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From: jkljjlk (
Newsgroups: alt.mindcontrol, alt.conspiracy.princess-diana, alt.conspiracy.antichrist
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Date: 2000-09-07 19:13:34 PST

This Mind Control Topic you are talking about is not an effort carried out
by a  group of people in a cult. I have been a victim of MC for seven years

I believe this is a National or even International effort since the methods
mentioned by MC victims in the US is the same in the UK. Although a cultic
group might be employed to carry out the MC assaults - due to their sadistic
and immoral beliefs. The sponsors of such attacks are secret societies that
hides behind the cloak of the police and national government.

From someone who has experienced what you are going through I can tell you
that you are not alone. Although any complain from any person of such person
that WE know is true has been a good ground for diagnosing SCHIZOPRENIA and
PARANOIA. The wickedness of those people behind the assault has not been
documented anywhere in history. YES the death camps were really bad but it
was only the building ground for the technology they have today for mind
enslavement and human manipulation.

Like yourself, I have been forced to give up on a prosperous career and all
pursuit of happiness. Instead every day and night has been turned into a
hell on earth. From mind reading and triggers to degradation and
humiliation. Using my sleep time for brainwashing and terrorising
nightmares. They also use it for questioning about ones life and daily
events so that they can catalog the mind/life and see if their triggers have
suceeded. The things that I have seen and experiences have not be written in
the worst horror books. Yet they are real.

I have only learnt that what has been going on is called "Mind Control". I
would not have believed all this from a person seven years ago. To get more
information about the culprits, please read Jim Keith's book published by
Illuminet "Mass Control - Engineering Human Consciousness" published in1999.
The author of this book died in late 1999 just before he was going to
publish a book about Princess Diana and her assasinators. Please investigate
more about this story if you want. The information I got was from Parascope.

To understand that it goes farther than the cult line - think "why does the
police always makes the MC complaints sound unreal when there exists such
technologies to carry out the brutal MC assaults exist?

Could the cult members of these groups afford such technologies in their
budgets? The Department of Defence and the National Security Agency have
been know to develop such technologies. How do they test their brutal works?
On human or animals? To them we could be worst that an animal.

The main reasons for their atacks is evil and total control of another human
being's mind, life, thoughts and spiritualism. Their agenda is Satanic in
every form if you have been to a list of MC forums


You will soon find a pattern of events in all of the victims encounters with
this god-hating creatures. I call them god-hating because they do not have
any fear for GOD's judgement, truth and righteousness. Instead pervesion and
lies and real cruelty have overshadowed their spirits.

What is overwhelming about their accounts is that a lot of people seem to
know about their predicaments but few if any are able to offer support or
point the fingers at the culprits. The vows of silence seem common.

It is not in the UK or US that this sort of thing is being experienced.
People are coming forward all over the globe to testify to the same
experiences. These people have not met each other and to my own experience I
would say 90% of these people are sane.

But the evils continue and the perpetrators who are insane hide behind the
mask of unknown and untouchable. Unknown because the victims accounts are
welcome as insane and most have very little evidence to support the claims
of the malevolent carried out by this invisible forces. To the mind that has
been trained to discern the difference between what is real and unreal - the
stories told by the MC victims are deemed unbelievable and hallucinatory.
With the ignorance that such technology does exist in our day to carry out
such evils.

The perpetrators are untouchable murderers and terrorist since the
government and forces that employ them will never persecute them. They even
get paid.

Imagine every one of your thoughts being stored on a computer, processed and
then broadcasted...... IT SURE SOUND MAD - The Technology Exists.

In the book I mentioned earlier - MASS CONTROL, if you  read Chapter 27
Hardwiring Humans pg 225 - the last chapter  reads

"AS reported in the New York Times, in 1998, British Telecommunications (BT)
is currently at work on a device that they dub the soul catcher, a computer
chip implanted in the optic nerve behind the eye that , in conjunction with
genetic programming, will monitor and record the entirety of a person's
thinking, what they see and what they feel. This information according to
Dr. Chris Winter of BT will be stored in a central computer. Information
will also be fed to a person from an exterior source for "extrasensory"
experience. Among the other capabilities foreseen for Soul Catcher is the
implanting of one's person chip into a newborn baby, thus transplanting the
entire experience of one person into another"

The reference for this information is

"The Coming Melding of the Mind and Machine" New York Times 25th of August

The question you probably will ask yourself are,

Have they completed this chip that they were working on in 1998 and who are
they testing it on?

What is the purpose of inventing such chip if it is not going to be used?
Are they going to test this chip on a human "subject" or animal?
Are they going to inform a person before they inject such chip?
What is the the benefit of such invention if not the enslavement of the
human race?
Have they done something similar in the past for such control or is this the
first freedom intrusion chip?
How do we know it is not an improvement from a previous technology used to
enslave the mind and lives of the populace or a selected group?
Is the government or any authority in the present world going to admit to
such evil?

There are more questions that you could think of but tell the layman on the
street half of the realities that any MC victim have been subjected to and
they will lock one in an asylum and throw away the key. You will be lucky if
they don't drug you to death.

