[FekLar]'s MP3 Clipping Tutorial Page 3

This file was recorded with the record level set unacceptably high.

WinAMP kicks ass

Notice the white line again, made up of the individual white peaks at the top of the fire display. This time the line is very obvious. This file shows a visible white line that sometimes takes up more than half of the entire width of the display, and at times almost the entire width.

This file needs to be ripped again, and done correctly the next time. The quality has been reduced to FM radio quality or less (in this case, slightly less). You home stereo can still probably halfway do it justice, but your ears will suffer if you play this one in your automobile. About half of the original dynamic range has been lost, which will be very noticible in the bass range if the song is played in a checle that has kicker boxes installed. This file is badly damaged enough so that the human ear can easily attest to the distortion when it is played on a decent stereo, if the listener is paying attention.

Before moving on to the next page, be sure to remember what that white line looks like...

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