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What's inside your pet food?

Not for the weak of stomach or easily disgusted, and certainly not near dinnertime...

Good dog, here, have a big can of dogfood.

More links to come: In the meantime, consider:

The Ronald Reagan Brain Transplant Consiparcy

You be the Judge...

The H. Ross Perot is a Ferengi Agent Conspiracy

You be the Judge...

Perot becomes a billionare and tries taking over the planet, while the Federation is assessing whether to admit Earth or not. Luckily, before we are all driven into bankruptcy, after being threatened by the Federation the Grand Nagus stops him in time, and recalls him to Ferenginar for a reprimand. Look at the size of those ears: no amount of plastic surgery could conceal those lobes. Note the telltale look on his face in this photograph.