A lot of the victim says that they can hear hissing and clicking noises in
their hears. Please email me, I have not yet received a response from
another MC victim. I emailed two in the UK- whether they receive my email or
not - I guess I'll never know


-----Original Message-----
From: <>
Date: 04 September 2000 16:27

>September, 2000
>For over twenty years now I have been literally tortured, my home
>invaded, and had all of my human rights violated--causing everything
>in my life which makes life worth living to dissolve--by a cult-like
>group in possession of electronically-assisted ESP.  They even tried
>to repeatedly damage my brain trying to reduce me to a zombie-like
>condition which they regard as desirable for their manipulations.  I
>was forced to forsake college, employment, normal family life and
>social relationships, because they hounded me day and night and
>refused to let me alone, despite endless protests on my part and
>hundreds or thousands of calls to police and letters to government.
>They juice up on hard drugs, chant, gang rape their victims
>subjecting them to all kinds of lewd and degrading contact.  They stick
>their noses into all kinds of private business.  Victims find it
>impossible to escape their capability for long-distance telemetry.
>I suspect that I could have been slipped some sort of implant by a
>black Indian pediatric surgeon who did a supposed hand operation when
>I was seventeen years old, which was so badly botched that I should
>have sued because of some loss of function of one digit afterward.
>His specialty of pediatric surgery is specifically beneficial to this
>cult, because it prefers to feed juvenile victims to its sexually
>active pedophiles.  I do not really like to jump the gun and say that
>he was involved with any certainty.  The identification is not
>positive, there being one other hospital admission during which such
>implantation could have occurred, following a teenage suicide attempt.
>But one other collaborator in the city of New York was also Indian.
>Although this is guesswork, there is a strange scar at the entry to
>my left ear canal which could have been a point of insertion.  As a
>backdrop, Indians are a decidedly superstitious lot.  Illiteracy,
>lack of social development, and retrogressive religion go together.
>My victimizers sometimes pose as Communists, but I believe they lack
>the literacy level to read a thinker like Marx (or maybe even a third
>grade primer in some cases).  They are incredibly backward and
>fanatical zealots.  They are confusing social play in groups with
>economic redistribution.
>For further information, see one of my mirror web sites at:
>I think there is a dangerous failure in American society to regard
>some of these cults as the threat to internal security and safety
>that they actually represent.  To safeguard the rest of our human
>rights, it is my strong belief that the United States should take an
>initiative similar to that which has been done in France and Germany
>against these dangerous groups, which are in some cases a greater
>threat to the safety of people and the security of society than
>foreign terrorists--particularly since the introduction of
>electronically-assisted telepathy on the black market.  Sometimes
>Americans are too complacent and more nave than our overseas
>counterparts, for whom major threats to freedom have been
>traditionally closer to home.
>Freedom is wonderful, but sometimes certain restraints on the
>enemies of freedom are necessary to safeguard freedom for the
>rest of us who do not impose ignorant fanaticism on others.
>The ability of some of these groups to undermine the operation of
>duly appointed government has to be recognized.  This is why the
>separation of Church and state is so essential.  In some cases
>the same effort to restrain these groups as the effort expended
>against foreign terrorists is indicated as essential to the
>preservation of the normal functioning of society.  I have been
>reliving the Dark Ages here in Ohio because of the lack of such
>restraints.  These cult-like entities crucify their opponents--
>their opponents being any victims who resist virtual enslavement.
>All barriers to hidden illegal manipulation have been removed
>when electronically-assisted ESP is utilized.  The weapons which
>enable it should be banned unilaterally, except for special
>police use (to detect aggressors).  This is also very important.
>Below is a news article from The Guardian in the United Kingdom
>which describes the French initiative.  France has frequently
>taken the lead in progressive social development which advances
>civilization.  Their French revolution was the precursor to the
>American one.
>France to crack down on sects
>The Guardian
>June 14, 2000
>PARIS - France will defy President Clinton's appeal to be more tolerant
>of religious sects and introduce draconian laws, including an offense
>of "mental manipulation" - brainwashing - which will carry a two-year
>prison sentence.
>President Jacques Chirac has told Clinton that religious freedom will
>no longer be a subject for bilateral presidential talks in the light of
>what has been officially described as "shocking" White House support
>for Scientologists and Moonies.
>The French government has also complained that Congress's introduction
>of laws protecting religious freedom internationally is "an
>unacceptable intrusion into internal affairs."
>Alain Vivien, chairman of a French ministerial mission to combat the
>influence of cults, said many observers believe Clinton was making his
>peace with big religious movements "because they offer an indispensable
>source of political financing."
>The French senate has approved legislation reinforcing the right of
>victims to take action against marginal religious groups. The national
>assembly plans to toughen the measure even further when it debates the
>measure on June 22.
>Legislators on both the left and the right are expected to vote in
>favor of authorizing the courts to forcibly dissolve sects after two
>complaints, and to forbid them operating in the neighborhood of
>schools, hospitals and nursing homes. They also intend to make sects
>responsible for acts considered to be a provocation to suicide or
>incitement to abandon families.
>France has waged war against mainly American-sponsored movements,
>including the Jehovah's Witnesses, has been running for at least 20
>years, prompting the accusation, particularly by Scientologists, that
>it is indulging in "collective hysteria" and preparing to ban religious
>Vivien denied that France was acting alone, claiming that Germany was
>leading the battle, with strong support from Belgium, the first country
>to produce a legal definition of a sect.
>"The United States position is less and less understood in Europe," he
>said. "No one can forbid us to take action against sects in the
>interests of human rights. This point of view is particularly absurd
>when these movements flout the most elementary rights."
>He claimed that religious sects, led by Scientologists, were
>infiltrating U.N. and European human rights associations, financing
>some of their work and collaborating on reports that condemned
>France "with virulence."
>(Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service. For more Guardian news go
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