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[FekLar]'s FAST external list generator for SpR Jukebox

NOTICE: this list builder is for mp3 servers!  For those who only serve .zip files or .wma files or .vqf files or other files that are not mp2s or mp3s, there will be no significant speed improvement! For those who do serve mp3s, List4SpR will build your list with full file information (bitrate, channels, ID3 Album and Year) 15X to 40X faster than using SpR. It is not yet known whether it handles .mpeg or .mpg files (audio track information).


Notice: this is a BETA test version: be sure to read the List4SpR readme.txt file inside the zip file before using it for important version information.

List4SpR has been proven to work correctly on three machines so far, one running SpR version 6.5, and two running SpR version 8.4. There may be as yet undiscovered bugs. It does not appear to work correctly with SpR version 8.6 yet.

BACK UP your mIRC and SpR directories before using this program. Read these pages before running List4Spr!

List4Spr is an external list generator for mIRC running SpR Jukebox by SpinoC. List4SpR is FAST, from 10 to 40 times faster than using mIRC and SpR to build the list. This is a vast improvement for servers who have large or huge file lists.

If you don't include bitrate information in your list because SpR is so slow, the speed improvement of using List4SpR isn't that significant, unless your list is huge or immense. However, if you do or you want to include this information in your list, List4SpR will include it, and still run faster than SpR when you SpR doesn't include it. Comparing the two with using bitrate information, List4SpR is 10X - 40X faster than SpR. List4SpR also offers other options that SpR doesn't.

List4SpR uses the XANALYZE.DLL mp3 analyzer from XAUDIO's excellent SDK library. WinAMP and many other mp3 programs and librarians use this fast DLL library.

Because of the XAUDIO licensing agreement, XANALYZE.DLL is not included with List4SpR. You will have to download it yourself from the XAUDIO site. You can follow that link, or follow the link that appears when you first run List4SpR to obtain the DLL file. If you follow the link above, the file you want is the free download of the XAUDIO SDK evaluation ZIPfile for Windows 95/98/+. This file contains XANALYZE.DLL.

List4SpR has been shown to be compatible with SpR versions 6.5 to 8.4, and should be compatible with other versions. List4SpR does a version check when it runs, and checks remote.ini and sprcounter.ini for the proper variable names that contain the list information. If these variable names are not found, List4SpR exits with an error message. If the proper variable names do exist, then List4SpR should be compatible no matter what version of SpR you are running.

Send bug reports to  Please include the mIRC and SpR version numbers. Read the help page first. If your report is not a of a bug but of a failure to have read the help file, don't expect a reply.

Known Issues:

If you (for some bizarre reason) decide to uninstall List4Spr, run it one last time. If you send your list as text, make sure the send as Zip file box is unchecked when you run it. If you send your list as a Zip, then run it with the option checked.

Either way. when you run it the last time, click the update button before exiting.  This will allow List4SpR to place the proper variables into remote.ini so they will be there when SpR looks for them.

Also, if you uninstall, the setting \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Massive Terraforming\List4SpR will remain in the registry. If you stop using List4SpR, the key \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Massive Terraforming can be removed using Regedit.exe. Also, if List4SpR refuses to run, try deleting this key and then try running it.