind of device, ought to tell you they had to have known at least something.

An attempted attack on Buddhism is far more difficult than an attack on most other religions, because of the scarcity of ammunition. There is no lack of common sense in Buddhism, either. Like any religion, the specifics leave something to be desired, but at least some of the basic general concepts make sense. Unlike most other religions, there are far fewer specifics in Buddhism, and the general concepts make far more obvious sense.

You probably don't like some of this, but the quicker you get used to it, the better off you're gonna be.

The hell that lasts until the end of time theroy is a cop-out for lamers. It eliminates any possibility there could be benevolent gods if there was a hell that lasted until the end of time. Remember who originated the concept...

Karma is where it's at, so there is still plenty of hope even for your lame ass.