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From: Tripod Form Submission <macmomak99@aol.com>
To: r_nelson <nelsonr1@means.net>
Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 5:35 PM
Subject: Results from http://rjnpages.tripod.com/fixcrime.htm

>Reply-To: macmomak99@aol.com
>MESSAGE: This link was sent to me by a person in a Y2K chatroom. I read
quite a bit of, snickering at first. Then outright LAUGHING. You propose
to PEEP on every humans activity in the entire USA ..the world? Good grief.
Insanity. No wonder people are afraid ... people like you create paranoia!



There are 230 million people in the USA. So, 57,500,000 people have to be
"peeping" at any given moment for there to exist a 50 / 50 chance that you
are actually being watched by someone.

As if those 57,500,000 people wouldn't rather be having sex or watching a
decent movie instead of watching your lame existence...

Read be fore you write. It doesn't get installed inside people's houses.

If someone wanted to do that, there is always your cable converter box, so
whether this gets installed or not doesn't really figure into whether you
are going to be watched.

And some people call me paranoid...

I suspect that inside your cable converter box, there are tiny cameras and a
voice recognition detector on a chip, with a 4 megabyte dictionary of words
to and phrases to listen for so that it can call someone if it hears any of
those words being spoken. Of course, one has to cancel the soundtrack from
the channel being viewed, a simple inverter cancelling circuit, given the
clean source of the TV channel's sound signal. It applies the clean
soundtrack to the heard soundtrack 180 degrees out of phase, cancelling
negative voltaes with positive ones from the inverter and vice versa.

So, if it hears "make us rich", it assumes someone said "This idea is going
to make us rich" and tells the cable dickheads, who come around and steal
your idea before you make a dime.

The TV set in your bedroom waits until it thinks it hears sex going on, then
records it and uploads the video to internet porno retailers.

Try getting it up now...

Since this is probably already going on, and since there isn't anything you
can do about it as it is, why the anti-crime technology should bother you I
wouldn't know.

Have someone call you collect using ATT. The computer will ask you to say
yes or no, will you accept the collect call. The voice recognition
capability accuracy is up near 95 percent, no matter who speaks yes or no,
no matter what the accent, male, female, it doesn't matter.

And you think my idea is devious? This other shit is already going on. It
was mentioned in the newspaper in early 1982, and it was said that the
method was going to be used to fight crime, for example, in the "drug war".
The phone companay had it, and it was going to be used for that purpose.
Since that story in 1Q 1982, no reference to the technology has ever been
seen in the news again.

Now that I have given you my personal permission, you may now be paranoid.
Have a decent day. I'll see you later on www.smut.com.

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